OLTL Update Tuesday 3/30/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/30/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John and the paramedics rush Marty to the hospital and she’s worried about her baby.

Jessica is in the high school gym helping Cristian get his musical productions set up. And she obviously has other things on her mind.

Clint gets off the phone and informs Kim that Allison Perkins has been found and his daughters are safe. He asks her how about Sierra Rose. She tells him she is confident that she is as good as theirs’.

Right then, Oliver opens up the envelope that reveals the DNA test results. And he announces to Kyle that it confirms that Sierra Rose is his child.

Roxy goes to Rex’s home with Natalie and informs her kids that Allison tied her and Kyle up and then took the baby. But she is very worried that she cannot find Sierra Rose. She is also traumatized to have heard Allison reveal for the first time that Roxy lost her own baby many years ago and is somehow responsible for it.

Right then, Rex gets a call from Bo who informs him that Allison and Mitch Laurence and the baby are inside the infirmary with Schuyler. Inside the room, she holds a gun on Schuyler. But he tells her that he has no problem killing her friend Mitch unless he gives him back his baby. Allison points the gun at Schuyler and tells him that she has no problem killing him.

Jessica wants to have fun with Cristian by getting paint on his clothes. They have a fun paint fight and right then, Layla walks in to see them and does not look happy.

John and Marty wait for the Ob-Gyn doctor. They inform her that Marty passed out and has been bleeding. John goes and waits outside. The doctor privately talks to Marty and wants to see what is going on. John gets a call from Bo informing him that they have found Allison. She and Mitch are locked in the infirmary with Schuyler Joplin and his baby. They are locked in there and can’t get loose. They do not need John’s help at this time. Bo and the cops make certain that neither Mitch nor Allison can go anywhere with the baby. Inside the room, Allison reminds Schuyler that she is crazy enough to hurt a baby and asks if he is willing to risk his own flesh and blood.

After Oliver sees that he is the father of baby Sierra Rose, he admits to Kyle that he has not wanted to face the possibility that he is the father of the baby. But as soon as he knew that she was being kidnapped, he knew that he had to open the letter. He chose to be a cop and knows he must protect all people so he had to find that out.

Allison holds the gun on Schuyler while Mitch is sitting drugged on the hospital table. Schuyler reminds her that he won’t’ spare Mitch’s life unless she gives him back his daughter. She tells him she won’t let him have the baby until he gives Mitch the antidote.

Roxy cries and tells Rex and Natalie she is sorry and did not know. But she does not tell them what she is sorry about.

Allison tells Schuyler she knows that this baby means the world to him.

Roxy informs Rex that Allison told her something about Rex when he was a baby. Allison may be crazy but was telling the truth. And now she has to tell Rex.

Marty announces to John that the baby is alright. The doctor tells them that they both need to take care of themselves with the baby coming. And she knows that something is going on that they need to talk about.

Oliver tells Kyle he should have known that baby Sierra is his. It’s going to affect so many people. Gigi is fighting for custody. Schuyler believes that she is his. All of that could have been avoided if he had just stepped up.

Kim tells Clint that she is confident that nobody can compete with them for custody of Stacy’s baby. Schuyler is a thief and a liar and she doubts that Gigi and Rex will win custody of her. Kim admits to her new “husband” that she knows that he is long since done with the baby business having adult kids.

Layla enters and informs Cristian and Jessica that she came to pick up Cristian since he was working late with his “students”. Jessica then informs her that she was the only “volunteer”. Jessica leaves. Alone with Layla, Cristian tells her that he knows what she is thinking but there is a perfectly good explanation. Layla tells him she cannot wait to hear what that is..

Right then, Brody comes to help the cops and Bo introduces him to the others and informs them that Officer Lovett is a former Navy SEAL who can help them in this hostage situation.

Mitch reveals to Allison that he doesn’t understand why she sees importance in baby Sierra Rose since she is not Rex’s child.

