OLTL Update Thursday 5/6/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/6/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kelly enters the Palace, sees Reed and turns around because she doesn’t want to be seen by him. Right then, he calls out to her.

Starr goes to see Todd in the hospital and informs him that Cole is currently on trial.

In the court room, Nora and Cole’s Eli agree that they should reduce the charges against Cole. But the judge overrules them and tells them that Todd Manning has been the victim and he won’t let Cole get away with it.

Todd tells Starr that he did not push Marty and will not let her boyfriend cost him his last chance with Dani.

IN the high school, Dani declares to Matthew that she is done with Todd Manning. He is dead to her. And as long as her mother defends Todd, she’s dead to her also. Matthew tries to convince her that she may change her mind as he did with his parents after remembering how he once felt. But she tells him that his parents are way different than hers. Todd and Téa are both dead to her.

Right then, Blair reveals to Téa that she knows that according to a medical report, Téa is dying. She shows Téa a copy of the report that she got a hold of. Téa is furious.

At the Palace, Reed tells Kelly he’s sorry to hear about her mother. He remembers the famous Cramer women. She asks him if he came to Llanview in order to offer his condolences. He tells her that he has left some messages for her and would like to see her and wonders why she’s there. He asks her when she decided to “run”. She tells him that she does not run. He tells her that she just hides and he knows that she ran away from what happened between them. She tells him that nothing happened between them. He tells her that that is a damn shame.

At the high school, Matthew asks Dani if she has a date for the prom. She tells him that she doesn’t really want to go there with anybody. Right then, a boy asks Matthew if he’s “getting with his woman” and it appears that he’s Destiny’s boyfriend. Right then, Nate comes and brings Dani a gift.

Téa furiously demands to know how Blair could violate her privacy. She tells her she can sue her skinny ass and will call the police. Blair tells her she may go ahead. She tells her that she knows that she wants to fight her. But, she tells Téa, wouldn’t she rather get her personal affairs in order.? Téa then confirms that it’s true that she is dying. And she asks Blair if she’s told anybody.

Nora protests to the judge that Mr. Manning is in the hospital but he’s going to be ok. The judge tells her that it’s only by stroke of luck that Mr. Manning has not been killed and his assailant should not get off with just a slap on the wrist.

Starr tells Todd that she is not choosing. Cole is in court and she is there. He tells her that as long as Cole gets the book thrown at him, that’s all he cares about. Starr protests that Cole believed that Todd killed his mom’s baby. She admits that she does not believe Hannah O’Connor any more than Todd does. But, she tells her father, Todd will go to prison if they don’t come up with a defense for him.

In the courtroom, Eli protests that his client did not “go after” Mr. Manning. But the judge tells him that there are no exceptions to justify assault. Nora protests but the judge rules that this is attempted murder. He charges Cole with the attempted murder of Todd Manning and asks Cole how he pleads. Right then, Hannah enters the courtroom.

Kelly sits with Reed at a table in the Palace and tells him that this is not comfortable for her. He asks where he’s heard that before. He remembers exactly how long ago it was when they first met. We then see Kelly in London with her ex husband, Kevin who appears too busy with work to be there for her. He wants her to help him “entertain a new guy”. And the doorbell rings. Reed appears She tells him that was a long time ago. He tells her that he’s been lost ever since.

Matthew tells the boy that he and Destiny are just friends. The boy tells Matthew that he really likes Destiny. But it appears that she may not be interested in him even though he’s asking her to the prom. Matthew admits that he does not yet know if he has a date. Nate has a gift for Dani for Cinco de Mayo. It looks like a phone to call him on. She tells him that she is done with her parents. Todd is out of the picture.. It’s just her and her mom now.

Téa then demands to know if Blair has told anybody about her condition. Right then, Blair does not know how to answer when she remembers telling Eli the other day. But she tells Téa of course she did not. What kind of a person does Téa think she is?

In the courtroom, Nora tells the judge that he needs to recuse himself from this trial. Marty tells John that this judge has something against her son. He then tells her that he has to check on something and appears to be determined to help Cole. Hannah tells Cole that she really wanted to be there for him but suspects that Starr will not be ok with it. Cole remarks that it appears that Starr has other priorities besides him.

In Todd’s hospital room, Starr tells her father that she is willing to go after Hannah for a perjury charge if she testifies that she saw Todd push Marty when she did not. He tells her that he knows that his daughter has his back.

Blair tells Téa that her(Téa’s) health is nobody’s business but her own. Téa asks Blair if she thinks it’s her(Blair) business. They argue. Téa tells Blair that she really doesn’t buy that Blair is upset that she is dying. Blair tried to push her out a window. Blair brought Téa’s ex husband to town to ruin her. She knows that Blair cannot wait for her to die so that she is out of the way. She knows that Blair still wants Todd.

Kelly admits to Reed that she had fun when they first met. We see the past scene were it appeared that Reed had something for Kelly that she was not getting from her marriage with Kevin. He admits that he appeared to be a babbling idiot that night. He wanted the to give up his business profits and was willing to sign over a big check just so that he could get to know her. When he left, Kevin noticed that Reed really liked her and she was able to make a lot of money for her husband. Kevin then told her that he’s glad she’s still there and that they’re still friends and are sill a team.

The judge privately asks Nora how she could imply that he has been bought by Todd Manning. She admits that it looks that way. He tells her that she can file charges against him. But she won’t have much credibility just because she doesn’t like the victim or because the defendant used to live in her home or because Cole’s mom was dating Detective McBain. Nora then knows the only option she has is to file chares against Cole Thornhart for assault and attempted murder.

