OLTL Update Friday 5/14/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/14/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Starr enters the high school to see the poster on the wall for Langston’s musical Starr Crossed Lovers. She remembers when she first met Cole years ago and how they first fell in love. She looks sad that she cannot go to prom with him.

Back at the house, Blair and Dorian reflect that when Starr is without Cole in her prom and he is jail, it could really tear her apart.

Meanwhile, Langston appears and relives with Starr when she first met Cole and he saved her from those jocks. Starr cries, reliving and remembering that it seems they have been together forever. He’s the first guy she ever trusted or loved. She asks Langston what she would do if she lost Markko. Langston does not know how to answer that.

Markko is getting ready for his prom at Buenos Dias. He has his tux ready and has no suspicions. He talks to Brody and is surprised that Brody is taking Jessica to the prom even though they are adults. Brody tells Markko that he (Markko) is fortunate that he is not taking a girl who is fixated on another guy. Little do they know.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Cristian and his mother discuss the dilemma he has with going to the prom as a teacher with Layla, when he remembers his high school prom with Jessica years ago and which she still remembers in the present.

While Roxy does Jessica’s hair, she warns her to beware of Ford because he’s a player. Jessica assures Roxy that she is not “interested” in Ford. But she is interested to notice that Cristian seems to be “concerned” over the thought of her being interested in another guy. She tells Roxy she believes that Cristian really still does have feelings for her. Layla walks in to overhear that. Noticing her, Roxy then attempts to “lighten” the situation by making it appear as though Jessica was joking. But Jessica protests that it is true. She declares that she and Cristian are destined to be together. Everybody will see.

Right when Blair and Dorian are discussing how detrimental it will be for Starr to have to miss her prom while Cole is in jail because of Todd, Téa enters to Dorian’s dismay. Blair indicates that she invited Téa and Dani to come over so that Dani can join her big sister. Dorian asks why she’d do that if Starr doesn’t even get to go to the prom herself. Cole is in jail because of Todd and this woman is Todd’s lawyer, defending him. Dorian demands that Blair tells her what is going on. Why is she cozying up to the enemy?

At Roxy’s salon, Jessica ruminates about how she and Cristian were meant to be. She is clearly provoking Layla who tells her that her problem is not the brain damage, it’s that she is a spoiled brat. At that moment, Destiny, Langston and other high school girls enter and Destiny indicates that she knows about Langston’s cheating and the others might know about it, also. Layla affirms to Jessica that Cristian is a teacher and he would never kiss her on school property or anywhere else as Jessica wants to believe he would. Nate’s date asks Dani about speaking of “kissing others’ boyfriends,” what is up with her and Nate? They all argue until Roxy silences them. Langston then organizes the musical where they all assemble and sing “Our Lips Are Sealed.”

In the high school hallway, Starr envisions Cole with her. 

Matthew tells Nate that he needs to know that Dani kissed him (Nate) only once when she was upset and not thinking. Nate does not argue but tells Matthew he must know that wherever he (Matthew) and Dani go is all up to him (Matthew). When Nate sees Starr lost in thought, he asks if she is okay.

Viki and Clint invite Bo and Nora to their home. They inform them that Jessica is going to be going to her prom. They were hoping that Matthew can be there with her.

At Roxy’s salon, Layla tells Jessica that she needs to get this idea out of her head that she has a “future” with Cristian. Jessica seriously believes that he was jealous to see her interested in other guys.

Carlotta tells her son that she can see that a part of him might still be in love with Jessica.

At the high school, Starr confides in Langston that she and Cole have been having some serious problems. Hannah is causing some real trouble. Hannah seems to know that Todd did not push Marty down the stairs, and she all but indicated that it was she (Hannah) who pushed Cole’s mom.

Hannah goes to see Cole in jail. She has some cookies for him. He tells her she didn’t have to do that. She tells him that it was the least she could do after what she “did” to his mom. He asks her what she means. She then tells him that Starr is now accusing her of pushing Marty down the stairs and causing her to lose her baby. Hearing that, Cole is horrified.

Langston and Starr discuss the possibility that Hannah might have pushed Marty and set Todd up to get in trouble for it. Langston tells Starr that might be a bit far fetched and even if it’s true, getting proof of that is easier said than done.

Meanwhile, the actors are rehearsing the play. Destiny plays Langston noticing Dani as Starr as she notices Cole for the first time. Starr watches them and relives herself and Langston meeting Cole for the first time. The students assemble to do the dance to the song, Starr Crossed Lovers. We see Dani, Nate, Matthew, Destiny, Darren (the guy who likes Destiny) and Whitney (the cheerleader who’s Nate’s date to the prom). They do their show. Starr and Langston watch them and look like they are impressed.

