OLTL Update Monday 3/22/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/22/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Gigi asks Rex if he will marry her so that she can get custody of baby Sierra Rose, as Eli has advised them that they should do.

When Allison has gotten into Schuler’s home having him believing she is the social worker, and after knocking out the real one, he asks to see her badge. She then pulls out a gun. She has also revealed to him that she knew his mother, the doctor, who committed suicide.

Blair goes to see Eli to take him out, assuming that he will want to be with her. He has just told her that he does not want to be used in order for her to get over Todd when she only has Todd on the brain. She wants to prove to him that she is over Todd and can give him more. When she gets there, she sees that he has a “better offer” to go out with Téa.

Ford indicates that he is already getting tired of Langston and does not take her call when it appears that he’s “gotten” her hooked on him. Hannah has almost ended her life because of him and she is getting close to Cole discussing the matter with him. Starr is trying and failing to find her boyfriend.

Allison admits to Schuyler whom she really is and tells him she needs his baby.

Brody goes to find Jessica at the high school. She tells him that she does not want to use him or talk about her break up with another guy. She clearly only has Cristian on the brain and no thoughts or feelings about Brody. She admits to him that she remembers that Cristian loved her but he refuses to admit how he feels. He refuses to remember. Yet, she is stuck in the past with these feelings and memories, and nothing else. She hates it. Brody observes her and knows that he is affected by the very same thing and tells her he hates it also.

Hannah tells Cole that they have to start studying. She has taken up too much of his time burdening him with her problems. She does not want him to be prevented from getting the grades and getting back to his baby because she let some selfish jerk sleep with her and use her. She tells him she is such a loser and cries on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Langston is still secretly trying to reach Ford when he is not answering his phone. Starr still hasn’t a clue what she is secretly doing. She can see Langston has something on her mind that she is hiding. She did not even know that Langston was writing the musical about Cole and her. Starr admits to Langston that she misses her. Langston tells Starr that she and Markko are not like Starr and Cole. They are not a fairy-tale romance. Starr tells her that she and Cole are not a fairy-tale romance either. They’ve had their problems. Langston tells her that they have not had the specific problem that she is having with Markko and doing what she is doing. Starr then demands to know what Langston’s big secret is.

When Blair walks into Eli’s hotel room, sees him shirtless with just a towel and Téa with him, she assumes to know what is going on. He tells her that he and Téa just have some business to attend to and are going to have dinner together. Blair reminds them that she and Eli have recently slept together in his bed and it’s still warm.

Rex tells Gigi that he knows that she needs “a husband” in order to adopt the baby. He appears to be solely focusing on business, assessing that Eli knows what he is doing and the judge will rule in her favor if he believes that Sierra has two loving parents. He does not want Schuyler to have the baby so he wants to help. He knows that Shane would be happy. Gigi then tells him that Sierra would be a very lucky little girl to have him as her father. So, she asks him, is he saying yes to her offer?

Schuyler demands to know what Allison wants. He goes to call the cops, but she pulls the gun on him. He tells her if she thinks she’s going to get his baby, it will be “over his dead body.” Hearing that, she points the gun at him and tells him that could be arranged.

Hannah tells Cole she feels awful for wrecking his night. He assures her she did not. She then admits to him that she is scared to be alone.

Starr tells Langston she really needs to know what is on her mind. Langston admits she does not know what to do. Starr tells her she then needs to talk about it. Markko enters asking if they want pizza and suspecting nothing. Langston tells him that she and Starr were just talking about the musical. But he can see that they were going to talk about something much more serious. She smiles at him and talks about how he’s the best “friend” and the “sweetest.” But he can sense that she is not entirely thinking about him. He tells her that when she was acting all sneaky and weird, he wondered if something else was going on.

Ford plays Langston’s message where she tells him she wondered what happened when he did not get back to her.

Téa asks Eli if he slept with Blair. He assures her that it was only sex to enable Blair to get over Todd, and for him to get over Téa. Now, Blair tells both Eli and Téa, they need to make it about the two of them and not about Todd or about Téa. Hearing that, Téa frowns.

