OLTL Update Thursday 3/18/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/18/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr is furious with Langston for secretly writing the story about her (Starr’s) personal life without the common courtesy to ask her. Langston protests that she believes it would be a great story idea since she and Cole have the best love story ever.

Right then, Cole finds Hannah passed out after overdosing on sleeping pills. He asks her if she took them by accident or if she was trying to kill herself. She tells him she wanted to sleep and not have to think about the fact that she has been used.

Todd is determined to get Kelly to work for him. Blair enters his office and demands to know what is going on between the two of them.

After John informs Bo that Marty is pregnant, Bo asks why it appears that he is not ok with that. He knows that something is incomplete in John’s life.

Natalie goes to talk to Roxy who is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. She tells her mom that she knows that she knew that Marty was pregnant with John’s baby and that is why she went to urge Natalie not to be a “home wrecker”.

Cristian talks to Jessica who is furious and deeply hurt to have found out that he once slept with Blair.

Natalie tells Roxy that there is nothing going on between herself and John so there’s nothing to avoid. She tells her that she is still mourning the loss of Jared who is the love of her life. John is just a good friend. Roxy reminds her that John used to be the love of her life. Natalie tells her that was before Jared came along. She also tells Roxy she can clearly see that she would be a home wrecker now that Marty and John are having a baby. Right then, Nora and Layla walk in to overhear that Layla’s boss is going to be a dad. Natalie knows that she has now blabbed it to two more people.

At Rodi’s, John tells Bo that all he needs to do now is focus on Marty and the baby. Right then, Brody and Oliver overhear, congratulate him and Oliver buys John a drink. Brody talks privately to Bo about the issues involving Jessica and how he and Jessica have talked about having kids together. Yet now, that’s the furthest thing from her mind.

At the high school, Jessica cries and tells Cristian that everything has changed. He doesn’t love her anymore. Her father is not even her father anymore. How can she have this whole past that doesn’t include him when all she could think about is having a future with him. She then remembers herself at a high school dance where they first fell in love many years ago. She asks why things can’t be like they were before.

Langston tries to tell Starr that she has justification for writing the story. She tried to come up with a different story but all the other ideas sucked. Starr tells her she does not want the private details of her life exposed. She asks Langston why she can’t write about her own love story with Markko. Hearing that, Langston knows that that is not what is happening in her life.

Hannah admits to Cole that the TA she used to sleep with has completely forgotten her and is clearly with another girl. He pushed her out the door when she went to see him today. She cries and looks emotionally distraught. Cole then tells her that maybe she could talk to his mom, a psychiatrist. She needs someone to talk to. She looks at him and tells him she is talking to someone. She’s talking to him.

Blair demands to know why Kelly is in Todd’s office when she was supposed to be going back to London. Kelly clarifies to her cousin that she was going back but got detained. Todd informs Blair that Kelly is going to be working for him. Blair tells them like hell she is. Kelly asks Blair what makes her think she won’t take this job. Blair tells Kelly she knows that she wants to go back to London. She knows that Kelly will have no interest in working for the Sun. Todd informs Blair that they are going to expand their online contact and Kelly is going to be his right hand person. Blair jokes at how trivial the things Kelly has written are. Kelly reminds Blair that she (Blair) used to write Craze and it didn’t work out and now she (Kelly) can succeed where Blair has failed.

Starr tells Langston that she can see that Langston is completely distracted with so many things. She knows that Langston has a secret that she is not telling anybody. Starr asks her why she cannot tell her what is going on. Isn’t that what friends are for?

Cole asks Hannah to promise him she won’t try anything like that again. She seems to really appreciate talking to him. She tells him that she just wanted to close her eyes and forget her problems and stop feeling. He tells her that he can relate to that. She tells him if he did not come over when he did, she could have died. He tells her maybe. But she must know that no guy is worth that. Whoever this TA jerk is, she’s better than him. She’s smart. She’s funny. She’s very beautiful. So she is pretty amazing and needs to know that she just has to hold out for the right guy and know he is out there. She looks at him as though she believes she’s found him right there.

Oliver tells John it’s so ironic that he sought advice from John about being a father when it turns out Jon is going to be a father.

Nora and Layla drink with Roxy but Natalie sits alone looking incomplete. Nora talks about how is happy to have Mathew, Rachel and Bo in her life. Natalie and Layla overhear Nora telling Roxy about how she and Bo were apart for a long time but meant to find their way back to each other. And it appears they might both be incomplete with their respective love-life situations..

Jessica asks Cristian if he does not have to go home to Layla. He tells her that Layla can wait. He’s concerned about her. She again remembers the two of them meeting at a school dance as teenagers. There was another guy who harassed her when Crsitain went away and Crsitain told him he better leave her alone. Cristina was her hero from then on. She tells him for her that was just last year but realizes for him it’s like a life time ago and he may not even remember. But he tells her he remembers. He tells her that he is never going to forget what they had. But it’s part of his past. They have both moved on. He can see that it’s like they are living in two totally different worlds now. Jessica then remembers in high school, bumping into him the day after the dance. Her friends did not understand why she liked him. They came from different worlds when they met. But it was the beginning for them.

Roxy tells Natalie that she thinks the last thing John remembers is loving Natalie. But Natalie tells her mom that regardless, he and Marty are having a baby.

