OLTL Update Wednesday 5/12/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/12/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie announces to Roxy that she loves London so much, she is moving there! Roxy thinks she’s crazy…Nat says she needs a change…Roxy offers highlights! Roxy sees right through her, she’s not moving to London; she is moving away from John. She admits that being in London will be easier than seeing John all the time. Roxy tells her to fight for John and not end up like her. Roxy tells her it’s sad the baby is gone, but that was all that was holding Marty and John together. Roxy convinces Natalie to write a letter and leave at the station for Johnny….in hopes he will stop her from leaving town. She adds to the letter an invitation to meet at midnight, or she is leaving town.

John locks Todd up in the cell across from Cole. Todd teases Cole telling him that Téa will have him out in no time at all. As they banter across cells, Todd tells Cole that Hannah came to see him ready to wheel and deal. She was trying to get Todd to drop the charges. Todd just continues to taunt Cole with cruel comments. Todd tells John and Cole that Hannah offered to recant her statement in exchange for Cole’s freedom. She is mentally deranged, Todd says, and will do anything to get into Cole’s pants. Cole does not believe it and tries to convince John of that. Todd wonders out loud who could have done it…Natalie with her temper or maybe one of Marty’s crazy patients finally cracked. Todd reminds John there is no evidence and he has the wrong guy behind bars. John leaves them both; Cole and Todd continue to go at it. Cole wants him to fry for murder. Todd is very jaded and tells Cole that he’ll be out and Cole will be the one in prison…and will lose Starr.

Outside the diner, Starr accuses Hannah of messing with her family and being a liar. Starr warns Hannah against messing with Todd because his lawyer is a killer shark and her specialty is saving her Dad. She tells Hannah to back off or she WILL regret it. Hannah continues to try and twist things and lets Starr know that Cole knows Starr betrayed his confidence when she told her dad about Hannah’s incident. Hannah tries to convince Starr that her father pushed Marty…but then she muses…maybe Marty made it up. As Starr wraps her arms around that, a light comes on she realizes that maybe someone is doing this so they get something they want.

Hannah’s back is to Starr, listening to her think out loud…and she smiles ever so slightly; Starr looks her in the face and says “oh my god, you did it, you pushed Marty, didn’t you”. Hannah warns her she is trashing her good thing with Cole; if she doesn’t watch out, she’ll lose him and saunters away, leaving Starr fuming. Hannah goes into the diner and sits at the counter. John come by and looks at her through the window, thinking about what Todd said.

At The Palace, Dani admits to Matt she kissed Nate in the park, but she was under duress from her visit at the hospital with Todd. She tells Matt that the kiss didn’t mean anything, but she doesn’t quite answer him when he asks if she likes Nate. Matt finds out Dani never got his text of an offer of help that day. She finally tells Matt that she doesn’t like Nate and is sorry for hurting him.

In New Mexico, Gigi is caught red handed trying to smash the lockbox with a hammer by Otto. Rex pleads their case, but Otto tells Penny to call the police. Otto offers to let them go if they just leave and Rex doesn’t buy it. He thinks Otto is hiding something and let’s the police take them away.

At the hospital Blair catches Téa trying to reschedule her treatments so she can help Todd. By helping Todd, she helps Dani who will need her father when she is gone. She turns the table on Téa by asking what she would tell Todd or Dani if their life was on the line. Would she tell them to give up like she has, or fight for their life? Téa would rather be there for her daughter than out looking for the miracle cure. The women talk about the trials of having teenage daughters with all their angst and attitude. Blair makes a deal to give her 24 hours to help Dani get ready for the prom and return in the morning for treatment. Blair blackmails her into the deal. She’ll let out her brain tumor secret if she doesn’t agree. She agrees and schedules her treatment. She decides to forget about Todd and heads home. She surprises Dani by telling her that she has planned a very special pre-prom pamper party…the works!

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