OLTL Update Friday 5/7/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/7/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Rex and Gigi are on a mission traveling out west to find clues about the locket that was left with Rex when he was abandoned as a baby so that they can hopefully find his real parents. The hotel manager leads them to their room and assumes they are Mr. and Mrs. Balsam.

Kelly is talking to Reed telling him she does not want to get involved with him. But is that really true?

Natalie suddenly shows up at her brother, Kevin’s home in London. He is surprised to see her.

In the courtroom, after Cole has been sentenced, John tells Marty that she can’t lose hope. But she does not understand why this had to happen to her son. Cole concludes to Hannah that Starr has made the choice to not be there for his arraignment. She obviously had other priorities which would be to go and see her father and attempt to help him.

Téa goes to see Todd in an attempt to tell him that she is dying. He just wants to make sure that she represents him and finds out evidence that Hannah O’Connor is lying about seeing him push Marty.

At that moment, Blair talks to Eli about Téa dying and how that’s going to affect many people’s lives.

Téa admits to Todd that she has another reason for coming to see him that has nothing to do with Hannah or his defense. But he tells her unless she’s there about Hannah an proving that she’s lying, he does not want to hear it.

The hotel manager tells Rex and Gigi how to find the jewelry shop in Santa Fe. They have two beds in one room. She tells him that they can figure those things out later. What they need to do now is find the jewelry store. She tells him that maybe they can find out who his birth parents are in a matter of hours. It appears he is hesitant to find that out.

Reed tells Kelly that he knows that she has wanted him to kiss her for a long time. He knows that he has not been imagining that. She admits that he has not. That is why she does not want to see him again. She is afraid if he kissed her, then she would like it. He asks her how that would be a problem.

Natalie and Kevin have some drinks at his home and he tells her that she sometimes wonders what it would have been like if she’d grown up with him and Joey and Jessica. He knows that she has something on her mind and some reason for why she went through five hours of jet lag. She tells him that she needs him to finalize Jared’s death certificates. He knows that there is another reason why she came all this way. She then admits that he is right. She needed an excuse to get away from Llanview.

In the empty courtroom, John tells Marty that he has to find out that Manning bribed the judge to throw the book at Cole. She asks if he believes that. He tells her that Cole is not a threat to the community. There’s got to be a reason why the judge would not accept the D.A.'s offer. She tells him what she does not understand is Starr. Why isn’t she there with Cole when he’s being charged with attempted murder? She then concludes that Starr must be with her father.

In Todd’s hospital room, he asks Téa why she’s not focusing on his defense so that he does not get falsely accused of killing Marty’s baby.

Blair tells Eli that Téa told her that she does not want anybody to know about what has happened. He can’t let her know that Blair told him. He asks if she does not want anybody to know -- not even Dani. Blair tells him especially Dani. She’s afraid that Dani has her plate full with everything that is going on as it is. Téa doesn’t want Todd to know either.

Téa tells Todd that she has to tell him something that is a matter of life and death. He needs to know that Dani is going to need him now more than anything else. He asks her if Dani believes he’s guilty and what Téa might have told her. He asks Téa if she still believes that he did it.

Outside the courtroom, Starr tells Cole that John informed her that he got sentenced and denied bail. He tells her that he knows that Todd must have bought off the judge. He’s been charged with attempted murder. He has to stay in jail until his trial. She tells him she is so sorry she was not there. He asks her where she was. With her dad? Hannah overhears not far away.

Eli asks Blair why on earth Téa wouldn’t want Todd to know since he’s Dani’s father. She tells him that since Téa is dying, she has misguided ideas about her diagnosis. He tells her for Dani’s sake, Todd has to know. They both know that with his brother gone, and with Téa gone, Todd will be all that Dani has.

Téa tells Todd that she hopes, for his sake, that Hannah is lying. He asks her if she believes him. She reminds him that it would not matter. She’s defended him many times when she knew he was guilty. He then shouts at her that he does not care. He’s innocent this time. She better find this whack job, Hannah. He informs Téa, Starr said that Hannah was mental. Starr said that she swallowed a bunch of sleeping pills to kill herself and wants Cole. Téa better look into that.

