OLTL Update Thursday 3/11/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/11/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair and Starr talk alone about whether Todd is going to get back with Téa or with Blair or with somebody else and if Blair might be jealous if he moves on to somebody other than herself.

Todd goes to Dorian’s house and looks like he might be there to see Kelly and she might want to see him. They argue but indicate they might want to see more of each other knowing they are both single. He talks about how great it is to find out that she dumped Kevin Buchanan. He asks her how Kevin took it, remarking that Buchanans cry like babies when they don’t get what they want. And he seems to want to know if she might be jealous if Kevin might have found somebody else.

Meanwhile, Schuyler assumes that as the father of baby Sierra, he has the legal right to take her home. But before that happens, Eli announces that he was able to get temporary custody for Gigi after convincing the judge that she’s proven herself as a responsible single mom and because she’s the baby’s aunt. Schuyler is very upset while Gigi, Rex and Eli are content until Téa tells them not so fast. She then informs them that she was able to get a judge higher on the totem pole to grant custody to Schuyler. Rex argues that there is no way any judgewould do that without being bribed or conned. Schuyler is a drug addict who lied about being the baby’s father and he stole the drugs. But she tells him that the hospital review board has cleared Schuyler of all charges and has granted him legal custody of his child.

Meanwhile Greg grills Rachel on whether she’s covering for Schuyler. He tells her that since they are alone and both know that Schuyler has been cleared of charges regardless of what he(Greg) knows, she can tell him truthfully whether Schuyler stole the drug. But she cannot answer that because she does not want to betray her friend, Schuyler. In response to that, Greg remarks that it appears she has no problem betraying him.

Meanwhile, when Clint is calling the justice of the peace to get his wedding to Kim underway, she is having doubts knowing that she’s just signed the pre-nuptial agreement that bans her from sleeping with another man throughout the course of their marriage. In the other room, her bridesmaid friends are coming on to Kevin and remars to him that there may not be a wedding.

Dorian goes to see Viki who asks her what she wants. She replies that she’s there to prevent Viki from making the biggest mistake of her life. Viki asks Dorian what she means Dorian replies she means divorcing Charlie.

Rachel protests to Greg that this is not about him. This is about a friend who told her something in confidence. She cannot break that confidence. Greg asks her what about the patients who will be in this friend’s care. Their lives and well being could be in jeopardy if they are in the care of a doctor who steals drugs and gets away with it. So he asks her again if Schuyler stole the drug. She again refuses to answer. He then concludes that that says a lot about her trust and respect for him.

Viki asks Dorian why she is concerned about her marriage to Charlie. Dorian admits to Viki that Charlie came to her home to inform her that they have broken up. And she tells Viki she does not want her to make this about her(Dorian) and Charlie. Because it’s about Viki and Charlie. She tells Viki she knows that Charlie loves her and that Viki loves him. Right?

Kim tells Clint she was fine until her friends showed up. She admits that they are not really her friends. They are two faced by acting like they care about her and then laughing in her face if they see her fail or suffer a hardship. He seems to understand that she invited them there purely out of payback. But maybe it’s still a mistake for the two of them to get married for reasons other than love.

In the other room, the two girls surround Kevin while he tells them that he asked Kelly to marry him and she turned him down. They tell him that she will regret it for the rest of her natural life.

Todd is grilling Kelly for information about her break up with Kevin. He remembers that Blair slept with Kevin when Kelly was married to him. She asks him why he’s there. He tells her that he just wanted to have time with his boys. He tells her that he’s very fortunate to have boys who love him and wishes he could say the same about Danielle. She tells him that she somehow knew that he wouldn’t win Dani over with his “charitable donation”. But she tells him whatever he does, he cannot give up since the Todd she knows would never back down from a fight.

Blair confides in Starr that it appears that Todd and Kelly were having a lengthy private conversation in the chapel before her mother’s funeral. Starr asks her mom if she thinks there might be something going on between them. Blair tells her daughter she doubts it but doesn’t really care who Todd is seeing. She admits she may be a “slow learner” but she’s broken all emotional ties to Todd. Starr then concludes to her mom if she is ok with not having Todd in her life, then things must be getting “pretty serious” between Blair and her “mystery man”.

At the hospital, Eli tells Gigi and Rex that they can definitely appeal the decision to the judge. But right now, unfortunately, the baby is coming home with Schuyler. Schuyler urges Gigi not to be upset and tells her they can work something out. Rex tells him that he(Schuyler) is having no part in this baby’s life. And if Schuyler wants the baby he will have to go through him. And he’s not afraid of Téa’s court order.

