OLTL Update Tuesday 5/11/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/11/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Rex talks to Bo on the phone. Bo is happily with Nora and Matthew at Buenos Dias and asks Rex how his search is going on Santa Fe. Rex admits that he found the son of the man who made the necklace but hasn’t uncovered any information about his (Rex’s) real parents. Although, Rex admits, he believes that the man may know a lot more than he is saying. Right then, Gigi comes out of the bathroom.

Nora asks Matthew if he’s going to take Dani to the prom and if she’s gone shopping for a new dress. Matthew admits he really doesn’t know yet and indicates that he may have doubts about going to the prom with Dani

Téa is on the phone telling somebody that she does not want any treatment that will buy her more time. It does not matter because it’s still a death sentence. Right then, Dani appears and admits that she has overheard her mother say something about a death sentence. Téa then asks her daughter just how much she heard. Dani replies just enough to conclude that her mom is “in trouble”.

Todd is in his hospital room on his phone calling to dig up dirt on Hannah O’Connor. He tells his contact that she OD'd on pills and wanted to have sex with his daughter’s boyfriend. So he doesn’t want them to stop their search until they come up with psycho nympho. Right then, Blair appears, takes the phone out of his hand and asks if he has not hurt enough people already.

Marty is ready to leave and meet with Cole. But while in John’s home, she comes across a baby shirt that he bought for the baby before her miscarriage.

When Cole is in his jail cell, the guard gives him something that Hope has drawn for him.

Starr goes to Buenos Dias to find BO and Nora and asks them if they can help Cole.

Rex gets some breakfast and coffee for himself and Gigi. She asks about his conversation with Bo. He tells her that he’s doing great, out of the hospital and ready to get married.

Starr sits with Matthew, Bo and Nora. Bo asks her how Cole is holding up. She admits that she went to visit him in his jail cell. They won’t let him out on bail but there must be something she can do. She suggests maybe talking to the judge. Matthew offers to come with her. She tells him she doesn’t want him to get involved but she’d like to talk to Nora. Bo and Matthew then let Starr and Nora talk privately. Nora tells her that she’d like to help but she knows the only way to prevent Cole from having to go to prison is to somehow prove that Todd bribed the judge.

Hannah comes to visit Cole in jail and tells him that Todd Manning threatened to kill her last night.

After Blair overhears Todd’s conversation to find Hannah, he asks her just whom she believes he’s hurting. He did not push Marty even if she does not believe him. And if she’s going to boo hoo hoo over Cole, or plead his case, he doesn’t want to hear it. She tells him that she refuses to take sides. He tells her at least Starr believes him. She tells him she knows that he is probably asking Starr to do his dirty work for him while he’s under police security watch. She then asks just whom the “psycho nympho” is. Is that Cole’s friend whom he is falsely accusing Cole of sleeping with? Todd tells Blair that she is lying to the police. And it’s not just a paranoid fantasy.. He informs Blair that Hannah was just in this room offering to change her story about seeing him push Marty if he drops the charges against Cole. So he needs Blair to give him his phone so he can call Téa about getting the goods on Hannah. Blair asks him why doesn’t he just leave Téa alone. She has more important things to deal with, right now. Hearing that and still unaware that Téa is dying, he remembers that Téa told him the same thing. And he asks Blair what is going on with Téa.

After overhearing Téa talking about a “death sentence”, Dani assumes that her mom is pleading Todd’s case and tells her that if Todd is going to get the death penalty for killing an unborn baby, it will make Téa’s job a lot harder. She tells her mom she does not have to defend him. That was her choice. She tells her mom she has to get to school and cannot be late. But Téa urges her to wait because she has something very important to tell her.

Nate walks into Buenos Dias, and Bo asks Matthew who that kid is. Matthew replies that he is playing the role of Cole alongside Dani who is playing the role of Starr. Bo asks his son if that is a problem for him.

When Marty sees the baseball t shirt that John bought for their baby, he reveals that it was a surprise but he knows that discovering it at this time must upset her. She tells him that the fist thing she feels when she wakes up in the morning is that a life is gone. He tells her he knows. Maybe they should try to do something about it. Maybe they should have another baby.

In Santa Fe, Rex tells Gigi after they shower, they have to get going. She asks if he means to the airport. He tells her no. To the jewelry shop. She asks what if the man does not remember whom his father made the necklace for. He tells her he still believes that he is hiding something and he’s not going to give up. She doesn’t have to come with him if she doesn’t want to, he tells her. And it appears that they are both wondering if they should renew their previous relationship.

