OLTL Update Tuesday 4/13/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/13/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is alone at the Palace with Jack when he notices Blair enter ready to meet Elijah.

Meanwhile, Elijah is concerned when he notices Téa pass out in the courtroom. He tells her that he can’t leave her alone. She tells him that it’s not big deal. Her blood sugar is low and if she just had a burger, she’d be good to go. But he has insisted on taking her to the hospital. Right then, Dr. Greg appears and Eli tells him she needs to see him right away. Téa argues and tells them she is fine. But Greg tells her he’d like to take a look.

Langston admits to Starr that she has not yet broken up with Markko. He still has no clue that she intends to.

Meanwhile, Markko goes to see Cole a Buenos Dias, who assumes he’s been struck the devastating blow. But Markko asks Cole why he’d be concerned about him. He just went to see Langston and everything is good. Hearing that, and assuming that she’s announced to Markko that she’s dumping him for Ford, Cole is baffled.

Brody and Jessica arrive at Ultraviolet and he tells her this is a great band she has to see named Lifehouse. But she is completely disinterested. Right then, Cristian and Layla come through the door. She is happy until she sees Jessica

Rex and Gigi go to the Statesville prison. He tells her she really didn’t have to come with him. She tells him she knows as he did not have to come with her to the custody hearing of Sierra. The guards bring Allison to talk to them. She asks what Rexwants. He replies that she is going to tell him who he really is.

Cole tells Markko he thinks Markko should know that Langston has some things going on. But Markko still suspects nothing and tells him that he needs to be there for for Langston and support her in the musical. He needs to know how lucky he is to have her and realize he might not see her much while she’s so busy and so committed to her work. He happily tells Cole that they are all going to have a break tonight. He has just scored tickets from Dorian to see Lifehouse together. It will be just like old times with just the 4 of them. Cole looks at Markko not knowing what to tell him.

Starr tells Langston that she realizes that Langston has made her decision to break up with Markko. She realizes that she is not happy with him and she wants her best friend to be happy. Langston tells her that things are not that black and white. Starr reminds her that she has chosen Ford so she can’t keep stringing Markko along and using him. And she can keep expecting Starr to lie for her either. So when is she going to stop lying to Markko and break up with him? Langston replies to Starr that she has been trying to tell her that she is not going to break up with Markko. She’s going to break up with Ford. She knows that breaking up with Markko would have be the biggest mistake of her life. Starr hears that and looks hopeful but seems to know that it’s unrealistic if Langston’s feelings for Markko are not really there.

At the hospital, Téa asks Dr. Greg if he does not believe that the ER is beneath him since he’s such a hot shot neuro-surgeon

At the Palace, Jack asks Todd what is up with getting Aunt Kelly to work with him. He knows that Todd is doing it to tick Blair off. And, he tells his father, he’s missing the “real issue” which is Téa. Hearing that, Todd smirks and reflects that his son sounds like a shrink. Jack tells his dad that he does not need to be a shrink in order to know that his dad loves Téa. Right then, not far away, while Blair is alone and waiting for Elijah, she calls and leaves a message for him telling him she hopes he is on his way. Right then, Todd and Jack appear and Todd tells her that their son didn’t want her to eat alone and thinks she should join them. She tells her son that that is really sweet of him. But she is meeting somebody. Jack asks his mom who. That guy she was sneaking around with?

At the jail, Rex tells Allison that Roxy told him the whole story; that Allison switched Roxy’s dying baby for a healthy one to give to Mitch. And the healthy baby was himself. She then reflects that Mitch is very disappointed in her for keeping that secret for all these years. But he will forgive her in time, she believes. She knows, however, that there is an issue with Schuyler. Rex then tells her he’s not concerned about Schuyler. At least Schuyler knows who his real parents are. He(Rex) still does not. Allison remarks how unfortunate for Rex. Rex tells her it’s kind of odd that a DNA test proved that he is not Roxy’s son. Yet Mitch’s name is on his birth certificate and Mitch had stem cells compatible with Rex’s son, Shane. So, Rex wonders, is it possible that Mitch had him with somebody else, like perhaps her? She tells him that if she had had the honor of siring Mitch’s child, her whole life would have been different. But it didn’t happen. She remarks that Mitch could have done a lot worse than her. And actually, he did.

