OLTL Update Monday 4/26/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Kelly is ready to take Rodney to the station so that he can tell the cops what he knows about her mother’s death. When she enters to find him, she notices that her mother’s vase has been knocked over and somebody has knocked Rodney out with it. She tries to revive him. It appears he’s dead.

Blair is alone at her club when Téa enters. She tells Téa that the club is closed. Téa tells her that she needs to talk to her about something and needs her help.

In the high school hallway, Langston and Ford are going at it. At that moment, Destiny walks through the door and is shocked at what she sees.

At the apartment, while Cole is out, Starr confronts Hannah and tells her that she better leave Cole alone. Cole enters. Starr asks him how his mother is doing. He angrily replies that somebody pushed her down the stairs. She asks who would do that. Cole replies that her father did. Hearing that, Starr asks him why he would say that. He repeats that Todd Manning pushed his mother down the flight of stairs, and her baby is dead because of that.

Natalie goes into Marty’s hospital room to confess that she is so sorry for what has happened and apologizes for all of the terrible things she said to her before Marty fell down the stairs. But Marty must know that she would never push her or cause her to lose her baby. Marty is silent. Outside Marty’s room, John and Brody confront Todd and suspect him of pushing Marty. He tells them he has nothing to say.

After Destiny is standing in the hallway in shock after witnessing Langston and Ford kissing and going at it, right before her eyes, Matthew passes by. She tells him he cannot go in through the door. He asks her why not and wonders what is wrong with her as she appears to be in shock. In the other room, Ford tells Langston he did not mean to make fun of Markko by inviting him into the hotel room and making her angry. She tells him she forgives him but he better get out of there. He tells her he needs one more kiss. In the other room Matthew asks Destiny why he can’t go in there. She tells him that two people are making out. Hearing that, Matthew instantly assumes it must be Dani and Nate and he’s ready to go in there and catch them. Nate and Dani appear and Nate asks Matthew what he was going to say.

At Blair’s club, Téa tells her that her daughter is playing Blair’s daughter. She, kind of, encouraged Dani to play Starr in the school musical. She thought it might enable Dani to better understand Todd and come to terms. Blair then asks Téa how she needs Blair’s help with that. Téa replies that now she is wondering if she might have been wrong to encourage Dani to play Starr in the musical alongside Todd.

After noticing that Rodney is dead, Kelly gets on her phone to call John. While his phone is ringing, he’s busy confronting Todd and doesn’t pick it up. He tells Todd he knows that he could not stand to think of Marty moving on and being happy. He couldn’t raise Starr’s baby with Marty. So he had to prevent her from having a baby with John.

In Marty’s room, Natalie tells her that she’s terribly sorry for what happened. When Marty says nothing, she tells her she will leave. Before Natalie is out, however, Marty asks her if she came to apologize or if she came to see if it’s true. Natalie then asks her if what is true. Marty replies to see if the baby was the only reason John was with her (Marty).

Hannah tells Starr and Cole that she will leave and give them some privacy. Alone, Starr demands that Cole tells her why he would assume that her father would push his mother down a flight of stairs and cause her to lose the baby when he has no proof. Hannah goes out the door but listens in on their conversation from outside.

Ford knows how to get Langston to believe he wants her. In the other room, Dani is silent remembering going over her scenes with Nate where they are Starr and Cole and not certain if she should do that when she is dating Matthew. Markko suddenly appears. At that point, Destiny panics and tells him he cannot go in there. The others don’t’ understand what is going on with her. Markko has his camera and all his equipment and is ready to surprise Langston by filming her production. When he gets into the gym, she is surprised to see him. Ford has already gone and nobody suspects anything except for Destiny after what she previously walked in on.

While John and Brody confront Todd at the hospital, Todd tells John he has no evidence against him, and it appears he needs to answer his phone that keeps ringing. Todd leaves and John picks up his phone to hear Kelly telling him that she needs his help. Rodney is lying on the floor dead in her office. John then tells her he will be right there. Before he departs, however, he admits to Brody that Todd was right about one thing. They have no evidence or witnesses that he pushed Marty--only speculation.

Hannah continues to listen at the door while Cole and Starr argue. She tells him that he cannot be certain that Todd would push Marty. He tells her she needs to wake up and realize that her father is out of control. He went off the wall and accused Cole of cheating on Starr with Hannah. He tried to shove Cole around. That didn’t work. Then he tried to bully Starr to break up with Cole. That didn’t work. So then, Todd finds his favorite punching bag which is his (Cole’s) mom.

At the high school, Marko announces to the student that he wanted to surprise Langston by making a video diary of her production so that she will always remember it. He tells her that he would do anything for her because he loves her. He then kisses her. Matthew and Destiny stand and observe them. Destiny stares coldly at Langston and Matthew seems to wonder why. Mr. G. tells Dani that he’s going to play Todd since he can’t find an actor to play him yet. He wants her to go over the Todd and Starr scenes. She seems a bit uneasy with that.

Blair tells Téa she thinks that Téa worries too much and her first instinct was correct. It may be challenging for Dani to play that role, but she remembers when she was Dani's age and living in foster homes. It was really beneficial when they had art therapy programs and acting opportunities for her. It gave her a chance to act out her feelings and process what was going on with her. It might have saved her life. So she sees no harm in Dani doing this given her situation with Todd. Téa is interested to hear that and tells Blair that she still has a problem involving “something” that Dani could find out about Todd. Hearing that, Blair asks her just what Todd did now.

After Natalie asks Marty if she believes her, Marty tells Natalie she does not get to clear her conscience with this. Marty admits that she doesn’t really know who pushed her down the stairs nor why. All she knows is that a day ago, she was going to have a baby. There was a life growing inside of her. A new beginning. Now she has nothing. Her world is shattered. So she could care less about how Natalie is feeling.

