OLTL Update Wednesday 4/21/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/21/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Ford and Langston are at The Palace in a room together. Ford answers the door for room service and is surprised to see Markko. Langston hears his voice and hides in the bathroom. Markko tells Ford he heard that a visiting director was using this room and paid the bellman to deliver his meal in hopes of meeting him. Ford invites him into the room as Langston looks on horrified and sees her bracelet on the table. Ford slyly hides the bracelet. Markko tells Ford that he and Langston made love there and he was booking a room at The Palace for prom night. Ford lets on he has a guest in the room to share all the food, and using innuendos, makes fun of Markko trying to recreate their first time together. Markko leaves and Langston comes out and knees Ford in the groin for making fun of Markko. Ford remarks she is the only one making a fool of Markko. She realizes he is right and leaves. Ford sits and begins to enjoy their dinner of lobsters and wine.

At their apartment, Cole and Starr talk about Todd coming between the two of them. Starr assures Cole that will never happen. They realize that Markko and Langston are not home and Hope is asleep. They tear each others clothes off and make love. Afterwards, Starr tries to assure Cole that Langston has broken off with Ford. Cole is skeptical. Markko comes home and tells them how he found Ford in the director’s room wining and dining someone on the school’s dime. Cole asks Starr if she thinks it was Langston with Ford. Langston comes home and they both stare at her.

Dani and Nate rehearse their lines at Dani’s room at The Palace. They talk about her relationship with Matthew, but she is not sure if they are boyfriend/girlfriend. She really doesn’t know what love is because her parents have set a bad example. Nate tells her that he has issues with his parents, but his father is nothing like hers. They continue to go through the scenes and hesitate when its time to for Cole/Starr to kiss. Dani is not sure about rehearsing the kiss, but Nate says they should just do it and they do. After, Dani urges him to leave before her mom comes home. He reflects that her whole family is intense and can meet her later. After he leaves, Dani thinks about the kiss.

At the hospital, Destiny finds Matthew in Bo’s room. Destiny has a container of cookies. Matthew talks about his parents getting married again. Matthew admits he is not happy about how much Nate and Dani have to kiss in their roles. Destiny remarks that Langston and Markko are a hot couple and they will have to kiss in their roles as well. Matthew says that doesn’t matter since everyone knows they are just friends and Dani won’t be jealous. Destiny looks a bit upset because she is looking forward to the kisses. Matthew has prom tickets and Destiny asks him if he has invited Dani yet. Destiny asks him what he is waiting for. In the end, they finish the cookies and hug goodbye.

John and Natalie are talking at the hospital and John needs to know if Natalie really thinks that he is only with Marty because of the baby. Natalie admits she isn’t proud of what she said to Marty, but she didn’t want Marty to lose the baby. John is trying to figure out if Natalie pushed Marty down the stairs. Marty wants him to just ask her already…did she push her and he does. Natalie can’t believe that John actually believes that she would push a pregnant woman down the stairs, but John tells her she was the last person to see her and was at the stairwell. John reminds her that she is often her own worst enemy when she is mad and she has done plenty that she regretted afterwards. Natalie tries to convince John that she came to apologize and not fight. John walks away as Natalie cries and tells him she is really sorry about the baby.

Todd is at his office as Téa barges in to find out if he pushed Marty down the stairs. Téa reminds him that he already told her he wished Marty were dead. She also reminds him that he pushed a pregnant Starr down the stairs. Todd retorts that was an accident. Téa asks him again if he did it. Todd tells her YES! Téa tells Todd she will help him figure out how to deal with this. They start screaming at each other. He screams he didn’t do it and only said it because that was the answer she wanted to hear. He starts shaking her. She screams back that she only wants to help him and she is on his side. Very slowly he says to her that the only person he wants to hurt now is her (Téa). He didn’t push Marty down the stairs but it doesn’t matter if she believes him or not. Téa tells Todd she believes him, but he tells her to get lost and go to hell. She picks up her bag, angrily pushes everything off the table and leaves. Todd then calls the hospital to try to get some information on Marty. They refuse to give him any information and he tells the person on the other end of the call that they are useless. In the end, Todd surveys the room, walks to the window, looks out and just stares.

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