OLTL Update Thursday 4/1/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Clint’s home, David tells Kim that he has the goods on her and can disclose secrets about her that she does not want her new husband to know. So what he needs from her is to have her divorce Clint.

Blair invites Eli to have a private dinner with her on the patio. They kiss. Right then, Dorian enters to interrupt them and tells them that somebody better tell her what is going on there because she will find out.

At the station, while Todd and Kelly are waiting in the room where Bo has put them in, Kelly is determined to find out what happened to her mother. Todd tells her that hopefully,. Mitch Laurence is dying a slow and painful death.

Right then, we see Mitch lying on the infirmary table looking like he’s passed out.

The cops don’t know what to do with Mitch. But Oliver gets Bo to allow him to enter the infirmary in order to save baby Sierra. He then informs Schuyler that she is not his baby. Hearing that, Schuyler remarks that he has heard enough revelations today that don’t make any sense. But Oliver informs Schuyler that it’s true that she is not.

After Roxy has dropped the bombshell upon Rex, Natalie assures him that he is still her brother. And nothing changes that. They’ve already known for a long time that they are not blood relatives. HE is the same guy that she’s known all her life. But he asks her what guy that would be. Just some “mut”that Roxy dragged home? And he asks what type of person would abandon a baby? She assures him that he is not alone. He has her and Shane and he must go and discuss this with Gigi. He asks what he is supposed to tell her. Right then, Gigi enters and informs them that she has just “heard the news”.

At Buenos Dias, Starr is about to reveal the big secret to Cole that Langston has been cheating on Markko with Ford. But she hesitates knowing it may not go over well.

David convinces Kim that he can present damaging information about her that she does not want Clint to know. She appears afraid and asks what he wants. He replies he wants her to file for divorce from Clint and go away.

Dorian greets Eli while seeing him with Blair. But she wants to know what his intentions are with her niece besides dinner. Blair reminds her aunt that Elijah prevented her (Dorian) from sharing a jail cell with Mitch Laurence. Hearing that, she commends him but reminds him that his brother held her niece at gunpoint. But Blair does not want to go into all of that. Dorian tells him that she wants to know what makes him worthy to date her niece. Blair then reminds her that she is meddling. And maybe the only thing she needs to know about this man is that his name is not Manning.

When Todd and Kelly are waiting outside the jail infirmary, the guard informs them that Allison Perkins is holding a baby hostage. Hearing that, Kelly asks how that could be happening. The guard tells her and Todd they must stay inside and he will let them know when they are free to go. She then asks Todd what Allison is doing with a baby. Todd explains that Allison does whatever Mitch wants. Kelly asks if that would include killing Melinda Cramer.

Brody enters the infirmary and reminds Mitch that he tried to rape his own daughter and fried her brain so that she doesn’t remember the last 13 years of her life. He asks Mitch what more he has planned for her. Bo listens while Allison demands that Brody gives Mitch the antidote. Mitch can barely stay awake and is silent. Brody reminds Mitch that nobody would mourn the loss of him if he died. Allison protests that the messenger can’t die because his work is not done. Brody reminds everybody that this town and this world would be much better off without Mitch and nobody argues. But the prison guard tells him he will not let a prisoner die on his watch.

Starr is ready to reveal to Cole that Langston has cheated on Markko with Ford. But before she can get it out, Langston appears and asks her what she is doing.

Gigi comes to see Rex and Natalie and informs them that she heard on the news that a baby has been taken hostage. And she’s certain that it’s Sierra Rose.

After Oliver starts to inform Schuyler that Sierra is not his(Schuyler) child, Schuyler tells him this is too much to take. He now has heard that Mitch Laurence is his father. Apparently, Roxy is his mother. Hearing that, Oliver is surprised. Schuyler then goes on to explain that he has really never had anything in his life except for his baby daughter. So he needs Oliver to back off because he’s not in the mood to play games today. Oliver tells him neither is he. He protests that he is not trying to hurt Schuyler or make his life difficult. He tells him he knows how much he loves this baby and that is why he has to tell him sooner or later. He wants to fix a mistake and cannot continue to live this lie. He then declares to Schuyler that he(Schuyler) is not Sierra’s father. He(oliver) is.

Kelly tells Todd she bets that Allison was involved in killing her mother. And she is determined t find out from her how it happened. But Todd tells her that Allison is short of a full deck and Kelly won’t get anything from her. She asks Todd what he wants her to do. Should she go home and pretend that nothing is wrong? She got two anonymous calls. And she has to find out what is up with that.

Schuyler tells Oliver that even if he slept with Stacy once, that doesn’t mean he’s her baby’s father. Oliver tells her he knows. That is why he got a DNA test. And it’s confirmed that Sierra is his daughter.

