OLTL Update Friday 4/9/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

In Dorian’s kitchen, with both Blair and Todd overhearing, John informs Kelly that he got a lead on her mom’s death.

At the hospital, Greg informs Bo’s family and friends that the good news is he is awake and stable. However, he’s lost a lot of blood after just coming out of surgery. Nora, Matthew, Rex, Natalie, Jessica, Clint and Brody all stand around and rejoice.

At Schuyler’s trial, after he declares that he is guilty of shooting Bo Buchanan and intended to shoot Rex Balsam, Roxy stands up and urges the judge to know that her “son” doesn’t know what he is saying. Téa asks if she might have a moment to confer with her client. Schuyler stands up and confirms that he does know what he is saying and doing. He declares to the judge that he thinks his lawyer truly believes that he is crazy or that he was to have been able to do the things that he has done. Téa sits down in disbelief not knowing what to do as Schuyler admits that she’s “half right.” He tells the court that he’s done some pretty unbelievable things while he turns his head and looks back at Gigi who has just entered the room. He admits that he’s denied his own daughter and put her life on the line because he was trying to impress “somebody” and make her love him. He lost his perspective and his judgment and everything that he has worked for since he put the drugs down. He tells the judge, he knew what he was doing. He thought it would be worth the risk and he was wrong. He deserves to be punished. Roxy then closes her eyes helpless to do anything to help him.

After John informs Kelly that he has investigated her mother’s murder, she reminds him that she thought she heard him say he was not going to get involved. He tells her that he did contact the authorities in CA and is following up on a lead. Todd overhears and tells John he does not need him since he has his own lead. John asks Todd to do them all a favor and leave this to professionals. Hearing that, Todd scoffs and reminds Kelly that the last time this “professional” (John) was in charge, he got cozy with Natalie, got Jessica shot and a stripper fell through the ice and drowned. Kelly tells Todd she appreciates the help he’s given her, but John is much better equipped and much less likely to get himself arrested. John tells her that he has interviews scheduled with the staff at the institution. She then offers to go with him to investigate.

Outside the courtroom, before the custody hearing, Kyle holds baby Sierra and then gives her to Oliver. He asks Oliver to tell her what he just told Kyle; that there is no way they are going to get custody. There is no use. So they might as well just give up and go home. Oliver holds the baby and admits that he cannot do that. Kyle tells him he gets that he is scared. He understands that. He looks at the baby and reflects that this little girl eats 5 times a day and he can’t even boil an egg. He lives in a hotel without a kitchen and spent all night wondering where to find her breakfast. Hearing that, Oliver laughs and tells him they can find some formula at the grocery store. Kyle then laughs and tells Oliver that he can see that Oliver is a natural at this. They can both take care of her. They just need to figure out how to take her home.

In the courtroom, the judge tells Schuyler he needs to make sure that he understands the consequences of a guilty plea. There will be no trial. As soon as Schuyler admits guilt, he will be sentenced. The charges he faces carry significant prison time. Roxy puts her head in her arms and the judge concludes very well. He will accept Schuyler’s guilty plea until sentencing can be arranged at which time he will be remanded. Téa then protests that given Mr. Joplin’s extraordinary degree of cooperation, she is requesting that he be at liberty to take care of his affairs until sentencing. He needs some time. But Schuyler tells her it’s okay. He tells the judge that there is nothing he cannot do from prison so they may send him to Statesville. Roxy tells him that he cannot mean what he is saying and asks the judge if she could have a little more time to get to know her son. Schuyler declares that he cannot face knowing that Bo Buchanan is in the hospital because of him.

At the hospital, Matthew is first to ask Dr. Greg if he can see his dad. Greg tells him sure -- for a few minutes. But he can only let one person at a time. Matthew then enters Bo’s room. Matthew admits that it reminded him of when he was in the hospital. He tells him he knows that Nora has been very protective and worried. He tells his dad he’s really glad he’s okay.

