OLTL Update Tuesday 3/16/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/16/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the high school Starr asks Langston about the story she’s writing that is about Boy Meets Girl. She asks who the boy and girl are. Langston admits that she does not have an answer to that. Right then, they notice Dani in the hallway skipping class.. Starr asks her sister what’s up and why she’s not in school. Dani reminds Starr that she’s the “bad daughter”.

Todd is leaving unreturned messages for Kelly telling her that he’d like to use her “story” that she wrote called “Raising Zane”. But she is busy on her phone contacting her son.

Dorian remarks to Blair that she would like to spend more time with Langston but her daughter is not getting back to her. She tells Blair that Langston is her daughter. Hearing that, Blair implies that she knows of good reason for Dorian to be more involved in Langston’s life.

At Buenos Dias, Markko indicates to Cole that he’s in some sort of competition with Ford.

Right then, we see Ford photographing his abs on his cell and smirking. And we know what he’s going to do next. While Langston is attempting to study, she gets the text pic and becomes stunned.

In Cristian’s class, Destiny can see that he is distracted. She tells him she needs help on her project. Yet there appears to be a “note” on the floor.

Jessica is right then looking at herself in the mirror and telling Cristian that all they need is a stroll down memory lane and then he will remember why the needs to be together. Right then, Todd enters. Jessica looks at him appearing startled. He assumes she’s the same Jessica he’s always known but when he approaches her to kiss her on the cheek, she hauls off and punches him.

Starr asks Dani where she’s heard that she’s the bad daughter. Dani tells her she has the reputation for being most likely to get expelled. So why not cut classes in order to “motivate” Todd to bail her out with more money. She talks about all the money she can get from Todd in order to send her to the college of her choice. But not to worry, she tells Starr. She will leave a little for her and the boys.

Jessica demands to know who this “strange man" (Todd) is. She tells him she remembers her uncle Todd and he does not look anything like him. He shows her a picture of the two of them. But she only remembers his scar and different hair. He explains to her that he had plastic surgery. He tells her that it’s a long story and many things have changed since she was in high school.

Dani enters Cristian’s classroom late and displaying a flip attitude. Destiny, Matthew and other students are busy working. She seems to want to disrupt class and attract negative attention She then picks up a note that “somebody” placed on the floor that invites Jessica to meet by the ball field and is signed Cris. She then asks Mr. Vega (right in front of the entire class) if he is dating Jessica Buchanan who is supposed to be a student.

Jessica tells Todd that a picture of the two of them proves nothing. But he shows her his drivers’ license. She tells him any high school student could falsify a license. But then, Todd reminds her of all of the memories that only the two of them would have since she was a child.

Blair tells Dorian that maybe there are things she should tell her about Langston. Dorian tells her that she has to respect Langston’s wishes if she might be choosing to do things her own way and move out. As long as she’s safe and ok, Dorian tells her, she’s learned her lesson the hard way, to not interfere in her daughter’s life unless she asks for advice. Right then, Kelly enters and she and Blair burst out laughing at what they have just heard from Dorian.

At Buenos Dias, Markko discovers that he has does not have his stuff and has accidentally taken Langston’s folder to class instead

Right then, Langston is unable to get over the picture that Ford sent her on his phone.

Hannah goes to see Ford unexpectedly. She asks if she needs an appointment and obviously expects more than he’s willing to offer from her. And he’s obviously gotten “bored” with her.

Langston is still engrossed in the picture of Ford when Starr catches her and asks what is up.

Cristian tells Dani that what she saw on the floor is none of her business. She needs to think about herself, her attitude and her class work. He tells her he knows she’s had it rough so he can cut her some slack. There’s still time to pull up her grade. And that goes of them. He tells all students if they sign up to help him work on the sets for the spring musical they can pull up their grades by one point. He tells them that this is something written by one of the seniors there, Langston Wilde.

After Starr catches Langston looking at the picture, Langston tries to explain but still appears very secretive. Starr assumes that Markko sent her a nude picture of himself. But she needs to know that pictures on the internet can jeopardize someone’s privacy. Starr tells Langston she understands. Langston tells her in that case, she can cover for her and do the sign up in her place while she goes to meet Markko.

Hannah tells Ford that he cannot just sleep with her and forget her. But he pushes her out the door and expects to find Langston on his phone.

Starr then agrees to cover for Langston so she can leave.

Cristian tries to recruit students to help with the play. Both Matthew and Destiny have other plans. Nobody volunteers. The bell rings and they all leave but Cristian calls Dani to stay after and tells her they need to talk about her behavior.

Todd tells Jessica he has a problem with his daughter refusing to speak to him. Jessica then informs him that she saw Starr at high school not long ago. Hearing that, Todd tells her it’s not Starr. It’s Dani. It appears that Jessica has met Daniella Rayburn from the high school and is intrigued to find out she’s Todd’s daughter. He tells her he wishes she would put in a good word for him to Dani and she can also ask Kelly to come work for him.

