OLTL Update Friday 3/26/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/26/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

John calls Roxy at Angel Square. She is not responding while Allison is holding her hostage and has her duct taped to a chair. Allison tells baby Sierra that she’s going to read a fairy-tale for her. She admits that Roxy is correct that she does not care about the baby. But she does care about saving Mitch.

Todd goes with Kelly to find Mitch Laurence in his jail cell. He bribes the guard to find Mitch.

Roxy tells Allison that the baby is not going to do squat in order to help her or Mitch. Allison then clarifies that it’s not what she can do in order to help Mitch. Schuyler will follow her plan and will have to get Mitch freed from prison. She tells Roxy that Mitch’s “gifts” are wasted in prison. She is going to free him. Roxy asks her why. Allison tells her because she is loyal, unlike some people.

Starr asks Langston if she slept with Ford. Langston does not want to answer that question and evades it.

At Buenos Dias, Cole tells Markko he need not worry about Langston. All they need is to spend more time together. When he goes out to the other room, he overhears Ford and Hannah confirming that Ford has also slept with Langston.

Langston does not answer the question Starr is asking her of whether she has had sex with Ford. Starr asks her if she has been lying to her and to Markko and to everybody else. For the last month, Starr has tried and failed to talk to her. She’s always being secretive or jumpy or going off somewhere. Langston tells Starr that she can move out if Starr has a problem with her. But Starr tells her she loves her and she will be there to help her if she is having problems with Markko and merely has a “crush” on Ford. Starr hopes that Langston can tell her that’s all it is and she did not have sex with Ford. At that point, Langston blurts out that she did, in fact, have sex with Ford.

At Buenos Dias, Ford tells Hannah that if she “has something” it could not be from him. He always uses a condom. Maybe, she got it elsewhere since she is a crazy slut. He says it loud enough so that Cole can overhear. Cole tells him he better not talk that way to Hannah. He knows about how he treats her, and it’s not okay.

Starr asks Langston how it is that she could end up having sex on their couch with Markko’s teacher. Langston admits that it did not “just happen.” It’s been going on for a while.

Marty and John meet and she asks him if he can join her for lunch. He tells her he wishes he could. He asks her if she has seen Roxy because her “old pal” Allison Perkins is on the loose.

Roxy asks Allison how it is that she thinks that Schuyler would help her. He is a med student who would not risk that for her. Allison reminds her that Schuyler would risk anything for his kid.

Meanwhile, Schuyler is at the hospital working and talking to Kyle, but he is completely distracted. When he is alone, he looks like he has a plan.

Allison tells Roxy that all Schuyler needs to do is get himself inside Statesville, and Mitch will do the rest.

Todd and Kelly go to see Mitch. Mitch then looks at them and asks what he owes the pleasure of seeing lovely Kelly. She tells him she has a question. Did he kill her mother? Mitch taunts Kelly by telling her that her mother was a lovely woman until she lost her mind. He goes on with riddles until she demands that he answer the question of whether he murdered her. He then asks her how Todd managed to conquer yet another Cramer woman. He asks if it was the “Marty Saybrooke method?”

At Angel Square Hotel, after John informs Marty that Allison Perkins is on the loose, Marty remarks that Allison is a dangerous psychiatric patient. They know that Allison might target many people including Natalie whom John assumes is headed to London. Kyle enters and John asks if he has heard from Roxy. He admits that he has not and wonders what John wants with Roxy.

Allison tells Rosy she may not worry her bubble head about the details of her plan. She knows what to do with Schuyler.

Schuyler is alone at the hospital taking drugs out of a locked compartment.

Allison tells Roxy that Roxy fails to appreciate her genius and the messenger warned her. Roxy laughs at that. Allison tells Roxy that everybody has been fooled by her when she delivered that baby whom everybody thought was Roxy’s precious little boy who was near death.

Cole goes to intervene in Hannah’s argument with Ford. She tells Cole that Markko deserves to know that Ford has been sleeping with his girlfriend. And Markko is right in the next room.

Langston admits to Starr that she and Ford have been sleeping together for the last month. They have been running into each other. She did not mean for this to happen. He kissed her once. She told him she would not go there. But he kept touching and kissing her. She let it happen just that one time. But then it got to be many more times. It was just an accident. Hearing that, Starr clarifies that if it’s been going on for a month, it’s not an accident. In response to that, Langston tells Starr that she has tried to get it to stop, but can’t. Starr then tells her that she is making it sound like he’s some kind of a drug. She must know that Ford is just a guy. If she wants it to stop, she can make it stop.

At Buenos Dias, Hannah confirms to Cole that she happens to know that Ford has had sex with Langston. He knows that he has this pattern of inviting younger girls to his office to have sex with them and she knows what has been going on behind the closed door when he’s been avoiding her throughout the last month. Markko comes out to hear that and demands to know what he has just heard.

Starr tells Langston she has to break it off with Ford. Langston tells her she has already tried and failed that. Starr asks her if she doesn’t know what she owes Markko better than that. He is her boyfriend who loves her and has been there for her. She has cheated on him and it has to stop. Hearing that, Langston admits to Starr that maybe she does not want to stop what she has been doing.

Roxy demands that Allison tell her what the big secret is regarding when she had Rex many years ago. Allison then whispers in her ear after “warning” her that it might be too much of a shock.

Mitch asks Kelly and Todd how it is that they have “hooked up.” She clarifies that she and Todd merely work together. He then tells her she must know that Todd has a lot of “boundary issues.” She may think she is working with him, but sooner or later, she will be working “under” him. She does not want to discuss that and tells Mitch she wants to know who killed her mom. He then asks her if Blair knows about her and Todd. She tells him Blair does, but she wants to know about her mother’s death. Mitch continues to taunt her until she furiously demands to know who killed her. Mitch then warns Kelly that she may not like what she hears. Then it appears that Mitch is falling to the floor. She demands that he tells her before he “dies.”

