OLTL Update Thursday 4/15/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and Langsotn are ready for the prom. Jessica wants to join them. But Langston reveals that she is not going to the prom.

A girl at the high school indicates she might be “interested” in Mr. Vega. She encourages him to chaperone. Jessica overhears and does not appear ok with that. The girl has told Jessica that there is something wrong with a grown woman wanting to be a senior in high school. She encourages Jessica to find some “middle aged loser”. But she clearly does not want Jessica with one guy her age(Cristian)

Marty overhears Natalie talking to Brody about how she believes that John would be with her if it were not for Marty having a baby. Marty confronts her and tells her she is sick and tired of Natalie and her hostility and she resents Natalie saying that.

When John finds the man who looks to be after Kelly, at the hospital, he demands to know what he wants and if he knew Kelly’s mother. But the nurse comes and tells John he must know that this poor psychiatric patient is harmless and to let him go.

Starr reminds Langston that a year ago, she and Markko were madly in love at the prom. They made love for the first time at the palace and she should see this as their anniversary. But, Langston tells her, she doesn’t want to cause any problems with Cole. She knows that he is angry at her for what she did. And, Starr believes that that is the reason. She has no clue that Langston plans to stay with Ford.

Matthew tells the new boy that he’s sure he will meet Todd Manning and it won’t be a good situation when he sees him with Dani. Right then, Mr. G. appears and tells the students that there has been a problem. Hearing that, Matthew asks if that would be Todd Manning.

Todd goes to the apartment looking for Starr. But he only sees Cole with Hannah who has taken off her blouse. It obviously looks to him like Cole is about to cheat on Starr. So Todd physically attacks him. Hannah then protests that she is not doing anything with Cole. She just spilled coffee on her blouse and had to change it. Nothing else happened.

Mr. G. tells the students that he has not yet heard from Todd Manning. But other parents have called in and do not approve of it. He tells Matthew, Dani, Destiny, the new boy, Langston and Starr that many parents do not approve of this play. He tells the lead actors that they have emotionally taxing scenes and he wants them to continue what they are doing. He also encourages any of them, if they are uncomfortable, to stop. Matthew looks at his co-cast members Destiny looks around. But nobody says anything.

Todd asks Cole and Hannah just what they might have done if he had not walked in. He tells Hannah that Cole used to have a problem with drugs. And now it’s whores. He has no respect for Todd’s daughter. And he encourages them to call Starr and find out what she thinks about this half naked study buddy Cole has.

Right then, Starr and Cole relive how they fell in love. They notice Dani and her co-star playing them. Destiny asks Mr. G. if they are supposed to be kissing like the real Starr and Cole. Starr and Langston observe and know that this play might not be as easy to pull off as they had thought.

The girl who encourages Cristian to chaperone gives him two tickets. Jessica observes him and asks if that is for his “date”. He replies yes. It’s for Layla.

Marty tells Natalie that she and John have been “solid” for months. Natalie tells her she doubts that.

The nurse at the hospital tells Kelly and John that part of Rodney’s therapy is to give him some work responsibilities. She has entrusted him to do cleaning and have access to her office. He’s been there his entire adult life. John then concludes that he has access to her office and might have made the mysterious calls. But the nurse tells him no way. Rodney could not possibly have done that since he cannot speak a word.

Marty tells Natalie that she is not going to let her get in the way of her new family. Natalie resents hearing that. Marty tells Natalie that her desperate bid for John’s attention is sad.

Cole tells Todd he may go ahead and call Starr. She knows all about Hannah. Cole tells Hannah congratulations. It looks like she’s gotten him. Cole tells Todd that Starr knows that he loves her. He also tells Todd that if it were up to him, Todd would never see Starr or Hope. Todd reminds him that they are his daughter and granddaughter. Cole affirms that this is his house and he tells Todd to get the hell out.

Starr observes Dani and her co-star playing Starr and Cole. She then relives Todd trying to kill Cole when he caught them in bed together. It appears that Dani is having a similar fear. Starr envisions Todd coming and attacking the boy who is with Dani. Right then, Dani breaks down and cries and indicates she cannot go through with doing this musical. Matthew then rushes over to her, puts his arm around her and asks if she is ok. Starr seems to know what is going on.

Cole tells Todd that as he told him before, he loves Starr. Starr loves him. And Todd must know if he assaults Cole, she will never forgive her father. But Todd tells him that he must know that Starr always forgives him.

At the high school, Dani admits to Starr that she cannot do this. She only wanted to do it in order to stick it to Starr’s father. Actually to their father. And they all know that maybe it’s a bit too intense for her.

Jessica asks Cristian how it is that he cannot remember their prom together. He remembers but has clearly moved on and wants to be with Layla.

Brody attempts to break up the brawl between Natalie and Marty. They both get angrier and judge each other. Natalie tells Marty that she has been grieving her dead husband. But Marty cannot accept the fact that she and John have a profound connection that Marty does not have with him.

The nurse at the hospital seems to coddle the patient Rodney. John asks Kelly what happened. She tells him that it appears that that guy might know something about her mother. But he cannot speak. John tells her that the nurse wants them to believe that he cannot speak. John admits that he does not have any more proof of the calls that were made form the office at the hospital that appeared to have information about Kelly’s mother’s death. She then concludes that they may never find out how her mother died. But John tells her that that is not necessarily true.

