OLTL Update Monday 4/5/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/5/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Jessica is determined to find a way to “bond” with Cristian. She wants to do an art project with him. But her memory only knows the days when computers and websites were foreign to most people. He shows her how to type in a website on the laptop. That appears foreign to her. At that moment, Natalie enters and asks Cristian what the hell he is doing.

Kelly Cramer goes to talk to John about investigating her mother’s death.

Meanwhile, Todd is on the phone with his own contact demanding that they find out how Kelly’s mother died.

Roxy tells Allison that she is devastated that she had to tell Rex that he is not her son and the baby she had all those years ago died. Hearing that, Allison reveals to her that her baby did not die. She replaced that baby with Rex. The baby Roxy gave birth to survived. He is alive.

At the place where Schuyler has taken her, Gigi tells him she cannot stay there. She has to see Sierra and must go. He tells her she is not going anywhere and pulls out the gun. She is shocked.

Bo and Rex go to Rodi’s to find Nora with Matthew, Dani and Destiny. Rex asks if any of them have seen Gigi or Schuyler Joplin.

Schuyler right then tells Gigi he is not going to let her leave.

Jessica informs Natalie that Cristian has been kind enough to give her a ride home from the diner and has been showing her this “new things” on the computer. Natalie is tells him it may not be appropriate for Cristian to be having this contact with Jessica when he’s with Layla. Jessica tells Natalie that she knows that she (Natalie) has her own issues with John McBain and Marty.

John informs Kelly that Marty is pregnant with his child. But if she (Kelly) comes by the station, they can talk more about it. Right then, John gets a call from Marty telling him she will have to take a nap because she’s very tired. Kelly tells him that if Marty is going to be sleeping, then maybe they (she and John) can talk now. John then agrees.

Dani asks Matthew and Destiny who Gigi and Schuyler Joplin are. Destiny explains that they work at Rodi’s. Schuyler is a bartender who used to be a teacher but is now in med school working under her brother Greg. Matthew then asks the girls about their audition for Langston’s musical. Destiny and Dani appear to be competitive about who is going to be the star in the show.

Nora asks Rex and Bo if it’s true that Allison Perkins got her hands, somehow, on Schuyler Joplin’s’ daughter. Rex tells her, "Yes." Only she is not Schuyler’s daughter. She’s Oliver Fish’s baby. Hearing that, Nora is confused and tells them she thought that Oliver was gay. How could they have suddenly discovered that he conceived baby Sierra? Bo explains that it’s a long story. A DNA test confirmed that Sierra was Oliver’s. Allison and Mitch somehow got their hands on the baby, but then they got put into custody. Nora remarks that Schuyler must be devastated to learn that she is not his baby. Rex tells her he does not feel sorry for Schuyler. He’s worried what might have happened to Gigi since he believes that Schuyler has taken Allison’s gun. Bo clarifies that they do not know that for sure. But Rex knows that neither Allison nor Mitch have the gun. Now that Schuyler has lost his baby, he is not acting rationally.

Gigi asks Schuler what he intends to do. Shoot her? He tells her no way. He could never hurt her. She asks him to put the gun down. He tells her that he needs her to listen to him. She tells him she understands what he is going through. He thought that Sierra was his only to find out that Stacy lied to him. She’s been there. It’s the worst feeling in the world to believe you’ve lost something. He tells her that he does not care about anything. He may have lost Sierra. But he and Gigi have a second chance. They belong together.

Todd is talking to Téa and asks where Dani is. She tells him she’s with Nora and Matthew. Téa asks Todd if he’s seen her client, Schuyler Joplin.

Roxy angrily tells Allison it’s not enough that she’s believed throughout Rex’s life that she had him with Mitch Laurence and has had to keep the secret from him and then had to devastate him to have him believing that Mitch is his father. Now she finds out that Rex is not her son and the kid she did have died. Allison tells her he did not die. He is alive.

Jessica sounds like a teenager telling Natalie that she doesn’t need to worry about Jessica and Cristian since they are “just friends.” Natalie is jealous of Marty’s boyfriend and is taking it out on Jessica and Cristian. Cristian then asks Jessica if she can go and get him a soda. She leaves him alone with Natalie. Natalie tells him she’s sorry and knows that Jessica’s head is all confused and has lost all these years of her life. But she was ready to have a fight with her. Cristian then asks Natalie what is going on with her and John McBain.

