OLTL Update Friday 3/26/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/26/10


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

John is in the lobby of the Angel Square Hotel looking at Allison Perkins' Llanview Police Dept. file.  He looks at her picture and rubs above his eye.  Upstairs in Kyle’s room, Allison has Roxy wrapped up with duct tape. Allison is looking around, picking things up and dropping them down, looking for something to read and complains that there are only anatomy books.  Roxy comments “he’s a doctor what you do expect him to have”.  Allison replies that she is looking for a fairytale to read and picks up a book, she gently pokes Sierra Rose in the belly as she says to her, we are going to read all about a little girl who grows up to be a princess just like you.   Roxy asks Allison to stop pretending she cares about Sierra Rose. Allison says she cares about Mitch and how the little brat will save his life. Roxy looks really confused as Allison says this.

At Statesville, Mitch opens his eyes as Todd listens to the guard tell him that Mitch isn’t allowed visitors.  Todd (with Kelly standing by his side) asks the guard to remind him why he is being paid a buck a week under the table and that The Sun needs access. The guard apologies that security has been upped on Mitch, as Kelly turns her head to see if anyone is looking, and slides a wad of bills through the bars to the guard.  The guard takes the money and opens the barred door leading towards Mitch’s cell.  Kelly and Todd walk through the doors and head towards Mitch.

Allison is flipping through the pages of the book she picked up as Roxy protectively tells her that the baby isn’t going to do anything for her if she has anything to do with it.  Allison agrees and says its what Schuyler is going to do for her and if he wants to get his daughter back he is going to have to break Mitch out of prison.

Kyle is working at the Statesville Infirmary treating an inmate with a neck wound and tells him to have the bandage changed every other day.  The inmate says ok doc and then the doors open and in walks Schuyler and tells Kyle its his lucky day; he is taking over his shift. He rushes Kyle out of the infirmary and slips Kyle’s Statesville permit over his head.

Allison snaps her fingers and says Schuyler is going to follow her fool proof plan to the letter.  Roxy tells Allison that she is a fool if she wants Mitch running around town.  Allison claims that Roxy never understood Mitch’s message.  Roxy replies, “then let him send a telegram from prison”.  Sierra Rose is still in the basket smiling and kicking in as Allison continues ranting that Mitch’s gifts are wasted in prison and she will free him.  Roxy looks up at Allison and asks her why and Allison tells her that unlike some other people she is loyal to Mitch.

In their apartment, Starr is asking Langston if she just had sex with Ford.  Langston is looking very guilty and acts surprised by the question.  Langston says what and Starr says well you’re here, and Ford was here and you’re all flustered and there is a condom wrapper on the floor. Langston says I’m not flustered and denies having sex.  Starr says well what else am I supposed to think.  Langston replies you’re my best friend  and should trust me.  Starr says so are you telling me you didn’t sleep with him?

At the diner, Cole and Markko are talking in the back kitchen.  Cole tells Markko not to worry about Langston and Markko says you’re right we just need to spend some time together.  Cole walks from the kitchen into the diner and overhears Ford and Hannah arguing as she accuses him of dumping her to sleep with Langston. Ford asks to go somewhere private to talk and she says no, she asks again if he left her to sleep with Langston.  Ford tells her that its none of her business who he sleeps with.  Meanwhile, Cole is standing in the background listening with a stunned look on his face.  Hannah says I have a right to know when you started sleeping with her. Ford says why and Hannah says “my doctor” as Ford looks flabbergasted to hear her say that. Cole is still listening and turns to look at Markko in the kitchen; she asks Ford if he was sleeping with them both at the same time. 

Langston goes on to tell Starr she loves Markko.  Starr says I didn’t ask you about Markko, I asked you about Ford.  For some reason you can’t look me in the eye and tell me the truth.  We used to tell each other everything and now you can’t even look at me.  Starr says tell me you aren’t sleeping with him…oh my god, that’s why you’ve been acting so weird.  You have been lying to us.  You haven’t talked to any of us for the last month.  You’ve been so jumpy…Langston is exasperated and says alright I’ll just move out and heads to the door.  Starr says no, not until you tell me what is going on; you can tell me, I love you.  Langston then gives up and says I slept with him, are you happy.  Starr is shocked!

