OLTL Update Monday 4/19/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Bo is getting ready to get out of the hospital and marry the woman he loves. Nora urges him to rest up before they get married. At that moment, Matthew enters to overhear his parents talking about getting married. He’s very surprised to hear that.

Meanwhile, Marty is rushing out the door of the hospital and appearing stressed and Natalie wants to talk to her, she notices the elevator is out of order and she takes the stairs. She notices a hand on her shoulder. She gets startled and falls down the stairs.

Rex and Gigi find the nurse who was probably there when he was born and might have some information about how it was that his parents abandoned him at the hospital after he was born and whom they might be. She may not remember anything about this day so long ago.

Matthew asks his parents why they never told him before that they planned to get married. They tell him that they didn’t want everybody to know. He protests that he is not “everybody.” He acknowledges that he is certainly happy. At that point, Bo asks his son if he would like to be his best man. Matthew tells his dad he would not miss it. But what about Uncle Clint? At that moment, Clint walks in and asks what about him.

Viki and Charlie run into each other at The Palace. He asks her when she got back. She tells him just last night. She greets Dorian who she observes is overhearing their conversation. Dorian tells Viki that everybody missed her. Some people were afraid she might never come back. Dorian looks at Charlie. Viki then turns to notice Charlie.

Todd runs into Téa at the hospital. She asks him what is the matter with him. He asks her if she is in the hospital for something. She tells him she had a check up but is fine. She tells him he mustn’t change the subject. Was it Blair or the kids? He tells her no. He then indicates to her that it’s Marty. They observe Marty’s name on the door of her office.

John and Natalie find Marty passed out on the stairs after she’s fallen. Natalie rushes to find a doctor. John urges Marty to come back to him. Natalie runs to find Dr. Greg and informs him that Marty Saybrooke has fallen down the stairs and is unconscious.

Téa tells Todd she is afraid that every time he says anything about Marty Saybrooke that he will get arrested. He tells her that he wishes that everybody would stop seeing Marty as the victim. She’s not as innocent as everybody thinks. Téa then asks Todd to be more specific. Todd then blurts out that Cole is cheating on Starr. Téa asks him how he knows that. She seriously doubts that that is true. Todd tells him that Cole has chicks alone with him at the house and he caught him with a half naked girl. He believes that Marty came back to town in order to stick it to him. And he thinks they’d all be better off if she was dead. Hearing that, Téa thinks he is really delusional.

John revives Marty. Greg rushes to check her vitals. Natalie stands at the top of the stairs. Greg confirms that she has no fractures or injuries. But John informs Greg that they need the Ob-Gyn because Marty is pregnant.

Rex informs the nurse  that Allison informed them that he was left there as a baby. Allison figured that after he got dropped off at the hospital after he was born, that he must be easy pickings. She had the woman -- whom he’s always believed was his mom -- and the man who got her pregnant  believe that Rex was their child. The nurse tells them she is so sorry to hear that but then informs them that she remembers that night as if it just happened.

Clint enters Bo’s hospital room and has a gift for him. Matthew and Nora stand beside them. Bo asks his brother if he thinks he could stick around for a while. Nora asks Matthew if he might have some homework to do. Matthew then departs. Clint asks Bo and Nora what they want to talk about. Bo replies that he and Nora are getting married.

Viki tells Charlie that she gathers that he and Dorian have been spending time together. He tells her not really. But Dorian affirms that she and Charlie have been talking and helping each other with some things. That is what friends do. In response to that, Viki glares at Dorian. She asks Charlie to talk to her privately. He tells her that he just wants to clear the air about Dorian. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about Dorian. He tells her neither does he. She tells him she was there to meet Marty and talk to her about Jessica’s condition. She admits that she came home not just for Jessica but also for him. He asks her how London was. She tells him that it was good but kind of lonely. She was surrounded by family but could only think about the family she left behind here. That includes Natalie, Jessica and him. She admits that she thought a great deal about whether the two of them could save their marriage. He asks her what she came up with. Can their marriage be saved?

Clint tells Bo that he is not surprised to hear that he and Nora are getting married. He does not appear happy to hear that. Bo explains that when he woke up from surgery, he realized that he almost died and he doesn’t want any more time to be wasted. Nora tells Clint that they are not asking for his blessing and know that might be too much to ask for. Bo tells Clint he’d like for the three of them to pull together as a family. Nora suggests that maybe the four of them can have dinner together -- Nora, Bo, Clint and Kim. But Clint informs them that Kim is no longer in the picture.

The nurse informs Rex and Gigi that she remembers that day when she saw the bundle with a baby on a gurney. It appeared out of nowhere. The confusion of the accident she had to take care of, from the ambulance left everybody distracted. She saw “somebody” getting into a car who could have been his mother. She was not able to find them. Rex really wants to find out if she knows anything about his real mother.

Marty admits that she is cramping while John, Greg and a nurse stand beside her. He asks her how this could have happened. Was she nauseated or dizzy before she fell? She replies she did not fall. She was pushed.

Todd is at The Palace bar drinking and looking very stressed.

