OLTL Update Tuesday 3/23/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/23/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the high school, the musical that Langston composed about Starr and Cole is underway. Dani is wondering what she should do and suddenly tells Cristian that she wants to be a part for the production.

Jessica comes downstairs to see Natalie working on her taxes using Turbo Tax. Jessica reveals that he has never heard of such a thing as it didn’t exist when she was in high school. And she asks Natalie how she feels about stealing somebody else’s boyfriend.

Cole returns from spending time with Hannah to a worried Starr. But right then, before they can discuss the matter, John and Marty enter and announce that they are going to have a baby.

At the trial for custody of Sierra Rose, Gigi is surprised to see Rex show up unexpectedly. He tells her he wants to be there for her. She admits that she is scared. Especially now that Schuyler is holding all the cards. Little do either of them know what has happened to Schuyler.

Right then, Schuyler awakens after being passed out on the floor from Allison knocking him out and kidnapping baby Sierra. He struggles to find his baby but sees her crib is empty.

Meanwhile, Roxy is alone in her salon drinking. She then hears a knock on her door. She knows there is something to be suspicious of. It’s Allison Perkins at the door. She tells Roxy she has big plans and needs to get her hair tinted. Roxy sees her and is stunned.

Jessica tells Natalie she’s heard that Natalie is a trouble maker. That’s her MO and that is why she came to Llanview in the first place. She wanted to blackmail their mother and crashed their grandfather’s funeral. And then she took somebody else’s boyfriend. Hearing that, Natalie assumes Jessica is talking about John and reminds her that she realizes he is with Marty and has backed off. But Jessica clarifies that she is not talking about Natalie with John. She’s talking about Cristian.

At the high school production of the musical, Dani asks Cristian if he is seeing Jessica. He tells her no. He has a girlfriend and this whole conversation is not appropriate. She asks him why. And she reveals that she wants to be part of this play for her sister, Starr.

Cole and Starr admit that they are really happy for Marty and John. And he’s happy to have a little sibling and an aunt or uncle for baby Hope.

Natalie tells Jessica she is not stealing anyone and did not steal Cristian from Jessica. But Jessica tells her that she saw the wedding photos and tells Natalie that she thinks there is something wrong with the fact that her twin sister married Jessica’s first love. Natalie tells Jessica that she and Cristian were very respectful to her and she gave them her blessing. Jessica tells her sister that she is not ok with it now. And she knows that Marty must not be ok with Natalie’s interest in John.

Before the trial, Rex assures Gigi that he has her back and Schuyler will have nothing on her.

Right then, Schuyler runs frantically through the apartment trying to find his baby daughter. But he only comes across the badge that Allison stole that is now lying on the floor and he suddenly remembers what happened.

Allison tells Roxy she wants a new look. She wants to appear sweet and wholesome.

Right then, Schuyler recalls Allison pulling a gun on him and informing him that Mitch Laurence needs the baby and then injecting him with a needle to knock him out.

Right then Roxy tells Allison she’s calling the police. But Allison tells her she would not do that as she wrote the same thing on Schuyler’s phone. She tells Roxy that she better not rat her out because Allison remembers what happened when Rex was born.

Before the trial, Eli asks Tea why she thinks she can win the case for Schuyler when he did not let the social worker into his home. Having no clue what happened the previous day, Tea confidently tells him he does not know what he is talking about since Schuyler confirmed that Melanie came by and everything went well. She asks him how it is that he got too distracted by Blair to prepare for his case. And right then, it looks like Schuyler has not entered the courthouse even though he is due to be there. Eli smugly asks Tea if she has gotten distracted enough to lose her client.

In the apartment, Schuyler plays the iPhone recording of Allison taking baby Sierra Rose. Right then, Rachel enters through the door and demands to know what is wrong with Schuyler.

At Roxy’s salon, Allison asks her if she does not remember what happened right after she had Rex. After Allison delivered the sick newborn baby at the cabin, she had no choice except to ship him to the hospital and Roxy was at her mercy.

Marty holds baby Hope and tells John that they will have to make some plans. In the other room, Cole tells Starr he knows he should have called when he was busy studying last night. But she knows that he was with Hannah. The pizza delivery girl said that she saw them together. She then tells him she has to get to school. John tells Marty that they could live in the apartment with the kids and the baby. She laughs. Cole asks John if he’d like to stay with him while Marty goes and takes care of something. Marty departs and gives John the baby. John does not know how to hold her and gives her back to Cole, indicating that he is not ready to be a dad.

Natalie tells Jessica she may tell Marty whatever she wants. She does not care. But believe it or not, she cares about Jessica. Jessica then asks her why she did not mention that she married the one guy that Jessica loves. Natalie replies that she may have made a mistake but did not know how Jessica might react. She tells her that she has had to deal with losing her sister, her best friend and wishes she could have her back. Yet she does not know what to do. Jessica then replies that maybe there is something she could do. Natalie then tells her she may name it. Jessica tells Natalie she can help her get Cristian.

John admits that he thinks he would have more luck diffusing a bomb than changing a baby. But if he becomes as good a parent as Cole and Starr, then he will be ok. He hopes that he can make it the way they have. Cole then admits to John that he’s kind of keeping something from Starr.

Starr gets to the school auditorium to see her younger class people audition for the musical. Dani comes to talk to Matthew and Destiny. She asks them if she thinks she might be able to audition and get the role of Starr in the play.. Right then, Destiny is first to audition. Cristian notices that a boy likes “that older blond chick in his class”. He does not know what to say about that.

