OLTL Update Thursday 4/22/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is on his phone asking a nurse how Marty Saybrooke is doing. He tells the contact he knows for a fact that she was admitted the previous day and is pregnant. He wonders why they don’t give out that information. And in a desperate attempt, he tells the source that he is Marty’s son Cole. But the source does not believe him and hangs up on him. Right then, Kelly walks in, asks him why he is impersonating his daughter’s boyfriend and what trouble he’s gotten into now.

Cole and Starr are ready to go to her prom together. She asks if it’s not silly for her to be dragging him to her prom since they live together and have a kid. He tells her that the main thing is for them to know how lucky they are to be together. Right then, Langston and Markko walk in. Markko jokes with them to get a room. As soon as Langston is alone and sees he is distracted, she looks at her text messages from Ford about playing Mr. and Mrs. Del Toro. Right then, Markko asks her if she does not have something to tell him.

Cristian and Layla are together at Buenos Dias.

Right then, Jessica is on the computer looking at information and pictures of Cristian. Right then, Viki enters. Jessica hugs her mom and tells her she’s so glad she’s back because things are so awful.

Right then, Brody is alone in his room attempting to exercise but appears frustrated when he sees the pictures of Jessica. Right then, Natalie appears at his door and tells him he will not believe this. He asks her what is going on. She replies that John just accused her of pushing Marty down the stairs.

Right then, Marty is distraught and with John after losing their baby.

Viki tells Jessica it can’t be that bad. Jessica tells her she has no idea and is so glad her mom is home. Viki informs her that Bree has missed her. But she had a great time in London with her uncles. She enjoyed getting to know David Vickers and had fun. Jessica admits that she wishes she could be the type of mom that Bree needs. Viki asks her daughter if she has not made any progress. Jessica admits that she still feels as thought she is 17. She wants to go to the prom with Cristian. But she’s very depressed that he’s taking somebody else.

Right then, when Cristian and Layla are together at Buenos Dias, Ford enters and asks them if they are attending the high school prom. HE admits to them that he’s found a “date”. They ask him. He tells them he does not kiss and tell.

Langston hears Cole informing Starr that Markko informed him that he went up to meet Mr. Del Toro, the film producer in the Palace Hotel room, but he mistakenly ran into Ford who was shacking up with somebody unseen. He stares at Langston telling her he knows that Ford would have had to have moved on and implying that he knew that Ford was with her.

Natalie is talking to Brody about John’s accusation that she’d push Marty down the stairs, knowing that Brody overheard the argument she had with Marty prior and discussed it with her.

John is with Marty. She asks him if he found Natalie and if he arrested her. He replies no. She asks why not. Natalie pushed her down the stairs and took their baby. She belongs in jail, Marty tells him.

Todd asks Kelly if anybody taught her how to knock. She reminds him that this is her office space also and asks him why he’s pretending to be Cole Thornhart. He lies that he is following up on a story. But he remembers hearing Marty affirming to him that she is going to have her baby with John. And there’s nothing Todd can do about it. Cole and Starr are with their baby. And there is nothing Todd can do about it. They are all going to be happy. And there is nothing Todd can do about it. Right then, Kelly sees Todd lost in thought and asks him where he went. Kelly holds the vase that her mother made for her before she died. She asks Todd why he has not asked her about her trip or asked if she needs anything. He then tells her that he’d like to sleep with her. But he does ask her about her trip and if she found out any information about her mother. She asks him what is wrong with him today. He tells her that John must have struck out with the investigation (and maybe with her). He implies that he wants to find out if she and John hooked up. She tells him she knows that John is with Marty. And Todd attempts to pump her for information by asking if John “knows”. Kelly asks him what he’s asking her if John knows.

Marty tells John she knows that Natalie intended to kill their baby. John tells her that Natalie came by the hospital to apologize. But Marty furiously tells him that he must know Natalie wanted their baby gone. She made it happen. And she has to pay for that.

