OLTL Update Thursday 3/4/10

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/4/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd is looking for Starr at the highs school after the principal has called him regarding trouble that “his daughter” has gotten into. But the principal informs him that it’s not Starr. It’s his “other daughter”.

Natalie goes to see Jessica and runs into Marty. She asks how her sister is. But Marty tells Natalie that they need to talk.

Dorian calls Bo and Nora to her home. She tells Bo that he is needed by all of Llanview and she is going to reinstate him as commissioner of police. She smiles assuming that he will appreciate that. But Bo does not respond to her offer warmly. She asks what brings Bo’s ex wife to her home to accompany him. Nora replies that she is there to inform Dorian that her office has drawn up a list of charges against Dorian. John stands by and seems to know about their plan.

In the chapel. Kevin presents the ring for Kelly and asks her to marry him.

At the hospital, Clint buys Kim a new pair of boots. Right then, she asks him to marry her. He tells her that the boots are nice but not that nice. But she tells him she is serious. She wants to marry him.

Right when Viki is going through her stuff alone at her home and not expecting to see him again, Charlie enters and surprises her.

When Todd enters the school room and Dani sees him, she asks the principal why he would call him. Téa then also enters and asks what the problem is. The principal informs her that the math teacher’s desk was broken into and Dani was the last one seen. All of the teachers lock their desks and the lock was picked and all of the exam materials are now missing. She does not want to let them search her bag. Todd tells the principal that he cannot assume that Dani has stolen anything. Téa tells him if he does not have a search warrant, he cannot search her daughter’s bag.

At the hospital, Natalie tells Marty that she thought they were over this. She was delirious and didn’t know what she was doing. She thought that John was Jared and kissed him. But Marty needs to know about the second time that Natlaie kissed John knowing who he was and asks what that was about.

Charlie asks Viki about Jessica. She tells him that she is worried that maybe Jessica will never recover from her memory loss.

Clint asks Kim what the hurry is to marry him right after he’s barely dried the ink from his divorce papers to Nora. She tells him it’s because she needs help in raising and getting custody of Stacy’s baby.

Kevin admits to Kelly that he ruined their marriage by being too buried in his career. And he let her go because he didn’t want to deal with the situation. But she tells him that they divorced for good reasons. She cheated on him and is now surprised that he would want her back. She asks him if he has forgiven her. Really?

Téa tells the principal that she is an attorney and she won’t let him search her daughter’s property without a search warrant. She knows the law. The principal then tells her that in that case., he has no choice but to suspend Dani.

At the hospital, Clint tells Kim that maybe other people are better qualified to raise Stacy’s baby. But she protests that Gigi is an underpaid bar tender and single mom who can barely afford to support her own son. And Schuyler Joplin is a recovering drug addict with no money who might be getting into serious trouble for stealing a drug from the hospital. They can’t do it. But Clint tells Kim that he believes that it won’t work if she thinks that marrying him will enable her to raise the baby.

Viki informs Charlie that Jessica’s memory beyond high school is gone. She does not remember her grandfather’s death. She does not remember Natalie or Bree or Brody. Charlie tells VIki that he believes it’s hideous what that worthless Mitch Laurence did to Jessica. And he can see that Viki is distraught. And he tells her that she has not lost him. He is not going anywhere.

Marty tells Natalie that the first kiss where Natalie thought that John was Jared did not upset her. But the second one where Natalie knew what she was doing did. And why did Natalie lie about it?

When Nora presents the document to Dorian with the charges, she tells her she is very serious and wonders why Dorian would believe that it should not happen. Dorian is not above the law for the things she has done, mayor or not.

Marty tells Natalie that she is not going to let what happened go. She knows that John is a complicated man and it takes a lot to articulate his feelings. But he did. They talked and they worked through it. He declared to her that the kiss meant nothing to him and that he no longer has feelings for Natalie. But maybe Natalie has feelings for him, Marty tells her.

Dorian protests to Bo and Nora that Mitch Laurence threatened her family. And now they want to have her arrested after her sister has been killed. Nora tells Dorian that she could implicate Charlie Banks but realizes it would not be ok to do that. It was Dorian who used and manipulated Charlie when he was distraught and grieving over his son. Dorian protests that her sister has been killed. But they are going to feel sorry for poor Charlie. Both then urges Dorian not to look a gift horse in the mouth. They could do worse than they are doing.

Charlie tells Viki that he is not going anywhere. He knows that she has been through hell. And although she is very strong, she may need him. He is doing everything he can to stay sober. He is praying every day of his life for serenity and humility and dignity. And he is hoping that she will give him another chance. But she tells him she can’t and hopes that he will understand.

Kim tells Clint that as nothing more than an employee and housemate, she has no really legitimate identity. But as Mrs. Clint Buchanan., she does. He asks her if she is really true bout the baby or if she just wants to get a ring on her finger.

Kevin tells Kelly that in spite of their problems and limitations, they have shared many things together. They have had a life together and a baby. But she tells him that he must know that she slept wit his son. He tells her that she and baby Zane are precious. And he neglected her and did not step up to share the parenting with her. He asks her if she remembers when they went away together last summer and she kissed him. And was that just “shared parenting”? Wasn’t there something between them? She admits no. But she cries and tells him she can’t go back with him gain. She’s terribly sorry. She loves him. He knows it and she always will. But she cannot marry him.

The principal tells Dani that her father has given him permission to search her bag. They are ready to do it. But right then, Matthew enters and asks him to wait. And he informs him that he did it. He stole the answers to the exam.

