OLTL Update Friday 3/12/10

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/12/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

John awakens in his bed after dreaming and fantasizing about Natalie. He realizes it’s only a dream and in reality Marty is standing by the bed, awake with a home pregnancy kit.

Layla goes to see Cristian at the high school on his first day on the job as art teacher. She wants to take him out and celebrate. She wonders what happened to the picture frame of the two of them. It appears the glass has been broken. Was there an accident? He notices the photo and informs her that he did not do that. Jessica did.

Viki and Clint bring Jessica home. She only remembers the wall paper that was there many years ago. Viki has to explain to her that changes have been made. Right away, she notices a framed portrait of herself (now) and Bree. They tell her that she need not worry about Bree who is with Renee for the evening. She knows that this is something major if she has a baby, a new family and a new love.

Meanwhile, Brody is at Buenos Dias wondering if he should call Jessica or if she might have called. Charlie sits beside Brody who asks if Charlie has called Viki. Charlie replies that that would not do any good.

At the other table, Schuyler tells Rachel and Téa that he is not going to court and does not need a lawyer. They urge him to know that the hospital ethics board has powers and he should let Téa help him. She reminds him if he is found guilty of stealing medication, his medical career is over. He tells her that he is not concerned about that when his baby is fighting for her life. He has to think about being a father.

Kim goes to see Oliver and Kyle and acts happy and gracious with flowers. She tells Oliver she wanted to thank him and knows she must have been a pain up in the mountain. She wants to inform them that everything will be okay for baby Sierra. They ask her what is up with that. She replies that she is going to marry Clint Buchanan and raise the baby together with him.

Rex and Gigi are still at the hospital unable to leave the baby. Gigi admits that all she wants is to take her home, but that might be easier said than done. Rex tells her that maybe they can make sure that it will happen. He has brought Eli to represent her. Eli asks if it’s really true that she delivered the baby. She tells him she really had no choice and asks him what he thinks her chances are of getting custody of her niece. Eli tells her that depends, still assuming that Rex is the father. Rex clarifies to Eli that he is not the father. Somebody else is.

After Schuyler tells Téa that all he cares about is being a father, she asks him what type of a father he will be in prison. Being convicted of stealing a controlled substance is a class C felony that will land him in Statesville. Rachel tells him if he really wants to be a good dad, he needs to make certain that he can always be there for her.

Clint and Viki tell Jessica she doesn’t have to conquer the world today. Maybe she can just stay at home for a while and spend time with her sister. Natalie comes to welcome her sister back home and hugs her. Jessica clearly does not remember Natalie as her sister. She goes off in the other room with Natalie. Alone, Viki and Clint reflect that that is not the Jessica they know. She is behaving just like a teenager. Viki remarks that they are actually a lot more upset about the situation than their daughter is. She appears happy. Viki reminds Clint that life was good for Jessica at 17. Only, they know how much she’s lost. Inside, Jessica asks Natalie how it is that they found out that they are sisters. Natalie explains that Mitch Laurence switched them at birth with help from one of his favorite followers, a woman named Allison Perkins. Meanwhile, right outside the window is none other than Allison, spying upon them unseen.

Layla asks Cristian how Jessica could have smashed the framed portrait if she’s in the hospital. He explains that she found out where he lived and left the hospital to see him. He didn’t tell Layla about it because he didn’t want to embarrass Jessica any more than she already felt. He explains to Layla that Jessica not only thinks she’s in high school, she acts like it. She freaked when she saw their picture. Hearing that, Layla concludes that Jessica really must be messed up.

While Allison lurks outside Viki’s home unseen, Jessica tells Natalie that she’s, kind of, glad she doesn’t remember anything about Mitch. Hearing that, Natalie agrees that that must be a benefit for her. Jessica admits that she doesn’t remember much about Allison except what she heard as a baby. Natalie tells her that’s just as well, also. Jessica tells Natalie it’s great to find out she has a sister, knowing that she was very young when Megan died and asks Natalie if they were close. Natalie smiles and tells her yes. They had some arguments but it was pretty normal. Jessica tells Natalie that she heard about Natalie’s ex-boyfriend who is now seeing Marty. She asks Natalie what happened between her and John.

When John awakens, Marty remarks that she could tell that he had something on his mind and might have been fighting a bad dream. He does not tell her what is going on.

When Jessica asks Natalie about her break-up with John and Natalie does not answer, Jessica tells her she did not mean to be nosy and realizes it must have been “brutal” to have broken up with her boyfriend. Natalie smiles and tells her that she got over it and then met Jared. Things were wonderful. Jessica then tells Natalie it must have really been “funny” that Natalie married Jared and their mom married Jared’s dad; although, she always wished their mom would get back with their dad. Natalie replies that their parents are still really good friends which their mom needs. Hearing that, Jessica can instantly tell that their mom is not currently happy with Charlie.

