OLTL Update Monday 5/3/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/3/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Téa talks to Dr. Greg about her test results. She asks what is up with that since she had many tests. He tells her that there is something wrong.

Nate finds Dani when she’s alone on the park bench aware that she is not okay. At that moment, she kisses him impulsively.

When Dorian is guarding the house afraid that somebody is after Kelly, a strange man enters and tells her he is looking for Kelly. Dorian remarks that Kelly has never mentioned him.

At the hospital, Blair gets on the elevator with Kelly and tells her that she thinks it’s reprehensible that she wants to minimize the fact that Marty’s baby died and back Todd. She tells Kelly that she will not forget that Kelly caused her (Blair) to lose her baby many years ago.

John goes to find Cole in jail and asks if he is okay. Cole tells him he can spend the rest of his life there if he knows that Todd Manning will never hurt his mom again.

When Todd is in his hospital room after getting beaten up by Cole, Marty finds him and tells him he better drop the charges against Cole. She knows that he caused her to lose her baby. He tells her she needs to know that he did not do it.

Starr confronts Hannah at the police station. She tells her that she bets she is lying about seeing Todd push Marty down the stairs. Hannah demands to know why she would say that. Starr tells her she wants Cole all to herself and would stop at nothing in order to get him.

Kelly’s “friend” tells Dorian that he suspects that Kelly would not have mentioned him and he asks where Kelly is. He tells her that he is there because he knows that Kelly’s mother died.

At the hospital, Kelly tells Blair that she has tried so many times to say that she is sorry for the loss of Blair’s child. Blair tells her that one never gets over the loss of a child. Kelly tells her it must be nice to be able to blame someone. She lost a child also. She miscarried. And it’s not as convenient since it was nobody’s fault.

Starr tells Hannah that she is using Todd in order to break up Starr and Cole. Hannah tells Starr that she could not imagine having a father like Todd. She knows that he caused Starr to fall down the stairs pregnant. She knows how Todd has hurt Dr. Saybrooke for so long. Starr tells Hannah that she doesn’t really buy that she’s concerned about Marty because then why, didn’t she go to the police if she saw Todd push Marty? Hannah replies that she did not call the cops out of courtesy to Starr.

In Cole’s jail cell, John tells Cole that he should not have to ruin his life for Todd Manning. He needs to know that if he had killed Todd, his (Cole’s) life would be over. Cole tells John he realizes that.

Marty tells Todd that Hannah saw him push her because he could not prevent Starr and Cole from being together nor get Marty or her son or her baby to go away. Now Todd is going to prison and is going to pay for what he did. He won’t get away with it this time.

Nate asks Dani what is going on. She tells him it’s just her father and nothing new.

After Greg tells Téa that something is going on, she tells him that the only “headache” she has is her daughter. She tells him that she will get reading glasses if she has blurry vision. He asks her if she’s had any more fainting spells. She tells him that she promises to take really good care of herself and is ready to go out the door. But he tells her that she is not listening to him. She has a brain tumor.

Cole asks John if Starr is still there she should not stick around. John tells him that things look pretty tense up there. Cole tells him that he can see that Starr still loves her dad. John reminds Cole that Starr has stuck by her father after all that he’s done to Cole. Cole then tells John that after Todd has killed a baby by causing his mom to fall, it must mean something.

Starr tells Hannah she does not buy her “concern” for not reporting Todd. Hannah asks Starr when she’s going to stop forgiving her father and letting him get away with murder. Hannah tells Starr that maybe this time Cole will not forgive him and Starr will have to choose between lying for daddy and staying with the guy she loves.

After Greg tells Téa she has a brain tumor, she doesn’t want to believe it and tells him there must be some kind of mistake. He tells her it shows up on her CAT scan and her MRI. She then tells him that she can schedule the surgery on the first day she has off. She wants to get this over with ASAP. He tells her it’s not as simple as doing surgery. If they try to remove this tumor, it will kill her. She asks if he is telling her that she has an inoperable brain tumor. He tells her yes.

Kelly reminds Blair that she (Kelly) had a miscarriage. She relives it all the time. And she doesn’t’ know if it’s “enough.” Her mother has just been murdered and she is all alone. Blair turns around to see her crying. And Kelly asks Blair if that is enough payback.

In Todd’s hospital room, he tells Marty that he saw Cole alone in the apartment with that half naked slut. He is cheating on Starr. She asks if that is why he pushed her (Marty) down the stairs. He tells her that he knows that Cole got Hannah to lie. He could not kill Todd so he got the slut to lie so that Todd would get put away. He had to get rid of the competition. Since he (Todd) is the only man Starr loves more than him.

Kelly’s male friend talks to Dorian about how he knows her as a prominent mayor and has heard about the community center she wants to build.

Blair tells Kelly she believes that her moving to Llanview and working side by side with Todd is Kelly’s way of sticking it to Blair.

Marty tells Todd that she knows that Hannah is not lying. She wishes that Todd would just die. He wants redemption from her and she won’t give it to him.

Greg tells Téa that there are radiation treatment and ways to shrink her brain tumor. That’s the best they can do. It’s a stage-4 brain tumor and it’s growing fast. She tells him she wants to know everything about it. But he tells her that he is making no promises. She asks if he is saying that she is probably going to die.

Dani tells Nate that today she invited her dad to the rehearsal. He appeared human and she felt good not to be pissed off even for a little while. Even at the hospital, she was beginning for the first time to see her father and herself in him. He tells her that she is prettier but Todd is her dad. She tells him yes. The guy who pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs is “in her.” He tells her she mustn’t do that. She may have Todd’s physical features and DNA but it’ doesn’t make her a psycho just because he is. She tells him that she was beginning to believe that there was good in Todd and she was ready to be okay with being his daughter. But now she’s confused again. He then looks at her like he’s going to kiss her.

