OLTL Update Tuesday 5/4/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian tells Kelly that she had a visitor from London. Reed Wagner gave her his business card. Kelly looks at the card and does not reveal whether it’s a good thing for a bad thing that he’s in town.

Right then, Reed is at the Palace looking at pictures of Kelly on his laptop.

Brody is not far away when Clint and Jessica walk in. She looks completely disinterested in him but Clint is happy to see him. Brody reminds Jessica that she asked him to the prom although it was only to “settle a bet”.

At Rodi’s, Rex is examining the locket that somebody left with him when he was a baby and abandoned him at the hospital. Not far away, Ford is on his cell looking at the listings he has for Langston and many other girls.

Langston and Markko are talking about what Cole and Starr are going to do regarding what has happened to Todd and the loss of Marty’s baby.

Dani then finds her way to Todd’s hospital room. She is not certain what to say or do. He asks her if she could stick around for a while.

After Téa receives the devastating news that she only has 3 to 6 months to live, she starts throwing things off of the desk. Blair then walks in ad asks her what is wrong. She does not want Blair to know why everything has been thrown on the floor. She hides the test results. And Blair assumes that what is bothering her is Todd.

Todd asks Dani why she is there. She observes her father all bloody and injured and tells him she doesn’t want anybody to die. Starr loves him and she also does not want her boyfriend going to prison. He asks her if maybe she wanted to give him a chance for a while.

Markko tells Langston that Hannah saw Todd push Cole’s mom down the stairs. So that’s proof that he’s guilty. She protests that Starr does not believe that Hannah is telling the truth Right then, there’s a knock on the door. He remarks to Langston that they are lucky that they never fight nor have “issues” like Starr and Cole. And, right then, Karen (one of Ford’s many conquests) enters with the pizza. Markko follows her out the door so that they cannot be overheard and tells her he promises not to tell anybody that he saw Ford in the hotel room (assuming with her) the other night. As soon as Langston sees Karen, she eyes her coldly.

Ford is alone and appears frustrated when none of his “conquests” are answering their voice mail. He appears to be looking Gigi over while she’s working. Not far away, Rex and Natalie are wondering what Roxy is going to do now that she’s found out that neither of them are her kids. She tells him that Roxy will always be their mom in spite of biology.

Clint and Jessica sit at a table at the palace. He asks her why she invited Brody to the prom. She tells him it was the only alternative she had besides going alone and she also had to make good on the bet she had with Brody. Clint indicates that he is worried about “somebody” getting their heart broken if she goes to the prom with Cristian still on her mind.

Kelly asks Dorian what else Reed said when he was there. Dorian tells her he offered his condolences. She asks how he knew about her mother. Dorian replies that Reed Wagner seems to know a lot about Kelly.

And right then, Reed appears to be obsessively on the computer accessing information on the search engine about Kelly Cramer.

At Rodi’s, Gigi goes over and remarks to Natalie and Rex that she heard from a customer that Marty Saybrooke was in the hospital. Natalie informs her that Marty is ok but she lost her baby after somebody pushed her down the stairs. Hearing that, Gigi is shocked and asks who would do that. Natalie replies that a witness said she saw Todd Manning. But she (herself) was the first suspect that John thought of. Hearing that, Gigi asks her how John could accuse her of such a thing. Natalie tells Gigi she appreciates that Gigi believes her. And, she remarks that it surprised her that Brody defended her and seemed to know she didn’t do it when John suspected her. Right then, she notices Brody and excuses herself to talk to him. Alone with Gigi, Rex asks how John could falsely accuse Natalie of something like that. They used to be a couple. She concludes that couples break up and distrust each other very fast. Natalie tells Brody that she really appreciates his help and he’s a really good friend. He tells her that in that case, she owes him one. She then asks him how she can help him. He asks her what kind of a corsage he should get a girl for her senior prom.

At the palace, Jessica admits to her dad that she is depressed that Cristian is without someone else. But she’s not going to miss her senior prom. Both Viki and Marty have encouraged her to go. Right then, Reed appears. Clint seems to know him and introduces him to Jessica.

Dorian tells Kelly that Reed said he knew her from London. Kelly tells her aunt that she doesn’t really know Reed. IT was sweet that he came over but unnecessary. Dorian tells her that he seemed very handsome and charming.

