OLTL Update Friday 4/16/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Natalie is in her kitchen remembering telling Marty that John is only with her because of the baby. She appears to be just as unsettled as Marty is. Right then, Viki walks in and asks her what is up.

Dorian is alone at The Palace when she notices Charlie Banks. She smiles at him.

Rex meets Gigi at the hospital. He asks her to meet him there. He informs her that Bo is doing better. And what’s more, it appears that Allison was telling the truth about Stacy stealing the bag of blood that saved Shane’s life so that she could falsify that it was Mitch’s blood. He tells her that hopefully, the bag of blood will give them the answers they need.

Blair and Eli are in bed together. She reminds him that she had to spend hours with her ex-husband telling her that he would never show. They seem to be enjoying each other. Yet she doesn’t want to be dependent upon him. They do enjoy sex together, however.

Marty is alone in her office when Todd enters. She demands to know what he is doing. He asks her what she intends to do about her “horn dog son.” She frowns at him.

After Todd leaves from confronting Cole and Hannah, she tells Cole it was all her fault. He hugs her. At that moment, Starr walks in to see them. She does not look much less suspicious than Todd did. She asks if they’d like to tell her what is going on.

At the hospital, Kyle Lewis enters and informs Rex and Gigi that Sierra is at the house with Oliver. He assures Gigi that they meant what they said after the custody hearing. They want her to be a part of the baby’s life. She is her aunt and is welcome to visit whenever she wants. Rex asks if he’s run the tests to confirm whether Mitch’s DNA matches Rex’s. Kyle concludes that he has confirmed that Mitch is definitely not Rex’s father.

Eli admits to Blair that when he was late in meeting her, he had to help Téa. She fainted and he took her to the ER. Hearing that, Blair asks him please not to tell her that Téa is pregnant just like Marty is.

At The Palace, Dorian observes Charlie dressed in a suit. He assumes he’s going to meet a new developer and does not realize it’s her. She smiles and tells him that he is there to meet her.

Viki returns to the house and hugs Natalie. Natalie asks her mom what has happened with Bree and if she’s seen Jessica. Viki tells her no. She is concerned about the fact that Jessica has not made any progress. She asks Natalie if she’s seen any changes. Natalie admits that Jessica still believes she is in high school and is in love with Cristian and believes that Natalie took her boyfriend. Natalie also admits to her mom that she had a “little run in” with Marty.

Todd informs Marty that he caught her son cheating on his daughter with a half naked girl. She asks if he gave them any chance to explain. He tells her that the girl alleged that she spilled coffee on her blouse. Marty tells him that she bets that is true. He furiously tells her that her son is the same horny pervert who got Starr pregnant.

Starr notices that Cole hurt his hand and asks what happened. He doesn’t want to tell her how furious he got with Todd but admits that her father did walk in and got the wrong impression. Starr demands to know what exactly happened. Cole replies that Todd walked in and Hannah wasn’t wearing her shirt.

Kyle confirms to Rex that Mitch is not his father. He then asks how it is that Mitch’s stem cells could have saved Shane. Gigi tells them she really doesn’t care where they came from as long as they have the extra stem cells in case Shane needs them. Rex concludes, he wants to know who his real father is if it’s not Mitch.

Charlie tells Dorian he is not going to have anything more to do with her. She drugged and tried to kill him a year ago. The last time he trusted her, Jessica got shot, he intended to go to prison for killing Mitch Laurence and his marriage got ruined. She urges him to please take a look at what she wants. He then tells her that he will give her 30 seconds. She tells him that she wants to build a center for art and culture and to help to stimulate the economy and create jobs and help people. This center will support and celebrate their community. She asks how much time she has left. He admits it sounds interesting and asks what she wants him to do. She tells him she wants him to build it.

Viki asks Natalie what is up with her issues involving Marty. She tells her mom that she blurted out to Marty that John was only with her because she’s pregnant. Hearing that, Viki appears to be disappointed in her daughter. Natalie assumes that her mom wants her to apologize and to change. But Viki tells her that she is not judging. She’s happy to be with her beautiful daughter and asks how she can help.