Starr then goes into the hallway alone and she envisions Cole appearing and asking her to come to the prom with him.

Matthew goes to find Nate and tells him that Dani told him about the kiss in the park. Nate tells Matthew that he really doesn’t need to worry about it. He’s not going to stand in the way of Matthew’s possibility with Dani.

At Roxy’s salon, Langston runs into Destiny who indicates that she knows something about her cheating.

Carlotta tells Cristian that he needs to make up his mind about whether he’s committed to Layla or to Jessica.

Starr goes to the jail and overhears Cole talking to Hannah about his history with Starr, how they first met, when they went to the junior prom and when they got caught in the rain together. He felt as though they were meant to be and nothing and nobody could pull them apart. But now, he doesn’t know what to believe.

Roxy knows she has some battling high school girls on her hands.

Cole tells Hannah he cannot believe that Starr would accuse her of pushing his mom down the stairs. She tells him that it means so much that he believes her.

Dorian attempts to probe Blair for her sudden need to be nice to Téa and put aside her tendency to be mean. Blair tells her aunt this is not about Téa. It’s about Daniela. Dorian goes into the other room, Alone with Blair, Téa thanks her for her hospitality. Blair tells Téa she may thank her by showing up for her treatments tomorrow. Dani enters to overhear and asks them what treatments?

Matthew returns home and Bo and Nora tell their son they thought it would be nice if Jessica has her whole family there when she gets ready for the prom. Jessica then enters the house through the front door and overhears Matthew asking his parents and aunt and uncle if his adult cousin still believes she’s going to her senior prom. Clint then replies to his nephew that they are counting on him to “keep an eye” on Jessica tonight. At that moment, Jessica enters and tells her dad she does not need her little cousin to watch over her. She has a “chaperone” for that. If she has anything to say about it, he won’t want to look at anyone else.

Meanwhile, Cristian tells his mom that he does not want to hurt Jessica. She tells him that maybe somebody needs to enable her to wake up and realize that everybody grows up. He asks her why him. She replies, because Jessica loves him and trusts him to do the right thing. She warns him that he’s going to hurt both women if he does not make a choice. At that moment, he gets a call from Layla who tells him things “got a little strange” at Roxy’s so she’s running late. He asks her what she means by “strange.” She tells him just a bunch of prom girls, but she will be back with him later.

Roxy is then alone in her salon when she hears somebody enter and tells them they need to read the sign and know that she is closed. Brody enters and tells her that he just wanted to get an opinion from her about how he looks. She goes to see him wearing his white officer’s uniform that he wore when he first danced with Jessica. She is very impressed and tells him this might be just what will wake that sleeping beauty up. She goes to get her camera.

Outside, Brody sings: “I’m Going to Keep on Loving You” by R.E.O. Speedwagon…while he envisions being with Jessica.

When Dani overhears Blair telling Téa that she needs to “get treatment” and asks what they were talking about, Blair bluffs to her that she was telling her mom that she needs a spa treatment for her hair because it’s so dry and limp. Téa insults Blair back. The two of them argue and make pot shots at each other so that Dani suspects nothing and assumes they are behaving like themselves. She tells her mom that she needs to behave since Blair was nice enough to invite them and the least she can do is be polite. Téa then “sarcastically” asks Blair to forgive her. Blair replies not a chance and tells Téa she knows where the door is. But Dani is welcome any time. Dorian and Langston appear. Dorian leads the girls upstairs. Starr enters and tells her mom she needs to take Hope back to her apartment. But Blair insists that she leaves her with Blair. She is going to her prom even if Cole can’t be there with her. Blair then holds her daughter in her arms and sings her a song about her daughter growing up.

We then see Carlotta taking a picture of Markko with his parents and of Destiny and her parents at Buenos Dias.

Blair takes Starr’s hand while she sings her song to her.

Upstairs we see Téa with Dani. Langston is with Dorian but not very enthusiastic.

Nora takes a picture of Matthew and Bo. Viki takes a picture of Jessica and Clint.

Roxy takes a picture of Brody at her salon.

Blair and Starr come upstairs and Starr joins Dani and Langston getting her hair done and ready for her prom. Blair takes a picture of her daughter. There’s a knock on the door. Starr envisions that it’s Cole, but she sees that it’s Matthew, Markko and Jessica. Starr goes outside, appearing depressed to see that all the couples are together. She sings the song “We Belong Together.” Jessica and Brody are together. Viki and Clint photograph them together.

Hannah sings the song outside Cole’s jail cell. They all go off to the prom. Blair and Téa see them off. Dorian looks at the picture of Starr and Cole and declares that they belong together especially on this night. She declares she is going to make it happen. 

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