Starr tells Cole that he must stop falsely accusing her dad. If he’s going to blame anybody, he needs to blame Hannah. Not far way, Marty reminds John that she asked him, not long ago, if he thought that Hannah might be lying, and he did not answer.

Kelly tells Reed that she really can’t do anything or start a new relationship until she finds out what happened to her mother. He tells her that for that reason, she needs someone to be there for her. She is done with Kevin, isn’t she? She tells him yes. He tells her he wants to explore being together. He reminds her he is not asking her to marry him. He just wants to have dinner with her tonight.

Rex affirms to Gigi that maybe he doesn’t want to find out who his real parents were who abandoned him at the hospital and did not care if he lived or died. She tells him that he does not know that that is the case. He asks her if she can tell him what to do. She tells him no. Whatever he decides, she supports him. But he is already there and came there for a reason. Does he think he can get on with his life if he doesn’t explore every lead there is?

Reed asks Kelly why she can’t just have dinner with him. What is the worst thing that could happen?

Natalie summarizes to Kevin that Marty got pregnant with John’s child. She knows she did not take it well. Then somebody pushed Marty down a flight of stairs and caused her to lose her baby. That was a tragic thing. Kevin asks who would do something like that and if they have any suspects. She admits that John suspected her. Kevin asks how he could do that. She then explains that shortly before Marty got pushed, she said some things that she should not have said including telling Marty that she believed that the only reason John was with her was because of the baby. Kevin then asks his sister if that is true.

Outside the courtroom, Marty overhears Starr protesting to Cole that she believes that Hannah is lying to manipulate him and make him think that she’s a supportive friend and break them up. Marty asks John if he thinks that Starr might be correct.

Téa tells Todd she cannot tamper with a witness if that is what he is asking. She has to play by the rules this time. She reminds him that she almost got disbarred the last time she went to bat for him. He tells her that he is asking her to take this case, not for him but for Dani. The chance of having a relationship with her is at stake. Téa must know how important that is. Téa then angrily tells Todd she knows all too well that he is all that Dani has. He asks her what she means by that.

When Marty and John come out to talk to Starr, she tells Marty that she knows how devastating it was for her to lose her baby. Marty must remember how she felt when she thought that Hope was dead. But Marty must know that Todd did not do it. She tells Marty she would bet her life on that. Marty tells Starr she feels terrible for all she has had to be put through because of her father. She wishes she could spare Starr of that. Starr must know that shortly before she got pushed, Todd told her that she had to get herself and Cole and her baby out of town. Starr then asks Marty how it is that she knows that Todd pushed her. Did she see him do it?

Rex and Gigi go to the jewelry store. A young woman assumes that they are a couple asking about wedding bands. Rex tells her that he “has something.” He shows her the locket and asks if that is from her shop. She tells him it might be. It looks like something that her grandfather might have made. Rex asks her if her grandfather made a lot of these necklaces and might remember making this one. She tells him that she believes that her grandfather probably wouldn’t have any memory of that. Rex asks if they could talk to him. She tells him that her grandfather passed away several years ago. Rex asks if there’s anybody else they could talk to. She tells him that her father inherited the shop but he doesn’t want to be disturbed. Gigi then protests that this is an urgent matter. Rex does not know who his real parents are. She has no living family anymore. They have a son together. So they need her help.

Kelly tells Reed if the two of them were to start any relationship, he could wind up dead.

Natalie tells Kevin she really doesn’t know if John is only with Marty because of the baby. But what she does know is that she believed that she and John might have a future together. Then, all of a sudden, Marty wound up pregnant. She realizes she really made a serious mistake opening up her mouth and telling both John and Marty of her thoughts on the matter. Kevin tells her at least they have cleared her of the charges. He asks if they have any other suspects. Natalie tells her brother that they now suspect Todd Manning but aren’t entirely sure that there is proof.