In Todd’s hospital room, Dani tells him that she was rehearsing and trying to understand how Starr felt and how she could defend him after all the horrible things he’s done to her. She was saying her lines and trying to understand how she felt. And she started wondering if maybe she was being too hard on him and if there might be something she was missing. She thought that maybe there was a reason, after all, to let him in. He tells her he’d still like to be her father. She tells Todd that she was seriously considering that. But then Cole said that Todd pushed his mother down a flight of stairs and killed her baby. What is she supposed to do with that?

Blair tells Téa she does not blame her for being upset about Todd. He’s gone way too far right now. But what she can’t understand is how Téa could defend him. It’s obvious that he’s guilty. Téa reminds Blair that they both must realize that he is the father of their children. But Blair tells her that nobody has made as many excuses for Todd as she has. Téa has to snap out of it just like she had to learn the hard way. She tells Téa she (Téa) cannot “do this” unless she wants to lose the respect of her daughter. Téa then tells her that’s just it. She’s doing this for Dani. Todd cannot go the prison “now”. But Blair tells her that if Todd actually committed this crime, then it’s time he accepts the consequences of his actions. And she demands that Marty tells her why she has a need to “save” Todd this time.

Karen goes to find Ford at Rodi’s. She informs him that she grew up with Markko Rivera. He’s a friend of hers. And he mentioned the weirdest thing. He revealed to her that he knew that Ford had a “secret rendezvous” (assuming it was with her although it was not), at the Palace.

Gigi asks Rex if he’s taken the locket to a jeweler. He tells her that Bo is helping him. She then tells him that even if his search does not reveal anything, Rex needs to know of all the people that love him.

Natalie and Brody talk about whether he will get back with Jessica.

At the palace, Reed asks Jessica if she’s an artist. She tells him not at the moment. She’s currently a senior in high school. He leaves and she remarks to her dad that it was “weird” that that guy treated her like a “woman”. She can’t even make a decision about what to wear for her prom. Clint tells his daughter that he remembers the dress she wore for her prom years ago. And he declares that all he wants is for her to be happy.

Reed is then accessing information that Kelly Cramer’s mother was killed while staying at an institution in CA.

Meanwhile, Dorian continues to encourage Kelly to see more of Reed. Kelly asks her aunt why. Dorian admits that she wants Kelly to see somebody who is not Todd. And she would really like to know how Kelly knows Reed Wagner.

Dani asks Todd if it’s really true that he did not push Marty Saybrooke down the stairwell. He tells her that he knows that she’s read a lot of articles about his past and may have her judgment clouded. She reminds him that she knows that he pushed Starr down the stairs when she was pregnant with Hope. Todd tells her that Starr is Dani’s sister and decides to love and forgive him and believes he did not push Marty. Dani tells him yes. It’s because he’s brainwashed Starr since birth. He protests to her that she must believe that he did not cause Marty to lose her baby. She tells him that there was an eye witness who saw him do it. Todd then tells his daughter that he believes the reason she’s there is to take a leap of faith and because she wants to believe him.

Téa tells Blair that her concerns aren’t just about Todd. They are about Dani. She looks to be finally ready to “thaw” toward him for the first time. She’s beginning to spend time with her sister and possibly see that even if Todd has made some bad choices, that there is some good in him. Blair asks her if she doesn’t believe that Dani might be better off not getting her hopes up about Todd. Téa replies no. Blair tells Téa that she does not have the choices that Téa has. Her kids have known Todd throughout their lives and she can’t take them away from their father. But Téa and Dani can make a clean break and Dani never has to know him. Téa then asks Blair what if she (herself) does not have the choice of doing that. Blair asks her why she would not. Blair then tells her that even though they’ve had their differences, she knows that Téa is a good mother to Dani. But she believes that Téa is really making bad decisions to be incapable of getting Todd out of her life. Téa then asks Blair what if she doesn’t have a choice.

Dani emotionally tells Todd that of course she does not want to believe that any of this is true about any father of hers. But she knows that people don’t just change. He tells her that people all change. And when people change for the better, they hope that people that love them will give them a chance. And one thing that will never change is the fact that he is her father. She tells him that she is different than Starr. She knows that Cole and his mom do not believe that he’s changed and she can see that they are both scared of him. And she cannot be like Starr always forgiving him. She just cannot do it. He then reveals that he has something to tell her. And she’s going to listen.