In the other room, Clint tells Viki that he has to get going. She tells him he need not rush off so soon. He suggests, maybe, since Kevin is home, they can invite the whole family to dinner. She tells him that would be nice. He tells her that she may invite Charlie. She tells him she won’t do that. She has asked Charlie for a divorce.

At Buenos Dias, after Brody asks Charlie what happened between himself and Viki, he informs Brody that she wants a divorce.

At the other table, Schuyler asks Rachel and Téa if it wouldn’t look like an admission of guilt if he needs a lawyer to accompany him to a review board. Rachel remarks no. It will make him look like he’s accepting some responsibility. Téa then tells him that there is no evidence and she’s only concerned with his admitting his guilt by opening up his mouth and saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. She reminds him that she’s trying to save his career and keep him out of jail and would like him to work with her there. He asks her how they do that. She then reminds him that they have no hard evidence. There’s only a prescription that nobody can read and nobody can prove that he ever had it in his possession. He then tells her that is not entirely true. It’s not as though “nobody” knows what he did.

Eli talks to Gigi and Rex, asking if Schuyler knew all the while that he was Sierra’s father, yet, did not admit it until both Stacy and the baby were in danger. Rex explains that during the pregnancy, Schuyler was happy to see Rex stuck with Stacy and wanted no part of the baby then. Now, he suddenly wants to play daddy. But Eli reminds him, Schuyler is the father. They remind him that he committed fraud and put Stacy and the baby’s life in danger. Eli tells them that they cannot prove that in court and this will be a tough case to win. What’s more, Stacy named Schuyler as the baby’s legal guardian. Unless, of course, they can find a good reason to disqualify him. Rex asks what he has in mind. Eli asks if Schuyler has ever been convicted of a crime. If not, then he’s the biological father, he has legal rights.

Kim tells Oliver and Kyle that she is marrying Clint. She is not going to consider letting Schuyler have legal rights. He has no money and is an ex-junkie. She tells them that she and Clint will make certain the baby has everything she needs. She smiles, and they are not happy. Kyle tells her that won’t happen if they have anything to say about it.

Jessica wants to look at her senior yearbook with Natalie. She remembers all of it and remarks that she looks old now. Natalie laughs and tells her she looks good for any age. Jessica wants to go back to graduation and the whole situation.

Clint tells Viki he’s sorry about her and Charlie. He thought he was the one for her. She then reflects that Clint is her best friend. He tells her he’s glad she can say that and feels the same way about her. So, he tells her he has some news. He’s getting married.

Kim tells Oliver and Kyle that where the baby lives is not their problem. Schuyler is the father. Kyle tells her if she’s really certain of that, then why can’t she do a simple blood test? The whole reason she’s there is because she’s knows that the baby is Oliver’s. She tells them she’s just there to be nice. Kyle tells her she’s there to shut them up. Once it comes out that Oliver is the father, she will have no right to claim the baby. She must realize that he’s not going to give up on his child. She then reminds him that if he wants to continue med school, he’ll keep his mouth shut. Any information he has is protected under doctor/patient confidentiality. She tells him if he even considers coming after her and Sierra, she will crush him like a cockroach. She goes out the door.

At Buenos Dias, Téa asks Schuyler who else knows what he did. He replies that Kim knows. Téa tells Rachel they need not worry about Stacy’s pole dancer buddy from Vegas. He tells them, Kim is the only person who knows he did not give the drug to Stacy. Téa then reminds him that is the drug they are not even admitting that he took in the first place. She then asks him if anybody else knows. He then admits that both Gigi and Rex know. At that point, Téa is afraid that his case is hopeless knowing how they are both furious with him. She tells him if neither of them know anything about the hospital review board, then hopefully, he’s in the clear. If they do, however, speak up, then he must deny it. They have no evidence. They wouldn’t have great credibility in court making an accusation of him without evidence. He then asks if she wants him to call Gigi a liar.

Meanwhile, Eli tells Gigi and Rex that their case is not hopeless. There are ways they can convince the right judge. That is if they can come up with evidence that Schuyler Joplin is an unfit father. They need concrete evidence--not just accusations and heresy. Gigi remembers what she knows and is not certain what to do.

Marty tells John that breakfast is served. She is not hungry. He asks her if she got the “aspirin” the other day. She tells him she did not take it. She does not tell him what really happened. When he reaches for the bag with the results of her pregnancy test, she grabs it and hides it so he cannot know what it really is.

Marty is hiding from John the fact that she might be pregnant. He is hiding from her the fact that he has Natalie on the brain.

Jessica wants to look at her yearbook with Natalie. She notices how handsome Cristian was his senior year. She is so proud of the fact that he’s now a teacher at Llanview High. She admits that she went to see him a few days ago. She felt like a total loser and threw herself at him. Natalie remarks she doubts that Cris will hold it against Jessica. Jessica tells her that his girlfriend might.

Meanwhile, Layla is wondering what Cristian is going to do in regard to the Jessica situation. She makes a joke about the teenage girls having crushes on him at the high school and he affirms to her that he will tell them all that he is spoken for.