Meanwhile, Jessica tells Natalie that she cannot get through to Cristian. He acts all serious and mature, she tells her. Maybe Natalie can get through to him, she suggests. Natalie tells her sister she kind of doubts that. And she asks Jessica what about Brody. Jessica tells Natalie she is not interested in Brody. But Natalie tells her that she is not comfortable getting into Cristian's personal life when he’s with somebody else. Jessica tells her that she can see Natalie does not have any problem breaking up John’s relationship. But Natalie clarifies to her that she is not about to do that especially now that Marty is pregnant. And right then, Marty enters to overhear their conversation.

At the trial, all parties wait for Schuyler. Eli tells the judge that he thinks his case is pretty open and shut since Tea’s client isn’t even there. Tea hasn’t a clue what to do and urges the judge to let her attempt to contact Schuyler.

Rachel tells Schuyler that she is going to go to Chicago for a while and just came back to pack. But she can clearly see that he is not ok. He does not reveal to her that his baby daughter is gone.

When Roxy is wondering how Allison got into her salon, she hears a baby cry. And Allison brings baby Sierra into the room. Roxy is stunned and swigging down booze. Allison smirks. Roxy hasn’t a clue who this baby is nor where she came from. She asks Allison if that might be her baby. Allison tells her she is just babysitting. Through Roxy’s drunkenness, she asks Allison who would let a whack job like her watch their kid. Allison replies that depends on how you would define the term “let”

Rachel can clearly tell that Schuyler is not ok. She asks if he would like her to change her plans. He tells her no. She may go. He’s just tired. She tells him maybe he needs to take a nap. When the baby sleeps, he needs to sleep. She then goes off to take a shower. Right then, he gets a call from Tea demanding to know where he is.

Jessica is elated to find out that Marty is pregnant. Natalie excuses herself and apologizes for telling one more person Marty’s secret. Jessica tells Marty she can’t wait to meet John and is certain he’s a great guy. Natalie then goes off alone.

Cole shares with John that normally he does not keep secrets from Starr. He does not lie about anything since he got clean, he tells him. So maybe it’s not the right thing for her not to know about his friendship with this girl. But he has to keep a secret for his new friend as she’d asked him not to divulge. Cole affirms that he loves Starr and is committed to her and baby Hope. He does not have “feelings” for the other girl.

At the high school, Langston asks Starr why she’s late. Starr replies she was waiting for Cole. And it appears she might have some suspicions. Right then, the teacher calls Destiny to come up and sing while Matthew plays the piano. She sings a song about keeping on trying. Everybody listens and smiles and claps. Dani stares at her in awe. And when she’s finished, Dani is the next one up. But she runs off afraid to sing the song.

Cole tells John that when one has a baby, it involves making decisions all the time. John tells him he’s a good example to follow. Cole admits that he many times questions whether he knows what he is doing.

At the audition, Dani runs off realizing she did not bring her own music and doesn’t know any songs by heart. But Starr and Langston encourage her to maybe sing the song that Destiny just did. And she goes up to sing when she sees that Matthew and Destiny are rooting for her. She sings and Matthew plays the piano again.

In the courtroom, Tea gets on the phone, reaches Schuyler and tells him he has to get to the hearing ASAP. But he tells her he’s not coming. She demands to know what the matter with him is. She tells him that she has no alibi to give the judge for him. He then tells her that she better make something up or do whatever she wants because he cannot come. And he hangs up. The judge asks her what is up. She explains that her client’s babysitter called in sick at the last minute so he cannot make it. Eli argues that that is a clear indication that Mr. Joplin lacks the support system to raise a baby. Tea protests that he cannot be faulted for a last minute issue. The judge tells Tea she will grant her a one time 24-hour grace period. Gigi and Rex are stunned and ask her what has happened and if baby Sierra Rose is ok. She tells them she cannot talk and rushes out of the room.

Roxy stares at the baby whom Allison is holding. Allison asks if she does not recognize baby Sierra Rose. Roxy remarks that Allison should not be holding a baby since she and babies do not mix. In response to that, Allison tells her she got those two words switched around and asks Roxy if she does not remember mixing babies. Roxy then reaches for the baby, afraid that Allison could do something. But Allison reminds Roxy that she may be crazy. But Roxy is too drunk to hold a baby and asks tiny Sierra Rose if she does not agree. Allison tells Roxy she has the goods on her. Right then, Natalie enters to find Roxy. Roxy does not know what to tell her daughter about the present situation.

The theater teacher announces to the high school students that there is a lot of talent in this room. But he will tell everybody when he has made a decision. Matthew tells both Destiny and Danni that he is amazed that they can sing so well. All the students depart. Cristian is alone and Jessica appears again.

Schuyler wants to dismiss Rachel not wanting her to know what has just happened. He tells her that her friend in Chicago needs her help But she suggests that maybe he does also. She tells him he better take care of that baby. He tells her he will and hides what has just happened. As soon as she is out the door, he grabs his phone and demands that somebody calls.

After court is adjourned, Gigi and Rex need to know what just happened. She asks if he thinks that maybe Schuyler got so worried about the outcome of the hearing that he took the baby and ran.

At that moment, Tea enters Schuyler’s apartment and demands to know what is going on. He tells her he can’t answer that. She tells him he better unless he wants to lose his child. He then reveals to her that he already has lost her.

Natalie tells Roxy she needs to talk to her. Roxy hides the fact that Allison is there and pushes her daughter out the door. Right then, Natalie hears a baby cry and sees a baby hand reaching from behind the curtain where Allison is hiding.

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