OLTL Update Friday 3/19/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/19/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Kelly tells Todd she’s looking forward to working with him. She has a trick up her sleeve. Blair does not want it to happen, and Todd wants Blair to stay out of it.

Eli comes to see Rex and Gigi. Rex is angry that he failed Gigi and Téa was able get Schuyler full custody of the baby. Eli tells them it’s not over yet. They both must be willing to play dirty in order to beat Téa and Schuyler at their own game.

Téa comes to visit Schuyler and the baby. He appears to have some challenges in taking care of Sierra. She is happy for him. She asks if Rachel is there. He tells her she had an emergency at the treatment center. Téa tells him he’s doing fine and just needs to take things one step at a time. She tells him she wants to help but cannot guarantee that he will be able to have permanent custody of baby Sierra.

At the St. Patrick’s Day party at Rodi’s, Brody and Layla dance together. He asks her where Cristian is. She admits she has no idea but it seems like she does have an idea.

At the high school. Jessica is reliving her romance with Cristian when they were high school students. She wants to kiss him when they are alone.

Rex asks Eli what he needs them to do. Doesn’t he have enough evidence to prove that Schuyler is an unfit father? He tells them that there is no hard evidence that he stole the drugs. Rex tells him that he and Gigi can testify that he admitted it. He tells them he has an idea involving files that he is going to show them.

Téa is cleaning up the kitchen and telling Schuyler that the courts are going to have social services come to his home to make certain that everything is okay. He appears a bit worried.

At that moment, Eli informs Rex and Gigi that when social services come to visit Schuyler, he doubts that he will pass the muster of their strict guidelines. Do they think he will? Rex asks if it’s a slam dunk as he does not want Gigi to have to watch Schuyler take the baby from her again. He tells Rex it is not a slam dunk and so the two of them have to be willing to make efforts along with him in order to win this case.

Blair asks Kelly if she thinks that she has stuck it to Blair by signing the contract to work with Todd. She tells Kelly she has “stuck it” to herself. The joke is on her (Kelly), and now she has to be stuck working with Todd. Blair goes out the door and reveals that she is a bit uneasy with Kelly and Todd working together. Inside the office, Kelly tells Todd that she thinks she should get back to London. He tells her that now that she’s signed the papers, he “owns” her.

Cristian tells Jessica that things are different now. She tells him that she knows he felt something. He is the same boy she fell in love with in this very room, the gym. So why is he fighting it?

Layla comes to find John and tells him he needs to start dancing as this party is all about him. At that point, John asks Natalie who else knows about the baby. Roxy goes and asks Oliver what is wrong with him and why he’s not excited about John and Marty’s baby.

Schuyler asks Téa how he’s supposed to pass social services’ inspection when he’s flying by the seat of his pants as it is. She tells him that she will make certain that whoever they send over will see that he is wonderful with his daughter. He asks her just whom she thinks will come to visit him and make the decision. She tells him she will handle anything and believes he will be seen as a keeper. He asks her about Gigi and how he is not okay taking away from her the thing she wants most.

Outside the door, it appears Allison Perkins is going to find Schuyler.

Gigi tells Eli that she will do whatever she is required to do in order to protect baby Sierra from having to live with Schuyler. In response to that, he tells her and Rex that he has two words for how they can make that happen, “Get married.”

Marty goes to the party and everybody congratulates her. Natalie tells her she knows that the fact that everybody knows, is her fault.

Cristian tells Jessica that he knows that it’s the present for her. But it’s nostalgia in the past for him. She believes that they have to have a future together, forever. They need to be the here and now. He tells her that she must know that it won’t work if he pretends that everything else never happened. She asks him why not. Isn’t there a part of him that wants to be with her?

At the party, Roxy informs Oliver that she really appreciates Kyle looking out for her. He was the one to break it to her that Stacy’s baby was not her grandchild. She cannot believe that the baby daddy is that creep Schuyler. Oliver hears that but doesn’t know what to say or do.

Schuyler talks to Téa about how he doesn’t want to hurt Gigi in court or prevent her from being with the baby. Téa reminds him that Gigi wants to prevent him from having any parental rights whatsoever. He protests that he lied over and over again and gave Gigi good reason not to trust him and do what she is doing. She then shares with Schuyler that what she did with her own daughter is not unlike what he is doing. She told a lot of lies and kept her from her father. He tells her he knows that she is talking about Todd Manning.

Right then, it appears that Allison is not far away, dragging the unconscious body of the young woman from social services who was going to visit Schuyler.