Roxy tells Rex that she was trying to protect him and he does not have any idea. Assuming that the only secret she kept from him was that Mitch is his father, Rex tells her that he understands why she wasn’t about to tell him that. Natalie also confirms that she would not want to know if Mitch was her dad either. But Roxy has another secret for Rex and protests to him that Allison lied to him when she birthed Rex.

Allison admits to Mitch and to Schuyler that she has a secret.

Roxy tells Rex and Natalie that all this time she was afraid. Allison lied. And now she knows that Mitch Laurence is not his father

Schuyler warns Allison that he has no incentive to give Mitch the drug to save him. Why would he care if Mitch lives or dies? Allison then replies because Mitch is his father. Hearing that, he tells her she is out of her mind. This bastard is not his father. Allison then asks if Schuyler knew his father. Schuyler replies that his father left when he was a kid abut he saw pictures of him and he sure was not Mitch Laurence. Hearing that, Mitch tells Allison he never knew Leah Joplin. Allison then confirms that’s true. He never knew Leah Joplin. But that doesn’t matter because she wasn’t Schuyler’s mother.

After Roxy is attempting to reveal the startling revelation to Rex, he tells his mom he’s not up for playing: “Who’s your daddy today”. Roxy then tells her son that she swears that Mitch is not his father. Throughout Rex’s life she believed he was and she’s been trying to keep that from him knowing how it would be too much for him to take. But now she knows that Mitch is not his father.

Allison smugly tells Mitch he need not worry about Schuyler giving him the antidote. Schuyler won’t let his daddy die.

Natalie asks Roxy if she is saying that she never had sex with Mitch Laurence. Roxy then confirms that she did have sex with him and that son of a bitch did in fact make her pregnant. Rex then tells her he does not understand how it is that she is now saying hat he is not Rex’s father. Roxy admits that she was in fact carrying Mitch’s child for 9 month and Allison Perkins checked up on her every day for carrying “the messenger’s” little brat. It traumatized her that she had to live with it. She drank. And that could very well be why her baby was sick and why he almost didn’t make it. Roxy then remembers Allison calling for “Dr. Perkins” to save Roxy’s baby.

Allison then informs Schuyler that her sister was a doctor and the only hope for saving Roxy’s and the messenger’s baby.

Roxy then remembers Allison taking her newborn baby from her, being sick and hearing Allison demanding that she lies down in the cubicle and keeps her mouth shut. And it appears that Allison’s sister who was formerly Dr. Perkins got married and revealed to her sister that she is now Dr. Joplin, the woman believed to be Schuyler’s mother. She tried her best but told Allison that there was nothing she could do in order to save her baby. Roxy then cries remembering that she is responsible for the death of her baby when she tells the story to Rex and Natalie. She tells them they do not understand. That was just the beginning. It got worse.

Natalie tells Roxy that neither she nor Rex blames her for what happened. Roxy cries and tells the two of them no matter where they came from, they will always be her kids. They tell her they understand that. She tells them she loves them so much. And if after they hear what she’s going to tell them, if they never want to see her again, she will understand.

The doctor asks Marty if she has a history of high blood pressure. And it seems odd that PIH has happened to her pregnancy. And that means that her blood pressure has spiked and this is a high risk pregnancy.

Cristian informs Layla that the only reason he was there alone with Jessica is because Brody asked him to keep an eye on her and he just called Cristian He tells her he told Jessica he did not think it was a good idea for her to work with him. He will get other “kids” to sign up. And she will soon be back with Brody. But Layla seems to have some serious problems with having to share her boyfriend with Jessica. Cristian kisses her. Jessica watches them and does not appear ok.

Kim is with Clint while he rubs her feet. She tells him that he must be a wiz at this parenting thing. He then tells her he has a present for her. He has a book and a necklace. Right then, he gets a call from Jessica who asks her to pick her up from school since she missed the bus. He agrees to pick up his daughter and interrupts his time with his new young wife. Alone, Kim reveals that she has done what Stacy wants her to do. She got the life she wants; a rich guy and the opportunity to raise Stacy’s kid.