At Rodi’s, Brody and Natalie end up playing pool together. She relives when she first met John playing pool but she doesn’t want to talk about him. He asks her why, then, she came to John’s bar. She seems to enjoy talking to Brody. She reminds him that she cannot forgive John for suspecting that she would push his pregnant girlfriend down a flight of stairs. He asks how long before she stops being mad at him. Natalie tells Brody she wants to forget all about that and seems to enjoy interacting with Brody.

Rex informs Gigi that Bo and Nora are getting back together. Karen sits at the bar seeming to be interested in their business.

Markko tells Langston that he’d kind of like to get away and go on vacation with her. He still assumes that she wants to be alone with him. He relives when they went to their prom, fell in love and made love for the first time. At that point, she declares that she “cannot do this anymore”. And she admits that she has been lying. He asks her what she’s lying about. She replies about the way she feels. She then reveals that she has feelings for Ford. Hearing that, he does not understand. She confesses that Ford was helping her with the musical. They did not plan on it. But one thing lead to another. They are in love and want to be together. Markko then demands to know how long they have been together. She tells him that it just happened and she is sorry. He then throws and breaks the filming materials he has. She tells him he cannot do this. This is his future. But he tells her without her, he has no future.

At Rodi’s, Rex tells Gigi that he really appreciates her support and may be leading her on a wild goose chase. She tells him that she understand he must find his parents who are Shane’s grandparents and he must know that she always has his back. Right then, he gets a call.

Natalie and Brody are talking about his plans to take Jessica to the prom. He then remembers when he and Jessica first danced together.

Dorian is still determined to get Kelly to start seeing Reed and asks her what she intends to do with his card. Kelly changes the subject and informs her that she and Blair declared a truce.

Blair tells Téa if she wants to throw away both hers’ and her daughter’s life over Todd, then she realizes she cannot stop her. But Téa must realize that there are tons of attorneys out there. Todd does not “need” her. But she declares to Blair that she needs him. Blair asks Téa why she would have a “dependency” on Todd. Téa then confesses to Blair that there is something she must tell her.

Langston is wondering what to do with the fact that she still has Ford on the brain and has to wait for Marko to leave the room in order to call him when it’s clear to see that Markko is still in love with her.

Ford leaves Rodi’s with Karen, kissing and all over each other and clearly visible to everybody.

Brody talks to Natalie all about his plans to get Jessica’s memory back and get her back. He tells her that there are other things she has to remember such as Natalie and Bree. Jessica cannot miss this very important part of her life. That is why he needs Natalie’s help.

At the Palace, Jessica thanks her dad for respecting the choice that she is making.

Brody tells Natalie that maybe this prom could be his last shot.

Rex Returns to Gigi after talking on the phone with a guy who seemed to recognize the necklace from a jeweler in Santa Fe.

Right then, Kelly goes to the Palace and observes Reed on his lap top. She leaves.

Blair asks Téa what her deep secret is. But Téa cannot tell her and doesn’t want her to know. She tells her that she knows that it was not good for Dani to “lose” Ross. She needs to know that she has somebody in her life. Hearing that, Blair tells Téa she must have confidence that Dani has her. But Téa protests that she may not be around forever. Blair tells her she must face that Todd may be off to jail and Téa is very capable of raising Dani by herself. Blair does not understand why Téa wants to keep Todd out of jail.

Todd tells Dani that he tried to get through to her since they met. And he thinks he succeeded. He thinks that she can see who he really is. And he can see that it’s easier to hate him than to stand up to her friends and to her mother whom he thinks did a lousy job raising her. She has lied to Dani and kept her in boarding schools where she can’t be in the real word. He tells Dani if she wants to hate his guts and believe that he’s guilty, she may knock herself out. But Starr loves him and knows the truth. Dani tells him she feels sorry for Starr. He affirms to her that nothing will change the fact that he’s her father. If she ever needs him he will be there for her. At that point, Dani tells him he better not “hold his breath” and she rushes out the door. Right then, Téa enters and observes her rushing out of Todd’s room. It then appears that Téa has left her test results behind in the room where she was talking to Blair. Blair then opens the file. Téa sinks down to the floor not knowing what to do now that she knows that she is dying. Blair is stunned to discover that Téa is dying.

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