OLTL Update Monday 3/8/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/8/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Marty does the home pregnancy test and finds out she is pregnant with John’s child. She is stunned not knowing what to do. Roxy enters and notices the stick on the floor and asks her what is up.

Meanwhile, John goes to Viki’s home and runs into Natalie. He tells her that he just wanted to ask Jessica some questions about the shooting. Natalie invites him to come in.

Unknown to all of them, Jessica goes to the high school to “see” Cristian when he’s ready to teach his class. She appears, again, like a high school girl, comes on to him and wants him to “teach” her the last decade of her life and all she has learned but forgotten.

At Buenos Dias, Langston is with her friends who remind her that she has been forgetting a lot of things and has had her mind elsewhere. At that moment, she gets a text message from Ford. Seconds later, he walks in knowing exactly where to find her.

Clint tells Kim that he will marry her but only under the condition that she signs a prenuptial agreement. He has the papers all ready and everything in order. She protests that she is not marrying him for his money; she is marrying him so that she can raise her best friend’s baby.

Oliver is shocked to find out that Kyle has done a DNA test on him without his knowing or his approval and has sent it to the hospital lab.

At the hospital, Gigi declares to Rex, Eli, Schuyler and Téa that she is ready to go through with this. When Sierra comes home, she is going to raise her.

In Cristian’s new classroom, he reminds Jessica that he just got his new teaching certificate and it’s his first day on the job. She tells him that she is new also. He does not want her to be there. She smiles and asks if this is because she got angry with him about his new girlfriend. He tells her no. She smiles and tells him she’s glad. The reason for that is that soon he will realize that the two of them were meant to be.

Natalie admits to John that she feels weird. She had a dream about him the previous night. He then confesses that he also had a dream about her the previous night. She asks if they should talk about it. He replies that it was just a dream. She tells him that maybe both kisses were a mistake. She realizes he is with Marty. So it will never happen again. But they both seem to know differently.

Roxy notices the home pregnancy on the floor and asks Marty if she plans to have a “little ankle nipper.”

Eli represents Gigi and tells Téa and Schuyler that all she wants to do is protect this baby. But Téa tells her she is preventing Sierra from seeing her father. Schuyler asks Gigi how she can do this. She protests that she does not want to hurt him or get him in trouble. She just wants what is best for this baby. He asks her how she could prevent him from seeing his own daughter.

Oliver demands to know how Kyle could do this. Kyle tells Oliver he knows him too well. He is really afraid of word going out about his being a gay parent. But he needs to find out. He knows that Oliver could not live with himself if he abandons his child. Sooner or later, he won’t be able to accept not knowing and will need an answer.

Gigi tells Schuyler that he hid for months that Sierra was his child and his only purpose was breaking her up with Rex. Schuyler tells Gigi that he knows he made a terrible mistake. But he loves Sierra and will never abandon her.

Oliver tells Kyle that he realizes that she may be his baby, but he can accept not knowing. Kyle tells Oliver he does not buy that. Oliver asks Kyle if he already knows whether he is the baby’s father. Does he know the results already? Kyle tells Oliver no. The test results came in the mail. He will not open the envelope until Oliver is ready to see it with him.

At Buenos Dias, Ford enters and acts courteous to Markko. But Markko is very guarded. Langston is drawn to him but asks Starr to come with her so that she won’t get distracted. She notices that Cole’s attractive female sociology partner is ready for him. She jokes that she’s not jealous.

Kyle tells Oliver that he did not tell him that he took the DNA sample from the soda bottle he drank from and sent it to the lab to compare it to Sierra’s DNA because he knew that Oliver would say no. The reason he went behind his back was because he knew that if Oliver is the father, he’d want to know and open the envelope with Kyle.

Gigi tells Schuyler if he cares about Sierra like he says he does, then he will let her go. If he cares about her (Gigi) at all, he will let her love and nurture Sierra in a way that he never could. At that moment, we see the baby awake and moving through the ICU window.

Oliver asks Kyle if he really wants to get kicked out of med school. Kyle tells him that he is willing to accept the risk. He doesn’t care if he pisses Oliver off. If he had it to do over again, he’d do it again in a heartbeat. Oliver needs to know, he tells him.

Clint tells Kim that regardless of her good intention and interest in raising the baby, she must know that he has to protect his family’s fortune.

After Jessica leaves Cristian’s class, he talks to the principal about not wanting Jessica to come and “visit’ him there. But the principal reminds him that Jessica’s parents are two prominent citizens in the town and her uncle Todd Manning donated a sizable amount to the school very recently. So he tells Cristian that he should deal with whatever “disruptions” Jessica’s presence in the school might cause for him. Cristian then agrees. He enters the classroom again to see that Jessica has written on the board, with colored chalk “Welcome Mr. Vega.”

Natalie talks to John about the fact that they are through. He says nothing, and they seem to both know otherwise.

Roxy then tells Marty that she knows what is going on. She knows that Marty has a bun in the oven.

Natalie tells John that they both know that running into someone’s arms in order to escape is a mistake. She admits that he has helped her out so much since Jared has been gone and has been coming to her rescue. She would like nothing more than to escape with him. But it would be wrong for both of them. He is with Marty. He tells her, right. They are both clearly incomplete with saying that. She then asks what they do. Do they avoid each other and stop being friends and pretend that nothing ever happened between the two of them?

