OLTL Update Thursday 5/13/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/13/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie enters John’s empty office remembering that Roxy encouraged her to find out if it’s true that he would choose her over Marty, were it not for the baby.. She pulls a letter out of an envelope that she’s written to him telling him if he still has feelings for her, he may meet her at Rodi’s. But if he does not reply, then she is moving to London and this is good bye.

Kelly is ready to leave the house. But Dorian tells her she is not going anywhere without her new body guard who is Shaun Evans.

Viki comes to Clint’s home and he introduces her to Reed Wagner. Clint reveals that he and their son, Kevin have done business with him.

Meanwhile, outside of Buenos Dias, Brody calls Jessica asking her what type of corsage she wants for the prom. She appears receptive and enthused. But it looks like she’s just doing it to see if she can make Cristain jealous. She then walks into the high school gym and even though he tells her that he’s a teacher and she’s a student, she can see that he did in fact get jealous noticing her interest in other guys and theirs’ in her.

Langston goes to Roxy’s salon when Ford is also there. He assumes to know that she would really rather be with him than go to prom with Markko.

At the station, after Natalie has left John’s office, Layla tells him she has to leave and attend the prom with Crsitain. When he’s alone, going through his mail and noticing the envelope that Natalie gave him, she looks at him through the door unseen.

Langston tells Ford that she cannot ditch the prom. Markko has asked her and is really looking forward to this. He asks her what she wants, as he knows that she does not want to be with Markko and obligate herself to do what he wants. He asks her how early she can “sneak off”. He smirks and tells her that he has the whole apartment to himself tonight, confident she will break down and visit him tonight.

At the high school, Cristian tells Jessica he is not jealous of the fact that Ford appeared to be interested in her. He tells her that he disapproves of the way Ford treats women. Jessica smiles and tells Cristian she bets he’s jealous of the fact that she noticed that Ford is hot.

Brody and Layla talk at Buenos Dias. She encourages him to get through to Jessica as he might be the only person with the means to do that so that she gets Cristian out of her mind. He wants to do the same but is afraid he may not succeed.

Dorian introduces Kelly to Shaun and tells her niece she’s very happy that since she’s been mayor, the crime rate has gone way down. But she cannot be too careful and needs protection. Kelly tells her that she does not need a stranger to baby-sit her. Dorian protests that Shaun is not a stranger. Look at the size of him. He’s worked for her for a long time and risked his life to save Starr and her baby. Kelly then asks to talk to Dorian for a minute. She informs her that she would like to be alone with “somebody”.when she goes out.

John finds the letter from Natalie but doesn’t have a chance to read (and may not realize she sent it) it when he gets a call. And it appears that Natalie may not have a chance to see how he responds to it.

Langston tells Ford that she has to be with markko tonight. But it won’t be long before she breaks up with him and she and Ford can be together. He reminds her that his roommates, Cristian and Layla will be at the prom and out of the apartment all night.

Kelly tells Dorian that she has to get going and spend time alone with somebody. Shaun asks Dorian what she wants him to do. She tells him he must follow her. And Dorian appears encouraged to see that Kelly has a date, probably with Reed.

Viki and Clint talk about Jessica going to her prom with Brody. They hope that she will get back to the way things were before she lost her memory. She also talks to him about Charlie working with Dorian. She tells her ex husband that regarding the prom, she is worried about any of her children being hurt. She realizes that Brody is taking Jessica but Jessica wants to be with Crisitan and has her heart set on them being together. That won’t happen. Jessica has lost so much in the last few years. Every time she gets her life back on track, something happens. Yes, Jessica is strong. But how is their little girl going to bounce back and how much can she take with getting her heart broken.?

Jessica tells Crisitan she knows what she saw and believes he still has feelings for her.

At Buenos Dias, Layla tells Brody that she really hopes that tonight is everything she hopes it can be for him and Jessica. And she has her own plans for a special night with Cristian. Natalie enters. Brody greets her and asks if she is ok sensing she has something on her mind. She confides in him that she either did the bravest thing she’s ever done in her life or the stupidest.

Marty goes to the station when John is out of the office and notices the envelope that Natalie sent to John that he has not yet read. She takes the letter out and reads Natalie telling him that she has tried to deny and fight her feelings but something always pulls her back. And if he feels the same way, he can meet her at Rodi’s, If she does not see him, then this is good bye. And right when John walks in, Marty hides the letter as though she wants to prevent him from knowing that Natalie wrote it

Langston goes to Dorian’s and notices her mom very enthused about being able to let her and Markko have the whole place to themselves. But Langston frowns as she reminds her that Starr and Cole cannot have the same chance since he’s in jail. She remarks that it’s not fair since if anybody should be happy at their prom, it’s Starr and Cole. But Dorian tells her that she deserves it too and is certain that Starr believes that also. She tells Langston that this is a special night for her. But Langston is less than enthused and has her mind elsewhere. Dorian reminds her that she booked a make up artist, a hair stylist and a photographer but asks Langston why she is not excited.

Kelly goes to Roxy’s salon with Shaun following her and asks just how much her aunt is paying him.

Viki and Clint talk about Jessica going to her prom. They both agree that Jessica cannot be stuck in the past forever. They are listening to Marty who has told them that Jessica’s prom is an important part of her life that will hopefully enable her to get back to the present. But they know that there is no benefit with her still being stuck as a high school senior and having her future and the next year of her life starting college and living in a dorm.

