OLTL Update Monday 5/10/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/10/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Starr returns home to Langston who has been watching Hope while she’s been out. She informs Langston that Cole is in jail without bail. Langston is startled to hear that. Starr reveals that she is not only angry with what happened to Cole, she knows that Hannah has falsely accused her father of doing something that she knows he did not do.

From Todd’s hospital bed, he gets on his phone to get somebody to find Hannah. Hannah appears and announces that she’s right there. He remarks he’s sorry he did not recognize her with her clothes on. She asks why he’s having his goons track her down. He replies for the same reason she’s there; to prove that she’s falsely accused him of pushing Marty Saybrooke down a flight of stairs.

Starr talks to Langston about how she is being forced to choose between her father and her boyfriend.

Ford is with Layla and Cristian at the apartment. They wonder why he keeps the pizza delivery people in business. Jessica appears at the door to see Cristian and tells him that he will be really interested in a surprise she has.

When Rex and Gigi are in Santa Fe, the man at the jewelry store remembers the necklace that was left with Rex at the hospital right after Rex was born. He tells Rex that his father wanted the necklace to be as unique as the wearer. It symbolized love and running water. He remembers all the details. It was about a man and a woman who have the same heart throughout their lives and after they die throughout eternity. Rex asks him if he knows who bought the necklace. The man replies yes.

Jessica tells Cristian he has three guesses to find out her news. He reminds her that he and Layla are in the middle of dinner. She then informs him that she wanted to tell him that she is going to the prom with Brody. Layla tells her that she did not have to come all the way there in order to tell them that. She could have posted that on Facebook. Jessica suggests that maybe the four of them could share a table. Layla coldly reminds her that Cristian is a teacher and will be chaperoning. Ford silently listens but before Jessica is gone, he invites her to stay and help them finish the pizza.

Markko goes to visit Cole in the jail and tells him he cannot believe that he’s been denied bail. He apologizes for not being able to be there for him but explains he was not able to get off work. Cole reminds Markko that he might be called to the witness stand to report what he saw. Markko then suggests that he could allege that he did not see Cole assault Todd. Cole tells Markko he does not expect him to lie for him in court. He reminds Markko that there were witnesses all around but he appreciates Markko’s support. Especially now, he adds, that Starr appears to be choosing her dad over him.

Langston asks Starr if she’s really certain that her dad did not push Marty. Starr tells her that she knows when her dad is lying and he is not when he tells her he did not do that. Also, she knows that Hannah is lying because she’s after Cole and wants to take him from Starr. Langston asks her if she is really certain of that.

In Todd’s hospital room, he asks Hannah if she knows what will happen if she commits perjury in court. She will go to jail. When she says nothing, he then concludes that he knows the reason why she made up the story was so she could have Cole and get him away from Starr. In response to that, she asks Todd if that is not what he wants also. He tells her what he wants is for her to tell the truth. He will get her to do it one way or another. She then reminds him that he may not really understand what is the truth. After getting his head hit, he may not remember what he did to Dr. Saybrooke. She reminds him that she knows all about him and the rape, his entire history and everything. She expresses that the reason she is there is to get him to drop the charges against Cole. He asks her why. She tells him she thinks it would be in his best interests to do that.

Cole tells Markko that instead of apologizing for choosing her rapist, murderer father over him, Starr went ballistic over Hannah.

Meanwhile, Starr explains to Langston that she got Cole angry at her not only by defending her father but by blaming the situation on Hannah.

Markko then asks Cole how Starr could blame Hannah for his being in jail. Cole replies that Starr believes that Hannah is lying about seeing Starr’s dad push his mom. Starr believes that Hannah is after him. Markko asks if Hannah would falsely accuse Todd of attempted murder just because she wants him to break up with Starr.

Langston asks Starr if she and Cole are going to be okay and indicates that she does not want them to “break up too.” Starr asks her what she means by “breaking up too” (not knowing that Langston is going to break up with Markko).

While Jessica is visiting Cristian, Ford wants to know all about how she is reliving the high school experience. But Cristian knows that Ford is up to no good and this is not “fun and games” for Jessica. Ford seems very interested in Jessica knowing about her “state of mind” and the fact that she is not committed to Brody and Cristian is not committed to her.