Natalie tells Brody that she is horrified that John would accuse her of attempting to kill his baby. He tells her that maybe John is just grieving and upset. Maybe she should cut him some slack. Natalie emotionally tells him that she would never harm a baby. She loves babies. She would never push a pregnant woman down the stairs. She just misses John. She tells Brody that she was at the top of the stairs right when Marty fell. She tells John that she was pushed. So she bets that John is following up on that. Brody tells her it’s not enough evidence to arrest her if she’s simply found at the top of the stairs. Natalie tells Brody she bets that Marty is right now convincing John that Natalie pushed her. Marty would stop at nothing in order to hang on to John.

Marty is with John when a nurse comes in and gives her a personal code to make sure that family members can call her and have confidentiality. She tells the nurse she does not want her son to know that she’s there. But the nurse assumes to know that her “son” already knows after she got the call from Todd.

Cole confronts Langston about how it appears to be a little too coincidental that Markko runs into Ford shacking up with an unseen person in his room. She angrily denies it. Cole then gets a call from his mom.

At Buenos Dias, Layla asks Ford just how many “partners” he has. She knows about his using Hannah. Now he might have a new “conquest”. He asks her what she is implying. Does she think he’s doing the pizza girl? He laughs attempting to get her to believe she’s being absurd But Layla appears to be on to him.

Viki asks Jessica why she tore up the ticket to the prom. Jessica replies she doesn’t want to go anymore if she can’t go with Cristian. Viki reminds her that Cristian is a teacher. Jessica explains that she happens to know that he is going. He’s chaperoning but she knows he’s bringing a date. She doesn’t want to watch him dance with Layla to their song. Viki tells her that’s a shame and Jessica should go regardless.

Markko goes to Buenos Dias and overhears Ford telling Layla and Cristian that the girl he slept with at the palace is named Karen. They don’t buy that. Ford notices Markko and asks him to get his food for him, gloating. Alone with Cristian, Layla tells him she’s so happy that hes (Cristian) not a player.

Cole tells his mom he’s really sorry. She tells him she is too but she will be home in a little while. He asks her if she’s going back to John’s. He hangs up and Starr asks what is wrong. He informs her that his mom is in the hospital after having some kind of fall. She didn’t give the details. But she lost the baby. Starr then holds him and tells him how sorry she is.

Marty tells John that Cole offered to come to the hospital but she asked him not to. She doesn’t want to see her son fall apart. John asks her how it is that Cole could have found out before she called him. She then affirms to John that Cole told her that this is the first he heard. There must have been some mistake when the nurse assumed that Cole already knew.

Todd explains to Kelly that he thinks that maybe since John is ready to have a baby, he might be too distracted to help her find her mom’s killer. But she tells him she thinks John is on top of this.

Natalie tells Brody she realizes she is impulsive and does some crazy things. But that does not mean that she would push Marty down a flight of stairs. When it appears that Brody is defending John, she tells him if he does not believe her then maybe he should arrest her and save John the trouble. He tells her that he is not going to because he does not believe she’s done it. She tells him thank you. And she thinks it’s amazing that he believes her but John, the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with, does not.

John tells Marty that he cannot make an arrest of Natalie. She asks him if the reason he cannot arrest Natalie is because she’s his ex. If it were somebody else, would it be different? Is John protecting Natalie? She reminds him that Natalie stabbed Mitch Laurence and John covered for her. But he tells her that was different. He is not covering for anybody when it comes to her. He is all that matters to him. He tells her he will find who did this. He promises. She asks even if it’s Natalie.

Natalie tells Brody that she thought that she had a special connection with John. And now he thinks that she would kill his baby just to get her claws into him. Brody reminds her that John is a cop and has to follow procedures. It’s nothing to take personally. But she is very suspicious that Marty will stop at nothing to make sure that John stays away from her. Right then, Brody gets a call from John asking him to come down and take a statement from Marty. Natalie tells him that does not surprise her and asks if she should get a lawyer.

Kelly tells Todd about how she and John found a patient named Rodney who had keys to the office where the anonymous calls about her mother’s death were made. She sees that Todd is not listening to a word she says and is completely distracted. He tells her he has to go somewhere.