After Gigi has found out that her niece could be in danger. Rex assures her that Bo will call if there is any news. But Natalie informs Gigi that there is something more that Rex needs to tell her although he tells his sister he does not want Gigi knowing about the “bombshell” he’s just found out.

When it looks like Mitch could be dying and nobody will give him the antidote, Allison prays to God to let “the messenger” live and carry out his mission. Brody reminds Bo that so many people have tried and failed to kill this monster. He always comes back. Why can’t they just let him die? He reminds Bo that Mitch killed Jared, made Natalie a widow and hurt Jessica more than anybody has ever done before. Bo tells Brody he knows. Allison then informs them that Mitch stopped breathing.

When Langston runs into Starr and Cole and seems to know what Starr was about to tell him, she asks to talk to Starr alone.

Markko knocks impatiently at Dorian’s door hoping to find Langston. Dorian answers and asks him what is up. He is in a panic wondering where Langston could be right now.

Starr tells Langston that she cannot continue to lie for her. She loves Cole and trusts him and he trusts her. She informs Langston that Cole just told her something that he had to keep secret for Hannah. He felt like he’d be lying to her if he did not tell her. Langston tells her that that is different because she doesn’t know anybody else who knows Hannah. So Starr couldn’t reveal the secret to anybody who could hurt Hannah. Langston again urges Starr to keep quiet. Hannah is just Cole’s study buddy. Langston is Starr’s best friend. Starr again affirms to Langston that Langston cannot ask her to do this. She tells Langston that she(Langston) may lie to her boyfriend. But she cannot ask Starr to lie to hers’.

Blair tells Eli she apologizes for Dorian. She loves to meddle and is over-protective. He tells her it’s quite alright. But if she’d be more comfortable, they could go to a restaurant. Hearing that, Blair asks if he thinks that is going to stop Dorian. She admits that Dorian is kind of “part of the package” with her. She then senses that she might have turned him off telling him that. He tells her no. But if Dorian is this protective of her niece, he can only imagine what she would be like with her own daughters.

Langston tells Starr she knows it’s asking a lot. But if Starr tells Cole the secrets, she knows he’s going to tell Markko. Starr replies that Cole will keep quiet if she asks him to. But Langston knows that Cole will tell Markko. Starr tells Langston that she’d like for all of this to just be a bad dream. Langston asks Starr if she could just give her the chance to tell Markko herself. Starr then asks Langston if she is really going to tell Markko. She knows that Langston intends to keep the secret from her and admits that she is appalled. Langston is so much better than this, she tells her. Ford is a creep and Langston should just break up with him. And right then, Langston admits that she knows about Ford’s “involvement” with Hannah. She once again went to see him and lied to Markko. She told him she went to Dorian’s.

Right then, Dorian admits to Markko that she has not seen Langston all day long. He doesn’t want to believe that his girlfriend would lie to him. At that point, Dorian panics and assumes that if Langston is not where she promised she would be, then she is missing. She right then assumes that Mitch Laurence has taken her daughter. Markko then gets on his phone to attempt to find her and confirms she is at Buenos Dias with Starr and Cole.

Kim knows that David suspects that she will drain his family’s bank accounts and tells him there’s got to be a way that they can “live together”. But he rebinds her that he is Bo Buchanan’s son.

Allison demands that the cops don’t just stand there and do nothing when Mitch is not breathing. Right then, Bo manages to persuade Brody to give him the antidote.

Rex tells Gigi that the secret is not about Sierra. It’s about him. The good news is it’s turned out that Mitch is not his father. She admits that that is good but what is the bad news? He tells her that Roxy is not his mother and the truth is he does not know who he is. She then cradles him in her arms.

Schuyler asks Oliver how he could get a DNA test for Schuyler’s daughter. Oliver then shows him the results. They both stand over the baby and Schuyler asks why Stacy and Kim would tell him she’s his child when she’s not. Oliver tells them they figured that maybe he would keep quiet to Rex if he thought she was. Schuyler then realizes that it may very well be true that she is Oliver’s baby and not his.

Kim comes on to David. But he knows that it’s not worth losing his family’s inheritance to her

After Brody grudgingly gives Mitch the antidote, Mitch opens his eyes and Allison rejoices that he has “risen”. Bo orders her to get back and nobody is happy to see that Mitch is going to live. Mitch opens his mouth to speak and Allison announces he’s speaking while the guards hold her down. Mitch tells the others to get that “Judas”(Allison) away from him. Bo is surprised to hear him say that and tells Mitch he thought Allison was his best friend. Mitch declares that she lied to him about his son. She then protests that he needed a strong heir so she gave him Rex. But Mitch will not forgive her since Rex is not his son.

