OLTL Update Monday 3/15/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/15/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
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Roxy goes to see Gigi and asks what happened. She thought that baby Sierra was going to be okay. Gigi tells her that the surgery went well, but she and Rex were not able to take her home because Schuyler Joplin was able to take her from them. Roxy is lost in thought remembering many years ago when a baby was ripped from her arms in a similar manner right after she gave birth to him. It appears that Allison Perkins delivered Rex and was going to take him from Roxy because he was Mitch Laurence’s child.

Meanwhile, Rex goes to Schuyler’s home and tells him if he loves Gigi (like Schuyler says he does), then he will go in and get the baby and bring her back to Gigi.

In Mitch’s jail cell, Allison tells him that he has a reason to see that Sierra Rose is important to him because she is his ticket out of there. He asks her how that can be. She replies because of her father.

At Buenos Dias, Kyle informs Oliver that Sierra got released from the hospital today. He thought that Oliver might like to know, if nothing else, because he saved her life even if he’s not ready to find out the results of the DNA test. Oliver tells Kyle he’s glad that the baby is in good hands. Kyle remarks that he would not go that far.

Rex tells Schuyler that he needs to know that Gigi is supposed to raise baby Sierra. She’s a terrific mother besides being Stacy’s sister. Schuyler reminds Rex that they hated each other. Rex tells Schuyler that maybe if he had not lied about being the father, none of this would have happened. He informs Schuyler that right before Stacy died, she named her baby after hers’ and Gigi’s favorite dolls and entrusted Gigi to care for her. Schuyler should know that. Schuyler protests that he wants Gigi to be involved in raising her niece, but he is not going to give up his daughter.

Viki tells Natalie that she and Bree will just be gone a short while. Jessica’s daughter will be in England with her family and have fun and Viki will do anything in order to keep Bree’s mind off of her mom who still believes she’s a teenager. She also informs her daughter that she put her divorce to Charlie on hold. Natalie remarks that that is great. Viki warns her daughter that she might file when she gets back. She just needs to get some time and distance between them so that she can think. She then asks Natalie how things are with her and John. Natalie replies that John got Marty pregnant.

John tells Marty that he’s found out that she is pregnant and wondered when she was going to get around to telling him. She tells him that she’s only known for a couple days and needed some time. It was the last thing she expected. He admits that he did not figure this out on his own. Marty assumes that Roxy must have told him and could not keep a secret.

Gigi asks Roxy if she is all right. She appears as if she has seen a ghost. Roxy remarks that she remembered something that happened a long time ago. Allison Perkins took baby Rex from her not unlike what happened to Gigi with baby Sierra.

Mitch tells Allison that he knows nothing about Stacy’s baby’s father except that he’s not Rex. Apparently, Stacy could not have Rex’s baby and found a “plethora” of fathers for her baby. Allison adds that the one she chose could be very valuable to them. His name is Schuyler Joplin.

After Rex confronts Schuyler about letting Kim and Stacy persuade him to lie that he was the father of the baby, Schuyler admits that it was a bad move on his part. He was just terrified of being a father and did not want to lose Gigi. He’s going to make up for it by being a good father. Rex reminds him that he’s an addict and isn't his first step to recovery to stop lying? He’s failed that. Schuyler tells Rex he’s going to make amends and put his daughter first. He does not want it to hurt Gigi. She is welcome to come and see Sierra whenever she wants. Rex is not satisfied with simply hearing that.

Roxy is ready to reveal what happened right when she gave birth to Rex. It’s too much for her to admit to.

After Natalie informs Viki that she found out that Marty is pregnant with John’s baby, she admits that she found out by accident, yet, assumed that John knew. She is a bit concerned that Marty has not told him yet. If Marty does not hate her now, she definitely will after this.

Marty protests to John that she did not want him to hear that she was pregnant from anybody except her. Least of all Roxy. He then informs her he did not find out from Roxy. It was Natalie who told him.

Marty assumes that the reason Natalie found out she was pregnant is because Roxy told her. John tells her no. She found out by accident. Apparently, when Marty went to the house and her purse fell on the floor, Natalie went to pick it up and put the stuff back and discovered the pregnancy test. Marty then tells John that she’s so tired of him always making excuses for Natalie.

Natalie admits to her mom that there’s obviously been some tension between herself and Marty. Viki asks her daughter how she feels about John and Marty having a baby together.

John suggests to Marty that maybe they stop talking about Natalie and start talking about the two of them.

Viki asks her daughter if she might be just a bit disappointed that John is having a baby with somebody else. Natalie rationalizes that she’s okay with it; although, she knows that John saved her life. She might want to have a future with him but knows it will never happen. Especially, if she leaves the country. She then asks Viki if she could come along with her on her trip to help take care of Bree. Viki tells her daughter whatever she needs.

