OLTL Update Tuesday 4/27/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/27/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Viki calls and leaves a message for Marty stating that they missed each other the other day when she was going to talk to her about Jessica. It appears Viki is unaware of what happened to Marty. As soon as she’s off the phone, Gigi rushes in, hugs her and tells her thank God she’s back.

During the high school musical rehearsal, Matthew and Destiny discuss what she has seen Langston doing behind Markko’s back. Strangely, as they speak, Markko is filming the two of them together although he cannot hear their conversation. Destiny spells out to Matthew that she saw Langston making out and not with Markko but with some other dude. He appears shocked to find out that Langston is cheating on Markko.

Nate tells Dani that she was seamless and not just in that scene with her dad. She tells him that her mom will be really surprised since she’s constantly begging Dani to give her dad a chance. And maybe, that musical will give Téa what she wants.

Right then, Téa tells Blair that she believes that Todd might have pushed Marty down the flight of stairs and caused her to lose her baby. Hearing that, Blair appears stunned but protests to Téa that she does not believe that Todd would push a pregnant woman down a flight of stairs. Téa probes Blair to tell her if she really can convince her that Todd would not do that.

Meanwhile, Hannah reveals to Cole that she saw who pushed Marty down the flight of stairs.

Marty is in her hospital room wondering if Todd might have pushed her.

At the high school, Todd tells Starr she must believe him and he swears on his love for her that he did not push Marty. She believes him, doesn’t she?

Gigi tells Viki that she finally remembered to return Viki's cookie cutters that she borrowed for Shane’s bake sale a while back. Viki laughs and tells her she didn’t even miss them. But she missed Gigi. Gigi asks her how Jessica is doing. Viki replies no change or progress in getting her memory back beyond high school and wanting to get her old boyfriend to take her to the senior prom. Gigi tells Viki that there must be something that could unlock her memory for her. Viki tells Gigi she wishes that maybe something could be done in order for Jessica to remember her sister, Natalie, her daughter Bree or her brother Rex. In response to that, Gigi informs her that something unexpected happened to Rex while Viki was gone that he’s never before known in his life. They found out that Allison Perkins had information that Roxy and Mitch Laurence are not Rex’s biological parents. Hearing that, Viki is surprised and asks who are his biological parents. Gigi replies that Rex would give his left arm in order to figure that out.

Bo is walking with a cane in his hospital room while Rex is with him. He informs Rex that he is about to marry the woman of his dreams.

Meanwhile, Nora goes to visit Marty and tells her she hopes Marty can assure her that what she’s heard is not true. Marty tells Nora that it’s true that she and John have lost their baby. Nora asks if Cole knows what happened. Marty informs her that John is having an investigation. Nora asks why. Marty admits that the reason she lost her baby was because somebody pushed her down a flight of stairs. Hearing that, Nora asks who would do that.

At the high school, Starr tells her father that he is forcing her to take sides between him and Cole. He asks her if she discussed it with Cole. She tells him yes. Cole believes that he caused Cole’s mother to lose her baby. She has protested to Cole that does not know that. But Starr demands that her father gives her his word. Todd then tells his daughter that he swears that he did not push Marty. He did not do it. He swears. She then looks into his eyes and tells him she believes him and he hugs her.

Matthew asks Destiny just whom this “dude” was who Langston was making out with. She tells him she does not know but he was older and looks somewhat familiar Right then, Langston gets a text from Ford but knows she has to ignore it while Markko is sitting beside her and asks who is texting her.

Blair tells Téa that maybe she shouldn’t be asking her if she believes that Todd would push Marty. Maybe Téa needs to ask Todd herself. They both sound like they do not want to believe that Todd would push Marty but are afraid that their hopes might not materialize.

Cole demands that Hannah tells him, if she knows who pushed his mom down a flight of stairs. She then agrees to tell him.

At Viki’s, Gigi tells her that Roxy also had no clue and learned for the first time that Rex is not her child and that Allison switched him for a healthy baby who was Rex. And apparently Rex’s real parents abandoned him at birth. Hearing that, Viki reflects that that must be devastating for both of them and asks her how Rex is dealing with it. Gigi replies half the time he acts as though it doesn’t matter and as though he does not need parents. And the other half of the time, he gets quiet and feels ashamed to know that he has no parents that he knows of. Viki tells him that there is nothing wrong with anybody wanting to know where they came from. And, she reflects that Rex is a very lucky man to have her there for him throughout this whole thing.

