OLTL Update Friday 4/30/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/30/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Bo is on the phone unusually happy inviting Snoop Dogg to his wedding. Matthew enters and is very surprised to see his father so unusually upbeat and talking rap talk.

Kelly asks Dorian what kind of trick she has up her sleeve. It appears that Dorian wants to fix her up with a successful man. Kelly tells her aunt she wants her to get to the point. Dorian then asks her niece to sit down and tells her that she has been very worried about Kelly’s safety after what happened to her mother. After noticing that Rodney was killed, she thinks it would be wise for Kelly to get a bodyguard. Kelly tells her aunt that the last thing she needs is any more stress. As they speak, they hear something outside.

Marty goes to talk to Dr. Greg telling him she wants to get out of the hospital. He tells her he cannot sign her out. He has to think of the rules and look out for her safety and well-being. Knowing he’s not going to budge, she then tells him she will call her son.

Unknown to her, Cole is at the police station with Hannah waiting to find out what John is going to do. He tells her that since his mom is dating a police Lieutenant and Todd is not very unpopular, he’s not certain that they will get in much trouble after what Todd did to Marty.

Immediately, when Todd comes out of his coma and appears to be okay, John wastes no time going to find Todd and telling him he is under arrest.

At Dorian’s house, as soon as she and Kelly hear somebody outside the house, they attempt to find out who is out there. Kelly tells her aunt she’s overacting and it’s probably just the wind, and Dorian is going over the top. At that moment, the doorbell rings. Dorian’s phone rings and she seems very edgy. She gets the door to see Eli. She invites him in and he asks if Blair is ready. He has no clue that Blair has forgotten about their plans for the evening. Dorian tells Eli that she is so happy to see that Blair is dating a fine upstanding gentleman for a change. Blair is nowhere to be found.

When John comes to the hospital OR to arrest Todd, Blair, Téa, Starr and Dani protest that he just regained consciousness. John tells them that Todd has gotten away with too many things and will not get away with this. Dani then leaves to get some water and runs into Viki. Viki notices her and tells her she knows who she is and asks if she is okay. Inside Todd’s room, Téa protest to John that Todd is the victim of a violent crime and not the perpetrator. John has no evidence that he did anything. Yet, there were witnesses all around that saw him get assaulted. So maybe John needs to focus on a crime that he can actually prove.

While Cole waits with Hannah at the station, he tells her that he’s worried if he goes to jail, he won’t get to be with his baby daughter and read her a bedtime story. She encourages him to know that he will see her soon. Brody calls Marty while she’s in Greg’s office and informs her that her son Cole has been arrested. Hearing that she rushes out even though Greg tells her it’s against the rules.

Todd is in the hospital in his bed all bloody, and the others protest to John that he can’t arrest him now. Todd protests that he did not push Marty. John tells him he has a witness who knows otherwise.

At the hospital, Matthew admits to his father that he’s come to see him because he needs his help with something.

Dani admits to Viki that she is really worried about something but she cannot tell her exactly what. Viki asks her if it’s something about Todd. She sees Dani cry and hugs her.

Marty rushes to the police station and sees Cole in handcuffs. She sees Brody and demands he gets the cuffs off of her son. He tells her he cannot do that. She asks what Cole did that was so terrible. Brody replies that Cole tried to kill Todd Manning.

Dorian invites Eli into the living room and tells him that she and Kelly were just discussing the questionable circumstances surrounding Melinda’s death. He tells her that he knows that Kelly and John McBain went to California and asks what became of that. She informs him that a patient who knew Kelly’s mother found her in her office and indicated he might have some information. Dorian informs him, when Kelly was ready to take him to the police station to tell the cops, she discovered him dead.

At the hospital, Téa tells John that she is going to sue him for making a false arrest against her client, Todd. He tells her that he can sue her and her client for a wrongful death. Starr and Blair listen and are not happy with what they have just heard.

Dorian tells Kelly and Eli that she knows that Rodney’s death could not have been a mere coincidence. The man suddenly shows up in her office after coming all the way from California with information about her mother and then suddenly dies. She tells Kelly that maybe she needs a boyfriend like Eli. He then gets off the phone and finds out that Blair had to cancel their date. He tells Dorian and Kelly that he just found out that Todd Manning is in the hospital and, apparently, Cole Thornhard put him there. Hearing that, Dorian smiles and says, “Way to go, Cole.” Eli rushes out the door.