John tells Marty that he still has doubts about whether he would have made a good dad. She tells him she knows he would have made a great dad. He then asks her why they are talking in the past. Why can’t they make plans for the future? But she tells him that she does not want to count on another miracle. She tells him that when she was going to have the baby, it’s as if it was meant to be because it was a surprise. And sometimes you cannot recreate something like this. She knows that he’s just trying to make things right. But wherever he is, she’s just not in that same place right now. She admits to him that she bought some things too. So she can pack them up together. And she needs to do this by herself. John then goes away. She tells him she is sorry. There is just no undoing what Todd did. John then goes out the door.

Todd tells Blair that whatever Téa’s “problem” is, she’s not being accused of murder. Is she? He tells her it’s not his fault that Marty lost her baby but she must know that many people in this town want to see him fry for it.. So what could Téa possibly have going on that could top that.? Blair is silently remembering urging Téa to let Todd help her. She then tells Todd that maybe Téa has to deal with Dani being horrified to think that her mother would represent him. Maybe that’s it. So maybe he could just cut Téa some slack and stop his whining.

Dani asks her mom since when it was ok for her to cut school. Téa tells her that these are special circumstances. Dani asks her why. Right then, Téa remembers that this is the night of her prom and a special night for her and Matthew. Dani has her doubts about that and they realize she does not have a prom dress. Téa then wants to take her shopping. Dani tells her she knows that she’s being “super nice” so that Dani won’t be angry with her for representing Todd. Téa tells her maybe she’s been waiting half her life to go and get a prom dance for her daughter.

At Buenos Dias, Matthew goes to rehearse his lines with Nate. John comes in to talk to Bo. Nora talks to Starr about how there’s not much of a chance that she can help Todd since there was a witness that saw him push Marty down the stairs. Starr tells her she believes that Hannah is lying and that she would have motives to commit perjury.

After Hannah tells Cole that Todd Manning threatened her, she reveals to him that Todd somehow knows about her overdose. She concludes that the source must be Starr who found out from him (Cole). Cole then admits to her that he and Starr do not keep secrets from each other. But he made it clear that she must only keep it between the two of them. He appears very disappointed to know that Starr had to go and tell Todd about Hannah’s private secret. Hannah tells Cole she does not blame him. He trusted her. But she reminds him that Starr took the worst moment of her (Hannah's) life and made it into something that her sicko dad could throw in Hannah’s face. Cole then asks how Todd even got a chance to talk to her. She replies that she went to see him. Hearing that, Cole asks if she is not afraid of Todd and asks why she’d go anywhere near him. She replies that she did it for him (Cole).

At Buenos Dias, Nora asks John how Marty is doing. He replies that she had a hard day. She tells him that she’d like to go and visit Marty. She goes off. Alone with Bo, John tells him maybe Nora can say what Marty needs to hear. Bo tells him he should not believe that Marty does not need him. He tells John that he remembers when they celebrated during St. Patrick’s Day. John admits that he is still not certain that he would have made a good father. But he wanted to try and still does.

Rex and Gigi go back to the jewelry store. But he wants to break in and discover something that the man does not want to see or know about.

At Buenos Dias, John goes off to work. BO is alone at the table. Nate talks to Matthew about a girl who asked him to the prom whom he barely knows. He asks Matthew if maybe the 4 of them could have a double date. Matthew indicates that Nate has had enough private moments with Dani that he does not know about including finding her in the park and having her confide in him about her dad and that is how she broke her phone and why Matthew hasn’t heard from her.

Téa and Dani come back from the shop with her prom dress. She does not understand why her mom is so “intense” with this.

Todd asks Blair if he’s supposed to believe that Téa is so “busy” with Dani that she does not have time to care if he lives or dies. He tells her that Téa has been acting too strange for it to be that. He tells Blair that he knows that she has some sort of secret going on. Realizing that she knows the secret and Téa asked her not to tell anybody, Blair knows not to tell Todd. He asks her if something is going on and he is supposedly the love of Téa’s life, shouldn’t he know about it? She replies that that is Téa’s decision. Hew then concludes that there is something going on. He tells Blair that if he’s going to do something about for Téa, it has to be now. If he waits until after his trial, it will be too late.

Téa asks Dani to try on her dress and she has Dani wondering what is up with her when she cries after Dani’s put it on to show her.

Todd tells Blair if she knows about something regarding Téa, she needs to tell him. She then replies that there is something she knows about that that is wrong.

Hannah tells Cole that when she went to see Todd, he told her that people who cross him are never heard from again. He tells her that Todd was just trying to scare her. He can talk to Nora about getting her police protection. But she tells Cole that Todd will tell his lawyer all about her ODing and about her affair with Ford and everybody will know all about it. And he plays right into her hands believing that Starr has failed him. Right then, Starr enters and looks at them angrily. She asks if they want to be alone and why is it that if they are “just friends” that they are holding hands through the bars of the jail cell? Hannah tells Starr she just wanted to make sure that Cole was ok. Starr asks her what kinds of lies she was telling him this time. Hannah then turns to Cole and urges him to hang in there. He thanks her for coming and for everything. He clearly sees her as heroic and Starr as the bad guy. She leaves. Starr angrily demands to know why he is thanking her. He then (just as angrily) demands that Starr answer a question for him. What was she thinking of by telling her dad about Hannah’s overdose?