John goes to find Kelly. She informs him that Rodney apparently came all this way to see her. He revealed that he could talk, and that he might know something about her mother’s death. When she went to get her car and came back, she discovered him dead. They then conclude that more than likely Rodney was killed by the same person who killed Kelly’s mother.

Marty tells Natalie that she had hopes and dreams of hers’ and John’s baby. Whether it would be a boy or a girl, like her or John or Cole or Hope. She cries and talks about how she and John had the doctor look for the heartbeat after she was taken to the hospital. There was no heartbeat and they found out the baby died. Natalie listens and appears sensitive.

Hannah continues to wait outside the hallway eavesdropping upon Starr emotionally asking Cole how he could assume that her father pushed his mother and his refusing to consider that it might not have happened.

Meanwhile, the real Todd goes to the high school and observes Dani rehearsing the Starr and Todd lines playing the role of Starr and hearing her father confessing that he’s done a lot of things but she must know that he will always be her father and always love her.

Blair concludes to Téa that she knows Téa did not come there to talk about Dani. She came there to talk about Todd. She asks Téa what Todd has done now. But before they can finish their conversation, Ford comes in and tells Blair he wants to book a reservation.

Starr continues to protest to Cole that he is jumping to conclusions without the facts and accusing her father of something he may not have done. He asks her if she is defending Todd. But she affirms that nobody will know who pushed Marty until there is proof. She then goes outside the door. Hannah then sees that it’s her cue to enter.

Brody enters Marty’s hospital room, tells her that John wanted him to tell her he got called away and asks if there is anything he can do. Marty replies she just wants him to go and take Natalie with him. She wants to be alone. Brody and Natalie go out the door together.

When Hannah sees that Cole is alone, she asks if he is okay. She tells him she needed to wait until Starr was gone because she has to tell him something. He tells her he’s sorry this is a bad time. He has to focus on his mom. She tells them this is something she has to tell him about his mom. She then informs him that she was there outside his mom’s office when she was pushed. She saw who did it.

John calls the hospital in California and finds out that Rodney had never been out of the hospital in years and they were very surprised to find out that he escaped and traveled all the way to Llanview. He also finds out that Rodney got killed very similarly to how Kelly’s mother was killed. Kelly tells John that he came all this way so that her mother could have justice and she could have peace. They both conclude that whomever killed her mother knew that Rodney was there and killed him to keep him quiet. John then notices that Rodney is holding a baseball card and his card that he gave to Rodney before he left. So it’s pretty obvious that Rodney wanted to find John and tell him what he knew. Kelly then asks John if something was going on that took him a while to answer the phone. He tells her that he and Marty lost their baby. She tells him she’s so sorry.

In Blair’s club, after Ford tells her he needs a reservation, she tells him he thinks he’s going to slap him silly. But he tells her it’s for Mr. Del Tore.

At the high school, Langston and Markko observe Matthew and Destiny playing them. Matthew sounds very sincere as Markko telling Langston he loves her and wants her to say it back to him. But Destiny is really “offish.” The real Markko remarks to Langston that she made him the happiest guy in the world when she told him she loved him for the first time. When Matthew is alone with Destiny, he asks her if she is angry at Langston. She tells him he can bet she is. She has to play Langston, the biggest hypocrite on the planet. In response to that, he appears baffled.

Blair overhears Téa on the phone hearing that the hospital staff want her to come in regarding her test results. She sounds like she does not want Blair to know what her call is really about. After she hangs up, Blair asks her if everything is all right. Téa replies yes. Blair then asks her to tell her what Todd would have to do with Marty falling and losing her baby.

Brody asks Natalie what she was talking to Marty about. She admits that she made a bad situation worse. She admits to Brody that maybe the reason she went in to talk to Marty was not so much to apologize but to see if Marty believed her that she didn’t do it.

At the high school, Dani admits to Nate that she observed the real Todd watching her playing the role of Starr talking to him. For the first time, she discovered that maybe she does understand him somewhat after all. Starr finds her father in the hallway and asks what he is doing there. He tells her that he had to find her. He’s been accused of something terrible. She tells him she knows that somebody pushed Marty down the stairs, she lost her baby and Cole believes he did it. He asks her if she believes Cole. She does not answer.

Hannah confesses to Cole that she was “there” when his mom got pushed. She regrets not saying anything when it happened and not reporting it. But she was scared.

Kelly hugs John and tells him she’s so sorry that he lost the baby and asks him if he’s going to be okay. She tells him she knows he was looking forward to being a dad. He does not tell her what has happened but he is determined to find out who killed Rodney.

Hannah emotionally reveals to tell Cole what she “witnessed” when she went to see his mom at her office and followed her to the stairs.

Natalie asks Brody if Marty no longer suspects her. He tells her it looks that way. He explains to her that she revealed to him and to John that there was somebody else she was arguing with right before she went down the stairs who had far more motive to do that to her. Natalie then asks who that would be. Brody replies her uncle, Todd Manning.

Téa reveals to Blair that Marty fell down the stairs and may have lost her baby. Blair asks her what this would have to do with Todd.

At the high school, Langston and Markko both go off and leave the camera on to record Destiny revealing to Matthew why she believes that Langston is a hypocrite. She tells him that Langston is lying having everybody believing that she is committed to Markko. Yet, she saw with her own two eyes that Langston was making out with another dude.

Téa tells Blair that it’s entirely possible that Todd pushed Marty down the stairs.

Todd tells Starr he swears on all of his love for her that he did not push Marty.

Hannah then reveals to Cole that she saw who pushed his mom and caused her to lose her baby. He demands to know who. 

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