OLTL Update Wednesday 4/28/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/28/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

At the gym, Cole is beating the life out of Todd; blood is splattering everywhere! All the kids in the gym are screaming at him to stop. Markko tries to pull him off of Todd, but Cole tosses him aside. Starr is pleading with him to stop beating her father. Cole just continues to beat him, punch after punch. Blair and Téa come in and try to stop Cole, but Cole just keeps punching and the blood is flying. They finally get Cole away. Téa and Blair try to tend to Todd who has been beaten to a bloody pulp. Starr yells out for someone to call 911; her dad needs help! Destiny is on it! Starr is frantic waiting for an ambulance. Cole walks out of the gym and Markko tells him to leave. Cole doesn’t think he should, but Markko talks him into leaving and to go back to the apartment. Téa comforts Dani who can’t believe what just happened. She realized during rehearsal how much Todd loves Starr when he was looking through the window at her. Nate wants to check on Dani, but Matt tells him that he will. Brody arrives and starts asking everyone questions about what happened and wants to know where Cole is now. After Todd is taken to the hospital, Téa and Dani talk, then she talks to Matthew who wants to take her for a walk. Dani says yes, but then decides to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Destiny tells Nate to stay away from Dani, she is with Matthew.

Meanwhile, at the apartment, Hannah is reading a fairytale about a prince and princess and comments that all stories should end like that. She walks Hope around and tells her that her mommy and daddy are just like the prince and princess in the story. As she tells Hope that they will be great friends, she picks up the picture of Cole and Starr and lays it face down. Cole comes back to the apartment, very agitated, and tells Hannah what happened. He tells her that he just kept punching Todd for everything he has done to him, Starr and his mom. He couldn’t stop…just kept hitting him. Hannah asks, “Did you kill him?” Cole doesn’t know. Cole tells Hannah that she needs to go to the police station with him and tell them that she saw Todd push Marty. She absolutely does not want to go to the police station. She has a very reluctant look on her face about going to the PD. As Cole tries to call the hospital for information about Todd, Starr walks and informs him that She can do that. She has a very stern look on her face. She tells Cole his condition; he might die - all because of him.

At Llanfair, Natalie enters the kitchen, and tells Vikie about Marty getting pushed down the stairs and losing the baby. She also mentions that she is a suspect. Vikie can’t believe anyone would accuse Natalie of such a thing. Natalie lets her know that Todd is the latest suspect. Vikie doesn’t believe it could be Todd, but Nat commented, “Isn’t that what he does?” As they continue to talk, Natalie says a part of her will always love John and now he will have to beg forgiveness for accusing her of pushing Marty down the stairs. The conversation turns to Vikie. Vikie tells Natalie that she and Charlie are working things out. After Nat leaves, Charlie comes in after his meeting with Dorian and they talk about everything that is going on with Jess, Todd and Natalie.

At the diner, Charlie is talking to Vikie about meeting Dorian there for a business meeting. Dorian overhears him tell Vikie, “Don’t worry; I’ll keep Dragon lady in line”. They have their meeting about the Civic Center project and talk about Vikie not being too happy about them working together. Dorian muses that Vikie will be very proud of their work. After Charlie leaves, Kelly enters the diner and sits down with Dorian. Someone is watching them through the window.

At the police station, John and Kelly are in John’s office talking when Brody enters and tells John that forensics confirmed the fabric they found in the stairwell was a high end silk. John comments that whoever pushed Marty had money. John tells him to make sure they keep checking fingerprints. Kelly wants John to focus on her mother and they wonder out loud if Rodney’s murderer followed him there or was the murderer already in Llanview. As John and Kelly are discussing the murder, Brody pops in to tell John that something is going on at the high school and he is heading over to check it out. Kelly and John continue to speculate about why anyone would want to kill her mother. Kelly comments how quiet she was and always kept to herself. She also tells John that pottery was a new hobby for her mother… John has a questionable look on his face when he hears this new revelation. He doesn’t want to tell Kelly what he is thinking yet. He explains ‘the process’ to her; sometimes you have to wait. Brody comes back to the PD and tells John what happened at the school and John advises Brody to bring both Hannah and Cole in for questioning.

Todd is rushed in to the hospital as Blair and Starr are also there praying he will be okay. Starr tells her mom that Hannah said she saw Todd push Marty down the stairs. She is also questioning how anyone could do that. The doctor tells them it’s just a matter of waiting right now so Blair tells Starr to go home and check on Hope. Blair sits by Todd’s hospital bedside and tells him to fight; they are all waiting for him. Dani and Téa are watching them through the window. They slowly walk in and the three of them hold hands....then one of Todd’s monitor alarms begin to beep.

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