At the high school, Destiny and Dani are busy brainstorming how they are going to get into the hospital to be with Matthew. They wonder which one will pretend to be a family member and which will be the candy striper when they conclude that maybe it would just be easier to have Matthew paged at the front desk of the hospital. They admit that they have been very competitive over the play and it’s not worth breaking up their friendship. Dani gets a call from Matthew who informs her that his dad is going to be okay. She hugs Destiny and right then, the teacher comes to announce to them that he has the cast list. Dani is going to be playing Starr and Destiny will be Langston. Destiny obviously does not like being the “best friend.”

Meanwhile, Cole and Markko are at the coffee shop talking about their “assumption” that Markko and Langston have worked things out and are not going to break up. Hannah sits and overhears them not looking content.

Sensing that Starr is very disappointed in her for concluding she is going to break up with Markko, Langston protests that she would do anything in order to keep all of them friends. But she’s tried and failed to work it out with Markko. Nothing changes. He’s either planning out her life or looking at her with those puppy dog eyes. She concludes that it’s not fair to Markko. He deserves somebody who will be there for him and appreciate him, not somebody who merely feels sorry for him and then turns around and cheats on him. She tells Starr that she does love Markko. He’s the best. She just doesn’t want to be his girlfriend anymore. She just wishes there was a way to do that without breaking his heart.

Rex and Natalie go in to see Bo who remarks to Rex that he can see that he is not okay. Rex tells Bo that he is angry at him for taking a bullet that was intended for himself. He tells Bo that he needs Bo in his life. The next time, he suggests, how about he gets shot and Bo ends up feeling like an idiot. Is that a deal? Bo then asks him what about next time, nobody gets shot and they all go out for a beer. Rex looks at him and tells him he never wants this to happen again. They notice Clint at the door. Rex and Natalie leave the two brothers alone to talk. Rex tells Natalie he has to go and find Gigi. She suggests that he goes to find Roxy. He tells her he doesn’t know. Things have been a little weird since they’ve found out that he is not her son. Natalie tells Rex that what he needs to do is be there for their mutual mother. Do whatever he intends to do for Roxy; hug her, annoy her or do whatever. Just be her son, she tells him. She urges her brother to leave, and he goes.

Markko departs to return to Langston, planning his big date. Noticing Cole alone, Hannah asks if the seat is taken.

Langston concludes to Starr that she is going to have to officially break up with Markko. Starr tells her that she has to go. Langston tells her that she now knows that everything is going to have to change. She will have to move out. It would not be fair to have Markko kicked out. She’s sure his parents will be thrilled to not have her with their son anymore. But she cannot go back to Dorian’s when she knows she has to go move somewhere. Hearing that, Starr tells her she could not be considering moving in with Ford. Could she? Langston admits that that might be a possibility.

John tells Kelly he has to work alone. She tells him this is her mother. He tells her that she is emotionally involved. She tells him she will then go alone and risk making mistakes. Todd obviously does not want John involved or with Kelly. He reminds her that if she leaves town, he will fire her from the Sun. She protests that she has several personal days. John then finds out that Bo just woke up. Kelly intends to meet him at the airport.

When the cops put Schuyler in handcuffs, Téa and Roxy are worried but he seems not to care. Roxy tells him he must know that it’s not too late for him to tell the judge he made a mistake and wants to change his plea. But he tells her this is not a mistake. Eli then enters to represent Gigi. She informs him that Schuyler has pled guilty, and they are taking him to Statesville. Schuyler then tells Gigi, while they drag him off, that he’s terribly sorry but knows she will be a great mother to Sierra Rose.

Hannah asks Cole how his mom is. He replies that she is pregnant, moving in with her boyfriend and cutting back on her caseload. Noticing Hannah’s disappointed expression, he tells her he’s sure his mom can make some time for her if she still wants to see her. Hannah tells him definitely. She tells him his mom seems really nice and really easy to talk to just like her son. She just hopes that Starr is okay. Cole asks why Starr would not be okay.

Langston tells Starr that she did not mean for this to happen and would give anything for Markko to be the one. She hugs Starr and asks what she would do without a friend like her. Starr tells her it’s a good thing she will never have to find out. Starr leaves when Markko enters. He is ready to plan a big event with Langston and has no clue that she plans to break up with him.

