OLTL Update Friday 4/23/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Blair is singing alone in her club.

Rodney, the mental patient from California, comes out of nowhere and appears in front of Kelly at the Sun office. He does not speak. She attempts to call his doctors and let them know heís there. He grabs the phone and prevents her from calling.

Natalie appears at the top of the stairs at the crime scene where Marty was pushed. John finds her and reminds her that this is a crime scene and wonders what sheís doing there.

Todd is right outside Martyís room. Cole confronts him and tells him if he takes one step near his momís room, he will regret it.

Langston is at the high school noticing that there are prom tickets to purchase and that Markko wants to go to the prom with her. When she least expects it, Ford appears out of nowhere, smirks and asks her if she missed him.

Starr is alone in the apartment when she hears a knock on the door. Itís Hannah. Starr confronts her and tells her she knows that Hannah did not come to see her. But maybe they have something to talk about meaning the fact that Hannah is hitting on Starrís boyfriend.

Marty explains to Brody that before she got pushed down the stairs she had a confrontation with both Todd and with Natalie about wanting her and her baby gone.

Meanwhile, in the stairwell, Natalie tells John that she knows that Marty wants to accuse her of pushing Marty down the stairs. She tells John that she is there to find evidence in order to prove her innocence. She asks John what heís there for--to prove that she is guilty?

Blair is singing and thinking about her intimate encounters with Eli. He appears watching her unseen. Sheís singing her love song, and he looks like heís wondering if she really wants to be with him. She notices him and he claps. She goes up and kisses him and appears happy to see him.

Kelly tries to talk to Rodney who is not talking. She looks to be afraid of him and wants to get away from him. He prevents her from leaving.

Eli informs Blair that his deposition got pushed back and he has some time. She tells him that she would like him to stay, and she has missed him. He asks her how her mother and son pizza night went with Jack. She tells him it was good until her cousin Kelly, the killjoy had to ruin it.

Rodney reveals to Kelly that he can talk with a stutter. He tells her he didnít mean to scare her. She tells him he doesnít have to explain. Heís come a long way and sheís sure heís beat. So why doesnít he just take a load off? He tells her there is no time and she needs to know something. It appears he wants her to know about her motherís murder.

John tells Natalie that he is determined to find out the truth about who hurt Marty. She asks him what his gut tells him. She asks if he thinks that she is capable of hurting Marty and of killing his baby. He tells her that he cannot imagine her hurting Marty. But look whatís in front of him. Marty said she saw Natalie before she got pushed, and Natalie admits that. She told Marty that she (Natalie) and John would be together were it not for Martyís baby shortly beforehand. So what is he supposed to think? She then tells John if he thinks she is capable of doing that, he is wasting her time. She runs off.

Marty tells Brody about her confrontation with Todd. She remembers Todd accusing her son of cheating on his daughter and that Cole is the same horny pervert who got Toddís daughter pregnant. He wants her and her son away from him and both of his daughters.

Outside Martyís room, Cole reminds Todd that he raped Coleís mother and that Todd is sick.

Starr sarcastically asks Hannah to make herself at home and asks her if she can take her shirt. Hannah tells her that she obviously has the wrong idea. There is nothing going on between herself and Cole. Starr affirms that she (Hannah) will never have Cole.

Langston attempts to push Ford out of the high school hallway. She tells him sheís done with him because he humiliated Markko. She had to lie to Starr by telling her she was not with Ford. She regrets that. She tells Ford, she cannot see him anymore. Ford asks her if he has this straight. She lied to Starr and blames him for that. She tells him that whatever happened, this is not working. He did help her to open up her eyes and strive for more in her life. Well, now she is taking his advice and moving on. He tells her that he is falling in love with her.

Starr tells Hannah she wants her to leave Cole out of her drama. Hannah asks if she and Cole canít even be friends. Starr tells her that Cole has a very big heart and cares about people. She does not tell him what to do. But Hannah needs to stop thinking of Cole as her knight in shining armor. Hannah is ready to leave and tells Starr that she just came to see Cole but can see he is not there. Starr tells her in that case, Hannah may talk to her. Why is she so desperate to see Starrís boyfriend, Starr asks her?

Marty explains to Brody that Todd believes itís her fault that he raped her. Itís her fault that Starr and Cole are together. Todd blames her for everything thatís going wrong in his life.

Eli asks Blair how Kellyís trip to California went. She tells him that she went with John. They didnít find any evidence but Kelly wants to drag it on. Sheís afraid that she has offended Kelly and is not comfortable having her in town. He tells her that he thinks that maybe there is something more serious in regard to that. She then admits that she lost a baby because of Kelly.

Kelly asks Rodney if he knows who killed her mother. She urges him to know that itís important. He cannot make anything up. He tells her he does not make things up. She reminds him that he told her that her mother was his friend. If he tells her, then they can make certain that nobody else gets hurt. She asks him if he can tell her who killed her mom and if he knows their name. Right then, Rodney gives her a business card. She sees that itís Johnís business card.

John and Natalie get on the elevator and she asks him what is going on. She guesses the days of trusting each other and having him there for her are over if heís buying into Martyís accusations. She protests that she admitted that she had the confrontation with Marty before Marty got pushed and said some horrible things. She does regret them. But does she believe that those things are not true? No. She believes that if Marty had not gotten pregnant, she (Natalie) and John would be together. She cries and tells John that she believes that until Marty got pregnant, she (Natalie) and John had a chance. They had a future. He tells her that this is neither the time nor the place.