Todd reminds Blair that before Téa decided that he was capable of murder, he thought that maybe they had a chance and maybe Dani was going to give him a chance. And now with all that has happened, if Téa needs help, shouldn’t it come from him? Blair faces him and tells him maybe. She tells him that maybe Téa is afraid to ask. Right then, John and another cop enter. Todd tells them they are having a private conversation and they must get out. John tells Todd it’s he (Todd) who’s getting out. The good news is Todd will be discharged from the hospital. The bad news is he’s going straight to lock up. Todd tells John that he needs to talk to Blair alone first.

Nora goes to talk to Marty who tells her that John wants to have another baby. Nora asks her what she wants. Marty tells her that she cannot get over what they have lost. And she’s not certain what it would mean even if she could get pregnant again.

Todd tells John that he needs time. Blair also indicates that they need time. But John has no clue what is going on.

Téa appears very emotional and Dani is not certain what is up with her when she talks about her future with Matthew and her life as an adult. Dani then demands that her mom stops and tells her she knows nothing about her daughter.

Matthew then asks Nate just what happened when he talked to Dani privately and she smashed her phone.

Téa asks Dani if she and Matthew are fighting. Dani tells her no. She’s getting along great with Matthew. He’s amazing. Right then, Téa gets a text from Todd telling her he’s getting out of the hospital and getting escorted to prison. Dani then tells her mom that she will let her take care of that and Dani walks off.

Rex and Gigi attempt to break into the jewelry store. They enter the place and work together like a team. He asks her to look out the window to see if the coast is clear. He then goes his “PI work”

After Nate leaves, Matthew tells his dad that he just found out that Dani has been keeping secrets from him. And he has to go to prom with her knowing that. Bo urges his son to talk to Dani, to get it out in the open and know that they can have a good time tonight.

Right then, while trying on another prom dress alone, Dani first sees herself with Matthew. But then she sees Nate. And she appears to have a real dilemma on her hands.

Blair is then in the hospital hallway overhearing Téa telling a nurse that even though Dr. Evans has suggested treatment to buy her some time, she’s made the decision not to go through with it. And that is final. She then tells her she has to go see a client and has to take care of her business. She is then surprised to see Blair. She goes into Todd’s room and sees the cops taking him away. She tells them that they cannot take her client away without permission from his doctor. They reply that they’ve already gotten that. Téa then assumes that Blair must have told Todd something. Blair tells her that she has not but Todd knows something is up. She must tell him.

Nora is with Marty who is incomplete and upset over not knowing what to do with the baby things that they have to put away.

Cole tells Starr that he trusted her with Hannah’s secret. She protests that she is not going to let her father get falsely accused of attempted murder. So excuse her if she doesn’t feel like protecting Cole’s little friend’s privacy anymore. He tells her that Todd threatened Hannah. She asks what Hannah was doing going to see Todd in the first place. Cole replies that she tried to get him to drop the charges which is more than he can say for Starr. Starr then protests that she has been trying to help him. She went to see Nora this morning. But Nora told her unless there is proof that Todd bribed the judge, there’s nothing they can do for Cole. He asks her if she refuses to believe that also about Todd. He tells her that she is lying to herself. She tells him it’s he who is lying to himself and it’s about Hannah. Starr then angrily goes out the door and Cole appears very frustrated.

Rex suddenly uncovers a jewelry box with the very same design as the necklace. Gigi is amazed and tells him it just might lead him to his parents.

Nora returns to Bo and tells him that Marty is upset. But they are happy and ready to get their wedding underway.

Marty is alone with a baby rattle and books packing them into a box and taping up the box. She is very upset.

Matthew comes to see Dani and asks if she is ok He asks her if they can talk about something. She said, the other night, that she went to the park but did not mention that she saw Nate there. She then remembers kissing Nate.

Nate is having the same memory alone at Buenos Dias.

Matthew tells Dani that when Nate told him about how they had a private conversation, he got this “weird feeling” that something happened between the two of them. Dani then admits that something did happen. They kissed.

Téa tells Blair she better mind her own business. Blair tells Téa she does not have a choice about keeping it private.

When John takes Todd into custody, Todd tells him he’s going to sue this department for brutality. They put him in a cell not far from Cole.

Starr goes to find Hanna and is ready to confront her.

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