While Cristian is at school, Layla goes to talk to Carlotta about Crsitain. Carlotta is very encouraged that her son has “found love” with a great young woman like Layla. But Layla wants to talk to her about Jessica knowing that his mother might have some insight about her son’s feelings and his history with Jessica.

Marty is not certain what to do regarding Natalie’s letter to him when she remembers Natalie telling her she knows that the only reason John is with her is because of the baby. Right then, she gets a call from Viki who tells her that she and Clint need to talk to her about Jessica. Marty then arranges to meet them at the palace and tells John she has to go. He asks her if everything is ok knowing she has something on her mind. She leaves.

Natalie admits to Brody that she wrote a letter to John. She was too chicken to tell him. So she wrote it, put it in an envelope and put it in John’s office. She had to listen to Roxy. He tells her that he really understands and does not judge, revealing that he is in a very similar situation regarding Jessica.

Layla tells Carlotta that she’s concerned that it’s not simply Jessica being interested in Cristian. There’s more than that.

Right then, at the high school, Cristian denies his feelings of jealousy to Jessica. But she is confident that they are there. She tells him she has to get ready for the prom and will see him later.

Dorian tells Langston that she wishes her deceased parents were there for her special night. But she knows that Langston will feel a lot better when she’s dressed up and ready for this very memorable occasion. But Langston frowns and tells her mom she has to go because she has a “rehearsal”. She goes out the door and Reed enters. Dorian then tells him that when they first met, he indicated that his and Kelly’s relationship was nothing more than a causal business encounter. But it appears to be more than that. And she tells him that he must know that Kelly has an aunt who cares very much about her. And if he wants to get to know Kelly better, she(Dorian) has to get to know him better. So she invites him in.

Meanwhile, Kelly is getting her hair done at Roxy’s salon. Roxy wants to do a makeover with Shaun. Kelly calls John while under the dryer and asks him if they have finished the autopsy on Rodney. He tells her they did and found it was a heart attack brought on by natural causes. But she tells him that’s impossible. Rodney was not ill when he came there and suddenly dropped dead minutes later. It had to be murder exactly what happened to her mom. John tells her that the police department has to close the case. But she’s not going to accept that and hangs up. Right then, John calls and asks a contact from FBI if they can investigate untraceable drugs from toxicology.

Viki and Clint meet with Marty who asks if anything has changed with Jessica. They inform Marty that tonight is her senior prom. She reminds them that there is a reason why Jessica is stuck in this time warp. IT might have something to do with Mitch taking her “innocence” and for her. And this may be about the night when she was going to lose her virginity to Cristian. Marty tells them it might be a good thing if she goes through with this and could potentially enable her to get her memory back. But, Clint concludes, that Jessica is certainly not going to sleep with Cristain Vega tonight.

Right then, Jessica goes to Roxy’s salon and notices Kelly. She remembers Kelly from years ago before she married Kevin and had a baby with him. Kelly reminds Jessica that her baby is a pre-adolescent. Jessica tells Kelly she is excited and ready for her prom. Kelly leaves with Shaun. Roxy asks Jessica what her vision is for her new hairdo. Jessica shows her a picture and Roxy remarks that that was a style in the 90s. Jessica tells her that’s the whole idea.

When Crsitin comes back to Buenos Dias, Layla tells him she has to get ready for the big night. Cristin asks his mom what he just walked in on. She tells her son that Layla has some concerns. And quite honestly, so does she.

Natalie and Brody talk at a table. She tells him that she really wants to move to another country and doesn’t want to be tortured having to run into John. He is awaiting being with Jessica at the prom, just like she is awaiting finding out what happens when John reads her letter.

Right then, when John is alone in his office, he remembers that not all of the mail is still there and asks his secretary if she knows what happened to the “rest of the mail” that was on his desk.

Kelly returns to the house and Reed informs her that he got tickets to see a show in Broadway. Dorian wants Shaun to accompany them. He tells her that he does not think that Kelly wants him there. But she tells Shaun she does not care. She wants him to stick to that girl like glue as long as that killer is out there. Alone, Reed tells Kelly that he will find a way to “liberate” her from her body guard before the night is out so he can have her all to himself.

Marty tells Viki and Clint that maybe they cannot push Brody on Jessica and maybe nothing will change tonight. But the prom is a significant night in her life. And her advice to the two of them is to let this play out.

Cristian admits to his mom that the thing with Jessica is more than her simply having a crush on him. She still believes she is in love with him. Carlotta asks her son what about him. He replies he loves Layla. She tells him that that is not what she asked. Does he still have feelings for Jessica?

Right when Roxy is doing Jessica’s hair, Ford comes out of the tanning bed and talks to her. He charms her and she smiles. When he’s gone, Roxy warns her that that guy is a real player. She then tells Roxy not to worry. She does not “have feelings” for Ford. But she does like to see that Cristian is concerned that she might.

Marty is alone remembering reading Natalie’s letter to John and has prevented him from seeing it.

Right then, John remembers that a letter that he previously saw is gone and asks his secretary if anybody was in his office when he was gone. She replies only Dr. Saybrook.

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