Kelly tells John it’s a bit coincidental that Mitch threatens the Cramer girls, and then her mother dies. She heard that she had a heart attack but that doesn’t make any sense because she never had a heart condition. She’s been getting two anonymous crank callers who indicate they know about her mother’s death and then hang up. She has assumed it must be one of Mitch’s followers. She asked Allison Perkins. Allison explained to her that she went out to CA to find Kelly’s mother at the sanitarium only to find out that she was already dead. It doesn’t sound like a story that Allison would have made up. She believes that Allison is telling the truth about Melinda already being dead. So she needs to know why.

Allison tells Roxy that she couldn’t very easily have Mitch believing that his child was a fake. So she gave Roxy’s baby to her sister. She figured her sister, the doctor could give Roxy’s child a better life than Roxy could and Allison’s sister couldn’t have kids of her own. Roxy asks where she is now. Allison admits that she recently blew her brains out because she could not live with the guilt. Right after all of the medical school, it was such a waste. Roxy then asks her where her son is. Is he dead? Allison again reiterates no. He’s very much alive Roxy asks where he is. Allison tells her he was just there a minute ago. Roxy just missed him. Roxy asks if her son is a prisoner in Statesville. Allison replies not yet. But you never know.

Todd informs Téa that Mitch Laurence staged a heart attack. Schuyler Joplin “treated” him. Mitch’s crazy friend, Allison, brought Schuyler’s baby to the prison infirmary. Schuyler was going to let Mitch die. But then he escaped. Schuyler might be armed and dangerous.

Gigi tells Schuyler that this is crazy. He’s a doctor and is holding the gun on her. But he tells her that they have to make love and remember what they had. She tells him if he thinks she’s going to have sex with him just to make him feel better about himself, he’s mistaken. He tells her it’s not just about the sex, it's about what they had. He then builds a fire. He tells her he now knows that there is no point in talking. So he’s going to “show”” her instead.

Rex tells Nora that he is very certain that Schuyler has kidnapped Gigi. She disappeared without her purse or phone. Nora asks what about Shane. She asks if maybe Schuyler somehow persuaded Gigi to go with him somewhere. Bo tells them they must think about possible places where Schuyler would take Gigi. Nora suggests maybe some place that meant something to the two of them. Rex then concludes he bets Schuyler took her to Viki’s cabin. That is where they first slept together.

Natalie tells Cristian she is sorry and should not have taken her bad mood out on him. She’s dealing with a lot of drama involving her brother and mother. Then she found out that John and Marty are moving in together. Marty is pregnant, and Natalie thinks it’s great and is happy for them. She did not expect it, but is okay with it. Cristian can tell that it bothers her. She admits that may be true, but she knows it’s selfish of her to be jealous.

Kelly informs John that Todd has been helping her investigate her mother’s death, and they now work together. John then tells her it’s her life, but she must know that she cannot trust Todd Manning.

Téa concludes to Todd that this is all her fault. No, she did not ask Schuyler Joplin to take Mitch hostage. But she could clearly see how desperate Schuyler was.

Allison tells Roxy that she, kind of, doesn’t want to reveal to Roxy whom her son is. Roxy knows him and won’t be happy to find out whom he is. Roxy asks if it really is somebody she knows. Allison replies yes and tells Roxy she hates his guts. In response to that, Roxy tells her she doesn’t hate anybody’s guts except for Allison and Mitch Laurence. Allison reminds her, the guy who took Gigi from Roxy’s previous, Rex. Roxy then asks if she is saying that her real son is Schuyler Joplin?

Rex tells Bo and Nora that he bets that Schuyler has taken Gigi to Viki’s cabin. He’s going up there after trying and failing to reach them by phone.

Gigi tells Schuyler she cannot do this. He asks her why. Does she not love him anymore? She tells him it’s because so much has happened and this is not the answer. He tells her that he has to remember what is important. And that is her and how they felt. She asks him if he would “force” her to have sex with him. He tells her he would never do that and asks why she would say that. She replies that he has a gun in his hand. He asks him to put the gun down. He tells her he cannot do that until she makes love to him.

At Rodi’s, Matthew tells his two “lady friends” that even though many people auditioned for the lead role, they were the best. Destiny reminds Dani that she took her song. Dani then concludes that Destiny is the best and she (Dani) doesn’t want to be part of it anyway. They both appear competitive.

Natalie admits to Cristian that since Jared has died, John has really been supportive of her. So she and Brody worked to spring him out of jail. And then there was the accident. John saved her life, and they were at the cabin all by themselves. She was delirious and kissed John and he kissed her back. She admits to Cristian that she cannot get it out of her head; although, she knows he’s with Marty and they are having a kid. She asks if that is totally wrong to be thinking about what “might have been” between her and John if Marty had not gotten pregnant. Cristian tells her no. It’s normal. She asks if he and Jessica have a similar situation of “what might have been.” He nods. From that, she is enlightened and hugs Cristian.

