OLTL Update Friday 4/2/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

When the cops take Allison into custody, Kelly and Todd inform them that they need to ask Allison some questions, reminding them they are from the Sun. Kelly asks Allison what she might know about Kellyís motherís death. Allison smirks and does not answer.

At Buenos Dias, Cole tells Starr that he needs to know what she and Langston were discussing privately. He knows that it was something much more than the musical. Starr then remembers Langston urging her not to tell Cole and promising Langston that she wonít for now. In the other room, Markko asks Langston what is up and why she lied and told him she was at Dorianís when she was not.

Clint suddenly returns unexpectedly to Kim. David hides so that he is not seen. Clint notices the suitcases Kim has packed and asks her if she is ďgoing somewhere.Ē

Roxy tells Natalie that she does not know what to do now that Rex is not her son. Natalie urges her mom to know that regardless of anything, Rex is her son and knows she loves him.

Schuyler enters Rexís apartment to find Gigi and tells her she has to come with him and he will explain it on the way regarding finding baby Sierra. He has not told her that heís found out that Sierra is not his child. He secretly has Allisonís gun in his pocket.

Bo and Brody find out that Allison was taken into custody but nobody has found her gun. Bo then concludes that the last person to leave the infirmary was Schuyler Joplin.

Rex returns home and is stunned to see that Gigiís purse and cell phone are there but sheís not.

Clint tells Kim that he hurried home hoping to spend some time together with her. She then tells him that she has to leave him. David hides and silently tells her sheís done the right thing.

Cole asks Starr what she and Langston were talking about regarding the play. She explains to him that she is concerned that Langston has made some bad choices.

Langston tells Markko that he is assuming the worst and needs to trust her. He tells her that he knows something is going on, and she is treating him like a stranger.

Roxy tells Natalie that she is certain that Rex will no longer want anything to do with her now that he knows sheís not even his family anymore. Natalie protests that she does not think that Rex will hold it against her the fact that she did not even know that he was not her biological son until Allison Perkins told her. Roxy asks Natalie if she thinks that Rex will see it that way. Natalie tells her mom that she knows she must be hurting just like Rex is, not knowing throughout all these years what happened to the baby she gave birth to all those years ago. She asks Natalie to bring some blankets for John. Roxy then leaves to go find Allison. Natalie goes and knocks on Johnís door. He announces that Marty is moving in.

Rex cannot find Gigi after Schuyler has demanded she leave with him. Outside the jail infirmary, Brody informs Bo that the guards were going to escort Schuyler to a secure area for questioning. Apparently, he never got there. Bo asks how that could have happened. At that moment, he gets a call from Rex and informs him he is still at Statesville but the baby is okay. Rex then wonders why it is that Gigi suddenly left in a hurry without her phone, purse or anything. They both know that Schuyler is also missing.

Todd and Kelly demand that Allison tell them how Kellyís mother died. She evades the question but then tells them they may pull up a chair. They remind her that Mitch threatened Dorianís family and so they know itís very possible he put her up to killing Dorianís sister, Kellyís mother. Allison tells them that Dorian betrayed Mitch. She and her friend Charlie Banks got Mitchís daughter, Jessica, shot. Kelly reminds Allison that Mitch says thou shall not kill unless itís Allison or Mitch who is doing the killing. Allison then admits that Mitch told her any of the Cramer women would do. From that, Kelly concludes that Allison killed her mother. Allison reminds Kelly that she did not say that.

Clint asks Kim what is up and why she is leaving. She tells him that maybe it will be best for them if they make a clean break. He tells her no. What is best is for both of them to put their cards on the table because this is crazy and he wants an explanation. She tells him that she thought she was going to leave before he threw her out. He asks her why he would throw her out. She tells him that she kept a secret from him. Before Sierra was born, she and Stacy had a plan to keep her from her father.

John tells Natalie that he is surprised to see her and remembers she told him she was going to London. She then admits that she lied to him because Allison held a gun on her and Roxy and while she had the baby. Allison also demanded that Natalie not tell John that she was there.

Bo goes to see Rex and tries to figure out why Gigi has suddenly disappeared without her purse or phone. They know that neither Allison nor Mitch could have taken her since they are both in custody. Bo finds out that Schuyler has escaped and is at large so he puts out an APB on him. Yet, Rex does not know why.

Schuyler takes Gigi with him to her home and admits that he lied that the baby is there.

Cole and Starr do not know what to do regarding Langston and Markko. Markko tells Langston that he knows she is somewhere else all the time and is not being honest with him. He knows that she lied about going to Dorianís.

Allison admits to Kelly and Todd that she went to CA to find Melinda Cramer. But she got caught. She entered the facility and found out that Melinda was already dead.