Layla asks Cristian what the deal is with the two of them going to the prom together when Jessica is there and has him on the brain.

Viki tells Jessica that she does not think that she should miss her prom. Marty told her that she believes this is a very important part of Natalie’s life. Jessica asks if she should go by herself. Viki tells her just because she cannot go with Cristian doesn’t mean she shouldn’t take somebody else.

Right then, after Brody gets the call from John, he tells Natalie that maybe they should not get ahead of themselves. And he goes out the door.

Starr hugs Cole and tells him she’s so sorry about the baby. He reflects that his family is now so small. But she tells him its not. He still has all of them. And she knows that even if his mom has asked him not to go to the hospital, he is going anyway. Langston stands silently watching the love between Starr and Cole. She tells Cole that she will tell Markko and she’s really sorry. Cole goes out the door. Alone with Starr, Langston tells her it’s awful about Cole’s mom and she hopes that Cole knows that she still cares even if he hates her. Starr tells Langston that Cole does not hate her. But Markko is his best friend. And Starr admits to Langston that she finds it kind of odd that after hearing that Ford is with another girl, it seems to mean nothing to Langston. Almost as if she “knows something”. Langston tells her that she is with Markko. But Starr reveals that she knows Langston better than that.

Brody meets John at the hospital and tells him he’s sorry about the baby. John asks him how he knew about the baby. Brody informs him that Natalie told him and also told him that Marty has accused her of assault

Right then an unseen person enters the stairwell where Marty was pushed.

Starr tells Langston she knows she’s under a lot of pressure with the musical and her personal life. She is not judging. She assures that Langston won’t lose her friendship with her. Starr tells Langston she realizes how easy it could be for someone to “slip”. So she asks Langston if that was her in the hotel room with Ford. Langston replies no. Starr asks her if she’s willing to swear on their friendship.

At Buenos Dias, after Markko overhears that Ford shacked up at the hotel with Karen the pizza girl. Markko tells him he knows Karen. Ford asks him how. Markko alleges he grew up with Karen and believes that Ford should treat her right. And he asks him about Langston.

At the table, Layla asks Cristian what will happen when he runs into Jessica at the prom. He affirms to her that he told Jessica he was going with her (Layla).

Viki informs Jessica that Natalie told her that she and Brody went on a date. She asks Jessica how that went. Jessica replies it was fine. Brody is a nice guy. But he’s not the one she wants.

At the hospital, Brody goes to get the statement from Marty who is very adamant that Natalie pushed her down the flight of stairs. He asks her who else she saw or might have seen her besides Natalie at the time it happened.

Jessica is staying at Clint’s home and asks Viki if she can stay there a while longer. She knows that she can’t face Bree knowing that she may never remember her. Viki tells her daughter that she will always be there for her and so will her father. She asks her to just do her a favor. Jessica should at least think about the prom. Viki then leaves. As soon as she’s alone, Jessica opens up her lap top and engrosses in the picture of Cristian. She then tapes up the prom ticket that she tore up.

When Cristian and Layla are walking out of Buenos Dias, he asks her who she went to her prom with. She told him she had a date whom she liked. But she got strep throat and could not attend. He then affirms that this will be perfect for her. Inside Ford smirks when he hears Markko affirming that he knows that Langston is faithful to him.

Starr corners Langston to swear on their friendship that she is not back with Ford. Langston then tells her she swears on their friendship that she is done with Ford. But now she has to get to school.

Kelly is alone in the office when she is startled to come face to face with Rodney the “silent’ mental patient whom she and John met

Right then, Todd goes to find Marty’s hospital room. He runs into Cole who demands to know what he is doing there. Inside her room, after Brody asks Marty who else might have been nearby when she got pushed down the stairs. She replies Todd Manning.

John then goes to find an “unseen person” at the top of the stairs where Marty was pushed. He pulls the gun on them and orders them not to move. And he sees that it’s Natalie.

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