OLTL Update Monday 4/12/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
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Starr informs Cole that Langston is breaking up with Markko. But he has heard a completely different story from Markko who has no clue what Langston has been planning. Cole tells Starr she must have gotten it all wrong. Starr tells him it’s true. It’s happening as they speak.

Markko is planning a romantic evening alone with Langston and has no clue that she does not want to be with him.

At that moment, Ford gets his door and the pizza girl is ready to sleep with him. It appears he’s forgotten all about Langston.

Brody reminds Jessica that he won the basketball game and gets to “collect” his date with her. Yet, she is clearly still not interested in him and has somebody else on the brain.

Matthew is disappointed that he gets to play Markko instead of Cole in the school musical. Destiny is disappointed that she gets to play Langston instead of Starr. Only Dani is happy that she gets the part of Starr.

When Bo awakens in his hospital room, he asks Nora to marry him.

When Gigi is in the courtroom at the custody hearing for baby Sierra Rose, Oliver and Kyle are also there with the baby. Rex enters and wants to be there for Gigi. Téa tells the judge that her client, Schuyler Joplin, wants to withdraw his petition for parental rights. It appears he is not the father of baby Sierra. The judge asks her if anybody knows who is. At that moment, Oliver speaks up and declares that he is. Sierra is his daughter. He holds her and the judge asks who he is. He tells her he is Oliver Fish. He knows that she is his child because he just had a DNA test which he gives to her to confirm. She asks where his lawyer is. He replies that he did not have time to get one. He found out suddenly that Sierra is his daughter. He’s had to take care of many things in a short amount of time. He will get a lawyer if need be. She asks Oliver if he is seeking full custody. He replies he will accept that if it’s offered to him. The judge asks if he is ready to be a father. He replies yes. He is ready.

Nora reminds Bo that he almost died. He tells her she should be nice to him and grant him his every wish. She laughs and tells him he will be fine and will live a long time. He tells her that they are all running out of time and he just got the big reminder of that. He asks her if she wants flowers. She laughs and tells him no. He tells her that all he could think of after getting shot is if he dies now, he will be really pissed. She tells him just for the record she would have been too. He tells her that he would have been really mad at himself and his biggest regret would be not to have asked her to marry him.

Jessica tells Brody that this is really bad taste after her uncle Bo almost died. Asking her out on a date is not the right thing to do. He reminds her that Bo will be okay and that is just an excuse. She tells him she has to get to school and work on the set. Brody won’t accept more excuses.

Destiny and Dani argue about who should get the lead role as Starr in the school musical.

Markko assumes that Langston must have a problem that he can help her with. She tells him that lately she’s been thinking about her future and what will happen. He assumes that she is talking about college, the future, and a totally different world. He assures her, she is so smart and will be great. She clarifies to him that it’s not college. She attempts to explain to him what she has decided. They are interrupted by Dorian at the door who smiles and also indicates she hasn’t a clue what is going on with Langston.

Cole tells Starr that it makes absolutely no sense that Langston would be breaking up with Markko. He was just there telling Cole about all of their plans together. Starr tells Cole she knows that Markko would probably be thinking that. She knows what Langston’s plans are, which are to break up with Markko, whether he knows it or not.

Dorian assumes that Langston and Markko want to be alone, so she leaves them with four tickets to see the concert at Ultraviolet. She tells them that the two of them have been working so hard and deserve a break. They can give the other two to Starr and Cole. She will even pay for a babysitter so they can all have a night off. Langston then indicates to her mom that she has something she needs to talk about.

While Starr and Cole are talking about Langston and Markko, Destiny finds them and tells them that she knows that they persuaded Mr. G. to cast her as Langston instead of Starr in the school musical. But they draw a blank not knowing what she is talking about.

When Jessica is with Cristian at the school auditorium, Brody tells them that he and Jessica have plans. She makes excuses. But Cristian leaves the two of them alone.

