OLTL Update Thursday 3/25/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/25/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is on the phone leaving a message for Cole about how he will like to see Langston’s musical of them.

Meanwhile, Langston and Ford are sleeping together again in side the apartment where she lives..

At the Buenos Dias kitchen, Markko remarks that Cole never has any time for anything except for Hannah.

Kelly lays down the law to Todd that they are not going to participate in smearing people in his paper. She tears up what he wrote about the “Morasco fiasco and how many people compete for custody of a stripper’s baby. She asks him how he would feel if somebody exposed him or called Starr a tramp to have gotten pregnant or exposed the father of his grandchild as a drug addict.

Right then, Schuyler is in his apartment, hiding and completely uncertain of what to do until Allison gets around to calling him with “instructions” while she has taken his baby away. Téa is with him. Gigi is outside the door demanding he opens up and let her in, knowing that something is up and is worried about Sierra.

Right then, Rex talks to Bo who tells him that something might be happening now that Allison Perkins is on the loose and working for Rex’s “old man”.

When Allison reveals herself to Natalie at Roxy’s salon and pulls a gun on her, Natalie is stunned. She remembers that Allison has been in a coma since they last spoke. Allison tells her that she woke up

Markko informs Cole that something “weird” occurred. He found Langston in Ford’s office.

Right then, Hannah enters the cafe and looks like she is looking for Cole. She goes into overhear Markko informing him that he found Langston’s blouse button in Ford’s office. Cole tells him that he seems to be implying that there is something going on between Langston and Ford.

After Langston is done having sex with Ford in her apartment, he tells her that he knows she does not want him to leave. She likes the “danger” of being found out. But she leads him out the door. Right then, Starr appears at the door and seems very surprised to see him there alone with Langston.

Kelly tells Todd that slamming people is not selling the Sun. Maybe he needs to change and write something that is true and honorable and that people want to read. She also tells him that she knows that he is having serious problems with the daughter he had with Téa. He’s not winning any points with Dani by writing what he writes in the Sun.. And she knows that his hiring her is a desperate cry for help.

Gigi demands that Schuyler lets her in the door. Inside, Schuyler is with Téa who advises him on what to do. But he cannot open the door.

John and Bo are trying to find Allison Perkins. Rex informs Bo that before Allison went into the coma he knows that she was attempting to tell Natalie and Jessica something about Mitch Laurence. He wonders if it might be that he is Rex’s father.

John talks to the security guard about Roxy’s mysterious “interest” in Mitch Laurence, and how it doesn’t make sense that she would be visiting Mitch so frequently. They are putting two and two together that Allison might be the one to visit Mitch and might be passing herself off as Roxy Balsam.. Oliver asks John what is going on regarding Allison and if it might involve Sierra Rose.

Allison points the gun at Natalie and Roxy. Natalie asks her what she is doing in regard to Schuyler and Stacy’s baby. She reminds her that Sierra is not related to Mitch.

Gigi continues to knock on the door and asks Schuyler what is going on. She wants to see that Sierra is ok. But he does not say anything nor open the door.

Allison smirks at Natalie for not knowing about hers’ or Mitch’s “connection” to Sierra Rose.

Bo tells Rex that they have ramped up security at Statesville so that Mitch cannot escape. But they know that that may not be enough.. BO reflects that he knows about Rex’s custody battle for Stacy’s baby. And he advises Rex to be very careful until they find Allison. Rex must protect Gigi and Shane and all people that he loves, Bo tells him. Rex remarks that he’s glad that Stacy’s baby is off of Mitch’s radar. That’s the one good thing that came out of her being Schuyler’s instead of his. And right then, Oliver enters to overhear and does not know what to say or do.

Gigi demands to know why Schuyler did not show up in court. He tells her that his sitter cancelled. She tells him that she is suspicious that he cannot be trusted and thought he might want to run and take the baby and split town.

Meanwhile, Kelly tells Todd that she has a hunch that Schuyler Joplin is an honorable man who is trying to clean up his act and raise a baby. Even if he used to be a drug addict, he is turning his life around for his daughter, not unlike Todd is doing for Dani.

When Starr enters the apartment and Ford departs, she knows that Langston is covering something.

Cole tells Markko that he should trust Lang tons. But he should not trust Ford as far as he can throw him. Markko asks him what he knows about Ford. Cole does not answer that question. But Hannah is standing behind the door unseen overhearing their conversation.

Kelly tells Todd that he cannot print trash about Gigi and Schuyler and Rex. She tells him that good journalism would explore all of the facts and she wants to write a fair, impartial and accurate article. She wants to find out information about Schuyler. So she’s going to talk to him and get all of the facts.

Gigi pushes her way into Schuyler’s apartment. But Téa tells her she cannot let her go in and see Schuyler’s baby.

Natalie tells Allison that Mitch knows that the baby is not Rex’s. SO she is not doing him any favors by taking her. But Allison tells her that the messenger wants this child. Natalie demands to know why. Allison does not answer. And right then, John knocks on the door outside and sees that it’s locked.

Kelly tells Todd she is going to talk to Schuyler. He tells her he’s coming with her. She asks him why. He tells her that drug addicts can be slippery. But she asks him if he does not believe he owes Schuyler a fair shake after he cause Schuyler’s mother to commit suicide after blackmailing her to help him kidnap Starr’s baby in order to raise it with his amnesiac girlfriend. Right then, Kelly gets a call from an anonymous person who knows that her mother got murdered.

Starr tells Langston she knows that Ford did not come there to see Markko. And right then, she discovers a condom wrapper on the floor and asks Langston what’s up with that.

Right then, at Buenos Dias, Hannah overhears Cole telling Markko that he knows that Ford is a dog and wouldn’t put it past him to try to get Langston into bed. Right then, Ford walks in the door.