At the diner, Ford takes Hannah by the arm and tells her if she has a problem (a medical one) that it wasn’t him because he always wears a condom.  Hannah retorts is that supposed to protect someone emotionally.  Ford says so you don’t have anything. She’s no but I could because of the way you sleep around. He then calls her a crazy slut.  Cole steps in and says, "Hey! Don’t talk to her like that."  Ford says to Hannah that she doesn’t need him, because she has Cole. Ford asks Cole, "Don’t you have a baby and a girlfriend?" Cole continues to defend Hannah.

Back at the apartment, Langston admits to having sex with Ford.  Starr can’t believe it and asks her if she is drunk.  Langston says “do I look drunk”.  Starr is flabbergasted and just trying to wrap her arms around this newsflash that Langston is actually having sex with Markko’s teacher on their couch!  Langston then admits that its been going on for a while.  Starr is stunned and speechless!

John tucks a folder away as Marty walks in and greets him.  John touches her hair tenderly and asks how she is feeling.  Marty wants to go out for dinner, but John says he can’t because he is looking for Roxy.  He tells Marty that Roxy’s ole pal Allison Perkins is on the loose.

Allison moves the baby to the other side of the couch as Roxy asks how this fool proof plan is supposed to work.  Allison repeats that she told her that Schuyler will break Mitch out of prison.  Roxy can’t believe Schuyler would risk his career for Mitch. Allison says he’ll do it for Sierra.  Allison then talks baby talk to Sierra.  She repeats the plan for Schuyler to get in to Statesville and Mitch will do the rest.

At Statesville, the guard lets Kelly and Todd through another set of barred doors and tells Mitch that he has a visitor.  Mitch looks at them and says well it’s the talented Kelly Cramer.  Kelly demands to know if he killed her mother.  Mitch goes on to tell Kelly he was sorry for her loss.  He recalls that Melinda was quite a woman until she lost her mind.  He reminds Kelly that seems to run in the family and asks Kelly how her mental health is these days.  Todd pipes in that her mental health is better than his.  Mitch says that Todd can’t do anything to him and being behind bars protects him from hotheads like Todd.  Kelly tells Mitch that someone called her and said her mother was murdered and wants to know if he put a hit on her.  Mitch says he wants put her mind at ease, but she has to play ball and answer some questions.  He wants to know how Todd managed to conquer another Cramer woman… perhaps Todd used the Marty Saybrooke method. 

In the lobby of Angel Square Hotel, John continues to get Marty up to date on the Allison Perkins' situation and who she might be targeting.  He tells Marty that he advised Natalie to go to London and visit Viki.  Marty is glad to hear that.  Kyle walks in to the lobby and John asks him if he has seen Roxy.  Kyle tells him no that he was on clinic duty at Statesville all day.  John asks how Mitch is doing.  He says that Mitch is in lock down in maximum security.  John is still looking to find Roxy and Kyle asks if she is in trouble.  Kyle points up the stairs and asks John if this is about the plumbing problem. John says that Roxy isn’t in trouble but he needs to talk to her. Upstairs, Allison is tending to the baby as Roxy keeps asking her when she is going to hear from Schuyler.  Allison tells Roxy not to worry her shrunken little head and to sit back and wait for the arrival.  (Here you see Schuyler frantically looking through the medicine cabinet, grabbing a bottle of pills.) Roxy is reminded of the day that Rex was born and Allison said the same thing (about the arrival).  Roxy remembered they almost died and that it was a miracle that Rex was alive.  Allison is amused by how dumb Roxanne was then and how dumb she is now.  Roxy remarks that Allison is completely crazy.  Allison goes on and on about how everyone was fooled by her genius and the messenger warned her that no one would see her genius.  Allison tells Roxy that she fooled every one and that Roxy believed the lie she told her the day Rex was born.  Roxy has no idea what Allison is talking about.

At the diner, Hannah goes on bad mouthing Ford and says that Ford is sleeping with Langston and that Markko deserves to know.   Ford has a very perplexed look on his face when Cole says no, no, no. Back at the apartment Starr is trying to understand what’s going on and is shocked when Langston says she has been sleeping with Ford for a month.  Langston says she didn’t mean for this to happen she tries to explain saying that Ford was always there, she kept running into him and that Starr said to talk to him about the musical. Starr says I told you talk to talk to him, not sleep with him.  Langston goes on to describe how it happened the first time, then the next time and then the next…it was an accident and now she can’t stop.  Starr says he is not a drug, he is just a guy and to stop this right now.