In the courtroom, the judge asks Oliver if he is married. He replies that he is gay. But he has a partner and they are fully committed to raising the baby together. Kyle introduces himself and confirms that he intends to commit to raising the baby. Eli reminds the judge that his client (Gigi) delivered the baby all alone in a cabin and risked her life to save the baby. The judge then asks Oliver and Kyle if they have enough money and resources to raise baby Sierra. They tell her they know they have challenges but intend to give her all the love she needs.

Bo and Nora joke about how they need for Matthew to be able to tell people that his parents are married. They both know that Matthew doesn’t really care about that. He tells her that he is old fashioned. He wants a traditional wedding. Maybe they can get Little Richard to sing. They'll get to dance again and relive old times. He suggests getting married on their previous anniversary. But she tells him she can’t. He asks her why she can’t marry him. She reminds him that they talked about this. They did not want to hurt anybody or cause collateral damage to people like Clint. He reminds her that Clint is remarried. But she tells him that when he married an ex-pole dancer, that is rebound, not healing nor moving on. She knows that Clint spent the entire night outside the hospital room door and still loves Bo. He is barely speaking to her, however. If she and Bo got married, it would just cause more problems. But he tells her she is just using Clint as an excuse and it’s a load of bull. She tells him that she is just trying to be sensitive. He tells her she is just trying to be safe and is afraid to take a chance on them again.

Layla admits that she is having insecurities about Cristian spending so much time with Jessica.

Jessica makes many excuses to Brody and asks if he cannot take a hint that she does not want to go out with him.

Matthew notices that a boy they don’t know is playing Cole. He and Dani meet the boy.

At the coffee shop, Starr urges Destiny to know that she did not cast Dani to play her just because Dani is her sister. Cole confirms that she did not. Starr asks her if Matthew got cast. Destiny replies that he is playing Markko. Starr tells her at least she and Matthew will get to work together. Destiny then tells Starr she is sorry and leaves. Alone with Starr, Cole tells her that he does not believe that Langston is breaking up with Markko. Starr tells him she wishes it wasn’t happening. But Langston had a “thing” with Ford. Hearing that, he asks her if she really believes that Langston slept with Ford. But Starr knows that it has happened. Cole asks her for how long. Starr replies it’s been going on for a while.

Dorian talks alone to Langston telling her if she’s having problems with Markko, it’s just a temporary rough patch. Langston thanks her for her advice realizing she better not argue with Dorian. But she sees it differently. Dorian goes toward the door and asks Langston if she has any idea how truly wonderful Markko is.

The judge asks Gigi if she understands the responsibilities of raising a baby as a single mother of her own son as well as her baby niece. Eli stands up and talks about Gigi’s successful track record as a single mom and her commitment to baby Sierra. He mentions that these two gentlemen obviously mean well but are both busy with their work. Mr. Fish is a full-time police officer. Mr. Lewis is a full-time med student. Gigi then stands up and tells the judge that she knows that Mr. Clark is doing his job. She knows that all parents do not know what to expect. She loves her niece and promised to take care of her for her sister. But she’s Oliver’s kid and he loves her, too. Her sister didn’t make too many appropriate choices in her life, but she really lucked out with Oliver and so did baby Sierra. She concludes that baby Sierra belongs with Oliver. The judge then declares that they are done there and awards Oliver sole custody of baby Sierra. She announces that court is adjourned.

After Cole finds out that Starr knows what she is talking about and that Langston plans to break up with Markko, he demands to know how Langston could do that to Markko. Starr admits she does not know, but Langston asked her to promise not to tell anybody.

Dorian urges Langston to know how fortunate she is to have a good partner in her life like Markko. Langston cries and tells her she knows. Dorian tells her she deserves to have somebody who treats her so great because she is a wonderful girl. Langston does not argue. Dorian assumes that Langston intends to stay with Markko and encourages the two of them to enjoy their evening together.

The strange boy looks at Dani knowing that they will play the perfect couple, Starr and Cole. Matthew knows that he and Destiny will play the “secondary” couple. He asks the boy if he is new. The boy admits that he just moved and transferred from another high school.

