OLTL Update Thursday 4/8/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Nora is very impatient as she waits with Matthew, Rex and Gigi for Bo to get out of surgery. Matthew can sense that his mom is very worried. Right then, Natalie and Clint appear and they all ask Greg about the verdict.

In the courtroom, Téa represents Schuler and tells the jail guards that they had better treat her client with respect. Privately he admits to her that he is worried that Bo might not make it. She tells him she hopes so because if he does not, the charges will go from attempted murder to the real thing.

Right then, Todd goes to confront Langston about the “slanderous” portrayal she has made of him in her musical. He reminds her of all the money he has donated to the school and how he could file a lawsuit. But right then, Starr appears and dares her father to go through with it.

Eli is staying overnight with Blair and making breakfast in the kitchen. Right then, he assumes that she is behind him. But it’s Kelly who appears and sees him.

Marty and John are getting acclimated while living together.

Kelly introduces herself to Eli It looks like they might be flirting. Right then, Blair enters appearing insanely jealous.

At the hospital, Greg assures Bo’s family and friends that he made it through surgery. But there are not guarantees since he’s lost a lot of blood. They are all worried and ask Greg what needs to be done.

Todd asks Starr if she’ read this thing and how bad Langston makes him look. Starr asks if any of it is not true. She reminds him that he did throw his pregnant daughter down a flight of stares. He protests that it was an accident. They remind him that it was not an accident that he beat the crap out of Cole. Starr tells her father that maybe the best he can do is get a front row seat and watch it. And it might prevent him from making the same mistake with Dani.

Blair tells Kelly that she always wants what Blair has or has had.

Todd then tells Starr she must know that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too but that does not change what happened. And maybe he can learn from what happened. In the end result, she and Cole are together with their beautiful baby daughter. Todd then realizes he has no choice and goes out the door. Alone with Starr, Langston tells Starr that she does not appreciate her going behind Langston’s back to get Ford to stop seeing her. She tells Starr that is not ok.

At the hospital, Cole asks Natalie how Bo got shot. She informs him that he took the bullet for Rex when Schuyler was holding a gun on Rex when he lost it. Clint then informs his daughter that he and Kim broke up. Right then, Roxy enters and asks Rex if Bo is ok. She is worried that maybe her “son” does not welcome her since he is not her son after all. He tells her she is welcome there and none of this is her fault. It’s Schuyler’s fault. She tells him that she has found out that Allison is correct that he is not her son. But she reveals to Rex and to Gigi that her baby did not die although she does not want to go into that. Yet Rex and Gigi want to know if she knows who her son is. They tell her they don’t want any more secrets. She then reveals that her son is Schuyler.

In Bo’s OR room, Nora stands by Bo and asks Greg if there is any more that they can give him. He replies that they have given him oxygen and that is all they can give him for now. Matthew stands by his mom while she cries and begs Bo to come back to her and give her a sign that he’s going to make it.

Starr tells Langston that she only went to see Ford for one reason. It was out of concern for Langston. Langston reminds Starr that she is not her mother. She stayed out of Starr’s business with Mr. Joplin,. Starr replies that Mr. Joplin did not have sex with her and realized she was a kid. Langston then asks Starr if she thinks that Langston is a clueless kid who cannot make her own decisions.

In the courtroom, Schuyler asks Téa what has become of baby Sierra. She tells him she’s sure that Oliver tells him that she is his lawyer and all people deserve a fair trial. He then tells her that he has just found out some startling information involving Roxy being his mother and he’s asked her to forget that he is her son.

Outside Bo’s OR room, Roxy explains to Rex and Gigi that Allison told her she switched her son with baby Rex and gave Schuyler to her sister, Leah Joplin. All these years, nobody has ever known. She has to get to the courthouse to be there for her “son."

Clint admits to Natalie that he loves his brother. Inside the OR, Matthew tells his comatose father that he regrets defying him and doubting him and he wants another chance.

Eli is with Blair and Kelly when Todd enters the kitchen. Blair indicates that she does not want him there to see Kelly. Maybe the two of them should be “conducting business” at the Sun instead of in Dorian’s kitchen. But Todd tells her this is not “business’. This is personal.

John admits to Marty that he is investigating the murder of Kelly’s mother. But he tells her that he is not going anywhere. She and the baby are his number one priority.

Clint asks Matthew how he is holding up. Matthew replies fine. Clint tells his nephew he’s a lousy liar just like his father. Matthew tells his uncle that Bo would like to hear Clint’s voice even if Clint is still angry at him and Matthew walks away. Clint then privately tells his comatose brother that he knows he was angry at him and tried to shoot him when Bo took Nora from him. But, he tells Bo, he loves him and cannot imagine his life without Bo in it.

Outside the room, Rex asks Roxy how she could want to be there to offer support to Schuyler. He could have killed Bo. Does she think that one DNA test would make any difference? Roxy then explains to him that she knows she was a lousy mother to him and Natalie. She cannot take any of those mistakes back. But now she has a son and a chance to start over. If she can make it right for Schuyler and be there for her son and get another chance, she is going to take it.

Téa tells Schuyler that he has to let her help him and plead temporary insanity. IF they do not do that, he is in serious trouble. She tells him she does not think he was in his right mind when he kidnapped Gigi and intended to shoot Rex. Does he think he was?