At the diner, Cole asks Hannah why she thinks Ford is having sex with Langston.  Hannah goes on to say she found Langston’s button in his office and that’s where Ford brings girls to have sex. She claims to have heard them having sex in the office.  All of sudden Markko walks in to the front of the diner from the kitchen and hears Hannah and says “What?” with a very hurt look on his face.

Meanwhile, Starr tells Langston she has to break it off with Ford.  Langston tells Starr that she has tried, but Ford doesn’t listen.  Starr tells her that Ford will have to listen to her. Starr goes on to tell Langston that she is forgetting about Markko and reminds her of all the things that Markko gave up for her.  Langston cries out she knows how much Markko loves her and how much she has done for her.  She cries out she loves him but she can’t stop sleeping with Ford and that maybe she doesn’t want to. 

Back at Angel Square Hotel, Kyle tells John he wants to help Roxy if she is in trouble.  Marty starts acting like she is really hot and wipes her forehead.  Both John and Kyle offer to help and she barks at them to stop and that she is fine.

Upstairs Roxy asks Allison what lie she told her on the day that Rex was born.  Allison asks Roxanne if she is sure she wants to know because it will blow up her life.  Roxy says “lay it on me dirtball”.  Allison says ok and leans in towards Roxy and whispers in her hear…..

At Statesville, Todd tells Kelly let’s go and Mitch notices how assertive Todd is over Kelly.  Kelly says she isn’t leaving.  Mitch notes out loud that Kelly and Todd like playing rough…and soon Kelly won’t just be working for him, but under him.  Kelly makes a comment that prison time is stunting his imagination and to focus on her mom and asks again what happened to her mother. Mitch goes on about Todd and Kelly asking if Blair knows about them.  Mitch tells Kelly that he doesn’t know anything about her mother’s death.  He leads on that he could of done it, but there is no fun in hunting someone who can’t fight back.  But then again, maybe he does know something. Kelly punches the glass and screams at Mitch to tell her what he knows.  Mitch goes up to the glass and acts as if he is going to say something and warns that she might not like what she is going to hear, but then he falls to his knees grabbing his left arm. Kelly screams don’t you dare die without telling me what you know – you son of a bitch.  He lies on the floor rocking back and forth grabbing his chest.  The guard comes in and calls for emergency help at cell block 4.  Todd tells the guard to let him die and he’ll give him a job watching TV all day if he does.  Mitch lies there in anguish and says he can’t die he still has so much to do.

Kyle questions Marty about her pregnancy to see if she is ok and advises her to see her OB and leaves.  Marty assures John she is ok and she will sit and cool off.  John insists he isn’t leaving. 

Meanwhile, upstairs Allison is tormenting Roxy with her secret (that was not said out loud). Roxy is crying and saying that can’t be true.  Allison says I told you the truth hurts.  She tells Roxy to remember when she was giving birth. Asking her if she remembers the baby was crying as they got to the hospital (as Sierra begins to cry), Allison goes to the baby.  Roxy starts to remember what happened the day Rex was born, but doesn’t want to and cries in anguish.  Kyle opens the door to his apartment and sees Roxy taped up and crying. 

At Statesville, Schuyler and a nurse come down and the guard lets them in to the cell reminding them what a risk Mitch is to them.  Schuyler says knowingly not to worry, Mitch knows he is there to help.

Hannah continues to go on about Ford and how he treats girls…he is a teacher how can he take students to his office, prey on them, how can he do this?  Ford then accuses her of being a stalker who couldn’t take no as an answer and warns Hannah to get over him dumping her. Ford apologizes that Cole and Markko got dragged in to it.  Cole turns and looks at Markko who just looks confused.

Starr comforts Langston and tells her that this thing with Ford is not going anywhere and that she needs Markko who really loves her.  Langston laments over that fact that she is 18 and has only dated one person, slept with one person and how could she already know what she wants.  Markko is stifling her.  Starr tells Langston it’s not fair that she is cheating on Markko.  Lang continues with Markko’s dream for them, to go to school together, move to LA, work together, buy a house, get married…  Starr questions Langston and asks her if she loves him.  Langston looks unsure and doesn’t answer. She says she doesn’t want to break up with either of them.  She tells Starr how intense being with Ford is, they are almost one.  She compares them, saying that Markko seems to worship her and puts her up on a pedestal and that makes her uncomfortable.  Ford really tries to help her, gives her honest criticism on her writing whereas Markko just thinks she is some genius and doesn’t try to help her. Starr reminds her she can’t have them both. 

