OLTL Update Wednesday 3/31/10

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/31/10


Written by Lisa G.
Pictures by Juanita

Kim opens the door, it’s David Vickers.  He’s there to see her, not Uncle Clint. Kim reminds David that she is Clint’s wife and to get out of the house.  He reminds her it is his ancestral home and she won’t be “Queen Bee” for too long. Kim tells David that Clint loves her for her and proves it by telling him that they did not sleep together until after they were married.  David tells Kim that she is just a gold digger and who knows a gold digger better than VGD – varsity gold digger.  He tells her she is going to divorce Clint and she is doing it tonight! He advises Kim to think up a reason to divorce him as he reminds her of all the things she did to be with Clint. She is a charlatan!  David pulls out some papers and says Clint will care about ‘this’.  She grabs the paper, reads it and is clearly frazzled by ‘this.’ 

Ford opens his door, it’s Langston and she is there for “sheet music”.  Lang tells Ford that Starr knows she cheated on Markko.  She tells Ford that Starr knows what is going on between them, but Langston tells him that things are good because she convinced Starr to keep their secret.  Langston also tells Ford she knows about his situation with Hannah.  Ford tells Langston that it was just sex between him and Hannah.  He goes on to tell Langston that he only wants Langston now (hasn’t everyone been with someone else) and he doesn’t care that she is sleeping with both him and Markko now. Langston hints that she might break up with Markko.  Ford tells Langston that is her decision to break up with Markko.  He goes on to tell her that she should not listen Starr because it’s none of her business.  Hannah did not go back to the dorm, instead she is knocking on Ford’s door.  Ford steps out in to the hallway to talk to Hannah.  She tells him to stop spreading lies or she will go to the dean.  Langston is listening through the door as Ford brushes off Hannah.  Ford then tells Langston she should stay with Markko.  Her reply, “Are you dumping me?” Ford tells Langston they should break up at least until the semester is over.

At the diner, Starr sees Cole comforting Hannah by rubbing her back.  Hannah walks away slowly, talking about how everything Ford did was a lie to get her into bed with him. Hannah is scheming a way to get back at Ford, when Starr steps in and wants to know who Hannah wants to trash.  Hannah assures Starr that she was only venting and is going home to her dorm.  Cole sees something is wrong with Starr as she cryptically asks him about keeping secrets.

After Hannah leaves Cole tells Starr that he was with Hannah the other night at her dorm and that Hannah had overdosed.  Cole also tells Starr that Ford is the root of her emotional problems.  Starr accepts his apology for lying.  Hannah is outside the window, peaking through the blinds and watches them kiss.  Starr forgives Cole saying she understands the vow of a friendship.  Starr now feels compelled to tell Cole her secret.

At Statesville, Fish admits to Bo he is Sierra’s father and wants to know what they are going to do to save her.  Allison, pointing her gun at Schuyler, emphasizes that Mitch is his father and Sierra’s grandfather.  She crazily invites them to be one big happy family.  Schuyler refuses to believe that Roxy and the freak, Mitch, are his parents.  Allison tells him it’s true and he better give Mitch the antidote.  Outside the infirmary doors at Statesville, Bo asks Fish to confirm he is Sierra’s father.  Fish tells him has the DNA results.  Bo tells him that as a parent, he needs to step back and let them handle the situation; he’s too close.  Schuyler refuses to give a dying Mitch the antidote.  Allison is pointing the gun at Schuyler, stating wildly that she will die for Mitch.  Schuyler bargains Mitch’s life for Allison and her gun – at the same time he is pushing slowly on the syringe causing the antidote to leak out on to the floor.  Allison breaks down – you win – and hands over the baby.  Schuyler throws the syringe and tells Mitch to die and he walks out of the infirmary.  Bo and crew go in to the infirmary.  Schuyler and is looking at his baby as Fish walks over and gently looks down at her.  As the paramedics are trying to revive Mitch, Allison is handcuffed and removed.  Outside the door, Schuyler is talking about bringing her home and Fish tells him he can’t take Sierra because she is not his daughter. Brody finds the antidote but Bo won’t give him the shot. 

Rex asks Roxy who his parents are. Roxy tells him that she has no idea. Roxy continues to explain the baby switch to Rex and Nat.  She tells them she has no idea who Rex’s parents are. Nat tries to interject some reasoning to what Roxy is saying and suggests a DNA test for Rex and Roxy.  Roxy is crying as she admits she really knew that Rex wasn’t her son because her baby had a mole and Rex did not.  Deep down she never wanted to admit she wasn’t his mother; she wanted to believe that Allison was telling her the truth.  Roxy tells Rex at least Mitch isn’t his father.  She is crying and saying she didn’t deserve either of her children because she was a bad mother.  Nat and Rex tell Roxy they love her despite everything.  They have a group hug, but Rex isn’t putting his arms around Roxy.  Rex then thanks Roxy for telling him the truth and they have one more group hug.  As she leaves, she turns and smiles; glad she still has her son.  As Natalie is hugging Rex she tells him she knows how he is really feeling. 

Jess is sharing an ice cream sundae with Clint at the diner.  At the same time she is day dreaming about her afternoon with Christian and their paint fight while working on the musical.  Clint questions Jess about her afternoon and wonders why she is the only volunteer to help with the musical (Jess flashes back to tearing down the signup sheet).  Jess turns it back to Clint by telling him she doesn’t understand his marriage to Kim, but as long as Daddy is happy she is happy. She goes on and talks about having a do over in life.  They also talk about Brody, but she tells him that she is still unsure of him.

Chris and Leila come home to their apartment.  Chris assures her there is nothing to worry about him and Jess.  Leila hopes there isn’t because she would hate to “beat down high school teenager”.  Chris jokes that he doesn’t want Leila to beat up his old high school girlfriend.   Leila appears jealous of Jess.  Christian then tries to get her into the shower, but before she gets there, she finds the note that he wrote to Jess in high school in his bag.  Leila goes to throw the letter away, but Chris stops her.  They have words over it.  He rips up the letter and leaves.  Leila picks up the pieces and puts them together to read. He heads to the diner and when he walks in Clint is gone and Jess needs a ride home.  Chris offers her the ride and she accepts.  

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