Layla admits to Cristian that she really wishes that Jessica would get over him. He tells her that right now, as they speak, Jessica is with Brody and will hopefully forget all about him.

Meanwhile, Jessica is making it clear that that is not what she is doing.

Nora tells Bo that she is not the best wife material. He needs to remember that. He asks her if she is afraid that he won’t forgive her. Maybe she has not forgiven him. He asks her why she does not believe that if they try again, that they could get it right. She asks him how he knows that they would not hurt each other again.

At the end of the hearing, Gigi asks Oliver if she can say goodbye to baby Sierra. Oliver gives the baby to Gigi and graciously tells her he does not expect her to say goodbye. He wants his daughter to know her aunt, her cousin Shane, and Rex and knows it’s what Stacy would have wanted. Outside the courtroom, Rex asks Kyle some questions about what he might know regarding Roxy and Mitch and the stem cells that saved Shane. Kyle admits that he gave Roxy the stem cells at the hospital. Rex asks if he is positive that it was Mitch’s stem cells. Kyle confirms that he was absolutely positive that it was Mitch. Oliver then leaves with Kyle and the baby. Alone with Rex, Gigi tells him that she is confident that Oliver will be a good father. And she’s confident of Kyle as well, knowing he’s come a long way since his “shady history” not long ago. Rex then informs her that he was just talking bout Kyle’s involvement in extracting Mitch’s stem cells. Kyle swears that the stem cells that saved Shane came from Mitch. Rex admits that he cannot understand how that would be if Mitch is not Rex’s father.

Cristian and Layla are making plans. They see Ford and his new “companion” together and know what they have been doing together.

With Markko, Langston cries and tells him that Dorian just wanted to remind her how wonderful he is and how lucky she is to have him. Hearing that, he smiles and tells her he is so glad he’s somehow gotten on that woman’s good side. Langston turns away and does not look happy. She does not know how to tell him what is up. He tells her that maybe Dorian is right. She has been stressed and deserves a night out. He goes out the door and tells her he will be back to pick her up and plan their special evening together. She tells him he doesn’t need to do that. But he is all the more motivated.

Starr admits to Cole that she was hoping that Langston would see the light and dump that jerk, Ford. But she’s clearly laid down the law that she is breaking up with Markko and not breaking up with Ford. She goes back to Langston but notices that Cole is depressed with the news.

Bo tells Nora that they are going to get it right this time. He can feel it. She tells him, he does not know. He admits that’s true. Nobody knows anything. There is no guarantee of anything. But then should they never take a chance again? What kind of a life is that? He asks her where she thought they were headed. She tells him she just wants to take things one day at a time. He tells her they will. One of those days will be their wedding day. He asks her if she thinks he is not scared. She asks him what of. He replies that he is scared of wasting more time. He tells her that he loves her and knows they can make it. Let’s just hold hands and jump, he tells her. He asks her if they are in or out?

Starr returns to Langston and asks how it went. Langston replies to her that she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t break up with Markko.

Ford’s new friend, the pizza girl acts like she might want to be with him at Ultraviolent. But he knows they cannot be seen together. Cristian and Layla are ready to be together.

Brody asks Jessica to go with him to Ultraviolet.

Dani tells the new boy that she guesses she will see him at rehearsal. Destiny returns, smiles and asks Matthew and Dani who is “that fine thing?” Matthew looks at her disappointed and replies that that is “Cole.”

Nora then happily agrees to marry Bo and take a leap of faith.

Rex asks how Mitch’s stem cells could be a perfect match for Shane. It’s too random. He then concludes that maybe he’s not Roxy’s son whom she lost and died. But maybe he is still Mitch’s son.

Inside the empty courtroom, Téa tells Eli that she will have to see if Schuyler can enroll in some sort of program. She hates that he did not even want to fight. He tells her that he does not like that Gigi gave up. Suddenly, Téa falls to the floor and Eli catches her. 

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