Schuyler demands to know why Allison would want his baby. She tells him that she does not want the baby, but “the messenger” does. Hearing that, he instantly knows that Mitch Laurence is behind this, and she is working for him.

Gigi concludes to Rex that she chose Schuyler for all the wrong reasons. It seemed to her that there were nothing but problems with her and Rex. There was Stacy and the baby and all of this stuff. But with Schuyler, it was a clean slate. She knows that he has to take on her baggage. She has hurt him so why should he trust her? She knows that her own son does not trust her. She thought if they got married and had Sierra and Shane and focused on them and on everybody, maybe, she could make it up to everybody -- to him and to Stacy and to Shane. So she asks Rex to please say yes. He frowns, indicating that it would only be a convenience marriage to help her get custody of the baby.

Brody asks Jessica if she wants to go on a date. She asks him if he really wants that when she is in love with another guy. He tells her that he would hopefully help her to get her mind off of it. He engages her in a basketball game where if she wins, he will leave her alone. But if he wins, she will have to go out with him. She tells him he’s on, and she smiles.

Cole and Hannah order a pizza. The girl who delivers it seems to know him. Hannah indicates feeling guilty for taking up his time. He gets a call from Starr. She tells him she wanted to run something by him. Langston’s musical is about them. She wasn’t going to let her do it but changed her mind. She read it and realizes it’s true that the two of them have an amazing story with all they’ve been through. Cole is looking at Hannah and not appearing complete as he sees she is not.

Markko tells Langston that pizza is on the way. He asks her if she has to work or if they can finally get some time together. Before she can answer, she gets a call from Ford who got her message. He reflects that she left 6 messages and apologizes for not getting back to her sooner. He asks her how soon she can get over there. She looks at Markko who has no clue who has called her.

Eli puts on his robe and tells Blair it’s too late for them. She asks him if it’s “legal” for him and Téa to have dinner together when they are opposing counsel for Schuyler and Gigi. Téa tells Eli she has to decline his invitation. She does not want to steal a man from another woman. Blair argues. Téa tells Eli that she will see him tomorrow and he might want to prepare his client to lose. Schuyler Joplin is keeping his daughter, she tells him. She kisses Eli on the cheek and departs while Blair stays.

When Allison pulls the gun on Schuyler, he asks her why she would do that. This baby is not Mitch’s grandchild. It’s his child, he protests to her. So he hasn’t a clue what she wants and appears terrified that she looks like she’s ready to shoot him.

Rex tells Gigi he knows that she turned to Schuyler because she was upset and hurt and did not trust him. Now, he admits, he does not trust her. He tells her that even if getting married would make sense on many levels, he believes it would be a mistake, and he cannot marry her.

Allison demands that Schuyler hands over the baby. But he reiterates that it’s not Mitch’s grandchild. She is ready to tell him the “whole story.” Before he can find out why she wants Sierra, Téa is knocking at the door.

Eli tells Blair that when he found out that he had no future with her, he reassessed his options. He did not answer his phone when she called because he was busy. He asks her if she ran into Todd or something. She replies no. She ran into Todd’s niece. Blair explains to Eli that Jessica helped her to see the light by telling her that she cannot give her advice about moving on when Blair cannot move on herself. So it motivated Blair to get over her past and consider moving on with Eli.

Brody is ready to compete with Jessica in basketball and shoots a basket. It looks like he’s won the game, and so she has to go out with him.

Cole tells Starr he loves and misses her and asks her to give Hope a kiss for him. Hearing that, Hannah tells him this is not right. She could kill Ford. Cole remembers that he knows Ford. He’s Markko’s TA and Langston was “temporarily” interested in him.

When Ford asks Langston to come to see him and she sees Markko standing right beside her overhearing, she pretends somebody else has called her and tells them she cannot meet them because she’s having pizza with her boyfriend. After she hangs up, Markko asks her why it was that he found the button from her blouse right when he entered Ford’s office. She doesn’t want him to suspect anything. But he may already.