Brody asks Marty if what happened between her and Todd the other day was typical. She tells him it was except this was a bit different. He told her that she does not deserve to be happy when he is miserable. She told him that she and John were going to have this baby and be happy, and there was nothing that Todd could do about it. Todd told her they would see. So she is now pointing the finger at Todd. Outside her room, Cole tells Todd that he knows that Todd wanted her to lose the baby. Didnít he?

Natalie tells John that itís not like everything suddenly changed when he suspected her of hurting Marty. She knows that he was hurting because of a loss. Nobody understands that more than she does. She cries and tells him what hurts more than anything is that he would accuse her of hurting a pregnant woman who was carrying his child. The man who she thought he was and who she fell in love with wouldnít even question that and would know that she is innocent. She then concludes to him that sheís sorry for his loss. But the longer he falsely accuses her, the longer the real perp is out there, getting away with this and covering his or her tracks.

Rodney gives Kelly Johnís business card and keeps saying John. She doesnít know what to make of that.

John goes over the stairway where Marty was pushed with a flashlight looking at all the evidence. He notices a hair and removes it with tweezers.

Starr tells Hannah that she and Cole do not keep secrets. They tell each other everything. He will tell her sooner or later. So what is Hannah doing--sleeping with Ford because she canít have Cole? Hannah affirms to Starr that she is done with Ford. If anybody is stupid enough to be falling for Ford, itís Starrís friend, Langston.

After Ford tells Langston that he believes he is falling in love with her, she clearly appears to be interested but tells him it did not excuse the way he treated Marko. He tells her that he really envies the fact that Markko gets to go out and be with her in public and not have to limit the time and the things they can do together. He looks like he might be serious by asking if she no longer wants him.

Hannah tells Starr that all she did was reach out to a friend for help. If she knew that doing something so simple would cause Starr to be so insecure, she would have never even bothered. Starr then reveals that Coleís mom just lost her baby.

Blair reveals to Eli that she lost a baby because of Kelly. But it happened a long time ago. He asks her if she wants to tell him what happened. She admits there was a car accident. She was pregnant. Kelly was upset that she broke up with her boyfriend. It was raining. Kelly swerved into a tree, and the doctors told Blair they could not save her baby.

Just when Cole is confronting Todd, Brody grabs a hold of him before he physically attacks Todd. He tells him he must forget about Manning. His mom needs him. Brody then asks Todd what heís doing there. Cole rushes in, hugs his mom and tells her heís so sorry about the baby. She asks him to sit and talk to her and tell his mom what was going on outside. He admits he had an argument with Todd. He might have really lost it with him if Brody hadnít stopped him. Marty then tells her son she doesnít want him going anywhere near Todd. He asks his mom why Brody was there. She replies that he just had to ask her some questions. He asks her why. She replies because she was pushed. Cole then asks John if he knows anything about this or has any suspects. John replies he does not know. Marty tells her son they have two.

Kelly tells Rodney she wants him to wait there. She will go downstairs and get her car. He again says John to her. She thanks him and tells him her mother would be very proud of him. When he is alone, he looks at the vase that Kellyís mom made and says Melinda.

Blair tells Eli that she really appreciates the fact that she was able to talk to him. But she does not want him to ever tell that to Kelly.

Cole tells Marty that he doubts that Natalie would have pushed her. They may have their differences, but he believes that only Todd Manning would do something like this. He tells her that he will go and find him. Marty urges her son not to mess with Todd. She reminds him that there is nothing more important to him than his daughter and Starr. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. She tells him she loves him too. He leaves her alone with John. She asks John what is wrong with her. Is she just so fixated on Natalie that she couldnít think of anybody else? John tells her sheís just been through a trauma. She tells him maybe Cole is right. Only Todd would want to hurt them that way. Brody finds Todd and tells him he needs to ask him some questions like where he was at 6:00 pm last night.

Hannah asks Starr if Dr. Saybrooke had a miscarriage. Starr admits that she did not hear the details except that Marty fell. Hannah tells her thatís so awful. She knows that Cole so wanted a little brother or sister. Starr tells her for that reason, she needs to leave Cole alone. If he wants to talk to her, he will let her know. In the meantime, Hannah needs to let his girlfriend be there for him.

Ford indicates to Langston that he wishes they could do more than just hide and sneak around together. He realizes she has made her decision and there is nothing he can say or do. He tells her he hopes that she and Markko are very happy together. He walks away. Langston plays into his hands perfectly and asks him to wait. She tells him that maybe they can work things out. In response to that, he tells her he does not want her to get his hopes up. She tells him that she did not know that he really had feelings for her. He asks if she wants to get back with him. She tells him that what sheís telling him is if they get back, she wants to know that this is what he really wants. She tells him she still has the prom to make an excuse about. He tells her he does not want her to miss her senior prom. Itís okay if she goes with Markko just as long as he knows that she is coming back to him. Does she promise?

Starr tells Hannah that she and Cole need to focus on raising their daughter. So are they clear on what the terms are? At that moment, Cole returns and asks the two of them what is going on. Starr asks how his mom is. He replies sheís lucky to be alive. Starr asks what happened. He replies that somebody pushed her. Starr asks who. Cole replies her father.

Todd tells Brody he understands why Jessica dumped him. He wonít answer any questions without a lawyer. At that moment, John appears before Todd.

Kelly returns to the office and notices Rodney lying on the floor. 

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