Gigi asks Roxy just what happened when Rex was born. Roxy talks about how he was just a defenseless little baby and she was afraid when Allison Perkins took him.

Rex tells Schuyler that he is not going to leave even though Schuyler demands he get out. Schuyler and Kim and Stacy have lied to him for a long time. Now, he wants an explanation. Schuyler tells Rex that Sierra is his daughter and nobody is taking her from him.

Roxy talks to Gigi about how Allison and Mitch Laurence took Rex from her right after he was born. She talks about how she, not unlike Stacy, was all alone in a cabin and went into labor early. Rex, not unlike baby Sierra, was deathly sick. The only person who could help him was Allison.

After Kyle informs Oliver that he’s not okay with Schuyler getting custody of Sierra, Oliver tells him he does not get what the problem is. Before Kyle can answer that question, Dr. Greg appears and tells him maybe what Kyle is trying to say is that Schuyler Joplin is a drug addict and a thief. He tells them he’s “just guessing.”

Schuyler asks Rex who he thinks he is. He does not make decisions for him, for Gigi or for Sierra Rose. Rex had his chance with Gigi but she dumped him. He blew it because he slept with Stacy. Rex reminds him so did he. Schuyler tells Rex he does not get to score points with Gigi by threatening him and his child. Rex reminds Schuyler that Gigi has dumped him. Schuyler then tells Rex that she will be back and see through Rex’s crap. They get into physical combat.

Marty tells John she’s only known for a few days. She did not plan this. All she knows is that she felt nauseous, tired and dizzy. She was late so she took a home pregnancy test. The whole situation seemed, kind of, ridiculous and terrifying. She thought about having to commit another 20 years to raising a child. She just needed a little time to figure out how she felt before talking to him. He then asks her how she feels. Is she keeping it?

Clint then tells Viki and Natalie that he and Kimberly can look in on Jessica and make certain that she is okay while they are gone. Hearing that, Natalie urges her father to please not bring that woman into this house. Clint then clarifies to his daughter that “that woman” happens to be his bride. Hearing that, Natalie is shocked and horrified.

Mitch tells Allison that Schuyler Joplin and baby Sierra mean nothing to him. She smiles and tells him they will, and soon. He tells her that she’s speaking in riddles and he does not understand how she figures that this child is his ticket out of there. What does any of this have to do with him?

Gigi asks Roxy what Allison did. Roxy replies that she took little Rex to the hospital and then she took him from Roxy. Hearing that, Gigi concludes that Allison got baby Rex help. Roxy cries and appears very upset but Gigi asks what is wrong now that they know that Rex is okay and there was apparently a happy ending. Kim barges in and demands to know where Sierra Rose has gone.

After Greg informs Oliver for the first time that Schuyler Joplin is a drug addict and thief, Oliver asks him to clarify. Greg tells him that Schuyler was accused of stealing drugs from the hospital. He apparently forged the signature of a doctor and took the drugs. Hearing that, Kyle adds that the board cleared Schuyler of the charges. Greg clarifies no. The board was afraid of a lawsuit. He tells them that obviously Schuyler makes a lot of noise about being in recovery, but he’s an addict. Hearing that, Oliver asks Kyle if he knows. Kyle tells him it’s beside the point. The point is that baby Sierra deserves better.

When Schuyler and Rex are having a physical fight, Rachel comes out and pulls them apart.

After Natalie tells her father she is outraged that he would even consider marrying Kim, he explains to his daughter that he knows she is assuming that Kim just wants his money. The reason she married him is because she wants to raise Stacy Morasco’s baby daughter and believes she might have a better shot if she’s married to him. Natalie tells her father in that case he could get Kim a lawyer. But marrying her is something he cannot do. Clint tells her he happens to like the woman. She’s easy on the eyes and they enjoy each other’s company. Natalie tells her father that it’s unacceptable and asks her mother if she is aware. Viki confirms that she is aware of it and respects Clint’s choice. Natalie asks her parents if they expect her to be okay with the fact that it’s clear to see that Kim only wants Clint’s money and is easy on his eyes. She goes out the door infuriated.

Kim informs Gigi and Roxy that she went to the hospital to find Sierra but her crib was empty. She heard that Gigi got custody of her. She tells Gigi she demands to see Stacy’s baby. Gigi tells Kim that she will have to go through Schuyler. The court order got reversed, and now, he got to take her home.

After Oliver finds out for the first time that Schuyler is an addict and stole drugs from the hospital, he asks Greg what happened. Greg tells him that basically because the hospital didn’t want the publicity, they let Schuyler off the hook. There was no other reason. He tells them both he believes that Schuyler is a menace and he prays for his daughter. He makes it clear to Kyle that although they both work in the same hospital as Schuyler, he plans on making Schuyler’s life a living hell. Hearing that, Oliver is stunned.

