OLTL Update Monday 3/29/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/29/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Starr tells Langston she has to choose between Markko and Ford. She tells her that it’s not fair for her to continue to cheat on Markko. She tells Langston that Markko has the right to know. Langston protests that she needs Starr not to tell him. Markko walks in and needs to know what is going on.

John is with Marty and she passes out.

Natalie goes to find Schuyler Joplin knowing that his life could be at stake. But it looks like it’s too late.

Gigi and Rex are together wondering what is up with Schuyler not letting her see the baby and Téa covering for him. She hasn’t a clue what is going on. Rex asks her if she thinks that Schuyler might be using again. Gigi tells him she doubts that but thinks there is something going on that he does not want anybody to know about.

Schuyler has Mitch Laurence in a private infirmary room knowing that he must do what Mitch and Allison want in order to get his baby daughter back. Outside the door, Todd and Kelly are trying to find out how Mitch is involved in her mother’s death. Bo enters and tells them that Allison Perkins is dangerous and he believes that Allison is on the loose visiting Mitch in prison. It appears that nobody can enter the infirmary while Mitch is in there with Schuyler.

Allison ties up both Roxy and Kyle Lewis telling them that Schuyler will do what he is told because she has “something” that Schuyler wants. At that moment, she brings out baby Sierra.

Schuyler demands that Mitch calls Allison right now and tells him he will not negotiate with him until he knows that his baby daughter is okay. He gives Mitch his phone and demands that he calls Allison now.

When Markko enters to overhear Langston urging Starr not to disclose a secret, she tells him that they were just talking about the musical and the big surprise about who they will cast to play the characters. Markko gets straight to the point and tells them he was speaking with Ford and others and needs to know whether Langston is sleeping with Ford.

Marty passes out while John and Oliver Fish call and wait for an ambulance.

While Natalie goes to find Schuyler outside his apartment door, Téa enters and asks what she is doing there. She tells her that she needs to find out what Schuyler’s big secret is.

Kyle demands to know what Allison did to Roxy. Allison replies that she told her the truth. Kyle then tells her that she must know that the baby is not Mitch's grandchild. And she may very well not be Schuyler’s child. Hearing that, Allison appears surprised.

Rex and Gigi brainstorm about what might be up with Schuyler not telling them anything, not showing up at his custody hearing and not letting Gigi see the baby. She tells him that she knows that Schuyler might be in trouble and threatened by somebody.

In the locked infirmary room, Schuyler demands to know what Allison did with his child. Mitch only speaks in riddles. From outside, Bo and the cops bang on the door. Schuyler urges them not to come in because he needs to save his daughter. Schuyler injects Mitch with a needle hoping he will pass out.

Viki is alone in England looking at a photo of herself and Charlie in happier times. At that moment, Dorian calls her and Viki wonders why she cannot identify Dorian’s phone.

Markko informs Langston and Starr that Hannah informed Cole that she slept with Ford and he dumped her for Langston. But Cole did not believe that. Ford told them that she stalked him, and she was really convinced that Ford was sleeping with Langston. He asks both Langston and Starr where they think she might have gotten an idea like that.

Rex tells Gigi that they need to get back to court and believe that they will win custody of the baby over Schuyler. She tells him they must prepare for the possibility that Schuyler will take Sierra away and they will never see her again.

While Viki's in England Dorian calls her and asks her why she is refusing to give Charlie another chance and why she has traveled 3000 miles away. Viki clarifies to Dorian that she is with her granddaughter. Dorian tells her that she knows that Charlie has something to do with that and asks Viki if she wants to spend the rest of her life alone.

Allison tells Kyle that he must know that this baby is definitely Schuyler’s. Kyle tells her that she couldn’t possibly know that. Stacy messed around with many guys including him. So somebody else could very well be the father of her child. She then pulls a gun on him and tells him she knows what he is doing.