Eli briefs Rex and Gigi about what they might be in for if they go to trial against Schuyler. He tells them that since she broke up with Rex because she assumed he was the father of her sister’s baby, somebody could assume that she holds a grudge against this baby. So why not make it appear as though all is forgiven by getting married. If they are looking for a “slam dunk,” that might be the way to do it. He tells them they need to make a decision. As soon as they are gone and he is alone, Blair comes out of nowhere to seduce him.

Téa holds baby Sierra and feeds her her bottle while she tells Schuyler that she had to choose between having Todd and having her daughter. She realized she could not have both. She knew that there were too many lies to get past and things were not good between herself and Todd. She assumes that things were not good between him and Gigi. She asks him how much the baby means to him and if she means more than Gigi because he might have to choose in a similar way as she did with Todd and Dani. Meanwhile, Allison is outside the door, plotting her plan and up to no good.

At the St. Patrick’s Day party, Natalie attempts to explain to Marty that she did not intend to tell anybody that Marty was pregnant. She was talking to Roxy when Layla and Nora came in and overhead. John and Marty are clearly not comfortable having everybody knowing that they are having a baby together.

Brody talks to Layla about his dilemma regarding Jessica. He knows that he needs to back off if he cares about her well being. Maybe, remembering that Mitch tried to rape her is too painful for her to remember. Maybe if she remembered, that, she’d remember everything else including being with him.

Cristian tells Jessica he can’t let everything go. This is his life. She tells him they can make a new one. He reminds her that he is with Layla now. She means a lot to him and he does not want to mess that up. Jessica asks him if he is choosing Layla. He tells her yes. She looks like she is crying. He goes over and tells her he knows this must hurt but it will heal and become a part of her past. He tells her she still has a lot of living to do. She has Brody. He’s a great guy and he loves her. She shakes her head indicating that it means nothing to her. Cristian leaves her alone in the gym and she cries.

Kelly tells Todd that he couldn’t possibly want her to work for him.

Blair and Eli get done sleeping together. She shares with him that Todd had the gall to ask her cousin whom she can’t stand to work for him. He asks if she is jealous. She tells him no way. He asks her what they have going on. It appears that she just comes there to see him in order to forget Todd. She asks him what he wants from her. He replies he wants her to come see him so that she can see him. He tells her until she can do that, he doesn’t want her coming there anymore.

Kelly goes out Todd’s door. He makes a call to blackmail her by telling all of England and printing a story that she slept with Kevin’s son.

Blair gets her clothes on and gets ready to leave Eli’s hotel room. He tells her that he’s tired of being the “go to guy” every time she gets upset over Todd. She tells him she does not. He has lost the best thing he ever had.

Schuyler tells Téa he hates hurting Gigi. She reminds him that Gigi has no problem hurting him. She warns him if he lets his guard down even for a second in that court room, Gigi and Rex will be able to snatch that baby away from him. She gets ready to leave and says goodbye to baby Sierra. He closes the door. At that moment, Allison is lurking outside in the hallway unseen.

Gigi tells Rex she can’t just go and sit inside while Schuyler has Stacy’s baby. She needs to make sure that Sierra is okay.

Schuyler hears a knock on his door. He sees Allison at the door who introduces herself as Melanie Pacifica from Child Social Services. She has taken the badge of the social worker that she knocked out and asks if she can come in. He suspects nothing. She has a clip board and checks off all of the potential safety hazards in his home. She does not forget to ask him if there are any “drugs” in the house. She tells him she thinks he knows exactly what she means.

Gigi is ready to go to Schuyler’s home. Rex tells her it may not be a good idea. The reason is because he paid Schuyler a visit after he won custody of the baby and demanded that Schuyler give her back to Gigi.

At the party, Marty tells John that she wishes she could just tell one person the secret in her own good time. He tells her that this whole thing was not planned but she must know that these people are their friends. She smiles and hugs him. We see Natalie standing alone looking at them and appearing depressed. Layla encourages Brody to dance with her, assuming that their two respective partners are not going to be with them tonight. At that moment, Cristian appears and asks if he can cut in.

Blair runs into Jessica at the high school and notices that she is crying. She asks her if she is okay. Jessica tells Blair she knows she was a bitch to her when they last spoke. But hearing that Blair was once “with” Cristian was too much to hear. Blair tells her she knows she’s going through a very rough time but she knows that things will get better. Jessica asks her, "How?" when the love of her life is in love with somebody else. Blair tells Jessica that she has felt the way she is feeling with men falling for other women. Jessica asks Blair how she could feel that way. It seems Blair could have any man she wants.