At Rodi’s, Bo announces to everybody that he is proposing a toast to John.

Langston tells Starr that she is her best friend. Starr asks her why she is shutting her out and what is going on. Langston tells Starr lately, she’s been feeling all this pressure from everyone. There’s so much to do and Markko wants to be with her all the time. And she can see that Starr has no clue that it’s Ford who has been texting her the sexual messages. She tells Starr that she(Starr) is so lucky to never have doubts that Cole is the one. But Starr reminds her that she and Cole have had many problems and haven’t always believed that.

Cole tells Hannah that he understands what it’s like to have a problem with drugs. He shares with her that he used to be addicted to pain killers.. Starr broke up with him and everything came down on him. He didn’t know how to handle it and didn’t have anyone to talk to. And he tried to numb the pain with drugs and had to hit rock bottom in order to motivate him to get clean. Starr and his drug counselor Rachel and others helped him. He was very lucky. She looks at him and tells him she is very lucky also.

Blair tells Todd he must know that Kelly is not competent to write for his paper. They argue and Blair tells her cousin that Todd is only hiring Kelly to piss her(Blair) off. But Todd tells his ex wife she mustn’t’ flatter herself. He hired Kelly for her talent. Kelly then concludes that she bets the reason Blair is having a problem with all of this is because Blair is afraid she(Kelly) will sleep with Todd. Kelly tells Blair that she(Kelly) has always gone after Blair’s men. Kelly tells Blair that she is not “interested” in Todd. And why does Blair have a problem with them working together? They argue while Todd is on the phone knowing that Kelly is not going anywhere and will work with him.

Langston asks Starr if she ever has doubts about Cole. Starr admits that after all they have been through together, she no longer does. Langston tells her that that is why they have an amazing love story and would like for Starr to agree for her to do the play.

Meanwhile, Cole goes and gets some food for Hannah. She tells him that he didn’t have to do that for her. He tells her true but the people who helped him didn’t have to do so and that is why he is alive and well today. He asks her if she would like to talk to his mom. She tells him there is one thing she would like.

Jessica again remembers when she and Cristian got together in high school. Her rich friends didn’t want her to date him but she was really impressed by his art and asked him all about it. She remembers that he did not think he had a future with that. But now she can see that dreams do come true.

Layla asks Nora how she got her memory back. She talks about how the process happened. Layla tells her that Jessica is living in the past and loving it. Natalie reflects that you can hardly blame her because who wouldn’t want to go back to the past when things were simpler.

At Rodi’s, Oliver talks to an incomplete Brody who only wants to get back with the Jessica he knows. John’s mind is somewhere else.

Cristian tells Jessica he’s not sure that this trip down memory lane is a good idea. He has to go. Hearing that, she tells him that he always tried to run away from her. She remembers trying to find him in the hallway and afraid he was avoiding her. He told her that he was avoiding her because he wanted to see more of her but is afraid that the two of them have nothing in common. He told that her mother is the richest woman in town and his mom is Dorian Lord’s maid and his brother is in prison. He belittled the very idea that she would have any problems. But she told him her parents are divorced and she has problems with her brothers. And he apologized for being insensitive and judgmental to her She now tells Cristian that no matter how hard he tried to run, they always ended up together.

Roxy brings Natalie to join the party at Rodi’s. She comes face to face with John and they stare at each other.

Cole tells Hannah he still thinks she needs to talk to someone. She asks if she means about the pills. This will never happen again she assures him. But he tells her that what she is going through is very painful. She tells him that she will go and talk to a counselor. But she does not want this getting around. People gossip and she does not want her parents to ever find out. She asks him to promise to keep this between the two of them.

Langston tells Starr that she is very inspired by Starr’s life with Cole and all the obstacles Starr has had to overcome She does not want to pressure her into doing something she does not want to do. So she can write another script. Her friendship with Starr is way more important. But Starr does not want her to scrap the whole thing and start over. And she indicates that she will let Langston do the play.

Todd listens to Blair and Kelly argue. Kelly tells them she has to get back to London. But she and her son could live in Llanview. Dorian has offered them rooms at her home. Blair tells her she has abandoned her son. Kelly reminds Blair of running off to Tahiti when Starr could have been killed. Blair reminds Kelly that she(Kelly) ran Blair off the road and killed her unborn child. Todd seems to know that Kelly will take the job. But she tells Todd she must decline his offer. Blair is happy to hear that. But Kelly tells Todd that she has another idea that will keep her there.

Starr tells Langston she will let her do the play under one condition: That Langston works on a happy ending for herself and Markko. Don’t’ they deserve it too? Alone, once again, Langston pulls out her phone and leaves a message for Markko telling him she really needs to see him.

Hannah tells Cole that they have a lot of work to do and have wasted so much time on her problems. He tells her they can catch up and it’s ok. She tells him he does not have to stay. He asks her if she wants to be alone. She tells him not really. He tells her ok. He can stay a while. He then gets a call from Starr and wonders why he’s still with Hannah. And he does not know how long he will be.

Bo and Nora are happily dancing at Rodi’s. But all the other people are uncertain about the future of their relationships. Layla and Brody dance together. Natalie and John talk alone.

Jessica remembers herself and Cristian together in this very gym where they stand now. She remembered him sitting by himself and drawing a picture of her. She asks if he remembers. He tells her yes. And that was their first kiss.

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