Marty tells Natalie that she wants them to be clear and does not want Natalie to get hurt. Natalie tells Marty she can take care of herself. And right then, she notices that Marty appears dizzy. Natalie asks if she is ok. Marty tells her she’s fine. This happens when she works too much. She will just get some water. She leaves. John then appears and asks Natalie how Jessica is. She asks if he and Marty really talked about how their “idea” was a mistake and John is not interested in Natalie.

Nora gets a call on her phone while with Bo at Dorian’s. It’s about Matthew. They are ready to leave and see that as a more important priority than their confrontation with Dorian.

Kelly tells Kevin that she believes that marrying him will only make things more confusing for both of them. She has been thinking of both of them for a while. Zane is now in secondary school. They cannot hide behind him forever. She tells him that they have both been hurt so bad. With so much in their lives and their stupid mistakes it’s been too easy for the both of them to hide. And it’s not fair to Zane. They both need to let go and get out there and find out what they really wants. Kevin then tells her that he already knows that he wants her.

Kim asks Clint if he thinks that all she wants is money. If she did, she’d be down in TX with one of his friends. He must know that they all asked for her number when they went down there on his business trip. He asks her why she is still in Llanview with him. She replies because she likes him. She has no reason to marry anybody except for that baby. She is fighting for her life and all she has now is them. She needs for Sierra to have a good life and not be made fun of because her “mother” is a single questionable person. It’s not fair to her to live that way. Clint then concludes that that would be a marriage of convenience. It’s convenient for her and for Sierra. But what is in it for him?

Nora and Bo enter the school to talk to the principal and don’t believe for a moment that Matthew is guilty of what he is confessing to doing. But he protests that he is. Nora then tells her son if he stole the exam materials, then where are they? He replies that he no longer has them. He threw them out because he did not need them. Bo and Nora and probably the principal as well don’t buy it for a minute. Nora tells the principal that she won’t let her son take the rap for something he did not do. Dani then tells the principal that Matthew is covering for her. And she can prove it because she did it. She then pulls out the papers from her purse.

Viki asks Charlie how he could ever consider trusting Dorian. This is a woman who drugged and tried to kill him. He knows all about what type of a person Dorian is but let her put him up to committing murder regardless. Yes, she knows he’s distraught to lose Jared. But it’s hideous to use his son’s memory to do that. Yes, everybody hates Mitch Laurence for good reason. She then informs him that Mitch gave her daughter electro shock and was going to rape her in order to have a baby with her. So is there any wonder why Jessica would somehow forego remembering her adulthood? She tells Charlie that she is too distraught to sleep at night. She tells Charlie that Mitch Laurence raped her and tried to rape her daughter. This is a girl who is suffering from a hideous personality disorder. She concludes that she has the right to hate and want to kill Mitch Laurence. But she does not have the right to do it? She does not have the right to take any life. Even his. She cannot use her pain or anybody’s death as a reason to commit murder. So how could he? Charlie then protests that he made a bad choice. But he urges her to please let him make it up to her.

Kelly tells Kevin that they are both Zane’s parents and will always be in all the ways that are important. She will always love him. But now it’s time for them both to get out there.

Kim goes to look at baby Sierra Rose while Clint raises objections to her offer. But then stands behind her, views the baby through the ICU window and tells her he understands her love and commitment to her friend and her child. So, he tells her, she’s got herself a deal. He will marry her.

Natalie tells John that she knows that their kiss was a mistake and she told the same to Marty. And she noticed that she was just there and got dizzy and went to look for some water. Right then, Marty appears. She tells them she just went and got some aspirin. Natalie leaves them alone to go and see Jessica. Alone with Marty, John asks her if she might like to have some dinner. Maybe they can order out or he can try to cook. But he wants them to work on them. From outside the door, Natalie appears like she is not complete with John no longer in her life.

Viki tells Charlie that she cannot afford to give him another chance. He tells her he knows that she and her family need time to recover. But she tells him it’s not just that. She wants a divorce. She is terribly sorry but they is over.

After Matthew attempts to take the rap for Dani, his parents ask him what he was thinking. Does he want to be prevented from going to college in order to help somebody avoid the consequences of their actions? Matthew admits that he’s not really concerned about college if he can’t be there with Dani.

In the other room, Téa, Todd and Dani talk to the principal. Todd tells the principal if he’s going to blame somebody, he may blame Todd. It’s his fault that his daughter is acting out. He is causing her embarrassment and social problems and all kinds of things. The principal tells Todd that he will not overlook cheating on a test. IT’s a grave academic offense. But Todd is ready to pay him off. He pulls out his check book and tells the principal that maybe they can “make new rules”.

Kevin accepts Kelly’s decline to remarry and tells her he will see her at her mother’s memorial service. He leaves and Dorian enters. She asks her niece if she is alright. Kelly cries. Dorian hugs her. She tells her not to worry. She tells Kelly she must know that she has a beautiful future ahead of her.

Todd is willing to pay the principal and he tells Todd that he accepts this generous donation. The arts department can use it. And Todd is assuming that this will absolve Dani of the charges. The principal leaves. Téa tells her daughter that even if he’s going to let this go, she won’t. When she gets home, she is grounded. Dani, then, for the first time, thanks her father for being there for her.

Clint tells Kim that he’s all alone and enjoys having her there with him. And he never told her this. But his father was married 14 times. So it’s not unusual to him. SO, he tells her what are they waiting for.? Let’s get hitched. She is elated.

It appears that Natalie is not over John. Marty then gets a home pregnancy kit from the pharmacy. And it looks like there may be reasons for her dizziness.

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