Kyle talks to Marty and John about the fact that she is pregnant. He acts like a Ob-Gyn and tells them he can go and contact Roxy for them. Marty tells John that she will just sit there and cool off while he looks for Roxy. John won’t leave her side.

After Allison whispers in Roxy’s ear, Roxy cries and tells her it’s a lie, and it can’t be true. Allison tells her that she warned her that the truth will hurt. She tells her that if she thinks back, she will know that it all makes sense. Doesn’t she remember that they got baby Rex to a hospital and he was crying? Roxy then remembers that maybe she just doesn’t want to believe that something like that would happen. Kyle hears Roxy crying and rushes into the door to help her.

After it appears that Mitch has passed out, the guard does not want to let Kelly or Todd do anything. Of course, Schuyler appears out of nowhere and attempts to “save” Mitch as if he knows what Allison has demanded that he do in order to get baby Sierra back.

Hannah confirms to Cole and Markko that Ford gets young girls in his office and has sex with them. Ford tells them that she has this “thing” for him and has been stalking and following him and has gotten out of control. He addresses Cole and Markko and tells them he’s sorry that the two of them had to get dragged into this. He faces Hannah and tells her he’s sorry if he hurt her, but she needs to “get over it,” Markko and Cole do not know what to say or do.

Starr tells Langston that she needs to end this thing with Ford because it’s not going anywhere. She needs to know that Markko loves her and is not just there for the sex. Langston knows that she is 18 and the only boy she’s ever dated is Markko. She has never been with anybody else. How does she know that Markko is the one or what things will be like in ten more years. Starr tells her in that case, maybe she needs to tell him that. Maybe move back to Dorian’s. But don’t cheat on Markko with Ford. Langston then informs Starr that Markko has their entire future mapped out about going to LU together and getting married and spending the rest of their lives together. Starr then tells her that having sex with Ford on the couch is not going to accomplish anything. She does not love Ford. She turns to see that Langston is having questions about that. She tells Starr she does not know what she feels. She does not want to break it off with Ford. She also does not want to lose Markko. Starr asks her what this thing is that is so special about Ford. Langston replies that it’s so intense and unlike anything she’s ever known. It’s like she and Ford are the same person. With Markko, it’s like he worships and puts her up on this pedestal. It makes her uncomfortable. Maybe she is talented but she has a lot to learn. Ford helps her out with that. Ford went through all of her material in the musical and helped her get it right. Markko thinks she is a genius but Ford really gets her. He takes her really seriously. She does not want to lose either of them. Starr then concludes to Langston that she is going to lose both of them and has to choose because she cannot have it both ways.

At Buenos Dias, Markko asks Hannah if she’d like to repeat to him what she just said. She tells him that Ford uses whoever he can use and after he gets sick of one girl, he gets rid of her. He’s like this serial abuser. He does not care about anybody on the planet except himself. She then runs off. Markko then asks Cole why she would accuse Langston of cheating on him. She does not know either of them. Cole tells him that she knows Ford. She was angry at Ford since he’s a player who used and hurt her. And maybe she just made an assumption that he got Langston in bed without thinking it through. He clarifies to Markko that Hannah is a really nice girl who got hurt. She may be inaccurate. Markko knows that something is going on that is not right, and he goes out the door.

John and Marty stay downstairs while Roxy is upstairs with Allison. Marty tells John that he is a hero and people count on him to keep them safe.

Mitch has appeared to have had a heart attack and Schuyler is right on cue to take him to the infirmary. Todd and Kelly wait and she tells him that maybe if she goes into Mitch’s cell, she can find out something about her mother.

Kyle tries to help Roxy when Allison pulls the gun on him. She demands he shut up and closes the door.

At Buenos Dias, Cole and Hannah are alone. She tells him she’s really sorry and did not mean to flip out like this. He hugs her and tells her that it’s all in the past. He tells her that the situation involving Ford is not worth it. She tells him she knows. She will get past it. But it’s hard. She did not mean to get his friend involved in it and did not know that he was in the kitchen. Cole tells her that he understands why she might assume that Ford would get Langston to have sex with him. But he knows that she  would never cheat on Markko.

Starr tells Langston that if she does not tell Markko that she slept with Ford, she (Starr) will tell him. Langston urges Starr not to tell him. She must promise never to tell him. Markko enters to overhear their conversation and knows they are talking about him and keeping a secret.

When John is with Marty, he finds out that Roxy has not left town. At that moment, Marty passes out.

Kelly and Todd go through Mitch’s stuff in his jail cell. She is determined to find out how Mitch got her mother killed. She only finds Mitch’s bible, and Todd wants to get out of there.

In the infirmary, Schuyler attempts to “treat” Mitch and makes certain that he is alone with him. He throws the drug heparin in the trash. When he’s alone with Mitch, he asks him what is needed. Mitch awakens and makes it clear that he did not have a heart attack.

Allison tells Kyle that Roxy just found out something from the past. But she does not reveal what the secret is. She tells them she wants Schuyler Joplin to break Mitch out of prison. She knows that Schuyler will do as he is told. She brings out the baby and reveals to Kyle that the reason is that she has something that Schuyler wants.

Todd and Kelly try to find Mitch. The guard tells them they cannot. Schuyler makes certain that the door is locked from outside the infirmary. Mitch wants Schuyler to help him escape. He tells Mitch that they are not going anywhere until he gets his daughter back. 

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