Starr tells Langston that she knows that she loves Markko and does not intend to cheat on him. That is why she went to see Ford.

Todd asks Blair to bring him the salt. She tells him she is not going to bring him anything. Eli then kisses her so she will get over Todd. Kelly is talking to Todd along and making Blair jealous. She asks him why he would care about helping Kelly to find out what happened to her mother. She tells Todd she knows that he “wants something” from Kelly. Kelly then tells him that she has asked John McBain to look into this for her. Overhearing that, Blair indicates she may be jealous of Kelly having contact another man in her life.

Marty tells John she does not want him to change his life style just because she’s having his baby. He still has his job catching the bad guys. If he has a chance to put Mitch Laurence and Allison Perkins away, he must do it. Nobody should have to stop doing what they do. And that includes him.

Starr informs Langston that Ford told her she is a teenage slut who threw herself at Schuyler Joplin. He also indicated that Cole might be cheating on her with Hannah. And he also told Starr that he believed that Langston is a woman and not a girl has the right to make her own decision. She asked Ford if he has feelings for Langston and he did not answer that. Langston then tells Starr that a lot of guys do not admit their feelings but it does not mean they don’t feel anything. Starr asks Langston if she believes that Ford has feelings for her. Langston tells her she thinks so by the way he looks at her. Hearing that, Starr reminds her that Hannah may have thought the same thing. And she again asks Langston what happened to what she had with Markko.

Clint tells an unconscious Bo that he did not ruin Clint’s life. But he thought that they would have more time together.

In the courtroom, Téa tells Schuyler that he is not a criminal. He is an addict. He has the right to get help and know that there are people who care about him. Hearing that, he scoffs and asks what people there are who care about him. She replies she does. Rachel does. And right then, Roxy enters and tells him so does she.

Todd asks Kelly what she needs John McBain for. She tells him that that is John’s job. John hasn’t even agreed to help her yet and has admitted that he needs time to think about it. Overhearing that, Blair asks Kelly if she believes that any man would have other things in his life besides her. Kelly then informs her cousin that she realizes John has a life of his own including his new baby.

Clint tells Bo that they are a family and need each other. And BO better never forget that. Clint goes out the door and Nora asks Bo if he just heard what Clint said to him. She hopes he did and that he knows that his brother will always love him. She cries and tells him that he has to be ok so that they can be a family again. She kisses him but he is still unconscious. Outside, Natalie asks her father if BO is going to be ok. He tells her he hopes so because he does not know what he will do if he does not get a chance to make things right with his brother. She hugs her father. In the other room, Gigi reminds Rex that she still wants custody of her niece. He asks her if, now that she’s found out that baby Sierra is not Schuyler’s daughter, doesn’t that change things? Does she want to take her from Oliver and Kyle? Gigi admits that she doesn’t really know what she wants. But she’s really grateful to have Rex there.

Langston admits to Starr that she does love Markko but has a problem with his being possessive of her. She hates what she is doing to him. But she knows that he is afraid she is leaving so that he is trapping her into staying.

In the kitchen, alone with Blair, Eli tells her he knows that she was briefly married to John McBain. He tells her hat she did not look too happy when she found out that John was going to have a baby. Blair then tells him that it’s because she could not accept Marty Saybrooke having a baby with John. She would not care if it was anybody besides Marty Saybrooke. He then asks her what if it was Kelly. In the other corner of the room, Kelly and Todd are privately talking.

John tells Marty that he will go to CA to investigate Kelly’s mother’s death. But she must call him whenever anything happens with the pregnancy. She then smiles and laughs and tells him when he’s gone, she’s going to decorate his apartment with colorful décor. He does not find that as amusing as she does, however,.

Téa presents her case for her client, Schuyler while Roxy stands by her new son.

Rex tells unconscious Bo that he has a big mess to find out for the first time that Roxy is not his mom and he hasn’t a clue whom his real parents are. He knows that Bo has always known what to say to him. He’s always been so good to Rex and doesn’t know how he can get through all of this without Bo. Rex acknowledges that Bo saved his life. Yes, he should be grateful. But he wants more. He wants Bo to come back. Outside the room, Nora thanks Clint for saying what he said to Bo.

Starr asks Langston why she believes that Markko’s loving her is a trap. Langston admits that she really doesn’t know what she is feeling. Markko is always nice to her and it almost makes her wish he was mean to her. Starr then tells Langston she has to do something with the Ford situation. Langston then tells her she’s right and she will break up with “him” today. Hearing that and assuming that Langston means she’s breaking up with Ford, Starr tells her she’s really glad she’s coming to her senses. But Langston clarifies she did not mean she is breaking up with Ford. She means that she is breaking up with Markko.

At the hospital, Natalie asks Rex if her remembers what they used to do as kids when Roxy would get wasted. They used to recite a prayer about angels guarding them. He then remembers it.

Nora sits with Bo. Matthew is outside the window with his Uncle Clint.

The judge tells the court that he has heard Ms Delgado’s plea. But he would like to hear from her client. He then asks Schuyler if he pleads insanity.

Nora cries and tells unconscious Bo that he must know there is so much love out there for him and he must feel it. Right then, Bo opens his eyes and moves his head. She smiles and kisses him.

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