Starr tells Langston she doesn’t get it. When she left there before, Langston was ready to break up with Markko and leave him for Ford. Langston tells her she knows. But when Markko came over, he had this really amazing present. He was so good and so supportive. And she just felt it. She remembered all the reasons why she loves him. And then Dorian came over and said some really wonderful things about Markko just like Starr did. And, she tells Starr, she realized they were both right. She wondered why she would want to look anywhere else. Starr reminds her, however, that she did. Langston tells her she knows. She guesses one reason why she was with Ford was because she was afraid of spending the rest of her life with one person. But she really wants to be like Star and Cole. Starr then tells her nobody ever said that she has to be exactly like Cole and herself. Langston declares that she’s realized that Markko is the only one she wants to be with for the rest of her life. Starr then remarks that that is such a 180. Langston tells Starr she is so happy that she does not have to break Markko’s heart. Starr asks her if she’s not going to tell him about Ford. Langston then rationalizes that she does not want to open that door with Ford being Markko’s TA and all. The last thing he needs to hear is that his film instructor is sleeping with his girlfriend. She just feels really bad that Starr had to lie for her. Starr admits that she didn’t like having to do that but it’s not as if she’s never asked that of Langston when she was pregnant with Hope. Langston tells her that’s not the same thing. Starr tells her she will never forget how Langston stood up for her and Cole. Starr tells Langston she’d do anything for her and Markko. Langston is happy to hear that and hugs her. Right then, Cole and Markko enter and Cole asks if everything is ok. Starr affirms that it is now.

The pizza girl finds Ford at Ultraviolet. She informs him that she was there with friends. But maybe they can hook up later? He tells her maybe. But it looks like he might be evading her also.

Brody asks Jessica what bands she likes. She asks him if he is not supposed to know all about her since they are supposed to be in love. He then asks her to humor him. She tells him she likes the idea of travel. She can’t think of anywhere specific. She wants to see the world in a whole new way. He tells her that he’s had airborne training when he was a Navy SEAL. She asks him if that was a trick. He tells her he just wants to impress her since that is what guys do on the first date.

Jack tells his mom that he knows what is going on. She can’t deny that she and Eli have been sneaking around. But she tells him that she is seeing someone. His name is Elijah and he didn’t want to say anything until she was sure how she felt.

Greg wants to examine Téa and asks her many question such as if she might be pregnant. She tells him. Elijah tell sher she needs to stop being a lawyer for one second and be a patient. Greg asks her when she last had a physical. She admits it was last year, after she almost got blown up right after she and Blair both admitted that Todd was the love of their lives. Hearing that, Eli seems disappointed.

At the palace, Jack asks his mom if she loves Elijah like his dad loves Téa.

At the jail, Rex asks Allison what could be worse than having her and Mitch as one’s parents. She tells him that the his actual parents abandoned him at the hospital and dumped him like garbage. He asks her again, how it was that Mitch’s name appeared on his birth certificate. She tells him that she had to somehow convince Mitch that Rex was his son. Gigi then asks her why they should believe a word she says. Allison tells them that there is another source who might know. That little tramp who was “supposed” to deliver the chosen child, Stacy Morasco would have what they are looking for.

At the palace, Blair tells Jack that she certainly can’t speak for whether his father loves Téa. But she will tell him how she fells about Elijah. She cares about him. He’s a nice guy. He’s thoughtful and kind and she would like Jack to get to know him. Todd tells her it appears that Eli has stood her up and is not taking her calls. She tells Todd that Eli had a very important case and may have gotten held up. Todd asks her if that’s the stripper’s kid’s case where the gay guy got custody. And, Todd tells her, it appears that Eli got distracted with something else.

Greg demands that Téa answers questions about her health. She then asks if he is trying to torture her because she’s friends with Rachel and because she persuaded Rachel to keep a secret from him. He then tells her that Rachel made a mistake covering for Schuyler Joplin and is indirectly responsible for Commissioner Buchanan’s shooting. Hearing that, she protests that how could that be Rachel’s fault. He then tells her he doesn’t want to talk about Rachel anymore. He wants to run some tests. She tells him she does not need tests. But he reminds her that she passed out and needs to take this seriously. She tells him she will make an appointment soon. He tells her he can schedule it for her. Eli then tells her that he may not be there to catch her next time. She tells him there won’t be a next time and she’s doing what she needs to do. He asks her what is up with the unresolved issues she has with Todd.

Langston tells Markko that she wants to be with him. He then tells the others that they all need to go to the show with the four tickets that Dorian has given them. They have a babysitter for Hope so they need to all get ready to go. Alone with Starr, Cole asks her what is going on. She asks if he did not say anything to Markko. He admits no but wants to know what is going on. Starr tells him she’s so glad that Markko does not ever need to know and that he and Langston are back. Isn’t that great?