Viki tells Dorian she is not going to discuss her husband with her. But Dorian tells Viki that Charlie is a broken man who was once a heroic and gallant man who she fell in love with. In response to that, Viki reminds Dorian that her daughter was shot by a man who claims to love her. Dorian protests that she must know that it was an accident. VIki reminds Dorian that Charlie had a gun and intended to take a life. Dorian tells Viki that he is in agony about it. More than Viki will ever know. Viki tells Dorian there is nothing that she can do. Dorian tells her of course there is. She can forgive Charlie. He has suffered enough. VIki tells Dorian that this is not about Charlie. Dorian just wants forgiveness for herself. She reminds Dorian that a scheme which she(Dorian) concocted went terribly wrong. And now Dorian wants to be let off the hook for what happened to Jessica and for the death of Dorian’s sister Melinda. And for all the pain that Mitch Laurence has inflicted on everyone else in this town. She tells Dorian she has no absolution to give her. Dorian tells her that is fine. She may take out all her frustrations upon Dorian or upon Charlie or upon anybody except where it really came from which is with VIki. That’s where it all started.

Kelly tells Todd that she knows him pretty well. He’s been married to her cousin several times and she knows a lot about him like that he is ruthless and vindictive and a complete narcissist. He’s also violent and hypercritical. But she knows that his kids mean a lot to him and that may be all that Blair and Téa ever wanted with im. He then asks her if she actually said something nice to him. And he asks her if she wants to have sex.

Kim’s friends tell Kevin that they do not believe in marriage. In the other room, Clint tells Kim that he is not willing to back out on marriage. But, he tells her, it appears that she is. They are getting married because she promised Stacy that her baby would have a home and parents. They can provide that. Plus they like each other and have fun together, he tells her. So, for now that might have to be enough. And he pulls out an engagement ring for her. And right then, the justice enters. Clint then asks Kim if she is ready now. She tells him yes.

IN the other room, Kim’s friends are all over Kevin and lead him upstairs.

Greg tells Rachel he knows she believes she is protecting the man. But they both know that what she is doing is enabling. She protests that Schuyler is no longer using. He tells her so what. It’s still addictive behavior. He obtained a drug illegally and is now getting away with it. He tells her she better give Schuyler up. Rachel asks or what. OR else does Greg give up on her, she asks?

Schuyler tells Rex he has no legal rights to Sierra and has another thing coming if he thinks he’s going to take his daughter from him. Rex asks if they are supposed to forget the whole time when Schuyler wanted noting to do with her. He has not forgotten that. And the only reason Schuyler is claiming this kid now is because he thinks it will get Gigi back. Schuyler admits that he was not ready to be a father. But now he is. Téa tells Schuyler he can take her home now without having to justify himself. But Gigi is still holding her. Schuyler tries to convince Gigi that there are no hard feelings. But Rex is ready to physically attack him and demands that he gets away from Gigi and from the baby. Gigi cries, realizing she has no choice except to hand Schuyler’s daughter over to her. And he is clearly not ok with the fact that he has upset her.

Blair tells Starr there is no mystery man. There is no mystery in her life. She is an open book. But Starr knows about all of the secret phone calls and text messages and secret disappearances where Blair never tells anybody where she goes. Blair tells Starr there is nothing serious. They are not even dating. Starr then asks her mom what she is doing with this man if it’s not “dating”.

After Todd asks Kelly if she wants to have sex, she laughs. And she tells him that is the fist laugh she’s had since her mother died. But she admits that when she pictured Blair watching them and knowing that they had sex, she thinks that Blair’s head would explode. Todd laughs and agrees. She asks him how they would explain it to Blair. He replies they tell her that Kelly was really down after losing her mother as he was upset over the situation with Dani. And maybe they are just two lost souls. And he talks about how the funny thing is it was really good. She agrees. But, she concludes, Blair would not buy that. He asks her why not. He then tells her he’d like her to come and work for him.

Kim concludes to her bridesmaids that if she cannot have Stacy stand by her at her wedding, it will have to be the two of them. Either that or they hitch a ride back to Vegas. Inside the other room, Kevin tells his father he wishes him well but has his doubts. Clint assures his son that he knows what he is doing.

Dorian tells Viki that Mitch Laurence could never have created all this chaos, if she had not stepped down as Mayor. VIki is infuriated to hear that and tells her she is unbelievable. Her husband lost his son. Her daughter lost her husband. She had a family crisis. The mistake she made was to let Dorian take over. And Dorian negotiated with Mitch. Dorian tells Viki if she(Viki) had taken the job as Mayor she could have made a difference. But she threw it away just like she threw her future with Charlie away.

At the hospital, Gigi continues to hold the baby and briefs Schuyler about all the things he needs to buy including diapers and a crib and food and to remember his pediatric appointments. She tells her baby niece to please cut Schuyler some slack because he’s new at this. And she gives her to Schuyler. He then urges Gigi to come with him. But she does not.