IN Todd’s hospital room, he tells Starr that he knows that Nora wants to nail him and let Cole get away with assaulting him and wants to use Hannah’s testimony against him. So Starr must tell him what she knows. His life is on the line now. Starr then reveals to her father that she knows that Hannah almost o.d’d on pills and has some personal problems so that her credibility might be on the line. Starr still appears to be torn between her loyalties for Cole and for him. Right then, John enters. Starr knows he’s there on behalf of Cole.

Téa tells Blair that she knows that Blair will benefit from watching her die. And all of Blair’s dreams will come true. But Blair cries and urges her to stop. She then holds Téa in her arms and urges Téa to let her help her.

Dani tells Nate that she is done with both of her parents. She has no control over what they do but she is going to make her own choices. He tells her that she could never be as bad as Todd even in a million years. And he invites her to the prom. But before he can get it out, Matthew enters and interrupts them. He is ready to ask Dani to the prom. But he gets interrupted when Destiny’s new boyfriend gets up and sings a song for her. All the students listen to him. Destiny does not seem interested in him however and looks at Matthew. Matthew is looking at Dani. And Dani is looking at Nate.

Kelly and Reed relive when she first talked to him about her “arrangement” with Kevin. She admitted that she and Kevin do not have a “real” marriage. But they raise their child together. And she admitted that she was drawn to Reed but could not have a date with him. He then asks her how about if they have that date now.

The boy sings the song to Destiny right in front of all of the people asking her to the prom. Everybody claps. She then takes him aside and demands to know what the hell he is doing. She tells him that she is not going to the prom with him. She reveals that she’d rather go with Matthew. While Matthew talks to Dani and Nate is alone, a cheerleader asks Nate to the prom. Matthew is ready to ask Dani to go to prom. But she is looking at Nate.

IN the courtroom, Eli tells the judge that the defendant has ties in the community and knows Detective John McBain very well. But the judge remarks that nobody sees John McBain. Where did he go?

Right then, John goes to Todd’s hospital room and asks if he will drop the charges against Cole. But he is determined to nail Todd for what he believes he did to Marty.

Blair holds Téa in her arms and Téa cries. Téa admits that his is weird. They then argue and sit away from each other. But Blair tells Téa she does want to help her in any way she can although she knows that they have been less than kind to each other. She admits that she’s always hated Téa’s guts. Téa laughs. But she takes Téa’s hand and tells her she wouldn’t wish this on anyone especially a mother. She asks Téa if she’s talked to a doctor. Téa replies yes. She got a 2nd opinion and they confirmed Greg’s diagnosis. Blair asks her if she’s just going to give up and reminds her that Dani won’t let her give up. Téa then tells Blair that Daniela won’t have a choice. She is not going to tell her.

Reed asks Kelly to show him around Llanview and asks if she will leave him hanging again. She asks him who left whom hanging. We then see Reed informing Kelly and Kevin that he’s leaving town. As soon as Kevin leaves them alone, Reed tells her that he is going to Hong Kong although he wishes he could be with her. And it appears that he’s leaving because he can’t have the relationship with Kelly that he would prefer.

Destiny tells the boy that he’s a really nice guy but not her type. He tells her she must know that Matthew is going with Dani. She tells him she cannot go with him because she barely knows him but he is not going to take no for an answer. Nate asks the cheerleader how come she does not have a date. She replies that her boyfriend tore his ligament at ball practice. She tells him that she’s already bought the prom tickets and won’t tell anybody if he does not. Right then, Dani agrees to go to prom with Matthew.

The judge asks Nora if the defendant did not get in trouble for drugs. She admits that that is true. But Cole also did a heroic deed for the police by going under cover to catch drug trafficking. The judge declares that Cole is in big trouble and going to prison.

Starr asks Todd if he paid off the judge to rail road Cole, after John informs her that it was a little fishy in the courtroom. Todd tells his daughter no.

Blair tells Téa she cannot keep this a secret from Dani. She’s going to find out sooner or later. There will be enough physical symptoms. Téa tells Blair yes. But she needs time. She needs to be able to tell Dani clearly and calmly. Blair asks her if she’s told anyone. Téa tells Blair there is no one to tell. Blair asks her what about Todd. Téa reminds her that Todd is kind of “busy” now. Blair urges Téa to know that Todd cares about her. He’s Dani’s father and would not want her to go through this alone. Right then, Téa gets a call from Todd who tells her he needs to see her right now. Téa then goes out the door. Blair urges her to tell Todd and let him help. Téa thanks her for keeping this to herself and leaves. And she also thanks Blair for being a dishonest snoop. Blair cries.

Kelly tells Reed that she is not afraid of anything. She has to get to work and doesn’t have time to talk about things that happened years ago.

Eli comes to see Blair and tells her that he tried and failed to prevent Cole from getting nailed. SO did Nora. The judge ignored all of their pleas.

Marty demands to know how the judge could do this. Nora and John admit that he can do this. She tells her son that they will post bail for him and are right behind him. The bailiff takes him away. She tells John she knows that he saw Todd. Didn’t he? Hannah tells Cole she cannot believe that this is happening. He tells her that he knows that Starr chose not to be there and picked Todd over him. Right then, Starr enters. John tells Marty that he knows that the judge is in Todd’s corner. But he’s not going to let this come down on Cole.

Téa goes to see Todd in his hospital room. He tells her that he would like to talk about this chick Hannah O’Connor. She tells him that they will. But firest, there is something she needs to tell him.

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