Todd puts down his phone and tells Kelly she’s right. He does not want to smear her reputation. He asks her just what is there for her in London. She’s not getting back with Kevin. There’s no good job for her. He knows she’d want to work with him. She tells him she wants his office. She sits at his chair and puts her feet up on the desk and tells Todd she is not moving.

Téa comes to see Eli and tells him that she and Schuyler will win the case and she knows that the social worker he sicked on Schuyler won’t hurt their case.

Todd suggests that he and Kelly flip a coin for this office. She does not trust him and knows that he has cheated. So she tells him that he has forfeited his right to this office.

Blair tells Jessica that it doesn’t matter if one is an adult or a teenager. It’s always hard to get over somebody. Blair clarifies that she (herself) and Cristian did not have anything serious. She reveals that she has been stuck with attempting to get over Todd for many years. It’s made it difficult for her to consider having a relationship with someone else.

Eli tells Téa as long as Todd is Dani’s father, he will be in her life for a long time. She asks him what he is implying. He asks her if there is any possibility that she and Todd will get back together. She asks him what about himself. He must have a life or be seeing someone. He tells her there was but does not tell her who he “was seeing” and with whom he was “not serious” (knowing she would not approve if she knew it was Blair). He then suggests that she calls Dani and invitees her to have dinner with the two of them, on him.

Blair encourages Jessica to know that she has a bright future in her life and should just think about whom she is, what she wants and what makes her happy. Jessica tells her that she cannot think of loving anybody except Cristian. Blair tells her that’s not true. She happens to know of a wonderful guy out there who wants to love Jessica.

When Crsitian shows up to interrupt Brody and Layla dancing together, Layla is happy. Brody asks where Jessica is.

Jessica asks Blair if she is supposed to fall in love with this new guy and ask just how she is expected to do that if Blair cannot even do that herself. Hearing that, Blair laughs and tells Jessica she is absolutely right. Jessica has helped her to see the light, she tells her. She thanks Jessica and leaves with a plan in mind.

Meanwhile, Eli is making plans for dinner with Téa and Dani when his phone rings. Blair leaves a message for him apologizing and telling him she wants to take him out for a hot date. While Eli is showering and forgetting Blair’s call, Téa informs him that Dani is with Matthew tonight. So it will just be the two of them (herself and Eli) for a date. It seems they both might want that.

Gigi asks Rex what happened when he went to confront Schuyler. Rex admits that they threw some punches. Hearing that, she tells him she hopes that Sierra was nowhere nearby. He assures her that she was not. But he caused a scene. Schuyler and Rachel both don’t want him near there. They might not appreciate Gigi coming by there either. He tells her that he knows that she has all the love to give baby Sierra that she needs. That is why he is determined to win custody of her so Gigi can raise her.

After Allison plays the social worker and asks Schuyler about drugs in the house, he tells her he’s sorry but doesn’t know what she means. She smiles and appears friendly and tells him that she means any type of prescription meds. She laughs and tells him even though this baby is too young to open up a container, she needs to make certain that all bottles have a safety seal. She then asks to hold the baby. He tells her he’s sorry. Sierra has been handled too many times today. In response to that, she laughs and tells him that was the correct answer. She stares at Schuyler and he asks if he has something on his eyebrow. She tells him that’s the same look that his mother had on her face when she was nervous. He then asks her if she knew his mother.

Kelly tells Todd if he wants to “fire” her, he may go ahead. He is not certain what to do.

When Téa and Eli are getting ready for their “date”, they hear a knock on the door assuming it’s Dani. To their surprise, it’s Blair. Eli comes to the door with just a towel and appears to Blair as though he has slept with Téa.

Brody goes to find Jessica at the high school determined to get her back.

At Rodi’s, Cristian and Layla are happily together. Marty and John dance together. Bo and Nora ask Natalie how she is. She admits to Bo that they are playing one of Jared’s favorite songs. Bo asks her if she wants to dance with her old uncle and they dance.

Allison tells Schuyler she knew his mother very well. It’s a shame she can’t be there to see her beautiful grandchild. She had to blow her brains out. She then asks Schuyler if suicide runs in the family.

Gigi asks Rex if he means what he said about her having all the love to give a baby. He tells her absolutely, and he will do whatever is needed to get Sierra Rose. She asks him to marry him.

While the baby is in her crib, Schuler asks to see Allison’s ID. She reaches in her purse and pulls out a gun. He is shocked.

Todd tells Kelly she needs to go home and come in bright and early the next morning. She tells him she will come in when she feels like it. At that moment, she gets a call from an unknown person who wants to tell her about her mother’s death. They hang up without telling her who they are. 

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