Marty tells Todd he is ridiculous to believe that Cole forced Starr to have sex with him. Todd forced them together because he drove his daughter away. He tells her that she cannot patronize him and tell him that she is happy her son and his daughter having a baby together. She reminds him that he wanted to kidnap baby Hope and have Starr and Cole believe that she died. He tells her that he resents the fact that she dumped him for John McBain, that she believes that John is her knight in shining armor and is now carrying John’s baby.

Starr asks Cole and Hannah if her dad walked in there and saw Hannah in a bra. She asks Hannah why she couldn’t have come out of the bathroom wearing a towel or waited until Cole brought her a shirt. Starr tells them she realizes her dad overreacts, but she can understand that Todd had good reason to be suspicious to walk into his daughter’s apartment and see her boyfriend alone with a half naked girl. Cole then asks Starr if she defending Todd.

Rex concludes to Kyle that it appears that Allison’s story checked out. She allegedly took Roxy’s baby from her and swapped him with a healthy baby who is Rex. Kyle tells Rex that he knows that Roxy has been devastated to find out for the first time in Rex’s life that he is not her son. He tells Kyle that he is devastated to find out for the first time in his life that he does not even know who his real parents are. At that moment, Kyle has to take a call on his pager and leave. Gigi tells Rex that she is determined to be there for him no matter how long it takes to get to the bottom of this.

Viki asks Natalie if she is still in love with John. Natalie doesn’t want to get into that and asks her mom what she plans to do with Charlie.

Charlie asks Dorian why it is that she wants to build this center that does good things and she wants him to be in charge of it. She tells him she realizes she’s caused a lot of trouble between him and Viki and she asks if he’s heard from Viki lately. He replies no and assumes that the marriage is over.

Blair tells Eli she cannot understand what might be in the water if first Marty gets pregnant and then Téa. Both of those women are with both of her ex’s. He tells her she knows that she is not over Todd. But she tells him she is over Todd. It’s in the past. She tells him she wants him (Eli) to be in the present tense.

Cole tells Starr he cannot believe this. She is actually defending her father. He tells her that Todd grabbed him and was going to assault him when he saw him with Hannah. The only reason Todd let them move in together is because she threatened to leave him. He told Cole that he will not stop until he gets Starr to break up with Cole. Starr tells Cole she doesn’t want to hear it. She indicates that she doesn’t want Hannah, a complete stranger, to know their business.

Marty tells Todd that it’s clear that he does not understand anything. He did not come to talk about Cole. He is there because she is pregnant with a man whom Todd despises. She is going to tell him that she is in love with John. She is ready to push Todd out the door. But he tells her he is not going anywhere. She doesn’t deserve to be happy. He reminds her that he can’t have Téa because their daughter hates him. She asks him what he wants her to do about it. He tells her he wants her to take her sorry ass and her son’s sorry ass and her baby’s sorry ass and disappear for good.

Kyle is on the phone while Rex tells Gigi that he has to find the nurse with the very complicated and rare last name whom Allison told them she remembered when he was born. Kyle overhears that and confirms that that very same nurse currently works at the hospital and he knows her.

Dorian tells Charlie that he is exhibiting a defeatist attitude to conclude that Viki will never forgive him. He cannot give up on her. He tells her he will never give up on Viki. But the ball is in her court.

Viki tells Natalie she doesn’t really want to talk about Charlie but appreciates the offer. She tells Natalie she doesn’t suppose Natalie wants to talk about John or Marty. Natalie tells her mom no but she appreciates the offer. She admits she doesn’t know what there is to say at this point. She then tells her mom she wants to go outside and get some fresh air. Viki then tells her daughter she must remember that she is there for her if she needs her. Natalie tells her mom she’s really glad she’s home.