Rex asks the man about the mystery of how and to whom he sold the necklace all those years ago. Rex asks the man if he is Rex’s father. The man then remembers being young and asking his father if he could purchase the necklace to symbolize his own life. His father said no, so his father sold it to somebody else. Rex asks who.

Ford talks to Jessica and engages her in a conversation where she appears receptive. She asks him if he is still with the girl he took to his high school prom. He tells her that teenage romances never last. She tells him that sometimes they can. In the kitchen, Layla indicates that Cristian seemed concerned that Ford was paying attention to Jessica. She asks if he is jealous. He protests no; he is just concerned. Jessica is sick and he’s concerned about how she could affect Brody and what could happen to her.

In Todd’s hospital room, he asks Hannah why it would be in his best interest to drop the charges against Cole. She reminds him that Cole is his grandchild’s father. It will hurt Starr if Cole goes to prison. By observing the way he went off on her when he thought Cole was cheating on Starr and then the way he went off on Dr. Saybrooke, it appears he might be willing to do anything for Starr.

Starr admits to Langston that she loves Cole with all her heart. Cole is home to her. Everything makes sense when they are together and does not when they are not. Everything was going so great. They were going to go to the prom together. Starr has no clue that Langston and Markko are breaking up and assumes they are still together and is very sad to know that Cole is in jail and she wonders if he’d even want to go with her if he was free.

Cole asks Markko how he’s supposed to accept that Starr is defending her dad after all he’s done to Cole’s mom. Markko admits that it does seem a bit far fetched that Hannah would lie about seeing Todd push Marty just to break up Cole and Starr.

After Todd tells Hannah that he wouldn’t mind if she took Cole away from Starr but doesn’t want to rot away in jail when there’s nothing in it for him, she then admits to him that it “was dark” in the stairwell that day and she couldn’t see very well when she observed somebody pushing Marty. She saw a man that looked like him but she may not be entirely certain that it was him. He then asks her if she will change her story if he drops the charges against Cole.

Rex urges the jeweler to tell him who bought the necklace from him. He tells Rex he does not remember. Gigi then urges him to think and remember. But the man’s daughter tells them that her father is tired and they must leave him alone. Rex and Gigi then go out the door. She tells him she’s really sorry as it appeared they were so close to finding the truth.

Jessica departs from the apartment. Ford then tells Cristian and Layla that that is one interesting girl. Layla tells Ford that she hopes that Jessica and Brody get back together. Cristian tells him so does he. Brody is an honorable man who would never take advantage of a woman in a fragile state (unlike Ford).

Langston tells Starr that she is her best friend and will stick by her. If Starr believes that Hannah is lying, then Langston is behind her with that. Even if it does seem a bit extreme that she’d make up a lie just to get a guy. Starr then remarks it may not be “extreme” for a girl who was ready to OD over a guy. Hearing that, Langston asks Starr what she knows about Hannah. Starr explains that Hannah tried to kill herself when Ford dumped her and Cole found her passed out and he helped her and she made him promise not to tell anybody. But Cole told her. Starr reflects that she could not imagine somebody willing to take their life over some guy. Hearing that, Langston reflects that Ford was not in town long enough to have anything special or long term with Hannah. Starr tells Langston good thing she (Langston) broke up with Ford when she did. It might have gotten her into trouble and turned Hannah on her also.

In Cole’s jail cell, he tells Markko that he really wanted his prom with Starr to be special. Markko still has the mistaken idea that things are going good with Langston and that they have a future together. Cole tells Markko that Langston is really lucky to have him and so is he. Markko tells him he has to get going but he’s there for Cole.

Todd asks Hannah if she’s offering to make a deal with him. He reminds her that he does not trust her as far as he can throw her. He tells her that if she lies in court, his lawyer will rip her to shreds. He knows that she is just some scheming nut job who popped a bunch of pills over a T.A. who dumped her. Hearing that, she is alarmed and asks him how he found that out. He tells her that he does not have to make any deal with her. So she better get out of there and watch her back.