When John knocks on the door of Roxy’s salon, Allison warns Natalie that she better make him leave and not tell him what is going on. Otherwise, she will put a bullet in Natalie’s mommy dearest’s head. Roxy stares speechlessly at her daughter while Allison point the gun to her heard

Oliver talks to John about the belief that Schuyler is Sierra’s father and that she might be in danger.

Gigi asks Schuyler why she can’t see her niece. Didn’t he promise that she would see her whenever she wanted? He does not reply. Téa tells her that she’s sorry. It’s not Schuyler’s decision to make. She has to advise her client not to let her see Sierra.. Schuyler tells her he would like nothing more than to let her see the baby and be able to hold her. Gigi asks him why he cannot do that.

When Allison demands that Roxy hides with her and not reveal that the baby is there, Natalie opens the door to see John. She does not tell him what is going on. But he grabs his gun and goes into the back room, knowing she is lying and covering something. She follows him and asks what he is doing. He informs her that Allison Perkins is on the loose. Natalie acts surprised and tells him that she last heard is that Allison is on the loose. She asks him why he thinks that Allison would be coming there. He tells her that Allison has disguised herself as Roxy in order to get access to Mitch. And he thought if he contacted Roxy, he might be able to find out about Allison. Inside, Allison points the gun at Roxy and gets her to unlock the door to an apartment upstairs in angel square.

Schuyler tells Gigi that the most important thing in his life is Sierra. He cannot let Gigi back there because it might upset the baby. Gigi demands to know what is going on and why he would say that. She is his aunt. Sierra knows her and they have bonded. Téa then tells Gigi that all of this will be decided in court. But Gigi has to leave now. She asks Schuyler how he could do something like this. How could he hurt her any more than he already has? He acts like he cares about Sierra but hid that he was her father all during Stacy’s pregnancy and betrayed both Gigi and Rex by lying about that. What is he doing? She then goes out the door.

Rex tells Bo that he has to find Mitch. Maybe Mitch will tell him what is going on if he wants to win his “son” over. But Bo warns him not to do that they are talking about Mitch Laurence who does not care about Rex or anybody, DNA or not.

Allison takes Roxy and the baby upstairs and says that she hopes that Natalie does the right thing and does not tip John off that Allison is doing what she is doing. Downstairs in the salon, John tells Natalie he needs to find out where Allison is and to make certain that Natalie is safe. Natalie tells him she is fine. All he needs to do now is find Allison. But he tells her that maybe she should travel with Viki to England. That might be one less target for Allison since she’s Roxy’s daughter. And he knows that Natalie is hiding something.

Starr notices a condom wrapper on the floor. Langston first tells her that it was Markko’s. But Starr knows better.

Markko asks Cole if he thinks he should be worried about Ford and Langston. Cole tells Markko he does not know about Ford and Langston but knows that Ford is a player who does not care about anybody except himself. In the other room, Ford and Hannah run into each other. He is ready to leave. But she demands that he waits.

Gigi returns from Schuyler’s home. Rex tells her everything will be ok. But she tells him that Schuyler would not let her anywhere near Sierra. He had his lawyer there to do his dirty work for him. And he and Téa would not let her see her niece. Right then, Oliver overhears her asking what type of a man would do that to his own child.

Téa tells Schuyler that this is child abduction. They must call the cops on Allison. But he reminds her that she saw the video and knows about Allison’s threats. But she tells him he must show up in court the next day. There will be another social worker to visit him. And Eli is building a case for Gigi. But he is afraid of Allison and asks her if she would put hers’ and Todd’s daughter in danger if it were her.

After Kelly gets the anonymous call about her mother getting murdered, she informs Todd that Dorian has suspicions that her mother did not die of a heart attack. It does not make any sense. She suspects that Mitch has had her killed. Todd tells her that he would not put that past Mitch.

In Roxy’s salon, while Natalie knows she has to hide the fact that Allison has threatened Roxy and the baby and she must lie, she tells John that she has to get away and not come between him and Mary especially when they are having a baby. So she has to leave. She will also be one less target for Allison like he said. It will make his life easier , she tells him.

Upstairs, Allison duct tapes Roxy’s hands and feet to a chair and makes a call to Schuyler asking him if he’s ready to do business.

Langston demands to know why Starr is giving her the third degree. But Starr knows that Ford was not there to see Markko and asks Langston if she had sex with him.

At Buenos Dias, Hannah demands to know how Ford can blow her off and be so cold. But he tells her he has to get going. He tells her she has to get out of there before she embarrasses herself further. Cole then comes outside to overhear her asking him what he doesn’t want her to reveal. That he got her in the sack, used her and then dumped her so that he could sleep with “this Langston chick”? Hearing that, Cole is shocked.

Todd gets on the phone to find out what might have happened to Melinda Cramer, Kelly’s mom. She seems to appreciate his help.

Rex and Gigi corner Téa. He asks her how she could prevent Gigi from seeing her sister’s baby. Wouldn’t she understand since she is a mother?

When Allison has Roxy tied to the chair in the room at angel square, Roxy has a flashback of being drugged by Allison right after Allison delivered baby Rex. And Allison demanded that she keeps her mouth shut while Allison has her baby. Right then, she hears Allison calling Schuyler and giving him a very similar threat.

Bo can see that Téa has something going on that she is not telling him. She tells him she has to go.

Allison tells Schuyler that all he has to do is bust Mitch Laurence out of Statesville.

Right then, Kelly tells Todd she is going to Statesville to get some answers and find out if Mitch murdered her mother.

Allison tells Schuyler he will follow her instructions word for word. Or else he will never see Sierra Rose again.

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