In Todd’s hospital room, he tells Téa he needs her to help him with John’s threats.

John goes to talk to Dr. Greg. He tells him he knows that Todd Manning has been admitted, and he apologizes for any trouble Todd caused the hospital staff. Greg offers his condolences to John and Marty for their loss. He tells John that Marty has left the hospital.

Marty protests to Brody that he can’t arrest her son. Cole tells his mom it’s true. He did assault Todd and put him in the hospital. Eli then appears and informs them that Officer Lovett informed him that Cole needs legal representation. Marty tells Eli yes. They can use his help. Cole tells his mom that he went after Todd after he pushed his mom down a flight of stairs and caused her to lose her baby. Marty tells her son that she thought he told her he was going to leave Todd alone since they have no proof that he did it. He tells her that now he does have proof. Hannah sits silently listening. Marty asks where Cole found proof. He points to Hannah.

After Kelly finds out that Todd has been assaulted, she tells Dorian that she’s going to go to the hospital. She wants to see if Todd is okay and be there to offer support to Blair and Starr if they need her. But Dorian tells her that she can’t go there without a gun. She has to remember what happened to Rodney. Kelly tells her aunt that she knows if somebody wanted her out of the way, she’d be dead by now.

Téa comes out of the OR and hugs her daughter. Dani asks her mom what happened and if detective McBain arrested Todd and if they’re going to put him on trial. Téa replies that that’s what they want to do. Dani asks if he’s going to go to prison. Téa is not certain. Dani asks her mom if she’s going to represent him. Does she want to do that after all he’s done, and does she believe he’s innocent?

In Todd’s room, Starr takes his hand. He tells his daughter he swears to her that he had nothing to do with Marty losing her baby. Blair then coldly reminds him that a girl saw him do it. He tells her that she’s lying. Blair asks why she’d lie about something like that. He tells her he does not know. He tells Starr she must know that he did not push Marty. Starr then goes out the door but turns to tell dad she loves him. Todd tells Blair he cannot believe his own daughter questions him. Blair asks him that after all he’s done, he’s lucky that she hasn’t written him off long ago. What she does know is that somebody caused that baby’s death. So, Blair angrily asks him, is that baby dead because of him?

At the station, Eli asks Hannah if she actually saw Todd Manning push Dr. Saybrooke down a flight of stairs. Marty tells Eli she wants to talk to Hannah instead and asks her just what she saw. She replies that Cole has been a really good friend to her. She’s been having some personal problems and Cole suggested that he go and talk to her at the hospital. She went looking for Marty but she was rushing off. She saw Todd Manning push her. She was too afraid to do anything at that point. She rushed off. Then she came back looking for Marty but found out that she was in the ER. She tells Marty she’s so sorry that she did not do anything. But Todd scared her. Cole tells her that Todd Manning killed his little brother or sister and almost killed her. What else was he supposed to do? When he found that out, he had to prevent Todd for hurting anybody else ever again.

Meanwhile, Matthew tells his dad that he witnessed Cole going after Todd Manning. Dani sat and watched as her father almost got beaten to death. He knows that up until now Dani did not really care for her father. But he felt what she was feeling now that she is beginning to stop being angry with Todd. He remembered how he felt when Bo was shot and how he wasted so much time being angry at his dad. He realizes it may be different for Dani since she never had a chance to get to know her father. Bo asks Matthew what all has happened. Matthew tells him the last he heard was that Todd was taken to the hospital. Yet, the cops want to arrest Todd for pushing Marty down a flight of stairs which caused her to lose her baby.

Kelly goes to the hospital to find Blair and asks how she and Starr are. She tells her that she heard and wants to know how it is that Cole attacked Todd. Blair tells her that there was an eyewitness who said she saw Todd push Marty down a flight of stairs. Todd protests that it did not happen, overhearing their conversation. Blair asks him if he would give it a rest, and he’s not going to get any sympathy from Kelly. Kelly tells her, maybe, he will if Todd is being falsely accused and framed for a crime he did not commit.