Natalie reminds Marty that she(herself and John) were together and kissing after he saved her life. And Marty was very threatened by that.

The nurse tells Kelly she is very sorry about her mother’s death. But it happened from natural causes. She tells Kelly and John that their presence there is disturbing her residents. So she asks them to leave. Right then, John goes and attempts to have a private conversation with Rodney. He notices that Rodney is silently looking at his baseball cards. He engages with him about his father and their love of baseball.

Natalie tells Marty that she and John kissed. Marty asks her and then what? She tells Marty that when she got pregnant, John felt obligated. SO she realized she had to let John go. And she still thinks about what might have happened if Marty had not gotten pregnant. And she knows that John thinks about it too. Marty tell s her that John wants to be with her and to have the baby. But Natalie knows that the baby is the only reason John is with her. Marty walks out the door. Alone with Brody, Natalie admits that she regrets what she just said to Marty and he should have stopped her.

At the high school, Jessica tells Cristian that she’s been talking to Marty about how she wants to go back to being a virgin. But she knows that she lost her virginity with him. He remembers that they did not make love at the senior prom. In response to that, she tells him that now they have a second chance and can re-write history.

Dani tells the others at the play she’s sorry. She knows if Starr can take it and deal with Todd’s sick behaviors, so can she. And maybe from doing this play and seeing that Starr can forgive him after all he has put her and Cole through, she will someday understand what Starr sees in him. Starr faces her and tells her she hopes so. Dani admits that right now, she hates Todd.

Cole tells Todd that Starr may have forgiven him. But she does not trust him. He pushed Starr down the stairs and she almost lost her baby. He raped Cole’s mom. And, Cole tells Todd, if ever goes after Cole’s mom again, Todd will lose Starr and Hope. He tells Todd he has to know that Starr has moved in with him in order to get away from Todd.

Matthew and Destiny receipt the lines of Markko and Langston. And we see the signs were Todd assaulted Markko. Langston remembers the whole horrific event as it really happened. Starr then faces her and tells her she’s so sorry of what she put her and Markko through.

Cole tells Todd that Starr is never going to love him. But Todd tells him that Starr is his and will always be his. And he’s going to get her away from Cole if it’s the last thing he does.

Mr. G. plays Todd and makes it very real when he confronts Dani and the new boy as Todd did with Starr and Cole. Starr relives the ordeal and becomes traumatized. Langston holds Starr in her arms. The new boy tells them that what he’d like to know is how this maniac is still walking around free. Aren’t they all afraid of him?

Right then, the real Todd tells Cole that Starr will get rid of him soon enough. Cole then pushes Todd out the door and tells him to get out of his house. When Todd is out the door, Cole angrily pounds his fists on the door. Hannah urges him not to do that and sees he is traumatized. It looks like she is going to offer him emotional support.

Right then, Starr reminds Langston that the main thing is that she and Cole are still together. And she tells Langston how she feels about her situation with Markko and with Ford.

Jessica tells the girl who appears to like Cristian that she would like tickets to the prom.

Natalie tells Brody that she knows she may have overreacted to Marty. He tells her that he does understand what she is feeling right now. She wants somebody she can’t have and its driving her nuts. He understands.

John gives the silent Rodney his business card and encourages him to call him. The nurse tells John and Kelly that she can assure them that Rodney did not make the calls. She tells them that Melinda was a lovely woman and everybody mourns her death. And she’s sorry she cannot be of more help. Kelly then asks John if that is it. Is he going to just let her brush them off like this?

Marty returns to her office and kicks chairs. She tries to calm herself down and get to work. But she remembers hearing Natalie asking her why she was so insecure when she caught Natalie and John kissing at Llantano Mountain. And she knows it’s because John is only with Marty because of obligation She hears Natalie telling her that John may love his baby but does not care about her. Marty is completely unsettled and cannot think. She is worried that what Natalie has said is true. She hears Natalie telling her that John will not leave her as long as she is pregnant. But that’s all there is.

Langston watches Matthew playing the role of Markko asking her if she needs a ride home. Destiny plays her and remarks that he has a piece of junk he calls a car. And she cries remembering how she once loved Markko but has betrayed him.

Natalie tells Brody that she and John have something special and understand each other. He listens and seems to relate. She cries. He asks if there is anything he can do to help. She tells him she has to apologize to Marty. But he tells her that is a bad idea. She has to give Marty a chance to cool down. But Natalie is afraid that Marty is going to contact John and tell him what Natalie did. She’s afraid that John will hate her for what she did. Brody tells her not if he loves her the way he says he does. She hugs Brody and thanks him for everything.

Cristain asks the girl, Whitney, if Jessica bought tickets to the prom. She replies just one. She guesses that Jessica is flying solo.

Right then, Jessica walks into the coffee shop and sees Brody’s back turned to her. He is observing photos of the two of them during happier times and crying.

John tells Kelly that he thinks he is onto Rodney.

Cole has injured his hand pounding his fists on the door after his confrontation with Todd. Hannah bandages his hand and tells him that he and Starr must really love each other to have gotten through all of that. She tells him she did a terrible thing taking her shirt off and this is all her fault. He tells her it has nothing to do with her. Todd is a jerk. She tells him that she is what set him off. And now Cole and Starr have to deal with this. They have been so nice to her. Right then, they hug. And Starr walks in the door. She looks very suspicious and untrusting to see Cole alone with Hannah.

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