Schuyler asks to talk alone with Gigi and tells her that he now wants to step up and accept his parental responsibilities. He asks if they could maybe work something out so that that they can raise her together. She asks him what he is talking about. He tells her he still loves her more than anything.

Oliver tells Kyle that he happens to know that he has broken the law in the hospital and it’s not the first time he’s done it. He reminds his boyfriend that he is a cop and could arrest him. Kyle tells Oliver that that is not as important to him as finding out the truth.

Schuyler tells Gigi and Rex that he did steal the drug but he did not use it. It’s not the reason why Sierra is premature. If they don’t believe it, they may ask Kim. She knows, for a fact that he refused to use it. She demanded that he found it and blackmailed him. But they don’t believe a word that Kim would say. Schuyler is outraged and finds out that Gigi told Eli that he stole the drug. He asks her if she is angry at him and ready to get him in trouble by taking his baby.

Roxy asks Marty if she planned the pregnancy. She makes jokes about John slipping one past the goalie as if it’s baseball. She sees that Marty is worried but tells her that her Rexy made a mistake with an accidental pregnancy also but good things happened as a result. So she urges Marty to call and tell John. Marty knows that it’s not that simple.

Natalie and John conclude that even if they both have had dreams about each other, it means nothing. It’s no big deal. She asks if they are still friends. He tells her yes. She holds out her hand to shake. They hug. But they both want more. They kiss again.

Meanwhile, Marty is talking to Roxy about the fact that she knows she cannot have a baby with John.

Ford and Markko talk alone about their coursework. Starr talks to Langston about the fact that Cole is with his attractive female partner. She assumes that Langston got over her “little crush” on Ford. She trusts Cole with Hannah. Except, she just found out that Hannah came over to their apartment and was alone with Cole without her knowing. She is not okay with that.

Roxy asks Marty why she is not okay about having a baby with John. Are they having problems?

Natalie and John are alone and knowing that they were “meant for each other” whether they like it or not.

Oliver tells Kyle that he broke the law and if Oliver does not turn him in, he’s an accessory to a crime. Plus, he went behind his back. Kyle protests that he loves him. He wants Oliver to have the right to be a father. So he tells him they must open up the envelope and see the results together. Oliver then concludes to Kyle that he may open it if he wants. But Kyle is on his own. Oliver then goes out the door.

At the hospital, Rex tells Schuyler that he should have never told him or Gigi that he stole the drug. So there’s no way he will get custody of the baby. But, maybe, they can help him salvage his career. Schuyler demands to know what he is talking about. Rex then tells Schuyler he can make him a deal. They will keep their mouths shut and not report him to the ethics board so that he won’t be prevented from practicing medicine. Schuyler will then sign away any and all parental rights to baby Sierra. Schuyler asks if Rex thinks that he would trade his daughter for his career. Rex reminds him that he never wanted the baby in the first place and was willing to hide her just to break up Rex and Gigi. When they least expect it, Oliver appears and gets in the middle of their dispute.

Ford talks to Markko about work. He makes indirect comments about this “girl” who is a “wild one.”

Jessica is sitting in her desk awaiting Cristian’s class. Langston and Starr and the other students enter. Starr is surprised to see that Cristian is their new teacher. She hugs him. Jessica remembers Starr as a child. Starr has no clue what has happened to Jessica or why she is in a high school classroom. Starr tells her about baby Hope. Jessica hasn’t a clue what Starr is talking about.

While John and Natalie are together affirming their feelings for each other, Marty talks to Roxy about how she and John are not ready to have a child. Roxy asks if she thinks that maybe John is not over Nattie.

John tells Natalie that he cannot go on in circles like this. She asks him what he is saying. He tells her that he has to work this out and has to leave. He goes out the door. They are both not okay with his leaving and going back to Marty.

Marty does not want to continue her conversation with Roxy, but Roxy wants to discuss it. Marty tells Roxy she really needs her to keep this news to herself. Roxy tells her she won’t tell anybody but Marty needs to tell John because fathers have rights, too.

Rex tells Oliver that he cannot believe a word that Schuyler says. He denied that the baby was his until she was born. Schuyler goes into the ICU with Gigi. He tells her that if she and Rex want to blow up his career, there’s nothing he can do to stop them. But there is no way he is walking out of there without custody of his child. He tells her that he will not give up the fight. If she wants to get down in the trenches, he won’t be afraid to fight her. This is his little girl. Oliver looks in through the window at them and the baby that might be his.

At Buenos Dias, Hannah reveals that she knows what Ford is doing with Langston and probably other girls. She reveals that they had sex. He used her, and she’s not going to let it go.

When the high school students see Jessica in the class with them, they ask Cristian if she is another teacher. She tells them no. She’s one of them. They ask what an adult is doing in their classroom as a student and wonder if she’s a “cougar.” Starr explains that that is a grown woman who goes after high school boys. She tells them no, with a smile. She already has a boyfriend. And she looks adoringly at “Mr. Vega.”

At the hospital, it appears that Gigi is afraid to go to battle with Schuyler. She concludes that she is going to do it.

Clint tells Kim that in order for them to get married, she must agree to a prenuptial agreement. She tries to argue and charm her way out of it. He lays down the law that if she does not, there will be no wedding, no getting married and no raising the baby together.

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