Natalie tells Jessica that she’s sure that Layla will understand. Jessica asks if Natalie knows Cristian’s girlfriend and asks how well she knows Cristian. Again, Natalie does not know how to answer that.

Viki asks Clint if he is serious to be marrying his secretary. This is a girl, young enough to be his daughter, with a questionable background. She tells him that she realizes it’s his decision. He tells her that he knows all about Kimberly Andrews and what she is all about. If it’s a mistake, he will make certain that nobody gets hurt. She then congratulates him. He tells her he’s sorry about Charlie, and he goes out the door.

At Buenos Dias, Brody tells Charlie that he is not giving up on Jessica. So Charlie should not give up on Viki.

After Kim has left, Kyle tells Oliver that he can’t let her raise his child. Oliver tells Kyle that it’s just as well that either Schuyler and Gigi raise her or Kim and Clint do so. Plus, he remarks, he has no say in the matter. Kyle tells him that maybe he does, if it’s his child. He protests that being gay does not make anybody a bad parent. Oliver tells Kyle it’s not a gay thing. Kyle then concludes that it must be a coward thing.

Téa tells Schuyler that as his lawyer, she has the right to keep the bottle of oxytocin and not hand it over even if Gigi and Rex want to come after him for stealing it.

Gigi sits silently while Rex tells Eli about Schuyler getting fired from his teaching job at the high school for inappropriate behavior with a student and also adds that he has stolen drugs. Gigi is clearly not comfortable with them going after Schuyler; however, Rex informs Eli that Schuyler took this drug from the hospital that would induce early labor so that Stacy could give birth early and have Rex falsely believing that it’s his baby. Plus, Schuyler is an addict. That has got to count for something. At that point, Gigi interjects and tells them that Schuyler is clean and has not been using for a long time. Eli then warns Rex that this is not going to be easy. It’s going to be an ugly battle. If they don’t think they can go through with this, then maybe they should not. Rex then reminds Gigi that it’s her call. He asks her if she really thinks she can go through with hurting Schuyler on the witness stand. She does not answer.

Clint goes to Buenos Dias and runs into Brody. He tells him that he realizes how difficult it is to “wait” for Jessica to remember things and back off while she is in her present state. He encourages him not to give up. He tells Brody he must “excuse” him because his “date” is waiting for him not far away. He tells Brody he may feel free to call him any time. Brody thanks him.

Jessica asks Natalie if she and Cristian are, like, “good friends.” She does not know how to answer that. Jessica asks if Cristian might tell her things like what he has thought and felt since high school. Viki then enters and tells her daughter that she really should rest. Jessica is happy but is not about to rest. Instead, she goes out the door without telling them.

At Buenos Dias, Kim tells Clint that she is putting plans into motion about their wedding. But, he tells her that there cannot be a wedding or future plans until they get one thing straight.

After Rex tells Eli all of the damaging information about Schuyler that could disqualify him from getting custody of Sierra, and Gigi is alone with Rex, she indicates that she really does have mixed feelings about going through with this.

After Kyle tells Oliver he’s a coward not to fight for custody of his child, Oliver is ready to go out the door and tells him if he wanted somebody to tell him he’s half a man, he can hear that from his dad. Kyle apologizes and admits that that was a cheap shot. He tells him it’s time to find out once and for all. He pulls out an envelope, and it reveals that he has done some “testing” without Oliver’s knowing, of his DNA sample.

At John’s apartment, John tells Marty he has to get to work and encourages her to get some rest because she's coming down with something. As soon as he leaves, she goes to the bathroom to look at the test results and is shocked.

Alone with Viki, after Jessica is gone, Natalie admits to her mother that she hadn’t a clue how to answer Jessica’s questions.

AT Buenos Dias, Brody talks to Layla who encourages him not to give up on Jessica and to trust that Cristian will not let her get the “wrong idea.” She tells him that, maybe, backing off is not the thing to do.

Before Cristian is ready for his class, Jessica enters and says good morning to “Mr. Vega” and announces that she is in his class.

At Viki’s, Natalie gets the door to see John. Viki then goes into her living room and can sense that somebody is spying upon them. Sure enough, Allison Perkins is outside the patio door.

Marty then goes to check on the results of her pregnancy test which appears to be positive. She appears to be in shock.

When Kyle shows Oliver the envelope from the hospital lab, Oliver asks him what that is. Kyle replies it’s something that he will not be happy about.

At Buenos Dias, Kim tells Clint that she intends to stick to a tight budget for the wedding and doesn’t need much. He laughs and appears happy. He tells her before they go any further with anything, they need to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement. The smile disappears from her face.

Oliver asks Kyle how he could have done something so sneaky. Kyle tells Oliver that they both have to find out whether he is the father of Sierra.

At the hospital, Gigi and Rex stand beside Schuyler with Téa by his side as his lawyer. Rex tells Gigi she doesn’t have to make a decision right now. She tells him she knows what she wants. She is willing to do whatever it takes in order to get custody of Sierra Rose.

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