John can see that something is not okay with Natalie. She admits that Roxy dropped a major bombshell upon her today. When he asks what happened, she does not reveal it. Itís a long story, she tells him. It just turns out that Rex is not whom everybody believes he is.

Rex asks Bo what might have happened to Sierra Rose and what is the deal with Schuyler. Bo tells him the baby is okay. But Schuyler found out something that he probably cannot handle and Schuyler is probably not in a good way.

Gigi demands to know where Sierra is and if Allison has her. Schuyler assures her that Allison does not have her, and Sierra is safe. Gigi asks where she is and why he lied to her. He tells her that Sierra is not there right now. Sheís with her father. Gigi hasnít a clue what he is talking about. He then tells her that Stacy set them all up and did not care what she did as long as she got what she wanted. Stacy was the one to tear them apart. Without all of those lies, he tells Gigi, he would have never lost her. Sierra would not have gotten kidnapped and all of this mess would not have happened. He then admits to her that Sierra is not his child. She belongs to someone else.

At that moment, Bo admits to Rex that Sierra is not Rex's. She is not Schuyler Joplinís either.

At Buenos Dias, Langston asks Starr to lie for her by ďprovingĒ to Markko that they were talking about the play by showing him a folder in her bag. Starr reluctantly goes to find it and gives it to Markko. At that point, Markko believes Langston and begs for her forgiveness. But she does not forgive him.

Clint tells Kim that regardless of hersí and Stacyís scam, itís not a deal breaker. Heís still willing to give this marriage a shot. Realizing that she has to break it off with him somehow because she has no choice, she tells him that she did violate part of their contract. She cheated on him with another man. At that point, he concludes that that is a deal breaker.

Natalie tells John that since Marty is pregnant with his baby, she has to get out of there. She has no business crying on his shoulder again. He then assures her that that is what friends do. She tells him maybe she needs to find another friend. She needs to find a friend who does not have a pregnant live-in girlfriend. She tells him sheís really glad that Marty and the baby are okay. She then goes out the door.

After Allison has informed Kelly and Todd that she intended to find Kellyís mom and kill her but somebody already beat her to it, they inquire whom they think would want Melinda dead besides Mitch. Todd asks Kelly if she needs a ride home. She tells him she can find her way back. He asks her if sheís really okay to leave a prison by herself. She tells him she will be fine. If her mom really did die of a heart attack, she needs some time alone. She thanks him for being with her tonight and she sounds sincere.

Not far away, guards attempt to restrain Roxy while she demands that Allison tell her what happened to the baby she gave birth to many years ago who is now presumed dead. Was he cremated? What happened? She tells Allison she will not rest until she finds out what happened to her son. Allison taunts her, telling her she knows something that Roxy does not know.

Schuyler tells Gigi that he is not going to let her go. The whole reason why she broke it off with him in the first place is something that didnít even happen. He knows that he did not sleep with Stacy. He could not have because he loves Gigi. She tells him she will still not forgive him for lying to her. All she wants is to find baby Sierra and make sure that Rex knows she is okay.

Bo, Rex and Brody attempt to brainstorm about where Schuyler might have taken Gigi.

Clint reminds Kim that it was clearly written in the pre-nuptial agreement that there was only one thing that would not be tolerated and that is marital infidelity. She tells him that is why she did not wait to leave. He tells her that if she had waited it might have given him ďtime to care.Ē He admits to her that he does have feelings for her. She tells him she will never forget him. He then tells her itís been a long day. He is going up to take a shower. He will come back down to have bourbon. He asks her to please not be there. Alone she cries. David comes out of hiding. He tells her he did what he had to do. He has the right to protect his inheritance. Itís his birthright. She tells him he better not get too comfortable. She may be down but she is not out. He asks if she is threatening him and indicates that he might know her by another name. She tells him that she will get her husband back. And when she does, she will destroy him.

Todd is alone and on his phone demanding that his contact find out who murdered Kelly Cramerís mother.

Kelly then goes to see John and tells him she needs his help.

After Langston puts Starr up to lying to Markko for her, Starr tells her that she can ruin her own life but will not ruin Starrís.

Markko tells Cole that he knows that Langston has some sort of secret that she is not telling him. Starr probably knows it. He urges Cole to see if he can find out from Starr what it is. Starr then gets on her phone and leaves a message for Ford.

Allison reveals to Roxy that her baby did not die after all.

Gigi notices that the landline phone is dead and asks Schuyler if she could use his cell since she does not have hers. He tells her that his phone does not work. He tells her heís sorry. Assuming that he means the phone, he tells her itís not that. She then tells him that sheís really sorry that they have to fight for custody of Sierra and knows he must be devastated to suddenly find out that she is not his. She tells him she knows he loves the baby and they will get her back. He tells her that his life is meaningless without her (Gigi) . At that point, he tells Gigi that he canít let her go anywhere and pulls a gun on her. 

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