In Bo’s hospital room, Rex congratulates him BO admits that he and Nora have hurt people. Rex tells him he deserves to be happy. Bo tells Rex so does he. And right then, Rex is holding the pendant in his pocket that was left when his real parents left him at the hospital after he was born. Bo takes it and tells Rex that maybe he can find out where it came from.

Marty tells Nora that, unfortunately, she did not see who pushed her. Nora asks her if she might have some clue who did it. Marty seems to not want to answer that but she admits that she first suspected Natalie. Hearing that, Nora tells Marty she knows the two of them have had their issues but she could not imagine that Natalie would do that. Marty tells Nora she now agrees and suspects somebody else with whom she had a huge fight before it happened. Nora asks whom she is talking about. She then spells out Todd Manning.

Blair affirms to Marty that she knows all too well of all of the terrible things that Todd is capable of. But for today she’s taking a rest from worrying about whether Todd lied or whether she lied, whether he’s using her or whether she’s using him. She tells Téa she’s been tortured too long with questions like that and is glad she no longer has to deal with that. She tells Téa that it really means something for her to finally be with a man who is sane and sensible and tells it like it is. So would Téa please let her enjoy no longer having to get caught up in Todd’s drama? Hearing that, Téa tells Blair she’s afraid that neither of them have that luxury. She and Blair can both try to put Todd out of their minds and resolve to never let him hurt them again. But they are not the only ones involved there. She reminds Blair that they both have kids by Todd and if he did that, they must realize what kind of an affect it’s going to have on them.

After Starr tells her father she believes him, he holds her in his arms and tells her she does not know how much it means to hear her say that. She tells him he better not let him regret it. Right then, Dani appears. Todd tells her he saw her rehearsing and she was really good. Starr asks her if it feels weird playing her own sister. Dani tells her no. IT actually feels amazing. But if either of them don’t want her to, she can drop out.

After Markko asks Langston who sent her a text, she lies that a girl in her class wanted to borrow the make up test. Not far away, in the same room. Matthew tells Destiny he cannot believe that Langston would do this. She tells him that she can’t either. But her love for Markko is all a lie. Right then, Langston overhears and asks what is a lie.

Gigi tells Viki that she’s not certain that Rex really wants her help. She did leave him for a guy who lost it and ended up shooting Bo. But Viki affirms that Rex left her too and she should not feel guilty that Rex has forgiven her. Gigi admits that she and Rex were so happy before Stacy showed up. She tells Viki that she made a serious mistake to lie to Rex in order to give into Stacy’s threats. She should have trusted Rex enough to tell him what she was doing. But Viki urges her to know it was not her fault that she felt she had no choice in order to save her son’s life.

Rex ask Bo if now that he (Bo) is getting married, does he believe that everybody should now pair off as if it’s Noah’s Ark. Hearing that, Bo asks him if he’s being a tough guy and acting as if he doesn’t need anybody. Rex tells Bo he doesn’t have a broken heart. That’s all he’s saying. But Bo asks why Rex is not with Gigi when he loves her. He tells Rex that regardless of anything, all that matters is if people are in love. Rex tells Bo that he and Gigi share a son and will always be a part of each other’s lives but that’s as far as he and Gigi can go right now. Bo then asks him why he’s not willing to take more of a risk. Rex then demands that Bo drops it. Bo then tells Rex that he’s (Rex) being as big of a jackass as he (Bo) was.

After Marty reveals to Nora that Todd is a suspect, Nora tells her that she better not let Todd get away with that. If he did it, Nora tells her, she will nail Todd’s butt to the wall.

While discussing Todd and knowing that both of their daughters are involved and at the high school with the musical underway, Blair and Téa decide to go to the high school together.

When Dani observes Todd hugging Starr, she admits that she realizes that he will have to sit in the audience and hear her saying all of those awful things about him. She tells him if it’s going to hurt him, then she doesn’t want that. But Todd tells her not to worry about that because sometimes the truth hurts. He smirks and tells them it’s nothing he hasn’t heard before. Right then, Dani tells him he is welcome to come and join them if he wants. He goes into the auditorium with Dani and Starr. Dani tells him that he can stick around so they can talk.

In the other room, Destiny admits to Langston that playing her doesn’t feel real. Langston looks at her confused. Matthew then tells her that maybe it’s because he and Destiny are not “a couple”. Langston leaves them alone. Matthew tells Destiny that from now on, they stay out of this. She tells him that she doesn’t want to think what will happen when Markko finds out that Langston is cheating on him. Right then, Markko plays his camera to hear the private conversation between Matthew and Destiny. But right before he can hear what they are talking about, Cole busts in through the door as soon as he sees Todd, screams at him, tells him he’s a murderer and is ready to physically attack him. Right then, Starr tries to restrain him and asks him what he is doing. Cole tells Todd that he was right that Todd pushed his mom down the stairs to cause her to lose her baby.

