OLTL Update Thursday 4/29/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/29/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Natalie goes to the police station and demands John tells her what is going on. After he tells her that he found a witness about who pushed Marty down the stairs, she tells him that he owes her an apology for falsely accusing her of trying to kill a pregnant woman.

Starr rushes home and tells Cole that her father could die because of him. She notices that Hannah is holding baby Hope and tells her she is free to go and she wants her baby daughter. Cole asks her what happened. She replies that Todd is now on life support and could die.

Right then, Téa, Blair and Dani observe as Todd is lying unconscious and bloody in his OR room and his monitor is beeping as if he’s dying.

Cole protests to Starr that Todd was fine when he last saw him and nowhere near death.

Right then, while unconscious, Todd is having a dream that he’s in a boxing ring with Cole punching him while he hears his two ex wives and daughters urging him to stop.

Right then, the doctor pushes Blair, Téa and Dani out the door who that he can attempt to revive Todd.

Right then Todd is dreaming about Cole ready to make him “lose” in the boxing ring and falling to the floor. Right then, the doctors are trying and failing to revive him. IN his dream, Cole stands before him and tells him it’s over while he is unconscious.

Layla goes to Buenos Dias to see Cristian after he’s done with work. But she notices that he’s planned a secret dinner for her by candle light. He tells her that he wants to be alone with her and when they can have the place all to themselves. She appears surprised. He kisses her.

Charlie informs Viki that they are building the training center right by the daycare center so that people can drop their kids off before starting. She smiles and appears happy. They kiss and right then, Jessica enters but does not remember Charlie. Viki introduces her daughter to her husband. But Jessica just remembers that he was the one who shot her.

Natalie tells John that he needs to know that Marty was a little more concerned about hanging her out to dry than to find out who really did that. He tells her hat he had to explore all possibilities. He tells her that he’s sorry. He faces her and tells her he admits that her feelings weren’t the first thing on his mind but he never meant to hurt her. He asks her if they are square. She tells him that at least now it’s over if they know that Todd pushed Marty. He admits that they really have no evidence of that.

Cole tells Starr that her mom lost her baby because of her dad. And she wants him to feel sorry for Todd? She protests that nobody even knows that he pushed Marty. Hannah listens to their conversation silently.

Right then, the medical team tries but appears to fail to revive Todd. And he has his dream that he’s lying on the floor bloody. Starr, Blair, Dani and Téa all wonder what will happen now. But they resolve that at least Todd can’t hurt anybody again. Starr protests that she doesn’t want her father dead. Blair tells her that at least she will no longer have to deal with her father. But Todd’s ghost arises and asks them all what is wrong. “Somebody” died there. And right then, Viki appears and affirms that somebody did. He then asks her who. She replies him. Todd then asks his sister if that is him there. He then goes over to a dark place with Viki watching him. There are candles as if it’s his funeral and sees a picture of him. She tells Todd that there is definitely a closed casket ceremony. He tells her that he’s not going to die just because his daughter’s boyfriend threw a bunch of lame punches at him. He’s tougher than that. She tells her brother that Cole was very angry with Todd for killing his mother’s baby. SO now Todd is gone. Everybody believes that he is a murderer. And now “this: She then shows him Starr and Cole getting married. And Viki reminds Todd that he’s no longer there to stop it. He then struggles to come out of his coma but appears to fail.

Starr then tells Cole that he can’t really buy what Hannah says. She wants to falsely accuse Todd.

Natalie asks John how it is that Cole’s friend might not be credible that Todd pushed Marty. He tells her that it seems a bit odd that it took Hannah this long to come forward. Natalie asks if he thinks that Cole might have persuaded her to say that.

Hannah protests to Starr that she kept quiet until now because she was afraid of Todd Manning. Starr needs to know that her father is a violent man. And she was so horrified to hear that Marty lost her baby. Cole tells Hannah she doesn’t need to prove anything. And he tells Starr that her father is never going to stop the destruction that he’s done and she’s never going to get it through her head what he is capable of. Right then, the cops knock on the door and announce to Cole that he is under arrest.

Cristian has prepared a dinner for Layla. She tells him she is serious. Why is he doing all of this.? He replies because this is how she deserves to be treated. Now and forever. Right then, when she’s alone, she gets on the phone telling somebody that she believes it’s possible that Cris is ready to propose.

After Jessica tells Charlie she remembers he’s the one who shot her, he attempts to explain that he has come to love her and Bree and Natalie like there are his own. But he knows what he did. And he only hopes that she can try to find a way to let him make it up to her. Hearing that, Jessica admits that she doesn’t remember any of it so there’s nothing to forgive. And anybody who makes her mom smile like that is good in her book. She indicates to them that she does not remember her need to be there for Bree but she’s getting her prom dress ready. Viki and Charlie are happy but Charlie has the mistaken idea that she’s going to take “that handsome Brody fella”. When she hears that, however, she frowns.

Brody and another cop are ready to arrest Cole for assault and want to take Hannah in to serve as a witness. Natalie is in the office with John when he gets the call and tells him she has to go.

Right then, Blair, Téa and Dani look through the window at Todd while he hangs between life and death.

When the cops are going to take both Cole and Hannah to the station, Starr calls her mom and can sense by her voice that something is not ok. Blair does not tell her daughter she’s afraid her father might die. She just tells her that Dani might need her big sister right now. So Starr should get down there.