Kelly tells John that she knows he is suspicious of Todd. But Todd has been really nice to her recently. John chuckles and tells her that Todd is only “nice” when he wants something. She asks what possible motive Todd would have to want to help her find out what happened to her mother. John admits he does not know, but there must be something in it for him.

Téa is with Todd unable to find Schuyler Joplin.

Allison confirms to Roxy that Schuyler is Roxy’s son and Allison’s sister raised him. Roxy then admits that she knows about Schuyler’s deceased mother, Dr. Leah Joplin, the Ob-Gyn who blew her brains out? Allison is very surprised that Roxy knows so much. Roxy is stunned to find out that Schuyler Joplin is her son.

Schuyler tells Gigi that all of what he is doing is about them. He still has his gun in his hand and asks her to take off all of her clothes so that he can make love to her.

At that moment, Bo, Rex and the cops surround the house.

Gigi tells Schuyler she does not want to hurt him. But they are through. She does not want to sleep with him, and he is really creeping her out. She asks him to please take her home. Her son is really worried about her.  Schuyler then cries and tells her that there is nothing left for him. She asks him what he is talking about. He’s going to be a doctor and will meet somebody else, she tells him. He tells her he cannot practice medicine after what has happened to him. She is the only one for him. He then points the gun to his head. She screams, "NO," to him. From outside, the cops can hear her scream and sound like they are ready to enter the house. Rex rushes in; although, Bo asks him not to.

Cristian admits to Natalie that Jessica’s acting like they are in high school has actually brought back memories of what they used to have together. But he knows that he is with Layla. He did not throw away an old letter that Jessica gave to him even though Layla demanded he does. He doesn’t think he should have to throw away what he once had with Jessica. Jessica returns with the soda for Cristina and apologizes for snapping at Natalie. She wants to charm Cristian but is still angry at her sister.

Todd goes to find Dani who is with Destiny and Matthew and asks what is going on. Matthew replies that they are talking about a musical based on a true story. Destiny remarks to Todd that ironically enough, he is in it. Dani tells Todd that he is the villain. At that point, she tells Destiny and Matthew that she has now changed her mind and definitely wants to be in it so that she can portray what a worthless father Todd has been with the terrible things he’s done to Starr and Cole. Todd tells her that’s great and walks away.

Téa and Nora are not far away. Nora informs her that Bo and Rex went to find Schuyler Joplin. Apparently he has taken Gigi somewhere and has a gun.

Roxy freaks to find out that Schuyler is her son. Allison tells her she should not blame herself for being mean to Schuyler. Just because he’s family doesn’t mean she was not justified. She reminds Roxy she’s lucky that Mitch never found out that Schuyler was the son he had with Roxy. Roxy asks why. Allison replies because Schuyler is a druggy. Mitch would not want to think that his son could be so weak. She then asks the guards to take her away. Roxy demands that Allison get out of her sight while Allison reminds her that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

When Rex hears Gigi scream and assumes that Schuyler has endangered her, he busts into the house, tackles Schuyler and is ready to assault him. Bo and the cops rush in to pull him off of Schuyler. Schuyler grabs the gun from the floor and sounds like he plans to use it.

Jessica tells Cristian that she will see him bright and early tomorrow morning. He leaves and both sisters seem to be okay. Jessica tells Natalie that even if she and John are through, Jessica and Cristian are not.

John tells Kelly he can talk to her tomorrow and see if he can find out what happened to her mother. He then has an idea and asks for her phone. He puts a tracer in it to trace her mystery caller. He tells her if she finds out anything, he suggests that she does not tell Todd Manning.

Nora is waiting to hear from Bo. Téa leaves and goes off. She asks Todd how Dani is. He can see that Téa has something on her mind and is not telling him something. Matthew can see that his mother is nervous about something. She admits that she is kind of nervous about his father and that comes with the territory.

Schuyler holds the gun at Rex and Bo and tells them that he would not have lost Gigi if it were not for Rex. He tells Rex he has nothing because of Rex. Rex then reminds Schuyler that he (himself) is the one with nothing to lose. He has no mother or father. Schuyler tells Rex he (Rex) has a son and he has Gigi. Rex has everything, Schuyler tells him. Bo then urges Schuyler to put the gun down. Schuyler cries and says he’s sorry. He cannot let Rex have Gigi. Bo asks Schuyler to drop the gun. But Schuyler fires a shot. We can only imagine what happens next. 

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