Dorian is alone at The Palace while Viki and Charlie are in the other room talking. Viki tells Charlie that she really didn’t come up with an answer to the question. She realized that she has been foolish to believe that one can run away from their problems. She tells him that one thing was very clear to her as soon as she left was how much she missed him. She cries. He tells her that he missed her too. He was crazy and there has got to be a way that they can make this work. She tells him that she wants that so much. But she’s afraid. She knows that they have tried to make it work before. She doesn’t know if she can go through all this pain and hurt again.

At the hospital, John and Greg ask Marty if she’s really certain that somebody pushed her down the stairs. Natalie asks John if Marty is okay. He tells her she’s awake and okay but they don’t know about the baby. She tells him that it must be good news if Marty is going to be okay. Téa also stands beside them, remembering what Todd told her (about wanting Marty to be dead). John informs them both that he’s worried that what happened to Marty was not an accident.

Todd is alone drinking and remembering Marty telling him that she is going to be with John and their baby. His daughter and her son are alone and raising their baby. And there is nothing he can do about it. Dorian finds him and smirks, asking him if he might be atoning for his sins.

Clint tells Bo and Nora that he knows that neither of them trusted his judgment nor approved of his marrying Kim. They tell him that what they think does not matter. She asks if there is anything they can do. He tells her maybe they can both concentrate on their own marriage instead of on him. He leaves the room.

Rex and Gigi show the nurse a picture of Allison. She tells them she noticed that Allison came to claim him and so she assumed that Allison was Rex’s birth mother. Allison appeared sincere and told the nurse she didn’t want to give him up. The nurse admits that she was very green at the time and thought she was doing the right thing to let this woman have what appeared to be her baby. Rex and Gigi inform the nurse that Allison is a psychopath. The nurse tells them she seemed so sweet. Rex asks her if there was any other proof of the people who left him there. She remembers something that was left behind when he was left there. She goes to the other room to show them.

Gigi encourages Rex not to give up hope in finding the answers that he is seeking. He tells her that maybe he needs to give up. The more he looks for answers, the more trouble happens to him and everybody he knows and loves. The last time he looked to find his real father, he got the answer that it was Mitch Laurence. And look what happened with that. The nurse comes back with evidence of whom Rex’s real father might be. She tells them she’d held onto this thing all these years hoping she might cross paths with him some day. Now that she has, this is his to take. She gives him an envelope with a heart on a chain. Yet, there is no proof of anything else. The nurse affirms to Rex that it looks like he turned out okay. Whoever his parents are should be very proud.

Alone with Bo, Nora tells him that she knows they both really judged Clint’s association with Kim. Yet, now he’s alone and there they are shoving their happiness in his face. Bo tells her if they call off their wedding, it won’t do anybody any good. She tells him she is feeling guilty all over again. He tells her he knows. If they postpone their wedding, it’s not going to change anything. What they need to do is move on and hope that Clint moves on.

Viki tells Charlie that they have both been through so much since Jared died. Maybe it was too much. She does not know if she is strong enough to live with the worry that every day, he might be drinking again. Yet, she believes that walking away from him was the biggest mistake of her life. She would like to try again if he is willing.

Dorian sits beside Todd and orders a drink. He tells her to mind her own business. She asks him just who or what has brought him so low.

At the hospital, John informs Téa that Marty said she was pushed down a flight of stairs. Natalie also overhears and asks who would do that. Greg tells Marty’s OB-GYN that she has contusions on her legs and they need to monitor the baby. The OB-GYN is ready to make sure that Marty and the baby are all right. Both Marty and John are worried that somebody wants her dead, and they might know just who that would be.

Rex tells Gigi that he believes there is no way he will ever know whom his real parents are. She tells him she is certain that he will find them some day. They look at the gift that somebody gave him and she tells him that she bets whoever gave that to him is waiting to be found.

Matthew enters his father’s hospital room and asks if it’s “safe” after they’ve talked to Uncle Clint and if they still plan on getting married. Bo affirms absolutely. He then pulls out an engagement ring and tells Nora he hopes she forgives him for not dropping down on one knee. She kisses him. Matthew tells his parents this is awesome.

Viki admits to Charlie that she is still not sure. She tells him that she took Bree around. She was so cute. They saw all the sites. Then she took her to the Eiffel tower. That is when it hit her. Everything he said was right. He is a builder and every time they’ve been torn apart, he has put them back together. She cries and admits that when she came in and saw him with Dorian, she was worried. She thinks they deserve a chance to get rebuilt again. But only if he is willing. Right then, he kisses her.

Dorian tells Todd he must tell her. Nobody would appreciate his agony more than she would. He tells her she should concentrate on her own pathetic, miserable life and he walks away.

Téa walks down the hospital stairs to see the crime scene were Marty fell. She remembers Todd telling her that he thinks that everybody would be better off if Marty was dead. Téa looks horrified to think of what might have happened.

John is with Marty talking about their baby. The doctor is looking at the sonogram and does not look happy. She admits to them that she cannot find a heartbeat. 

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