The medical team is trying to revive Todd. In his dream, Todd watches Starr and Cole taking their wedding vows. And he tells them to hold on and not do this. He reminds Viki that if the son of a bitch had not killed him, this would not be happening. Viki then tells Todd she hates to break this to him. But the day he died, the whole town celebrated. He protests that Starr needs him. But, Viki clarifies, no. He needed her. Once she realized that she has better things and better people in her life after her father was put to rest, she was able to move on. Right then, Todd and Viki observe Starr and Cole being pronounced married and rushing off. And he cannot do anything about it. Right then, he tries and fails to renew his relationship with Téa and his new possibility of being a father to Dani. But Ross Rayburn appears and Dani only recognizes him as Daddy. Todd then turns to Viki and asks her what is going on. She tells him he must watch, listen and learn. And right then, while in the OR, it looks like Todd might be coming back.

Layla is on the phone telling somebody that it appears that Cristian is proposing to her. She then hears that maybe there’s a hidden diamond ring that he has somewhere while he’s gone. He then returns with two glasses of Champaign.

Charlie tells Jessica she must know what a heroic Navy SEAL and police officer Brody is. She tells him she remembers “hearing that”. But it means nothing to her and she affirms that she only wants to go with Cristian

When Cole gets taken to the station, John firmly asks what is wrong with him. He thought he told Cole to stay away from Todd Manning. Cole asks what he was supposed to do. Set Todd free? He can always find a way to get away with something. And this time, he killed Cole’s baby brother or sister. John then urges Brody to find Cole a good lawyer because he will need it. Right then, Brody takes Cole into the other room. John then asks Hannah what she witnessed Todd Manning doing.

Starr arrives at the hospital and asks her mother how things are. She informs Blair that Cole has been arrested and asks if they have gotten the test results from Todd’s brain scan. Blair tries not to worry her daughter about what has just happened. But Starr has reason to be very worried.

IN the OR, the medical staff sees that Todd is unresponsive. In his dream, Todd explains to Viki, that he was Dani’s father. But Viki tells Todd that plans got cancelled because he died. Ross Rayburn then appears and affirms that he’s Dani’s father. He then hears her saying that she considered giving Todd the benefit of the doubt. But when she heard what he did to Cole’s mother, she gave up on that. Ross then tells Dani and Téa that it’s all settled. He gets to take “his two girls” back to Tahiti. They are happy. Todd tells Viki that they hate him. She tells him they don’t feel hate. They are all happy to be without him. He then sees Blair with her new man and the kids happily reflecting that there is life without Todd. And Viki tells him that there is more. Because with a life in hell, they save the “best for last”.

Cristian tells Layla he knows it hasn’t been easy lately. She’s gotten dragged into his problems. A lot of women would walk. But not her. She’s been there for her. She’s an amazing woman and the only woman for him.

Charlie and Viki talk to Jessica about going to her prom. He tells her she doesn’t want to go by herself and it might be a lot more fun if she had somebody to dance with. She admits she agrees. He tells her she’ll have a partner if she goes with Brody. But she tells him she doesn’t want to lead Brody on. Charlie asks if she did not have a bet going on with Brody. She owes him a date and can make good on it and then she will have a date for the prom. She will have a very handsome partner. Everybody will notice. It’s just something to think about. Jessica smiles, thanks Charlie for his suggestion and tells her mother and step father that she has to go. Alone with Charlie, Viki smiles and remarks that he is a crafty old fox.

John asks Hannah how it was that she went looking for Marty at the hospital when she knew that she was not in her office. He asks her how it was that she saw Todd Manning pushing her down the stairs. Cole waits outside. John leaves Hannah alone in the office and goes to take care of something.

While Dani is worried about Todd, Starr tells her she mustn’t give up hope. Dani cries and tells her sister that just a little while ago, she would have just wanted them to give up and she’d be ok if he died because she hated him. Starr asks her if something has changed now. Dani admits she just doesn’t know. Starr hugs her.

It still appears that the doctors are trying and failing to revive Todd. And in his dream, Viki is showing him the rest of his kids’ lives. And he observes Dani pregnant and in a wedding dress.

The nurse comes out and tells Starr and Dani that the doctors are working on Todd but his chance for recovery is “slim”. They are both frantic.

In Todd’s dream, Viki reminds him that there is nothing he can do to stop the inevitable. Téa and Blair are the two “mommies” for Dani while she gets ready for her wedding and is pregnant. Todd demands that Viki tells him who got Dani pregnant. Was it that punk, Matthew? She then asks him to turn around and se who it is. At that point, he turns to see John McBain. And right then, in the O.R., Todd opens his eyes and appears to be wide awake instantly.

Viki reflects to Charlie that she’s so impressed by how he was able to manipulate Jessica into taking Brody to the prom. She tells him she’ so glad he’s back and she loves him so much.

Little do they know that that is the last thing on Jessica’s mind however. She is still out looking for Cristian. She goes to Buenos Dias but notices he is alone having his romantic dinner with Layla. She frowns. At that point, she calls Brody. He’s at the station sitting beside Cole and she surprises him by asking him to go to the prom with him. She is less than enthused however and tells him that she’s “settled her bet”. And before he can get a word in, she hangs up and terminates the conversation. Brody appears baffled.

Cole and Hannah sit nearby and he tells her that whatever happens, he has her back. She tell him she’s there for him also

As soon as Todd has the dream where Dani is getting pregnant by John McBain and marrying him, he is wide awake and the doctors declare he’s going to be ok. They urge Blair, Téa and Dani not to wear him out. But right then, after John is done talking to Hannah, he goes to find Todd at the hospital and announces to him that he’s under arrest.

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