Rex asks Allison how it is that Stacy would know what he needs to know. She tells him that she was watching that girl. She stole a sample of Mitch’s blood and hid it. Obviously the girl knew her baby wasn’t Rex’s. So she was going to switch Mitch’s blood with a sample of the baby’s so that Rex would mistakenly think that Mitch was his father. She tells them that she knows that Stacy stored the blood in the refrigerator in Rex’s old apartment. And she’s certain that it’s still there. Rex then asks why it is that Mitch’s stem cells saved his son’s life. How could that be? Allison admits that that is very interesting. She tells them that Mitch’s stem cells being a match for Shane was a sheer coincidence. Rex asks how it is that Kyle absolutely knows that he drew the stem cells from Mitch. She tells them she has no idea but they should consider the stem cells that saved Shane a gift. She then asks the guard to take her back. But Rex tells her there is one more thing he needs to know.

After Greg is done with Téa, she mentions to Eli that there is a special dish they have a the palace. And as soon as he hears the palace, it suddenly dawns on him, for the first time, that he was supposed to meet Blair at the palace. And he rushes to go.

At the palace, Blair tells Todd and Jack that maybe she and Eli got their wires crossed. Todd asks her if she’s going to sit and wait all night for a call that may never come. Blair notices that she cannot retrieve calls on her phone since the battery is dead.

From the hospital, Eli leaves a message for Blair, apologizing for forgetting. But when she doesn’t answer, he knows he needs to take Téa home.

Right when it appears that Jessica is engaging with Brody, she notices Cristian enter with Layla and she gets completely distracted and engrossed in Cristian. But Layla asks him to dance. They get up and dance together. Right then, the song “I Could Fall Involve with You” plays. Jessica remarks to Brody that that is the song that played when she was first with Cristian.

Starr and Langston arrive at the party. But Starr can see that things might not go as planned when she notices that Ford is there. Langston tells her she’s going to go and break it off with him. She finds Ford and tells him she needs to talk to him. Starr is worried that it might not go as planned. Markko and Cole enter and Markko instantly asks where Langston went. Starr replies the lady’s room. Markko goes and gets them drinks. Alone with Starr, Cole tells her this is too weird, the thought of Langston wanting to break up with Markko. Starr then admits to Cole that Langston is not in the lady’s room. She’s with Ford ready to tell him it’s over.

Langston takes Ford outside to talk. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him that she had a long talk with Starr who convinced her to break up with him. But, hearing that, Ford protests that he does not want her to do that.

Cole tells Starr that he cannot stand to look at Markko and Langston together knowing what she was going to do to him. He thinks that Markko has the right to know. But she asks what good that would do. It would just upset him for no reason. Cole reminds her that Markko has been completely snowed by the girl he loves. Markko is his best friend. She reminds him that Langston is her best friend. She’s realizing she made a mistake and is now doing the right thing. If Markko finds out she cheated, it could destroy him and they will never be able to have their future together. Cole reminds her that they never will as long as there is this huge lie between them. She urges him to let them deal with this their own way and tells him to please not tell Markko.

Langston admits to Ford that she was ready to break up with him. She admits to him that she lied to Starr and to Markko. She does not intend to break up with him. So, she tells Ford, they have to keep their “relationship” even more of a secret. He kisses her but she has to go to convince the others that she is done with him. She then returns. Cole and Starr are both unsettled.

Todd and Jack both tell Blair she needs to face it that Eli is not going to show up. She tells them she is getting out of there. Right then, Eli appears. She kisses him and asks what happened. He tells her he will explain everything over a bottle of the beset Champaign. Right then, Jack asks his dad if they are leaving before desert.

At Ultraviolet when Cristian is dancing with Layla and notices that Jessica is engrossing in him, she tells him that she wants to play their song. Jessica can’t take her eyes off of Cristian. Brody talks about the two of them together when they first danced together. But she has no recollection. She wants to band to start. She needs to study and get her grades up. But he tells her she owes him a second date.

Rex informs Allison that Roxy informed him that the day Allison stole him she just “happened” to find an abandoned baby at the hospital. Allison admits that all she knew was the nurses were talking about how unfortunate it was that a beautiful healthy baby boy got abandoned. She remembered a nurse with the name Wojahowicz. They all know what an uncommon name that is and they might be able to track this nurse down even after all these years.

At Ultraviolet, Starr can once again, sense that Langston’s mind is elsewhere. Right then, Life House starts performing.

We see Langston reluctantly with Markko staring a Ford who pretends not to see her.

Blair is happily at the palace with Eli. Todd is with Jack appearing incomplete. He then runs into Téa and passes her by. She looks disappointed to be alone at the palace.

At Ultraviolet, while the band plays, Cristian is with Layla. Jessica is staring at him completely oblivious to Brody who sits beside her,

Langston continues to stare at Ford. He stares back. But Markko still suspects nothing.

At the jail, the guard takes Allison back to her cell. Rex writes down the name of the nurse that Allison spells for him. And it appears she’s working right in the hospital alongside Dr. Greg.

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