Téa admits to Todd that she knows if she does not get him cleared of these murder charges, then Dani has nobody.

Blair tells Eli that she keeps thinking if she was going to die, she at least knows that she has a family to be there for her children. But Téa has nobody, and Dani has nobody either. She knows that that is a mother’s worst nightmare. She cries and admits that she’s always wanted Téa to be out of her life. Now that she’s dying, she realizes that she cares about her.

Todd tells Téa that Dani was very close to accepting him. He saw her at the play rehearsal and it looked like she was about to come around. It made him feel so hopeful. He also thought that maybe he and Téa could have gotten back together. But now he has a serious problem and needs her help in beating these charges. She needs to prove that Hannah is lying. Maybe then he’ll have a chance with Dani and they'll be a family. He asks her if she can do that for him. Téa does not respond to that question.

Starr tells Marty that as much as she knows of the terrible things that her father has done, she knows that Marty does not want to see an innocent man locked up when the real person who did it is out there. John then tells Starr she has made her point. At that point, he goes over and reminds Hannah that this is very serious. He needs to ask her if she saw the person who pushed Marty.

Blair admits that she has blamed Téa for everything for many years. Now she can’t hate Téa or Marty. Marty has lost her baby, and she had to go and make peace with Kelly.

Reed reminds Kelly how long he has been thinking of her. The threat of death is not going to scare him off. He wants to protect her from whomever is out there. He does not want any more excuses. She did say she wanted to start a new life. So she needs to take the first step by having dinner with him.

Kevin tells Natalie that maybe John was just irrational with grief and thinking like a cop when he accused her of the crime. She tells Kevin that regardless of that, the thought that John would not trust her is something she cannot get past.

John asks Hannah if she saw Todd push Marty. She then replies yes. She saw Mr. Manning push Dr. Saybrooke. John tells her if she is lying, he will find out. She tells him that the last thing she wants is for Cole to lose his freedom or his baby. She tells Cole he must hang in there. She departs. Starr remarks that Hannah sure took off fast. She asks John if he believes her. John tells them it’s time to take Cole to his cell. Starr tells Cole he must know that Hannah would have good reason to make this up because she wants to break them up.

Téa tells Todd if Hannah is lying, she will prove it. He tells her that she is lying. He questions whether Téa believes him and if she’s willing to let this bitch ruin his life and Dani’s. He demands that Téa get to the bottom of this. Then he might have a shot at a relationship with Dani and the two of them can be parents. He shouts at Téa and demands that she “gets it done.” She then goes out the door and breaks down crying after being incapable of telling Todd that she is dying.

In Santa Fe, the young woman’s father appears and looks at the locket that Rex has. Rex asks if he knows something about it. The man then replies to Rex that he believes he does.

Natalie concludes to Kevin that she and John are done. He is with Marty. John has accused her of killing his child. He asks her what brings her there. He tells her that she can stay with him if she wants to.

Kelly tells Reed she will have dinner with him. He tells her good. He will pick her up around seven o'clock. He then tells her that she must know that this is a good thing and it’s okay to relax.

John is on the phone telling his contact he’s going to bring Cole in now. Cole shows Starr the handcuffs and asks her if she thinks the reason this has happened to him is because Hannah’s lying. It’s because Todd has bribed a judge. She then tells him that she loves him. Nobody can change that. Not Hannah. Not her dad. Not anybody. John then reminds Cole that it’s time to go. Cole turns to Starr and asks her to tell Hope that he loves her.

Blair admits to Eli that she always counted on hating Téa, Kelly and Marty. But now she finds out that Téa is dying and Marty lost her baby, she’s reconciled her differences with Kelly. It feels very odd to her. She tells him that Téa needs somebody. She cannot do this alone. She’s made some really bad decisions about how she’s going to handle the rest of her life.

Alone at The Palace, Téa orders a drink looking at pictures of both Todd and Dani.

From Todd’s hospital bed, he calls and asks to find a student at L.U. named Hannah O’Connor. Hannah enters and announces she’s right there.

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