Hannah tells Starr she’s right. If the tables were turned, he wouldn’t want anybody trashing her dad. She tells Starr that she wants her to know that nothing happened between herself and Cole. They are just friends and study partners, and she did not mean to cause any trouble. Starr does not say anything and eyes her coldly. Hannah goes out the door. Cole urges her not to be mad at Hannah. Starr tells him she is not mad at Hannah. She’s mad at him.

Todd tells Marty that he does not care where she goes. He knows that she cannot get over him. He asks her why she came back to Llanview when she could have been anywhere else in the world. She replies she has friends in Llanview. He tells her she came back to get revenge upon him. She then tells Todd he’s sick. He needs help. He is completely delusional. He tells her that he knows that she somehow made Cole seduce Starr just to stick it to him. She then smiles at Todd and asks what if she did.

Blair tells Eli she’s taken by surprise that he’s asked her to be the love of his life. Don’t get her wrong, she tells him. She likes him a lot. He tells her he’s not asking her to marry him. But he thinks they could have something together. She, right then, remembers that she promised Jack that she would have pizza tonight for him. He assumes at that point that he has scared her off.

After Marty tells Todd it’s true that she used her son to get to him, he asks her if she is admitting that. She tells him that he has to blame Cole and her for his mistakes and her problems. But Cole did not ruin Starr’s life, and she did not ruin Todd’s. He did that all by himself. He asks her if he’s supposed to spend the rest of his life with Dani hating him. She tells him if Dani is uncomfortable around him, it’s because he gives her reason to feel that way. Yes, she realizes that she is a reminder to Dani of what Todd did. But she is not going anywhere. She affirms to Todd that she is going to have John’s baby. There is nothing he can do about it. Starr and Cole are together with their baby, and there is nothing he can do about it. They are all going to be happy, and there is nothing he can do about it. He then looks at her and tells her they will see.

Dorian tells Charlie all right. His marriage is in Viki’s court. But her offer is in his. He reminds her that there are many contractors she could do business with besides him. She tells him she owes him. He tells her he does not want her charity. She tells him that she thinks that this will benefit both of them. He asks what Viki will do when she finds out that he’s working with her. They are both unaware that Viki has returned home.

Meanwhile, Viki calls Marty. She informs her that she’s back from London. She was so hoping that Jessica would be better by now. She asks Marty if they can meet and discuss where they go from there. She arranges to meet at The Palace. Viki can see that Marty does not appear to be okay. Marty tells her she is okay. She’s just been kind of tired since she’s been pregnant, she says. Viki tells her she is looking forward to seeing her.

Cole asks Starr if she is mad at him. She tells him yes. She came home to apologize. They have been fighting about Langston and Markko and she wanted to come home to affirm that they are okay. But then she walks in on seeing him holding that girl. And if that’s not enough, she finds out that her dad caught them together. He tells her that she needs to realize that her dad is the bad guy. He upset Hannah, and Starr has to realize that. But Starr may not see things his way.

Gigi tells Rex that it’s entirely possible that the nurse who is on duty whom Kyle knows has nothing to do with or is not the same as the one there when he was born. Kyle introduces them to Nurse Wojciehowicz.

Dorian tells Charlie that that night on the mountain, they shared something. He tells her that everything they did was a huge mistake. She tells him because of those mistakes, the two of them understand each other more than anybody can. And it was all because of Mitch Laurence. He tells her he doesn’t even want to think about Mitch Laurence. She reminds him that there was a time when neither of them could think about anything else. Mitch killed her sister and killed his son. Charlie tells her nothing they can do will bring them back. But she tells them that maybe by building this center, they can undo the damage that Mitch has done to both of them and their families.

Cole tells Starr that her father wants to tear them apart and won’t stop until he does it. She must know that Todd is out of control.

Natalie goes to find Marty. Marty is rushing out the door and finds that the elevator is out of order. She has to take the stairs. She is ready to walk down the stairs. She feels a hand grab her and she falls down the stairs. 

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