OLTL Update Wednesday 4/7/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/7/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

As Cole goes to open the apartment door, Markko quickly opens expecting Langston. Langston was supposed to be home, but isn’t. Markko tells Cole he knows she is hiding something from him. Cole tells him to chill, but Markko wants him to talk to Starr. He insists that Starr doesn’t know what is going on because they don’t keep secrets from one another. Cole advises Markko to just ask Lang what is going on. Markko has tried, but she won’t open up to him and he fears he is losing her. Cole tells him to talk to her nicely, not like a jealous idiot. Langston walks in, and Markko jumps up demanding to know where she has been. Markko grills her and accuses her of sneaking around and acting guilty. Cole gets a call from Hannah that his mom is in the hospital and quickly leaves the apartment. Lang tells Markko she was with Cristian checking out the set and pulls out a time stamped picture on her phone to prove it. Markko pleads with Lang to tell him what is going on and that it feels like she is slipping away. He is afraid to lose her they need some to just chill together. Markko leaves the room to go get a video game they used to play.

Starr bursts into Ford’s office demanding he stop seeing Langston. Ford tells her that it is none of her business. Starr tells Ford that he and Langston made it her business when they left the condom wrapper on their apartment floor and Lang made her swear not to tell. They continue to bicker back and forth; he is ridiculous for sleeping with a high school girl, after all he is a TA in college and should not be going after barely legal girls. He tells her, that Lang is not a girl and who the hell is she for judging him, after all he says, you’re just a slut who got pregnant in HS. Starr is shocked and speechless! Starr defends her actions with Cole. Ford just uses girls and takes advantage of their naivety. He reminds Starr that he is not forcing Lang to do anything and that she once tried to get her teacher in to bed. Starr is surprised that Langston told him this. Starr doesn’t want Lang to be just another notch in his belt, but Ford surprises her when he says that maybe there is more to it than just sex. Ford looks a bit surprised by what he just said. He implies that Starr is so concerned about their actions because maybe she and Cole don’t tell each other everything and maybe Cole is sleeping with Hannah. Starr storms out after telling him that Lang will come to her senses and he will never know true love. Ford calls Lang and asks her to come see him about Starr. She says no and hangs up. Ford then makes a 2nd call asking for Karen and then orders a large pizza. Starr gets the message to go to the hospital because Cole is there to see his mother. She finds Cole and Hannah hugging. Starr says hi and Hannah leaves. Cole says she was thanking him for keeping her secret.

Marty wakes up in her hospital bed and asks the nurse if John had been there. She tells Marty that John is in the ER and that the Commissioner has been shot. Marty walks out to the hallway and finds John comforting Nat. They see her and Nat explains why they were in an embrace. Marty understands and Nat goes to check on Uncle Bo again.

At the police station, Schuyler is handcuffed to a chair. Roxy comes in and tells him that she is his mother. He tells her he already knows this and he knows she hates him. Roxy tells him she doesn’t hate him. Schuyler goes on about all the bad stuff he did and she should just forget that he is her son. Roxy tells him that there are reasons that he should hate her too. She knew deep down that Allison gave her the wrong baby. Her baby had a birth mark on his face. Roxy wants a chance to be his mother. Roxy tells Rex he’s a druggie, she’s a drunk, but they both loved Sierra and lost her. They need to stick together and she will be by his side at his arraignment.

Gigi goes to see Fish, he’s holding Sierra. Gigi tells him that she knows he is her father. Fish is smiling at Sierra, very happy he has his daughter. Gigi tells Fish how Bo got shot at the cabin. Fish says he felt bad taking Sierra from Schuyler; he saw how empty he looked. Fish wants to go to the hospital, but Gigi says to stay home, Sierra needs him. Kyle takes the baby as Fish and Gigi talk about when he found out he was her dad. He doesn’t want to lie like Schuyler did and tells Gigi the truth. Now they want to know if she is going to pursue the custody case.

At the hospital, Rex, Nora, Jess, Nat, Brody and John wait for news on Bo. Rex and Nora console each other. Nora is afraid she is going to lose him after recently getting him back. Greg is working to stabilize him, but Bo is bleeding out and starts to crash. They use the paddles to restart his heart. Bo is finally revived and stabilized for surgery. Greg tells them he can’t promise anything. One by one his loved ones talk to him. Bo tells Rex he would step in front of the bullet again; he wouldn’t change his actions. He loves him.

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