OLTL Update Tuesday 4/20/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/20/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

future with Langston and no clue what she is doing behind his back.

When Ford gets the call from the pizza girl asking if she can come over and Langston asks what that was, he tells her it was a film student calling after hours who should not have his cell phone number. She then tells him even if he did have someone, she could not blame him. At that point, she tells him that she’d really like for the two of them to go public. But she knows she can’t while Markko is still his student. She can’t do that Markko with exams coming up. But when the term is over, things will have to be different. She’ll have to let him know. And they continue to go at it.

Starr asks her father what he is publishing in the Sun and if it’s an attempt to fool Dani into believing that he’s a saint. He then tells his daughter he realizes she’d think it’s a stupid idea. Téa warned him. But he just wishes that she could understand what it’s like to have a 15 year old daughter who hates his guts. Starr admits she could not imagine that. Todd affirms that he knows that she could never hate him. He tells Starr that she will always be “his girl”.

Marty tells John that she overheard Natalie telling Brody that she thought that the only reason John was with Marty was because of the pregnancy. She actually said that she could not stop thinking about what might have been between herself and John if it were not for Marty’s baby. SO, Marty explains to John, that she wanted to confront Natalie. But she had to rush off. The elevator wasn’t working. SO she went to the stairs a few hours ago. A few hours ago, Natalie said she wondered what it would be like if there was no baby. And now there is no baby. Marty concludes that Natalie wanted their baby gone so that she could be with John.

Markko arranges with Renee to get a room reserved for him and Langston for prom night. Meanwhile, a he overhears a room service guy talking to a famous film-writer, Mr. Del Toro. Assuming that this man is upstairs, (not realizing that Ford has pretended to be him), Markko asks the room service guy if he can take the tray up instead of him and meet Mr. Del Toro. Little does he know that it’s Ford ordering a lobster entree for Mr. and Mrs. Del Toro. Langston is very amused.

Starr admits to her father that she could never hate him. But if he ever thinks he’s going to come between toward her and Cole, he will be sorry.

Viki affirms to Dorian that Charlie is a wonderful contractor and she agreed to let them work together. But if Dorian makes any moves to break them up or cause any trouble, she will live to regret it. She tells Charlie that she trusts him But she does have something to worry about. It’s Dorian. Dorian then gets on the phone and asks somebody to clear out the office beside hers. Because Mr. Charlie Banks is going to be using it. They are going to be working very closely together, she says.

John tells Marty that he doubts that Natalie would intentionally push her down the stairs. But, she reminds him, Natalie has a tendency to act on impulse. She stabbed Mitch Laurence. Didn’t she? He then tells her he doesn’t want her to worry about anything. He is there for her. Right then, the nurse comes in and tells them she needs to examine Marty and give her a sedative to help her relax. But she tells the nurse she does not want a sedative. She is depressed but tells John she’s glad he’s there.

Right then, John goes outside Marty’s hospital room and runs into Natalie who asks him how Marty is. He tells her the doctor told them she’d be ok. But she lost the baby. Natalie looks horrified.

Right then, Langston and Ford are going at in the palace hotel room when there’s a knock on the door. And it just happens to be Markko dressed as the room service guy hoping to meet Mr. Del Toro.

Starr returns home and Cole asks her where she went. She admits she went to talk to her father. He asks if she told him to stay out of their lives. She replies no. And she never will..


Right then, Téa finds Todd and asks him if he pushed Marty Saybrooke down the stairs.

Natalie tells John she’s so sorry about the baby. He looks at her coldly and asks her if she really is.

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