Rex tells Gigi he would like nothing more than to drive down to city hall and sign the papers. But he knows that they are not there yet. He knows that they cannot get married just so that they can throw a new born into the mix. She is disappointed. He tells her that suddenly nobody is sleeping. There are bills, diapers and everybody is cranky. Shane will start acting out because he will soon be a teenager. Schuyler will continue to fight for custody if he loses. There will be trouble. They cannot get married without first mastering the basics. One major component to that is trust. He asks her why she is marrying him. He knows she wants the baby, but they are not walking down the aisle until they are very certain of how they feel about each other and not because of what it will “get” them.

Téa knocks on Schuyler’s door, tells him she knows he’s in there and asks if everything is okay. Allison tells him he better get rid of Téa or he’s dead. Téa suspects that something is not okay when he does not open the door, and Allison is hiding behind him with a gun pointed to his back.

Cole informs Hannah for the first time that Ford was hitting on his best friend’s girlfriend. Hannah asks if she hooked up with him. Cole replies no. Langston would never do that to Markko.

When Starr is back with Langston and Markko and Cole is not back yet, the same pizza delivery girl who brought the pizza to Cole and Hannah appears with their pizza.

Hannah asks Cole where she could ever find a guy like him. He even lied to his girlfriend because of her.

The pizza delivery girl informs Starr that she just delivered another pizza to Cole at Hannah’s dorm room. Hearing that, Starr appears perplexed not to have heard that from Cole first.

Blair wants to have a “first date” with Eli. She doesn’t’ want it to just be about sex.

Jessica and Brody play basketball and he wins. She is willing to beat him. She can’t slam dunk the ball as he can but does appear to enjoy being with him. When he takes off his sweater, she kind of looks him over like she might like him.

Rex tells Gigi that he definitely wants to do whatever he can in order to help her. He hopes they can get back what they had. But he’s not going to lose her again by going too fast. She tells him okay. She asks, what would happen if she loses Sierra Rose?

When Téa is at the door and Schuyler has Allison pointing a gun at his back, he knows he better not tell Téa what is going on and she knows that something is not right. He tells her that Melanie Pacifico from social services just came by. Hearing that, she tells him she knows and highly respects Melanie. Then she departs. Allison puts a needle in Schuyler’s back to knock him out. We see baby Sierra in her crib. Allison says, “Heed the messenger, daddy.”

Eli sits with Blair and asks her about her first childhood crush. She tells him she didn’t have one. He tells her she is not playing fair. He just told her about his. She then admits that she was always on the run from foster homes as a child. Hearing that, he admits he’s surprised and assumed all along that she was just some spoiled rich girl. He then asks her to remind him to thank Todd’s niece for enabling her to change her mind about the status of their relationship.

Brody wins the ball game, walks out of the gym and tells Jessica that they now have to go out on that date.

Hannah persuades Cole to stay with her and finish their project, although, he admits that he hates lying to Starr.

After the pizza delivery girl informs Starr that Cole is with Hannah, Starr admits to Langston and Markko that she is suspicious. Markko assures her that Cole would not cheat on her with Hannah any more than Langston would cheat on him with Ford. Langston says nothing and looks like she is waiting for Markko to leave. He tells them he has to take a shower. As soon as Langston is alone, she calls Ford. He tells her that he is ready. But he already has a new “partner” with him in his bed when she calls.

Blair and Eli look like they enjoy being together and getting to know each other.

Téa is trying and failing to call Schuyler and doesn’t have a clue why he is not picking up.

Schuyler is then on the floor struggling to get up while Allison is smirking and standing over the baby.

Rex tells Gigi that he will be there for her.

Blair and Eli kiss. He tells her he’d like to see her again and, maybe, would like a second date.

Téa also leaves a message for Eli on his voice mail when he’s busy with Blair.

Blair wishes Eli luck tomorrow and lets him get to bed. Téa stands outside the door unseen.

Rex tells Gigi she must have a little faith in them. A couple months ago, if she had told him that they would be doing this together, he would not have believed it. He assures her that Sierra Rose will be coming home with them very soon.

At that moment, Allison takes the baby out the door and Schuyler struggles but fails to prevent her after being drugged with the needle.

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