OLTL Update Tuesday 3/9/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/9/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Oliver gets back from the hospital and has seen baby Sierra, he remarks to Kyle that he is in awe of how strong she appeared and how she seemed like she’s going to fight to get healthy and grow. Kyle tells him that is a fighter not unlike he is. And Oliver concludes, for the first time, that he is not going to give up what could be his rights to his child.

At Buenos Dias, Clint tells Kim that all she has to do is sign over the pre-nup and they can get married. Doesn’t she want it to happen? He tells her she may read it over or consult with a lawyer. But this is the final draft and there is no room for negotiating. Knowing that this is definitely a deal breaker for her, he give her the pen, remarks that it’s all up to her, grabs his coat and goes out the door.

In the kitchen, Layla and Carlotta are talking about Cristian's teaching career and the woman who loves him. Layla remarks however, that there are “two” women in his life.

When Cristian gets done with his class, he notices that Jessica is not leaving and still fixated on him.

Natalie is alone after John has left unable to get him or the kiss they had out of her mind. Unknown to her, Allison, Perkins is watching her from outside. Right then, Bree enters and asks her aunt where her mommy is. But before Natalie can answer that, Viki comes in to distract her granddaughter with a coloring book and crayons. And she tells Natalie she can clearly see that she is lost in thought.

When John returns home, Roxy leaves him alone to talk to Marty. He knows that she has something to tell him but is hesitating.

Oliver still ahs not opened his envelope with the DNA test results. Kyle encourages him to open it and tells him that he will support any decision that he makes. Oliver then takes the envelope and goes out the door.

Kim looks over the papers that Clint has left with her. Meanwhile, a waiter pours her more coffee. But she envisions a hot shirtless guy and Stacy standing by her telling her that she can’t be “mentally undressing” every good looking guy she sees. Kim tells her it’s been a long, long time since she’s had sex. The “vision” of Stacy tells her that she cannot get distracted. She has to sign the papers so that she can raise Stacy’s little girl. Stacy asks her why she’s afraid to sign it and why she assumes that she and Clint cannot live happily ever after. She asks Stacy to name one couple that has stayed together.

Carlotta asks Layla if it’s really true that Jessica still thinks that Cristian is her boyfriend. Layla explains it’s as if no time has passed for Jessica since high school and she hasn’t even graduated yet. IN her mind, she’s still a teenager. And in her heart, she and Cristian are still star-crossed lovers. Carlotta assumes that must be heart-breaking for Jessica. But Layla is annoyed.

Jessica won’t leave the empty classroom and only wants to be alone with Cristian. He tells her that he has a job to do and cannot be “fraternizing” with students. She goes out the door but clearly cannot get him out of her mind.

Viki tells Natalie she’s heard that John has been reinstated to the police department. Yet she knows that John was there for a reason besides police business. Before Natalie can answer that, Bree needs her to find something. When both Viki and Natalie are distracted, Allison takes a photo of Bree from her cell phone, still unseen. Right then, Viki gets a call from Cristian who tells her he needs to talk to her about Jessica. Roxy rushes over and tells Viki they need to talk about their mutual daughter. Viki goes out the door to meet Cristian. Alone with Natalie, Roxy asks her what is “up” with her and John.

John has some chicken soup for Marty still having absolutely no clue what is going on with her. He does let her know that he went to Llanfair to talk to Natalie about Jessica. She then tells him that she is not threatened by Natalie and has moved passed that. But she tells John that since they’ve been together, they have never talked about any long term goals or what he might see for them in the future. He then asks her if she means marriage and a family. She tells him exactly.

While they are still at the hospital, Rex expresses to Gigi that he is still serious and willing to stop at nothing to prevent Schuyler from raising baby Sierra. She tells him she really appreciates his help but asks if he really wants to get in the middle of this big mess. Right then, Shane appears and tells his parents that he is kind of disappointed that he won’t get to take Sierra home and have her baby his baby sister. Gigi then informs her son that he might get that chance yet. She wants to adopt Sierra.

Kim is still at Buenos Dias reading over Clint’s pre-nuptial agreement. She then sees Stacy before her demanding that she signs it so that she can raise Stacy’s baby and then they can find a way out of it later. But Kim is discouraged. Right then, Eli walks through the door. She then approaches him, comes on to him and “charms” him into helping her to figure out what all of this legal terminology means. He looks at it and his surprised to see that she intends to marry Clint Buchanan.