While Blair and Kelly laugh when Dorian tells them she will no longer interfere in peoples’ lives, she tells them she is serious. They don’t buy it and enter into a betting pool as to whether it will last until happy hour or if the day she stops meddling will be the day Kelly stops buying shoes that hurt her feet. And Kelly tells them she must leave for London. Dorian tells her niece over her dead body. And right then, Blair and Kelly declare that Dorian has failed her promise not to interfere.

Todd asks Jessica how he’s going to communicate with Dani It appears she might be able to help him with proper incentive. She asks what’s in it for her. He asks her what she wants in it. She replies Cristian.

Meanwhile, Cristian tells Dani that he does not appreciate her waltzing into his class whenever she feels like it. It’s disrespectful. She asks if they are done. He tells her he will see her in detention. She tells him she has plans with Matthew and Destiny. But he tells her she has new plans now. And he remarks that she is behaving just like Todd.

After Jessica mentions Cristian to Todd, he clarifies to her that he must tell her because she’s his niece. Cristian was a mistake. He tells her if she has a chance to redo the past, she can correct her mistakes. So why doesn’t she find herself a really nice guy and not one of those losers? She protests that she loves Cristian. But Todd reminds her that he loves Layla. She tells him that that is not going to last. She can convince Cristian that they were meant to be. He tells her that the past is over. And she shouldn’t count on getting Cristian get back. But she believes otherwise. Todd tells her that he remembers when Cristian used to “hang” with Blair. Hearing that, Jessica is shocked.

Blair tells Dorian and Kelly she has to get to the high school to meet Starr. Kelly tells Dorian she has to get back to her son. Dorian tells her her life is tin Llanview. Not in London. But Kelly knows the only reason Dorian wants her there is because none of her other Cramer girls else need her anymore.

Langston goes to see Ford in secret. Starr fills in for her. Markko can’t find her and demands to know where she is. Right then, Cole is expecting to meet Hannah at the diner and leaves a message for her. But she is lost in thought and not answering, having forgotten all about it with Ford on the brain. Langston then goes to see Ford and they end up going at it once again.

When Starr notices Markko needing to find Langston, she is baffled remembering that Langston told her she was meeting up with him. Starr suggests texting her. Markko tells Starr he already did and she did not answer. He then asks Starr to give Langston the study materials that she left behind. Starr is wondering where Langston is and afraid she’ll be there all day without her. As soon as the students enter they ask where she is. Starr does not know what to tell them. Blair arrives. Matthew and Destiny ask about Langston’s play and Starr does not know what to tell them.

Dani tells Cristian he needs to know she’s nothing like Todd. But he tells her he thinks he’s been around long enough to “See the signs”. She asks what signs. He tells her rudeness, arrogance, self-centeredness. He tells her if she is nothing like her father, then she needs to prove it and start acting like a human being. Right then, Blair walks in and observes that Dani might have had an issue regarding Todd.

After Todd informs Jessica that Blair and Cristian were together, she appears heart-broken and tells him she thought that Cristian loved her. He tells her that that was back in high school.

Dorian tells Kelly there is nothing for her in London. She tells her maybe she could take over Craze magazine. She reminds Kelly that she took over the Sun not long ago and beat Todd Manning at his own game.

Todd is talking to Jessica and managing to get through to her with a pep talk about how she can re-do her life. She cries and tells him she cannot turn off her feelings for Cristian. She supposedly has a family and a daughter whom she doesn’t remember. All she has is Cris and she can’t let him go. Todd then reaches out to her and seems sensitive while she cries on his shoulder.

Markko is wondering where Langston is. Cole is wondering where Hannah is.

After Ford is done sleeping with Langston, he hurriedly gets on his clothes and tells her he has to get back to work. But she obviously does not want it to be that way.

Dani goes to find Starr and asks her if she thinks she’s (Dani) like Todd

Blair talks to Cristian about the trials and tribulations of his being a teacher. He talks to her about Jessica.

Dorian gives Kelly a pep talk about how energetic she used to be. She then remembers how much fun her life used to be Blair then encourages her to find that fabulous girl she used to be and stay there.

Starr tells Dani if she wants to prove she’s unlike Todd, she should do something that he’d never do in a million years. She suggests that Dani participate in the musical the way she and Cole did a few years ago and had a great time.

Cole goes to Hannah’s place to see if she is ok. She is lying on her bed and appears unconscious as if she’s O.D’d over Ford.

Ford is busy on his text phone when Langston informs him that Starr almost caught her when she got that text pic of him. But he just wants to keep playing with her emotions.

When Starr goes through Langston’s “notes”, she is shocked to find out the big secret

Langston is going at it with Ford again and he knows how to get her “addicted” to him yet again. He goes out the door right before Markko enters. And Markko does not expect to find Langston behind the door.

Cristian talks to Blair about his difficult situation with Jessica remembering the past. She tells him if he ever wants to talk, she is there for him. She gives him a hug. And right then, Jessica enters and sees them. She tells Blair she better get her slutty hands off of him and smacks Blair.

Kelly tells Dorian as much as she wants to stay, she cannot. Dorian tells her niece the door is always open She ahs to get to her cab. But she may be coming back soon. The cab driver who’s supposedly going to take Kelly to the airport is apparently working for Todd.

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