Téa notices that Natalie might not be okay when she urgently needs to get a hold of Schuyler. She asks her if this has anything to do with Allison Perkins being on the loose. Is Natalie “worried” about Schuyler? Natalie denies that. Téa then suggests that maybe they find the apartment super and check up on Schuyler.

Marty appears to have passed out or may be drugged. She is worried about her baby. Oliver is nearby in his police uniform. While they wait for the ambulance, John asks Oliver to go up and get Kyle. Oliver rushes upstairs unaware of what has happened to Kyle and Roxy. When Allison has the two of them tied up and held hostage and she demands to know whom Kyle believes could be the father of Sierra if it’s not Schuyler, they hear the knock on the door from Oliver.

Todd and Kelly tell Bo and the cops that they have a mission and cannot leave until Kelly finds out how her mother died.

After Schuyler injects Mitch, he clarifies that this is a slow acting syringe that will stop Mitch’s heart in a short amount of time. Mitch appears to be completely lucid and alert and tells Schuyler he must be bluffing. Schuyler asks him if he is really certain of that.

John and Marty are still waiting for the ambulance. There is a blood stain on the blanket that he wraps her in. She is very worried what will happen to her baby.

Langston asks Markko where Hannah would get the idea that she would sleep with Ford. He explains that she told him and Cole that Ford takes girls to his office and has sex with them. She tells him that maybe, like Ford said, Hannah was jealous and lying. It appears that Markko does not believe or want to believe what Hannah has alleged about Langston sleeping with Ford. He urges Langston to steer clear of him. He tells her it’s obvious that Ford is bad news. Wherever he goes, there is drama. He then tells them he needs to take a shower. Alone with Starr, Langston asks how Hannah could have told him such a thing. Starr then asks her why not. It’s true.

Rex and Gigi are still wondering what could be up with Schuyler having to hide the baby especially now that everybody knows that she is not Mitch’s grandchild.

Natalie is able to get into Schuyler’s apartment. Téa demands to know what she has to tell him. Since she (Téa) is Schuyler’s lawyer, she needs to know what Natalie needs to tell him about and what she might know. Natalie right then informs Téa that Allison kidnapped baby Sierra and she does not know what Allison is going to do. Téa urges Natalie to tell her everything she knows.

Outside the jail infirmary, Bo and the cops ask Schuyler what he is doing in there and what he wants. Schuler does not answer but assures them he has it covered. He asks Mitch if he is feeling the effects of the drug. Mitch reminds him that if he dies, then Schuyler will never find out where his daughter is. Schuyler tells Mitch that he has an antidote to save his life and he will give it to Mitch only under the condition that Mitch brings his daughter back. Mitch has no choice if he wants to live, Schuyler tells him. He demands that Mitch calls Allison.

Viki is trying to ignore Dorian on the phone and asks her why she thinks that her marriage is any of her business. Dorian tells Viki that Charlie is all alone and distraught to have lost her. Viki tells Dorian she refuses to discuss this with her and that Charlie understands why she had to make this trip. Dorian then tells Viki if she’s not going to do this for herself or Charlie, she needs to do it for her family. She spells out to Viki that Allison Perkins is on the loose.

At that moment, Oliver bangs on the door urging that Kyle comes out and helps Marty who needs a doctor. While Allison holds the gun on both Kyle and Roxy, they know they better not say anything to Oliver.

Viki informs Dorian that she knows about Allison on the loose. She got a call from Clint. Dorian asks Viki if she is not worried what Allison might do to her (Viki’s) daughters. Viki tells Dorian that they have police protection. Dorian reminds her that Jessica is in a very vulnerable position. Viki reminds Dorian if that is the case, it’s her (Dorian’s) fault. Dorian tells Viki she must do something to protect her daughters so they don’t end up like Dorian’s sister Melinda.

Langston tells Starr that she would appreciate her not saying anything to Markko about her and Ford. Starr grudgingly agrees but tells her she hates lying for her. She then tells Langston she has to leave and go see Cole. Langston asks her if she will tell the secret to Cole. Starr tells Langston she cannot promise her that.