Bo, Brody and the cops are outside the infirmary room wondering what is happening between Allison, Mitch and Schuyler. Mitch asks Allison if “his son” died. She then tells Mitch that she is getting to that.

Roxy then tells Rex and Natalie that she somehow had to protect them both from Mitch at any cost.

Allison then informs both Mitch and Schuyler that it appeared that Roxy’s baby’s heart stopped. But then “fate stepped in”.. And then Allison appeared that she was the mother of the baby. They believed her and let her take the baby. And then she realized that it was God’s will. She needed a healthy baby and He gave her one.

Roxy then tells Rex and Natalie that she needed her baby and Allison brought him back and assured her that he was perfectly fine. She thought it was a miracle. But it wasn’t. They look at her baffled and puzzled.

The OB-GYN tells Marty and John that Marty and the baby will be ok. But she needs to rest and have a nap every day. She tells the doctor she does not want to be on bed rest. But the doctor tells them that she would like to admit Marty overnight for observation just to be safe. They are both not entirely ok with that. Alone, Marty and John are not certain what to do but make the best of their situation both admitting that they want their baby.

Mitch asks Allison if this loser (Schuyler) is really his son. She tells him that she thought it was God’s will. Schuyler then tells them that this does not make any sense. If Mitch’s child died, then how could baby Sierra be his grandchild? Allison then replies that that was all up to Roxy. We then see a flashback of Allison giving Roxy a healthy baby whom she believes is the one she gave birth to and whom she conceived with Mitch.

Roxy then admits to Rex and Natalie that Allison convinced her that the baby she put in Roxy’s arms was the baby she gave birth to. And we see the flashback of Allison telling Roxy that she has to bring the baby to Statesville to see his daddy, Mitch.

Roxy then confirms to Rex and Natalie that she has just found out that the baby whom Allison gave her to see Mitch and who was baby Rex is not the child of Mitch or of her.

Allison explains to Mitch and to Schuyler that the real child of Mitch was sickly. Her sister, Leah Joplin took that baby. Allison told her that he was her (Allison's) baby. So she gave him to her sister. She told her she thought the baby would be better off with somebody else. Leah told her that she (Leah) cannot have a baby biologically. But Allison convinced Leah Joplin to be the mother of Mitch’s biological child. And she stares at Schuyler

Marty and John return home wondering what to do. He tells her that she is moving in with him. And that appears to be a surprise to her. He tells her that this is about their kid, their future, the two of them together. She smiles. And he tells her they are going home.

Jessica tells Cristian and Layla she has to go. Her ride is there but she will see Cristian tomorrow, she tells him. He then tells her that by tomorrow, more students will have signed up and there will be a full crew. And it looks like Jessica has torn up the sign up sheet to prevent more students from signing up to work with Cristian.

Kim is waiting for Clint to return. The doorbell rings. She goes to get it. It’s David Vickers and she asks him what he wants. He smirks.

Oliver rushes to help the cops with the baby. And he looks to be ready to confess his big secret. He asks Bo to let him go in the room to single-handed save the baby because he is her father.

Schuyler asks Allison how it is that Leah Joplin took a baby, no questions asked. She tells him that her sister wanted him.

Roxy tells Rex and Natalie about how she took the baby to Statesville to see Mitch. Mitch then told his infant son that they cannot be together now but they will be together soon. He promises that he will be a king among men.

Allison then declares to Schuyler that Mitch is his father. She tells Mitch that this is his son. And Schuyler’s daughter is Mitch’s grandson.

Right then, we see the flashback of Dr. Leah Joplin naming the baby given to her Schuyler. And Mitch held the baby whom he believed was his and named his Rex. Roxy then informs Rex and Natalie that Mitch never knew that Rex was not his. And neither did she. Natalie asks her if she belies Allison Perkins. Roxy admits that she let Allison convince her but it wasn’t the truth because her own baby died. She tells Rex she does not want it to be true. She wants him to be her son. But unfortunately he is not. Rex then asks her if she is not his mom and Mitch is not his father, then who is he? Roxy then goes to hold him in her arms unable to answer that question.

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