When Nora is talking to Marty in her hospital room, Marty notices she has an engagement ring.

Bo tells Rex that he understands all too well what it’s like to have trust issues. He had a very similar situation when Nora cheated on him with Sam Rappaport. But he had to realize that if you love someone, you can forgive them for almost anything. He tells Rex he could not do that because he was a jackass. He could have listened to his heart. But he had to listen to his pride that said that Nora must pay. But the one who paid was himself. All the while he and Nora could have been together but he was too damn scared of getting hurt. He’s still scared. But he’s not going to stop living because a life without Nora is no life.

Gigi tells Viki that she knows that Rex and herself share a child. Viki then asks Gigi if she is really over Rex. Who would she contact if she had something to talk about; good or bad.? She tells Gigi that that is exactly how she felt about Charlie. She thought that she was going to lose him and he was shutting her out after Jared’s death. At first, she did not trust that he would be able to find his way back. But she did, thank God. Charlie got sober and maybe because he thought that the two of them could have another chance. And it worked. They are back together. So, she concludes to Gigi, that says a great deal about the power of love. She tells Gigi that people always make mistakes but you have to learn to forgive each other. Gigi tells her she makes it sound so easy. Viki tells her it’s not easy. But the first step is knowing what you want.

Nora tells Marty she knows that she must be thinking about Nora walking down the aisle again and what is she getting herself into?. Marty laughs and tells Nora that he thinks it’s great that she and Bo are finding their way back to each other after all these years. And she is really happy for him.

When Cole is ready to physically attack Todd Starr tells him that her father came all the way over there for her and for Dani and she made him swear to her that he did not push Marty down the stairs. Cole asks her if she believes him. Dani then watches Cole while he gets in Todd’s face and tells him he’s not going to get away with it this time because he (Cole) has a witness. Cole tells him his friend was at the hospital and saw the whole thing. She saw Todd push his (Cole's) mom down the flight of stairs.

Marty asks Nora if she aha set a date. Nora admits it’s June 1, the anniversary of their first wedding. She admits to Marty that she is going to be there for her and is so sorry about what happened. And she meant what she said, if it’s Todd or anybody else, she’s going to make them pay. She leaves.

Bo tells Rex that it may sound like he’s telling Rex what to do. It’s because he cares about Rex and doesn’t want him to waste years like he (Bo) did. If anything tells him to be afraid to move forward with Gigi, he must ignore it. Rex asks Bo what if Gigi does not want a future with him. BO tells him he has not wait until she says that. And if he loves Gigi, then what the hell is he waiting for?

Gigi tells Viki that sometimes she thinks she knows what she wants but then she starts to doubt herself. Viki tells her that if she and Charlie can get past what was standing in their way, then Gigi and Rex might be able to also.

In the high school, in front of all of the students, Todd walks away from Cole and tells him he doesn’t know what he is talking about. And right then, Cole pushes Todd and he falls to the floor. And right then, Todd has not only Starr but also Dani acting protective of him.

Gigi tells Viki that Rex has so much uncertainty with no answers in his life and is worried that he can’t even think about the future. Right then, out of nowhere, Rex enters, hugs Viki to welcome her back and admits that he was looking all over for Gigi and thought he might find her there. After hearing that she’s been visiting with Viki, he tells her that he and Shane were going to go to a game, but if she has other plans, that’s cool. She tells him that she is going with him and they leave together.

In the hospital hallway, Nora tells Bo she is a cop who’s going to stop him and find out if he was going to buy a bag of potato chips in the vending machine. She tells him that somebody has to make certain that he’s around for the next 50 years. She tells him that the two of them are so lucky. She just spent a few minutes with Marty and she lost her baby and she said somebody pushed her. He tells her that they will find out who did that and together, he and Nora can put them away.

Alone in her room, Marty remembers hearing Todd tell her that she can’t be happy if he has to be miserable because of her. He can’t have Téa because his daughter hates him. And the reason she hates him is because of what he did to Marty. She then remembers telling Todd that maybe he shouldn’t have done it. He then told her he wants her to take her sorry ass, her son’s sorry ass and her baby’s sorry ass and disappear. Then shortly thereafter she walks down the stairs and gets pushed. Then she remembers realizing that her baby is gone.

In the high school gym, Cole has Todd down on the floor and punches him in the face until he is unconscious. Starr, Dani, Blair, Téa and Langston all watch frantically and scared. Markko then pulls Cole off of Todd. Starr cries and urges Cole to stop.

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