Rachel tells both Schuyler and Rex that it’s plain to see that the two of them are fighting over a girl, Gigi. Never mind the little girl who is in the other room fighting for her life who just lost her mother. She tells them both that if either one of them wants to be a father, they both need to grow up and stop acting like children.

Marty admits to John that she’s trying to sort out what she’s going to do regarding whether to have the baby. She reminds him that she has a career, a grown son with a baby. She can’t make Cole drop out of school in order to help her. She needs to help him. She watches baby Hope while the kids attend their classes, and she’s single. She’s not trying to put this on John. They have not made any commitment to one another and having a child doesn’t get any more major than that. She admits she does not know what she intends to do with the pregnancy. She concludes that she is having this baby but does not expect anything from him. She can do this on her own.

After Allison tells Mitch that she believes that Schuyler and Sierra are a “part” of the plan to get him released from jail, he tells her that he senses that she has something else that she is not telling him.

Rex goes out the door but tells Schuyler he will be back, with Gigi. And she will kick his butt in court. She will take her niece home, and that will be the last time Schuyler sees them.

After Kim leaves Gigi and Roxy alone, Gigi asks why Kim would want baby Sierra. It’s not like there’s any money in it for her. Roxy then tells Gigi that people want babies for many reasons. She then goes off and gets a bottle of booze. Very upset and stressed, Roxy swigs down the booze. Gigi wants her to continue the story about Rex being taken after he was born. But Roxy cannot tell the rest. She tells Gigi she has to go.

Kim goes to Clint’s home and throws her coat at Natalie as if she is the maid and does not even greet her. Kim rushes to Clint. Natalie tells her father that she sure hopes that he got Kim to sign a prenup. Viki urges her daughter to practice her manners. Kim tells Natalie that her dad is one of the few good guys she knows. Clint tells his daughter that Kimberly is his wife. She must either be polite to “Mrs. Buchanan” or else leave her alone.

Marty tells John she does not want to exclude him but does not want to pressure him. They have not been together all that long. She understands if he is not interested in being a dad. She tells him she overheard him talking to Oliver about how it seemed clear he liked his life the way it was and did not intend to start a family. She asks John if she was wrong.

Clint asks Kim how it went with Sierra. She replies it didn’t. Gigi didn’t have her. Apparently, Schuyler convinced some judge that he should have full custody of her. Clint tells her that he does not want her to worry. Once the smoke clears, Sierra Rose will be coming home with them.

At Buenos Dias, Oliver asks Kyle if he knows Dr. Evans well. Kyle tells Oliver that he doesn’t know him really well since Kyle is a lowly resident and Greg is a hot shot doctor. But Oliver asks Kyle if he thinks that Greg would make up the allegations about Schuyler. He asks Kyle if he heard the rumors about Schuyler and if it surprised him. Kyle admits that he wasn’t going to accuse Schuyler of anything even if he didn’t like him. But Oliver clarifies to Kyle that he is a police officer. Kyle then tells Oliver that he’s rationalizing about leaving a helpless infant with a man with a past who might be a bit shady. Oliver concludes that if Schuyler really did something wrong, then he’s sure the board would have taken action. So he’s not going to worry.

Rex reminds Schuyler that he can call Kim as a witness to discredit him since she knows about his stealing the drugs. Schuyler tells Rex that Kim will clear him because she knows that he refused to give the drug to Stacy. He reminds Rex that the board dropped the charges. Rex tells him that it’s just a matter of time before he slips up. He will take everything from Schuyler; his career, Gigi, his kid. Schuyler will have nothing. That’s a promise, Rex tells him, and he walks away.

When Allison is talking to Mitch, the guard assumes that she’s Roxy Balsam. She doesn’t have a chance to tell Mitch all the details of her “plan.”

Gigi urges Roxy to tell her more about Allison taking her baby after delivering him. Roxy clearly wanted to tell her more. But as soon as Kim entered to inform them that Schuyler got custody of the baby, she does not want to tell Gigi anything more and goes out the door.

Alone with baby Sierra, Schuyler sings her a lullaby. He privately tells her he will never let her go no matter what anybody says.

Natalie tells her mother that she is outraged and won’t let her father go through with marrying Kim. Viki believes that her daughter’s behavior was out of line and tells her Kim is marrying Clint because she wants that baby. Natalie then concluded that she doesn’t think she can go with her mother and Bree to England. She has to keep an eye on her father and Kim.

John concludes to Marty that he does want to commit to having a baby and raising it with her. 

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