Allison gets a call from Mitch who informs her that he is still at Statesville and needs the baby now. She is not certain what is up. Schuyler then gets on the phone and tells Allison that the “messenger” is a dead man unless she gets down there with the baby. Allison appears afraid. She then tells Roxy and Kyle she has to go. But “first things first.” Now it appears that Mitch and Allison are dependent upon Schuyler to save Mitch’s life only if they bring back baby Sierra. Outside the infirmary, Bo tells Kelly and Todd that they cannot have civilians near a hostage situation. So they have to get escorted out of there. Kelly tells Bo that she and Todd refuse to leave and he may arrest her if he sees fit.

Paramedics come to take care of Marty and she is still very worried that she might have a miscarriage.

Natalie informs Téa that she went to see Roxy who obviously had a secret and then she heard the baby crying. Allison then pulled a gun on both of them and demanded that they get rid of John. So he may not know anything about the kidnapping since she had to lie to him about Allison. She could not call the police because Allison threatened to kill baby Sierra and kill Roxy if Natalie called them. She’s worried that Allison might have gotten to Schuyler’s apartment first and has done something horrible to him.

Gigi and Rex talk about Shane being away. Rex tells her he has to get going and it looks like they might be getting back together sometime soon.

Oliver gets a key to open up Kyle’s apartment but is stunned at what he sees.

The paramedics rush Marty to the hospital.

Téa and Natalie are struggling to find Schuyler.

Starr demands to know how Langston can lie to Marko. She would never do that to Cole. She tells her she has to get out of there because she cannot face Markko. Having to lie to him, she feels terrible for him. Langston tells her she feels bad for him also. Starr concludes to her not bad enough to stop cheating on him and she angrily goes out the door. Markko then comes out of the shower and asks Langston where Starr went knowing there is some sort of secret going on.

Bo tells Kelly that he understands the trauma that she is going through with losing her mom. But she is not going to listen to anything. Todd stands by her. Mitch reminds Bo that he could send him back to jail. He tells them both that he will have them in protective custody. But Kelly tells him that they are being held prisoner.

Dorian tells Viki she does not need to “imagine” what could have happened to her sister because of Mitch. Viki might need to remember that with Mitch, anything is possible. Viki tells her that she is aware of the situation and hopefully Allison will be caught.

Oliver unties Kyle and Roxy right after Allison has left with the baby to go and find Schuyler and Mitch. Knowing that his child might be in danger, Oliver gets on the phone to call Bo. But Allison has already gotten to the infirmary, points her gun at Bo and the cops and demands they let her in to see Mitch.

Markko prepares a romantic dinner for Langston. But she clearly has her mind elsewhere. He asks her if she is still thinking about what Hannah said. She then appears to want to confess something to him. He tells her that regardless of what anybody says, he knows that she would never cheat on him. He tells her he loves her. He holds her hand. She smiles and tells him she loves him too.

The paramedics wheel Marty away.

Dorian asks Viki what she’s waiting for. Another innocent person to be strapped to a gurney? What will have to happen in order for her to take this seriously? Viki tells her that she will return if her family needs her and she is hanging up on Dorian. Dorian tells her no. She will hang-up on Viki.

Meanwhile, when Oliver is trying and failing to reach Bo, he knows that he better open up the envelope with the paternity test results. Kyle stands by him while he opens it. It reveals that he is in fact Sierra’s father.

Natalie goes to Rex’s home and informs her brother that Allison has Roxy. Roxy rushes into Rex’s home after she’s escaped. But they still don’t’ know where Allison has taken the baby.

Allison stands outside the infirmary with a gun demanding that the cops and officials let her in to see Mitch and Schuyler. Schuyler urges them to let her in if she has his baby. She rushes in to see Mitch. She pulls the gun on Schuyler and tells him she will not give him his daughter until he gives the messenger the antidote.

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