Cristian calls both Viki and Clint to talk to him in his classroom informing them that he’s gotten a job as a high school art teacher. And something else they may not know is that Jessica has gotten herself enrolled in the high school. She wants to finish her senior year. And Cristian wants her parents to talk her out of it.

Back at Buenos Dias, Layla shows Cristian’s mother the picture of her and Cristian and informs her that Jessica smashed the picture frame. Apparently she had a hissy fit to see that they were living together. Carlotta reflects that Jessica can only remember being a teenager and one can remember all too well what those days were like. And Layla is clearly not ok with the situation. Right then, Jessica enters, tells Layla she can recognize her from her picture and knows who she is.

Roxy goes to talk to Natalie telling her daughter she knows that she and John have feelings for each other. Natalie asks her mom why she is so concerned about it. Roxy protests that she loves her, she raised her and has certain rights. She urges Natalie to leave John alone and realize that he is with Marty now. She sounds very serious when she tells Natalie she cannot be a “home wrecker”. Hearing that, Natalie laughs and tells her it’s not like John and Marty are married with kids.

John is with Marty ready to talk and level with her. Right then, a knock on the door distracts them. It’s Oliver. He tells John that he doesn’t want to catch him at a bad time. But Marty tells Oliver that it’s ok. She has things to do and he and John may talk. Oliver then asks John what “he” would do if “he” found out that “he” was going to be a father. How ironic that he’d ask that of John.

Clint asks Cristian how the principal could allow Jessica to enroll. Cristian explains that he told him that since her uncle Todd Manning donated money to the school, the principal told Cristian that she can enroll if she wants. Viki and Clint are concerned about what has happened to their daughter.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta hugs Jessica and welcomes her. Jessica remarks that she is really intrigued with the remodeling of this place, only remembering it as Carlotta Vega’s diner. Carlotta explains that Charlie rebuilt it after the fire when he started seeing Viki and wanted to recapture the place where they met when she was a waitress down in Texas. Hearing that, Jessica cannot picture her mother waitressing. Layla then declares that she wants to get back to work. But Jessica wants to share fries with her, get to know her because they have “one thing in common”.

Eli is reading over the terms that Clint has put into the pre-nup. But Kim is distracted seeing him shirtless. Stacy demands that she concentrates and listens to what he is saying. He then tells her that there is an “infidelity clause”. If she is ever unfaithful to Clint, she winds up with absolutely nothing.

After finding out that his Gigi wants to adopt Stacy and Schuyler’s baby, Shane admits to his mom that he does not get it. He thought she was mad at Schuyler for lying about being the father of Stacy’s baby. Does she want to raise her with Schuyler? She tells her son no. She wants to raise Sierra as her own child. SO she wanted to discuss it with him. Rex warns Shane that nothing is final but they want her to come home with Gigi. Shane admits that he’s cool with it. But he asks how the two of them can raise Stacy and Schuyler’s baby and how Rex can deal with it.

Oliver admits to John that there is a baby who might be his. John tells Oliver that he thinks that he would be a good father. But, Oliver asks him, what if he does not have what it takes to raise a baby.

Roxy urges Natalie to know that now is absolutely the wrong time to be carrying on and making a play for John. Natalie tells her that she does not intend to make a play for John. And, she inquires, who knew that Roxy was a card carrying member of the fidelity police? Right then, Roxy almost blurts out the reason she is concerned and what she found out about John and Marty. Hearing that, Natalie demands to know what it is.

Marty is in the other room overhearing John telling Oliver that he believes Oliver would make a great dad. But the decision is not just his. He is with someone. It’s good if Kyle is on board with raising a kid because both people must be on the same page. She also overhears Oliver asking what if one of them is not certain they are ready to be a parent and John replying that, assuming there is a choice, then maybe they should not have a kid.

Rex explains to Shane that he intends to look past his issues with Stacy and Schuyler and be able to see an innocent child who needs people to love and care for her regardless of who her parents are. Shane concludes to his dad that he’s pretty cool. Rex then concludes to Shane that he hopes people don’t hate him just because Mitch Laurence is his biological father. Gigi asks Shane if he’s ready to see baby Sierra and takes her son to see his cousin.

Eli tells Kim that this pre-nup is pretty clear cut. She cannot sleep with anybody or Clint will divorce her and leave her with nothing. He tells her good luck. Right then, she concludes that even though she likes Clint, she does not think she can accept never having sex with another man.

Cristian asks Viki and Clint if they plan to get Jessica to withdraw from the school. They admit that they really are not certain what they can do and might need “help”.