At the high school, Destiny protests that Dani didn’t even want the lead role in the play. She just wanted to stick it to her dad. They need a “real actress” to play the part of Starr. Dani then asks Destiny what happened to not letting the play ruin their friendship. At that moment, Matthew enters to surprise them by informing them that his dad is going to be okay and told him he wants him back in school. So what did he miss?

At the hospital, Natalie encourages Brody to go in and see Bo. But he tells her that since he is not “family,” he does not want to intrude. She protests that he is not intruding. They both observe a non-responsive Jessica. Brody tells Natalie that he doubts her sister would agree with that. Maybe she’s afraid that he will bring up their bet. Natalie asks him what bet. He explains that they played a game of basketball where if he wins she has to go out with him. He won. Hearing that, Natalie smiles and encourages Brody to “claim” his date. But he knows that Jessica is just not interested in him regardless. Natalie goes into the other room and sees John who hugs her.

Clint tells Bo that it finally hit him. He saw him lying there earlier looking half dead and it finally hit him. Asa is gone. Ben is gone. Now it’s just the two of them. If they want this family to prosper, they need to fix things. He knows it will not be easy. They have to have a sort of reckoning in order to make things right as brothers. He encourages Bo to heal up and tells him he will be waiting for him. He goes out the door and Nora enters.

In the courthouse, Téa informs Eli and Gigi that she will be speaking on Schuyler’s behalf at the custody hearing. He asks her if Schuyler is pressing the case. She replies no. He’s officially renouncing any claim to Sierra Rose. Eli then reflects that now he and Gigi just have Oliver Fish to worry about. Outside the courtroom, Schuyler observes Oliver and Kyle with baby Sierra and asks if he can have a moment to say goodbye to his daughter. Oliver gives him the baby while Kyle goes to talk to Roxy. He tells her that whatever happens, they will need a babysitter and Sierra needs a grandma. Hearing that, Roxy hugs Kyle knowing that he remembered that that was what everybody believed would be the case. Schuyler tells the baby that he knows that her daddy will take such good care of her and he will do everything he can do to make it up to her and hopes she will forgive him. Oliver wishes him luck, takes the baby and goes into the courtroom with Kyle when the hearing is about to start. Roxy then goes with her new son. But at that moment, Rex appears. They both stare at him not knowing what to do or say.

Kelly gets ready to leave and go with John to CA and tells Todd she will call him when she gets to Los Angeles. He then smugly tells her he doesn’t think so. He just found out that all the flights have been booked. Overhearing that, Blair asks Todd if he bought all the tickets. Kelly tells her she’s sure he did which is why she took the liberty of booking Todd’s private jet. He tells her he won’t let her do that. She then tells him in that case, she’s sure that Kevin would love to loan her the B.E. jet especially if she tells him it would tick Todd off royally. So she’s going. At that point, Blair smirks and tells Todd it looks like she’s met his match.

John is talking to Bo. Brody tells Jessica that he is calling in his mark. That date she owes him he will be collecting. John tells Natalie he will be out of town for a couple days. She urges him to be careful.

Dani informs Matthew that she got the role of Starr and Destiny got the role of Langston. He asks if he’s in the cast. They look through the list and see that Matthew will be cast as Markko. They all appear surprised.

Starr goes to the coffee shop to find Cole when he is talking to Hannah informing her when his mom has office hours. Starr then asks if she can have a word with her boyfriend. Hannah then goes out the door. Cole can see that something is up with Starr. She then admits to him that Langston is breaking up with Markko.

Markko shows Langston a ton of CDs and is ready to plan a fun evening together. But she asks him to wait. She informs him that there is something she must tell him.

When Schuyler comes face to face with Rex, he is ready to confront him. The guards demands that he gets going and drags him off. Roxy follows them.

The judge asks everybody to rise. Gigi is there with Eli. Oliver, Kyle and baby Sierra are in the back row. The judge announces that they are there to establish custody of the minor child, Sierra Rose Morasco.

Alone with Nora, Bo asks her to marry him. 

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