Oliver asks Schuyler when he found out that the baby could be his. Schuyler admits that he caught Stacy with Kim padding her belly to make her look farther along than she was in order to make it appear that she could be pregnant by Rex. He absolutely believed that he had to be the baby’s father because he woke up in her bed one morning after getting drugged and the timing was right with what he found out about her pregnancy. He tells Oliver that he now realizes what an idiot he was not to question it, knowing that Stacy slept with many other people besides him. And he knows how it cost him.

Rex explains to Gigi that Roxy just told him that Allison took the baby whom Roxy gave birth to and then brought back a baby whom Roxy believed all these years was her son. But then, Gigi questions whether they should believe a word Allison Perkins says since she’s a psycho. Rex tells her that may be. But he believes this.

Schuyler holds the baby so afraid to give her up to her real father. Oliver tells her he is welcome to come and visit her. And he asks if she can hold her now.

Langston tells Starr that she knows that Hannah has been stalking Ford at his office and it’s “kind of sad”. Hearing that, Starr asks her if she has the right to judge Hannah when she(Langston) has been lying to her boyfriend in order to sneak out and sleep with this guy,. Langston tells her she does not understand. Starr tells her in that case, she cannot be a part of that.

Markko gets on the phone and finds out that Langston is with Starr and Cole at Buenos Dias. Dorian then asks him if he and Langston are having problems.

Right then, Blair and Eli are on the patio having their private dinner. She tells him that her kids are part of her life. Starr lives with her boyfriend and she has to accept their decision. And Jack is a piece of work. They all need her. He tells her that he would expect nothing else. She then tells him that the point she is trying to make is that she comes with a lot of baggage. She asks if he can deal with that including her crazy ex husband.

Kelly tells Todd that she is determined to find out what happened to her mother and why is he there if he continues to get in the way. He tells her he only wants to help her. She asks him if somebody he loved was murdered, would he just let it go?

Gigi assures Rex that finding out about his “biology” does not change anything between them. Natalie affirms that that was what she tried to tell him. Gigi then remembers that it’s kind of odd that Mitch’s stem cells could have saved Shane if he’s not Rex’s father and could mean that Allison is messing with him and with Roxy. He then tells her he doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. They have enough to worry about regarding the baby.

Schuyler gives baby Sierra to Oliver and tells him he must take care of her.

Allison pleads with Mitch not to abandon her. But he tells the guards to get her out of his sight. Bo asks Allison where the gun is. She does not want to answer.

Outside, a guard asks Schuler to come with him and give him a statement. Oliver holds baby Sierra bonding with her for the first time.

Kelly asks Todd what he would do if somebody he loved got hurt. Would he let it go? She knows that he would not let it rest. She reminds him that he practically kidnapped her and forced her to work with him just to get back at Blair. She’s not about to let this go.

Eli tells Blair that he came to Llanview in order to help his brother and niece only to find out that Dani was not his niece and have his brother sent away. So he can handle her whole family and is looking forward to meeting all of them.

Markko admits to Dorian that things have been “a little rough” between him and Langston. They have both been busy with their work and maybe just need to spend more time together. She tells him that she would do anything in order to protect her girls. She knows that Markko has made Langston very happy. So why doesn’t he make it to Buenos Dias and be with her?

Langston tells Starr she really wishes she could count on her. But Starr tells Langston that she is trying. Starr tells Langston that she would never cheat on Cole or lie to him. Right then, Cole enters and asks them if everything is ok there.

Kim assumes she’s going to lose Clint and gets ready to leave

When Cole asks Starr and Langston what they were discussing, Langston replies that they were arguing about the musical. Starr admits that she has real problems with the Markko and Langston story. Langston tells her she has to go fix that and has to find Markko. Alone with Starr, Cole asks her what is going on and tells her he knows that that is “way too intense” to be what they told him it was. Markko then enters and asks Langston what is going on.

Dorian goes out to her patio to see Blair and Eli kissing and getting heated.

Kelly and Todd are on the hunt to find out what happened to her mother.,

Bo asks Mitch if it’s really true that Rex Balsam is not his son.

Oliver holds baby Sierra and tells her he’s her daddy and she’s a gorgeous girl.

Rex and Natalie leave his apartment and GIgi is alone

Brody searches all over the infirmary but tells Bo that Allison’s gun is not there.

Gigi gets on her phone and asks if somebody knows where the baby is. She assumes that Rex has returned. But it’s Schuyler. And he appears to have Allison’s gun in his pocket.

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