Bo tells Matthew he’s been where he is. The only thing harder than seeing somebody you care about hurting is not knowing what to say or do. Matthew asks his dad if that’s what he and his mom felt when he could not walk. Bo tells Matthew yes and he bets that Matthew is itching to ride to Dani’s rescue. Bo tells him that regardless, sometimes when you want to offer help to somebody, they don’t always need it. Matthew asks him when to help and when not to. Bo tells Matthew that he bets that Dani is feeling some very complicated things right now and might be embarrassed to have Matthew see her feeling them. Matthew tells her that she should not be embarrassed, but he realizes that maybe she can’t help it. Bo tells Matthew that he must be there for Dani and wait until she needs help. He needs to wait until the time is right. He tells Matthew he needs to know that nobody can come to the rescue better than a Buchanan.

Dani goes outside and sits on a park bench. Viki asks her if she is okay. Dani tells her she does not get her mother. Viki asks her to show her a teenager who does understand their mother. Dani asks her why Téa is so blind. Viki admits to her niece that she does understand Téa’s blindness toward Todd. She admits that she has the same thing herself. She tells Dani that Todd has done terrible things. She knows that. But she still loves him. Because she’s convinced deep down there is good in Todd. She made a conscious choice, not long ago, never to give up on him. She tells Dani that everybody has to make that choice and she’s sorry that Dani has to face making it so young. Dani asks her aunt how Starr can do it. Viki tells her that Starr will tell her that in spite of all of Todd’s faults, he really does love all of his children. She tells Dani that she supports any decision she makes in this. Just like she supports Todd.

After Kelly admits to Blair that she does not believe that Todd pushed Marty, Blair tells Kelly that she is delusional not to see the way it really is. Kelly tells Blair that she could not see Todd doing anything like that. She realizes he has problems, but she could not imagine that he would do what he is accused of. Blair tells Kelly some day she’s going to learn the hard way after it’s too late.

At that moment, Dorian is on the phone telling somebody that her niece, Kelly’s, life is in danger. She needs protection for Kelly even if Kelly doesn’t want it.

Kelly tells Blair she did not come there to argue with her. She just wanted to make certain that Blair and Starr were okay. Blair tells her that they are just fine and don’t need Kelly’s help. Kelly takes Todd’s hand and tells him she will be holding everything down at the Sun. She seems to support him and believes that he is innocent and she goes out the door. Alone with Blair, Todd asks her why she can’t be more like her cousin. She tells him that if she finds out that he is responsible for that baby’s death, she will kill him herself. She goes out the door.

At the station, Marty asks Eli if he can get her son out of jail. He tells her that it’s too late in the day. He has to stay overnight at least until his arraignment hearing. He tells Cole that he has to protect himself by not saying a word to the police and assures him he will be there next thing in the morning. John enters. Cole asks if he went to the hospital and saw Starr. Marty asks if Todd is alive and well. He tells her yes and he’s going to arrest him as soon as he’s out of the hospital. Brody is then ready to take Cole to jail. Hannah stands by him. Marty tells her son she loves him and she thanks Hannah. Cole asks John if Todd is going to make it. John tells him it looks like that. Again, Marty remembers telling Todd that she and John are going to have their baby. Cole and Starr love each other and are going to be together with their baby. They are all going to be happy. There is nothing Todd can do about it. Then he told her “we will see.”

Matthew admits to his dad that he appreciates his help. He hopes that nobody else “makes a move” on Dani while he’s backed off. Bo then asks his son if he sees another guy interested in her. Matthew admits he’s not sure if he and Dani are meant to be or if he’s doing the right thing for her. Bo tells Matthew he needs to have faith.

Dani thanks Viki for listening. She tells Dani that she is always available if they need to talk, especially about her father. She then leaves Dani.

Greg finds Téa and asks if she has a minute.

Alone, Dani picks up her phone and notices a text message from her mom. Matthew is also texting her. At that moment, Nate finds her.

Greg tells Téa that he wants to talk to her about her test results.

Dorian gets the door and sees an Englishman who tells her he’s looking for Kelly Cramer.

Kelly gets into the elevator at the hospital. Blair gets in with her and tells her that the two of them are going to have this out right here, right now.

Starr rushes to the station and John informs her that Cole will have to spend the night in jail. He tells her that Eli will represent him. Starr is not happy to see that her boyfriend doesn’t even care what he did to her father. They take him away. Starr then confronts Hannah and demands to know what really happened.

When Todd is alone in his hospital bed, Marty comes and stares angrily at him. He asks her what she wants. 

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