OLTL Update Wednesday 4/14/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/14/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

John and Kelly arrive at her mother’s sanitarium and meet with the administrator (Mrs. Stevens). She admits that Allison was there the day her mother died, but she didn’t arrive until after Melinda was already dead. John questions her about phone calls that came from the sanitarium to Kelly. She doesn’t know anything about them and mentions an item that Melinda had intended on giving to Kelly. She leaves and returns with a large vase that Melinda had made for her. They review the phone records and find a few were made from Mrs. Stevens office. She has no idea how that could have happened; no one has a key to her office, but her. John asks to see security tapes. While Kelly waits, she looks fondly at the vase her mother made as someone quietly lets them self in to the office, sneaking up behind her.

At the teen’s apartment, Langston tries to convince Cole that she broke up with Ford. He has his doubts and vows to tell Markko everything if she is lying to him. Lang is ticked at Starr for telling Cole. Lang leaves to go to school as Cole and Starr argue about letting out the secret. Hannah is in the hallway and overhears the argument and hides as Starr storms out to go to school. Hannah knocks on the door and she and Cole discuss his argument with Starr and hers with Ford. As they are talking, she dumps her coffee on herself and Cole. She heads in to the bathroom and comes out in her purple bra looking for a shirt from Cole. Outside the door, Todd is about to knock when he hears voices and lets himself in. Immediately he sees Hannah standing there with a bra on and Cole standing in front of her and says “What the hell?” Hannah quickly covers herself.

At The Palace, Greg and Destiny are talking about the play. Greg tries to give her advice about not bringing all sorts of drama in to it. She says she and Matthew are only friends. Also there is Téa, Todd and Dani. Dani is talking about playing Starr in the play and she can’t wait to expose Todd for who he really is. Todd tells her she may hate him now, but one day she might need him and he will be there for her. Dani leaves with Destiny for school. Téa and Todd continue to talk and she tells Todd she hates the way Dani treats him. Todd tells Téa he knows she still loves him. Todd goes on about why she won’t be with him; even Jack can see they should be together. Todd wonders if Dani changes her attitude, will Téa? Todd has a copy of the play, ‘Starr X’d Lovers’ and is making edits on Dani’s script. Langston wrote the truth about Todd into the play, and he wants to paint a different picture of himself. Téa reads some of his edits and says “Way to rewrite history Todd”. Todd is afraid of how Dani will act as Starr towards him in the play; showing everyone his true side.

Jess barges into Marty’s office to talk about her date with Brody. She could not handle seeing Cris and Layla together. She tells Marty of her plan to make love to Cris on the night of their prom. After all, Jess is still a virgin. Marty believes that Jess returned to this particular age, before having sex for the first time, to block out the rape that Mitch had intended for her. She believes that it’s the attempted rape and not the shock therapy that is causing the memory loss and the return to her senior year of high school. Marty tries to remind Jess that Cris is with Layla, Jess accuses her of being like Natalie and tells Marty to watch her back before Nat takes her boyfriend.

Natalie and Brody run into each other at the coffeehouse. Brody talks about his date with Jess and all Jess can think about is Cris. Brody tells Nat what Marty thinks about Jess’s memory loss. Brody tells Natalie that he can see her feelings for John. Natalie admits that she is falling back in love with John. Brody tells her that he will keep her secret. As Natalie continues to talk she says that if Marty hadn’t gotten pregnant, she and John would get back together. Brody, using eye gestures, tries to stop Nat from saying that aloud. She realizes that someone is behind her and slowly looks, Marty overheard everything!

At school, the teens are all talking about their roles in the play. The teens all realize how dramatic and intimate some of their roles and lines will be. Matthew tells Nate (who is playing Cole) that he is sort of dating Dani (who is playing Starr).

Outside the gym, Starr and Langston talk through their argument from earlier. They realize how important proms are as they are special marks in your life. Through this, Jess is standing on the side listening to them talk.

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