Layla tells Jessica that she works with Jessica’s boyfriend at the PD. But Jessica has no memory of any boyfriend in her life except for Cristian. She apologizes for smashing the pictures of Layla and Cristian. But Layla affirms that she has many pictures of herself and Cristian and not just that one. Jessica tells her so does she.

Roxy knows that Marty asked her not to divulge that she is pregnant by John, but she urges Natalie to back off and realize John and Marty are together. When Bree walks in, Roxy can see how well her daughter bonds with her niece. She remarks that Natalie is great with kids and it’s too bad that “she” is not the one having the baby. Although she catches herself, Roxy is afraid that Natalie has put two and two together. Yet Natalie assumes that she is talking about Stacy being unfit to have a child after what she did to Rex and she tells her mom it’s alright. She wholeheartedly agrees and believes it's just as well Stacy is gone.. Roxy then tells Natalie that Shane informed her that Rex is staying with Gigi while they are watching over baby Sierra and it’s possible that Rex and Gigi could get back together. And, she reminds Natalie, that a baby has a way of bonding people.

Marty overhears John tell Oliver that he is the last person to be handing out advice about raising kids. It appears that Oliver is not certain what he wants. When Marty gets a call from Viki informing her that they need her help, she tells her she will be right there. She goes out the door as Oliver and John continue their conversation. John tells Oliver he thinks it’s natural to have doubts when one is considering raising a family. He knew about his brother, Michael first being uncertain but then learning how to be a good dad. He tells Oliver that he thinks once he figures out what he really wants, then he’ll be able to figure out what to do.

Shane goes with his mom to see baby Sierra and notices the doll that Gigi and Stacy kept that is with her in her incubator. Right then, the nurse calls Gigi to talk alone. Shane observes the baby. And Allison comes out of nowhere to take his picture. He notices the strange woman and asks what is going on.

Kim is caught up with the dilemma of having to choose between being able to raise Stacy’s baby or being able to have sex with a hot man.

Marty tells Viki and Clint that she realizes that having Jessica in high school may appear problematic. But right now, it might be where she needs to be. Clint asks if they should not want Jessica back and for their daughter to remember that she’s an adult. Marty tells them of course. But they don’t even know the source of her memory loss. And maybe remembering being in high school is where Jessica is safest. She may not be ready to accept that Mitch tried to rape her. She believes she’s still a virgin and adulthood may not be the right thing for her right now. Maybe a new future is awaiting her. She feels she’s missed out on life so now it’s critical for Jessica to experience a different journey from the past.

At Buenos Dias, Kim sees Stacy’s ghost telling her that she has to find a way to get to raise Sierra while married to Clint. But, Stacy tells her she realizes she is not there and cannot force Kim to do anything she does not want to do. So if Kim does not want to go through with it, then somebody else will raise her.

Allison know to dress like a medical professional and tells Shane she’s nurse’s aid and is taking pictures of baby’s for their parents and families. And she asks him which one is the baby in his family. He then points Sierra out to her. She charms him and he has no suspicions while she asks him to let her take a picture of him and his baby sister together. He then goes to find his mom and dad and she disappears. Right then, Gigi tells her son that they have news.

Layla asks Cristian if it’s true that he’s Jessica’s “teacher”. He replies yes. The principal allowed her to enroll and authorized it. But Jessica knows the terms, that Cristian is unavailable and all that is involved. And she just needs to re-experience being in high school.. Layla tells him that she knows that Jessica is looking for more than an “education”.

Oliver returns home and tells Kyle he is still undecided with finding out the results of the DNA test. But he needs Kyle to do him a favor and keep it some place save so that if and when he’s ready, he can open it. Kyle agrees and accepts the decision he’s made.

Gigi informs Rex, Shane and Eli that she just talked to the doctor who informed her that Sierra is doing better than expected and will be ready to come home soon. So she needs to draw up papers and get the ball rolling ASAP. Everybody is happy. But not far away, Allison observes the photos she’s taken of Mitch’s two grandchildren; Bree and Shane. And she remarks that she thinks “the messenger” will be quite pleased.

Clint returns to Buenos Dias to see if Kim has made a decision. She has signed the prenup and tells him she’s ready to do this.

Viki and Marty don’t know where Jessica went but Marty tells her that she is probably enjoying her few hours of freedom just like a teenager would. In the other room, Natalie notices Marty’s purse has fallen on the floor.. Her phone rings. She picks it up. It’s John.. She puts Marty’s stuff back in her purse but notices the pregnancy test has fallen out and it’s positive. She then concludes that she can see that Marty and John are having a baby.

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