OLTL Update Wednesday 5/5/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/5/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Bo is finally coming home, but Nora is overseeing his every move! Matthew advises him to give up…just listen to her. A delivery arrives for Bo; it’s a bottle of his favorite scotch from Rex. The card reads ‘thank you for saving my life’. Matthew tells Bo that Rex is right, he is a hero. Bo understands that Rex never had a dad and that Bo fills in the gaps missing in Rex’s life. Matthew tells Bo how lucky he and Rex are to have him. Nora is hovering and Bo urges her to go to work. She is reluctant to go; she would rather be prosecuting Todd, not Cole. Matthew wants to know if he will have to appear in court as a witness. His parents just tell him to tell the truth as he saw it. Nora finally leaves and Bo asks Matthew how things are with Dani; he doesn’t know because she never replied to his text.

Rex is at Rodi’s with Shane and Gigi. Rex tries to cover up why he is leaving town for a few days and says that he is on a case for someone who is looking for their parents. Shane knows he is talking about himself and point blank asks if Rex is going to leave him and go live with his real parents. Rex assures Shane that he is his Dad and will always be there for him. Shane lets on that he hears things and understands. Gigi looks at her son and realizes he is not a little boy anymore and they need to explain things to him. Rex tells Shane the whole story about who his parents are and are not. Shane realizes (out loud as she walks in) that Roxy is not his grandma. Rex and Gigi tell Shane family is more than a blood line. Roxy rushes in and tells him how much loves him; and all of them. Gigi asks Roxy to watch Shane while she goes on the road trip with Rex. Shane and Roxy are very happy about them going together!

At The Palace, Téa is with Dani and Greg is with Destiny. Greg wants to have a talk with Destiny about what happened at school between Todd and Cole. He wants her to talk about what happened and tell him what she is feeling. Meanwhile he is watching Téa with Dani. Téa starts to tell Dani about her brain tumor, but instead she is sidetracked by Dani dwelling on the fact that Téa is going to defend Todd in court. She tells Dani that things are not black and white and things are not always what they seem. Dani refuses to believe her…people are either good or bad…period. Téa is trying to make Dani understand that there is more to Todd than all the bad things he has done. As Destiny and Greg are talking, Destiny sees Dani and jumps up and interrupts their conversation. Dani finalizes the talk by telling Téa she wants nothing to do with Todd after all the things he has done to Marty. Todd is dead to her and if her mother continues to defend him; so is she! Greg tries to pull Destiny away, but Dani storms out with her. She tells Greg she got the second opinion and she knows she is dying and is ready to start treatment.

At the courtroom, Cole tells his mom he got through the night with a picture of his family that Starr gave him….but now he is wondering why she isn’t in court. Did she choose her dad over him? John listens to Cole tell Marty about Starr’s theory that Hannah made this all up; John seems to think there might be something to the story. Mary can’t believe that John can even consider that Todd is innocent. Cole can’t think of any reason for Hannah to lie! Eli doesn’t show up in court and sends a substitute to defend Cole. Nora is trying to keep Cole out of jail. The DA and the defense want to lessen the charges because there was no intent and no weapons, but the judge feels differently.

Blair and Eli are at the mansion and he sees that Blair is trying to hide something from him. He jokingly says it’s a secret admirer; he then grabs the paper and sees that it is a medical file for Téa and that she is dying. Blair tells Eli how she found the paper by accident at the hospital. Blair talks about the awful things she said to Téa and that no matter what, she and Téa are mothers and now Téa won’t be there for her daughter. Blair tells Eli all the awful things she said to Téa; that being with Todd was a waste of her life and that being with him was like dying a tiny bit every day. In hindsight she regrets the meaning of her words to Téa. She makes Elijah promise not to say anything. Blair calls Téa and asks her to meet so they can talk now. Téa comes to the mansion and Blair tells her she knows about the tumor and shows her the copy of the test results.

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