Starr tells Langston she wants to see her prom dress. But Langston informs her she is not going. She has enough going on already and doesn’t have time to go to the prom. She also does not want to burden Starr with her problems. She realizes that Starr has shared her deepest darkest secrets with her. So maybe she should confide in Starr. Before she can do that, Markko enters through the door. He tells her that Cole has gotten a raw deal and had justification to do what he did to Todd. Langston then protests to him that maybe Todd is being falsely accused by Hannah who wants to take Cole from Starr. Starr then tells the two of them that she and Cole have enough going on and don’t need their best friends fighting their battles for them. Markko protests that he wants Cole and Starr to stay together. But Starr lays down the law to him that she does not want to talk about Hannah or Todd or Marty or Cole because they cannot change any of it. Not tonight.

Hannah asks Todd if he’s threatening her. He tells her that she may want Cole all to herself, and that’s fine with him. But she’s not going to use him to get what she wants. He does not think she knows who she is dealing with. He has the means to make her life a living hell or end her life. The choice is hers, he tells her.

Outside Todd’s room, Brody informs the security guard that Todd is most likely going to be released from the hospital the next day. Jessica appears and Brody tells her that he was just thinking about finalizing their plans for the prom. He’s going to pick her up but knows she is likely to have a curfew. She tells him there is no curfew prom night. There might be many surprises. It appears she has something on her mind.

Cristian tells Layla that he is not jealous of Brody and Jessica. He’s just concerned about what could happen and he wants to convince her that he is not “interested” in Jessica. She tells him she knows but would like to spend an evening with her boyfriend without his first girlfriend throwing herself at him. He tells her that they will be together that night.

Rex talks to Shane on the phone. He puts Gigi on to talk to Shane. She reveals to him that they could not get a flight out and have to stay there a little longer since Rex did not find out who his parents were yet. She then tells Rex that maybe the man was telling the truth. It was a really long time ago, and maybe he does not remember who bought the necklace. He tells her it’s possible. But his instincts tell him otherwise.

Meanwhile, we see the man revealing that he knows something.

Gigi tells him even if he’s right, they can find it out later. He tells her that maybe they need to go to bed.

Todd tells Hannah she does not want to mess with him. She reminds him that he is the one who is handcuffed to the bed with armed guards outside his room who are ready to escort him to prison when he’s released. She remarks that she guesses she will see him in court and she goes out the door. At that moment, Brody, the other cop and Jessica are surprised to see this strange girl come out of Todd’s room. She has apparently told the cop who doesn’t know her that she is Todd’s daughter, in order to get into his room.

Cristian and Layla are ready to go to bed. Ford is alone. Cristian tells him if he’s thinking of getting closer to Jessica, don’t do it. Ford then tells him not that he is, but if he was, what is it to Cristian? Cristian tells Ford he does not want to go there.

When Brody observes Hannah, he tells her that she is not authorized to go into Todd’s room. She has to stay away from him. She then leaves. Jessica reminds Brody that she is Todd’s niece and is pretty sure that she’s okay to visit him. But he tells her he doesn’t think that’s a good idea. She tells him she’s sure it’s okay. He’s her uncle and wouldn’t hurt her. Brody tells her he just wants to be careful. She asks if he will be that careful when they are together at the prom with all of those people around. He tells her he might be and asks if that is a problem. She smiles and appears receptive.

Gigi and Rex are ready to go to sleep. They sleep in separate beds in the motel room but appear as though they’d rather not. She tells him she’s sorry he did not get the answers he was looking for today.

Meanwhile, the jeweler puts some secret jewelry in a locked drawer.

Rex tells Gigi that he is incomplete and doesn’t want to give up.

Markko tells Starr he’s sorry if he meddled in her business with Cole. Langston hugs her. Markko tells Langston that they should probably get to bed. Langston goes with Markko. Alone, Starr pulls out the picture of her and Cole in happier times. She remembers when they took the photo on her digital camera. He told her that he has everything right there with her.

Cole is right then in his jail cell, unable to sleep. 

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