Rachel tells Greg he’s giving her an ultimatum. He tells her that she calls it an ultimatum. He calls it a choice. Maybe it’s a hard choice. But he’s made hard choices like to put her before his family. Hearing that, she protests that she never asked him to do that. She did not pressure him and did everything she could in order not to come between him and his brother. He tells her that he put her first because she meant that much to him. He thought he knew her. But maybe he was wrong.

Schuyler tells Gigi he does not want to hurt her in any way. But he has to put his daughter first. He has to take care of her. He tells her if she goes with him, they can do it together. She can hold her, feed her and sing her to sleep. And the two of them can give this baby the best. They can give her a family. Gigi tell him that her number one priority is to make certain that Sierra Rose is ok. And the only way to be sure of that is to raise her herself. And she will. She tells him it’s not over. But Téa tells him he must come with her. They are done here. Schuyler and the baby then depart with Téa.

Rachel tells Greg that she can understand the part of her that is in the same place that Schuyler is in right now. She was in a very similarly desperate situation. She could have died on the streets if someone had not shown her some kindness. Greg replies that maybe the kindest thing to do to Schuyler is let him accept some responsibility for his actions. She asks Greg what if she had given up on him. He was emotionally distraught after he failed surgery on his brother and ready to give up and needed someone to believe in him. And she tells him that he’s not even trying to see her side of this. He concludes that maybe Shaun could do that but he can’t. And he tells her he’s beginning to think that maybe she chose the wrong brother and he walks toward the door. She then asks him if he’s breaking up with her. He tells her he guesses he is.

Blair tells Starr she doesn’t know how she manages school with her and Cole raising Hope. Starr tells her mom that Cole is working and doing projects with a partner. She seems nice. As soon as Blair hears that Cole has a female partner, she knows it cannot be as simple as her daughter wants to believe it is. She asks her daughter if this girl is attractive. Starr tells her mom that she sees Cole and his female partner the same way as she sees Todd and Kelly as “no way”.

Todd tells Kelly that he’s heard that she needs a job and he needs somebody to help him write stories for his paper. She tells him she has not run a paper for a long time. But he remembers her blogs for her website in England and knows that she has gotten major hits and publicity which he could use and network with. She is suspicious. He tells her that maybe his paper could use an advice column. He reminds her that without her marriage or any focus in her life, she must know that this is the best offer she’s had.

Kim’s two bridesmaids are playing music and dancing in colorful floral dresses. And right then, we see Kim in her white wedding dress ready to commence the wedding ceremony to Clint.

Viki tells Dorian she better not dare to pretend to care about Charlie. Dorian protests that she does care about Charlie. She has been in the trenches so like what Charlie is going through now. And Viki needs to take him back and give him another chance Viki tells Dorian it’s too late. He had his chance and turned his back on her. Dorian tells Viki she’s a liar. Charlie hurt her. Now she wants to hurt him back. She tells VIki she is being just like her(Dorian). She tells VIki she should not be like Dorian and pretend she does not care.

Kim wants to rush through the wedding ceremony and tells Clint she takes him to be her husband. He tells her he takes her to be his wife. The justice of the peace then declares them husband and wife and tells Clint he may kiss the bride.

Alone in her home, Viki calls and leaves a message for Charlie telling him she’d like him to come over. She needs to talk to him about something

Starr can tell that her mom is in a good frame of mind and is no longer obsessing over what Todd is doing, who he is seeing or not seeing. She tells her daughter she doubts he’s going to be “seeing” Kelly. And it doesn’t matter how she’d feel if he was because Kelly is going back to London.

Todd expresses to Kelly that he would really like her to work with him as a feature writer for his paper. She has not agreed but has not said no

Kim notices that one of her friends has stolen a spoon. But she assumes that she no longer has to be dependent on a g string and a prayer in order to get what she wants. But her friend tells her she might have to worry again because Clint might trade her in for a younger, newer model. Kevin then leads the two girls out the door. Clint encourages her not to listen to them and focus on the honeymoon. She tells him she knows. But first she must focus on the baby.

Schuyler brings baby Sierra Rose home. Rachel is crying when he returns but hides her despair and rushes to greet the baby and congratulate him. He tells her this is probably the best thing that’s ever happened in his life. But he can see that she is not ok. He tells her it almost didn’t happen were it not for Téa and her. He may have lost everything else. But he has his daughter.

Rex promises Gigi that they will fight it. She then remembers that she forgot the doll. She was going to put it in Sierra’s bag and wanted her to have it. He assures her that she will get to give her her doll. But he tells her she mustn’t give up. This is only temporary. She’s going to get that little girl one way or another.

Right then, at the same time, Kim and Clint believe the same thing.

And so does Schuyler when he’s alone with baby Sierra.

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