At the diner, Markko asks Hannah what is going on.  She tells him she is sorry but when Ford wants something he doesn’t stop until he’s had you.  She tries to convince Markko that they slept together; to listen.  Cole tries to explain how she might have jumped to the wrong conclusion.  Cole thinks she is angry at Ford and just making assumptions.  Cole doesn’t think she is telling the truth, but just said it to get at Ford.  He tells Markko that he trusts Hannah.  He goes on and says that Hannah doesn’t know how Markko and Langston are together; she was just trying to get under Ford’s skin.  Markko takes off his apron and says he just has to get out of here and leaves.

John is looking after Marty gives her a glass of water and asks if that feels better.  Marty goes on to tell John he should be out looking for Roxy, but John says she is his priority right now.  Marty reminds John he is a hero and people rely on him to keep them safe. 

Back at Statesville, Schuyler and the nurse rush Mitch out saying he is having a heart attack.  Kelly tells Todd she wants to toss Mitch’s cell.  Todd disagrees, but Kelly insists she wants to look around to see if there is anything there about her mother. She heads in to the cell and Todd looks to see if anyone is coming.

Kyle rushes to Roxy.  She appears to be hyperventilating and tells her to breathe.  Allison then jumps behind him, gun in hand, and says get away from her.  Kyle asks her who she is and Allison crazily introduces herself as “Allison Perkins, escaped mental patient”.  He tells her to put the gun down, but Allison tells him to shut up and lock the door.

Hannah apologizes as Cole says its ok. She thanks him as she hugs him. Cole told her it wasn’t worth getting in to it with Ford and she shouldn’t drag other people in to her problems. Cole assures Hannah that Langston and Markko love each other and that Langston would never cheat on Markko. 

Back at the teens’ apartment, Starr tells Langston she needs to choose between the two guys.  She won’t let her keep cheating on Markko and that he deserves to know.  Langston begs her not to tell him.  As she is trying to make Starr promise, Markko walks through the door hearing her and looks pained by what she is saying.

In the lobby at Angel Square, John wants to bring Marty to the hospital, but Marty tells him that with Allison on the loose the station can’t be without him. John’s phone rings and he notes it’s the station.  He listens and then tells Marty that Roxy has not left the area by flight, bus or train.  Marty stands up and collapses in John’s arms. 

Kelly is still looking through Mitch’s cell, she flips his mattresses telling Todd there isn’t anything in here except a bible.  Todd wants to leave but Kelly says if Mitch knew who killed his mother would he leave. Todd just says that he didn’t know his mother.  Kelly is flipping through the bible and finds a scrap of paper with 3-26 = D Day.  Todd says, “I told you he was faking”.  Schuyler is in the infirmary working on Mitch and says to the nurse he needs Heparin, but the she can’t find it.  Schuyler opens his hand and is holding the Heparin, he releases it and it falls in to the trash can.  The guard comes in and wants to know how he is, but Schuyler tells him to leave him alone.  He then leans over Mitch and softly says “Allison sent me.”  Mitch opens his eyes, breaths in deeply and smiles.

Now Kyle is tied up next to Roxy and tries to ask Roxy who the lady is and what does she want.  Allison starts to act a bit crazy, laughing and saying that she just told Roxy a little story about her past.  Allison grabs Roxy by the chin and shakes her face saying that Kyle wasn’t supposed to be home yet. She makes a joke about how he wasn’t supposed to be home and here he was using up all her rope… she snaps up and laughs at her own joke about it being the end of her rope.  She turns and laughs an even crazier laugh, almost cackling.  Allison slams face first against the door as Kyle asks her what she wants and she says wants Schuyler to do what he is told; to get Mitch out of prison.  She tells Kyle that they are all dim, dim, dim and that Schuyler will do it because of this and she moves around the corner and comes back with Sierra Rose; smiling and gently rubbing the baby’s back. 

Kelly and Todd tell the guard that they have to speak to the doctor.  The guard says absolutely not that there is a man dying in there.  Todd says that he is pretty sure he faking it.  The guard tries to open the infirmary door, but its locked. Schuyler is on the other side jamming the door with a crutch.  He then tells Mitch they aren’t going anywhere until he gets his daughter back.

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