In Cole’s jail cell, John warns him that in order not to get into serious trouble, the best defense he can establish was that he somehow knew that Todd pushed Marty. He tells Cole that when Marty told him she was pregnant, he was scared and not certain he would make much of a father. He realizes that it would be a lot. Cole tells him that one learns as they go. John tells Cole that he was ready to take it one thing at a time. He was thinking all about the future that he would have with his child. He was imagining a boy like himself or a girl like Marty.

Hannah tells Starr that she knows she needs to believe that Hannah is lying because that would be a lot easier than having to face the reality that Starr’s father attacked Cole’s mom and caused her to lose her baby. She cannot understand how Starr can even face Cole knowing that. Starr tells Hannah that it would be really convenient for Hannah to have everybody believing that so that she can get Cole to break up with Starr if he believes that.

Marty tells Todd that when John found her after Todd kidnapped her, he took Todd’s fantasy away from him. John gave her a baby, a life and a family. They had everything that Todd wanted. He couldn’t stand it so he pushed her down the stairs to make her lose her baby. Todd asks her if she saw him push her down the stairs and reminds her that all she has is the lies of some tramp who wants Cole to break up with Starr. He tells Marty that he did not do it this time. At that moment, Marty cannot say more realizing that it’s entirely possible that Todd did not push her.

Starr tells Hannah that she knows she is lying because she wants Cole. She goes out the door.

Before John leaves Cole’s jail cell, he asks Cole if he needs anything. Cole asks if he can check on Starr. He knows she must be furious with him but he wants to make sure that Starr is okay.

Kelly admits to Blair that she’s been hiding in London. Ever since Zane has gone off to boarding school, she could not hide anymore. All she’s been doing is raising Zane. Then, her mother was murdered. Blair concludes that that is how Kelly glommed onto John. Kelly protests that she has no “goals” with John except that he’s a good detective who might be able to find answers. Blair asks Kelly why she doesn’t leave town.

Kelly’s friend reveals to Dorian that he can speak French. She seems to like him, smiles at him and apologizes for the “grilling.” He concludes that one cannot be too careful.

Kelly tells Blair that she came back to town because she needs her family and the support of the Cramer women, but all Blair has done is antagonize her. She tells Blair she knows she’s been through a lot, most recently her daughter’s boyfriend almost beat her daughter’s father to death. There are lots of other things going on. But Kelly wants to see if they can get through this together.

Greg tells Téa that he can guarantee that she is going to die. But they will do everything they can to minimize her suffering and buy her some time. She asks him just how much time she has.

Nate tells Dani that everybody is defined by the choices that they make. He knows all about quotes from movies. He asks her what she’s going to do about her dad.

Greg tells Téa that the life expectancy depends on the person and their life styles. She asks him how long she has. He replies three to six months.

Kelly’s friend asks Dorian to give Kelly the message from him. She cordially tells him she will make sure that Kelly gets this.

At the hospital, Blair tells Kelly that so much has happened between Starr and Cole and Todd, but now it’s the worst. She has two little guys who will wonder what is going on and she doesn’t know how she’s going to answer their questions. She can’t hide what has happened from them much longer. She then hugs Kelly and tells her she’s sorry for how she has been behaving.

Marty tells Todd that she’s gong to subpoena Hannah. She will tell the judge and jury what he said to her before he pushed her. And it will look very obvious that he is guilty. Who does he think will stick by him after this. Blair? Starr? Téa? They will be gone. By the time this is over, Todd will wish he were dead.

Greg asks Téa if there is someone he could call. She tells him she can handle this. He tells her that she will need a support system. She tells him what she needs is a doctor with some guts. He shows her the test results. She tells him he may go and save someone’s life. She needs some time alone. When she’s alone in the office, she is stunned.

Dani tells Nate she doesn’t know what she’s going to do about her dad. But she is happy she ran into him. She departs. Nate then sits alone while Dani is watching him.

Starr goes to see Cole in jail. He tells her he is so sorry. He tells her he really wished she had not seen what she saw. She gives him a picture of the two of them and their baby to keep while he’s in jail.

Kelly returns to Dorian’s home. She tells her it’s been a long day and she knows she looks like hell so she’s going to bed. Dorian informs her that she had a visitor. She shows Kelly the business card of Reed Wagner from London.

Téa is alone looking at the test results that Greg has. She then puts it in her purse. She throws all the stuff off of the desk when she realizes that she has a death sentence. At that moment, Blair enters and is surprised to see her doing that.

When Todd is alone in his hospital room, he appears all alone. Dani observes him and wonders if she should go in and see him.

Nate is alone on the park bench reliving Dani kissing him.

Hannah goes to see John and asks him if Todd Manning is going straight to jail when he’s out of the hospital and not walking around. She tells him she’s just a bit nervous since she’s the only eyewitness. John replies that it looks that way and the D.A.’s office will be in touch with her soon.

Starr informs Cole that she just spoke to Hannah. She knows that he does not want to hear this but Hannah is lying. Her dad did not push his mom down the stairs.

Marty goes to the station and sees John.

Starr tells Cole that Hannah is lying and she can prove it to him. She may not be able to do it now. But she will find a way to get to the truth.

Todd looks like he’s going to bribe a nurse. At that moment, Dani pulls his curtain open, faces him and does not look happy. 

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