OLTL Update Tuesday 3/2/10

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/2/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi and Rex are waiting outside the ICU after the baby is out of surgery. He is making certain that she is ok. And it looks like they’ve both slept there over night. He tells her maybe he could stay with the baby and let her go home and change. But she tells him she cannot leave the baby. Not far away, Kim enters with Clint worried, also about the baby. She expresses that she doesn’t know how to react to seeing her with all the tubes and everything. And what if she runs into Gigi or Rex or Schuyler or somebody who doesn’t want her there? He then offers to go with her. She tells him that’s sweet of him. But he’s there to see his daughter and she doesn’t want to get him involved in her problems. Right then, Clint admits to Kim that there is something she has to tell him.

At the apartment, Ford tells Cristian that he has “succeeded” on his conquest. He boasts that he finally “scored” and got “that girl into bed”. Cristian does not sound comfortable hearing the details and does not share Ford’s “enthusiasm”

At Dorian’s, Kelly is aware that she has never before heard anything about her mother’s heart condition. It does not add up that she would have died of a coronary. Dorian knows the same.

Right then, Mitch is in his jail cell. He smugly looks at the death of Melinda Cramer in the paper and says: “May she rest in peace”. Right then, Brody appears and tells Mitch may he rot in hell. Right then, Mitch stands up and tells Brody that they have to talk since they are both concerned about Jessica. Brody tells Mitch that he is going to pay for wiping out Jessica’s memory. Mitch then tells Brody that he know how to "undo” his daughter’s memory loss. And if Brody does what he is supposed to do, then that could happen.

Meanwhile, Jessica is in her room talking to her mom about the fact that she only feels love for Cristian Vega. Viki tells her daughter that she has a life that has moved on throughout many years. Jessica expresses that she does not like all of these people telling her what she is supposed to think and feel and remember. But she sounds happy and hopeful about returning home. Viki then tells her that they will have to consult with Dr. Evans and find out if he advises that.

Ford is telling Cristian that he knows that he has enabled this girl to live her life freely. Cristian remarks (somewhat sarcastically) about what a great “humanitarian” Ford is. And he asks Ford if he plans to see the girl again or if this is just another conquest.

Right then, Langston is back at the house lost in thought while she remembers her encounter with Ford. Blair and Starr are not far away observing her.

Kelly tells Dorian that she was hoping to have more time with her mom. More years and more Christmas’s and more birthdays. Dorian then asks her niece if it would be ok for her to leave for a while. She then asks Blair and Kelly to “be good” while she is gone. Blair then tells her cousin she couldn’t help but noticing when Dorian mentioned Kevin, Kelly’s husband, Kelly got a little tense.

Blair notices Langston in the other room and tells her that she knows that she is glued to her phone. Right then, the door bell rings. Kelly answers it. And it’s her husband, (or ex) Kevin Buchanan.

At the hospital, after Kim expresses to Clint that she feels uncomfortable checking on baby Sierra Rose, he tells her she must not let anybody make her feel she does not have as much right to be there as anybody else does. That baby was her best friend’s child.

Gigi enters to see Schuyler by the baby. He tells her that he just wanted to make certain that his daughter is ok. Hearing that, she remarks that it’s funny that she was always his daughter. But he didn’t want to claim her as such until Stacy died. He tells her he gets that she does not want to see him but he had to be close to his little girl. Gigi looks at him coldly. Right then, Rex returns to his old apartment. And out of nowhere Adriana enters and greets him. He appears as though he is questioning whether he’s seeing things. She tells him that she knows things have probably changed for him since they were married but she noticed that he did not lock his door. He then replies that the last time he was in his old apartment, “somebody” went into labor. She remarks to him that she’s just going to be in town for a short time visiting her mother. She asks him how things have been for him. He replies that he’s been better. She tells him she heard that he found out who his “dad” was and that must have been huge. He then replies that maybe it’s a lesson to him to be careful for what he wishes for.

In his jail cell, Mitch tells Brody that he could get Jessica’s memory back, if Brody “helps” him. Hearing that, Brody asks what Mitch thinks he’d need him for. Mitch replies that he knows that Brody is a Navy SEAL and trained to get people out of extreme situations. Mitch tells Brody if he gets him out of this jail cell, that he can do the “impossible” for Brody and give him back the woman who loves him.

Dr. Greg enters Jessica’s hospital room and tells her that he can’t let her out right away. He needs to run more tests. Viki agrees that she needs to listen to her doctor. But she tells them she has a whole life to get back to.

Ford asks Cristian where he just went and came back from. Cristian admits that he had kind of a weird encounter with an “old high school girlfriend”. She lost her memory and still believes she’s in high school and in love with him. And she kissed him. Hearing that, Ford remarks that Cristian calls him a “dog”. And he asks Cristian if this girl is “hot”. In response to that, Cristian tells Ford that if he’s implying that Cristian was “into” that, he’s wrong. It’s like Jessica is still in high school and he felt really weirded out by the situation. Not having a clue what Ford just did (with Langston) he asks if it would not freak him out to have a high school girl kissing him.

Alone with Langston, Blair tells her she knows that she has Ford on the brain. And she asks if the other night when Starr couldn’t find her, was she with him? And right away, Blair can see the reason why Langston is overcome with guilt, she instantly knows the reason why. She knows that Langston slept with Ford. She hugs Langston who cries on her shoulder.

Adriana tells Rex that she knows that he and Gigi broke up and that he got Gigi’s sister pregnant. Hearing that, he knows that she must have heard that from Dorian who likes to point out how lucky Adriana is to no longer be married to Rex. She then asks him if he’s a father again.

At the hospital, the doctor delivers the verdict to Gigi and Schuyler informing them that Sierra seems to have made progress but they don’t know if her heart will work on its own.

Rex then tells Adriana that apparently Adriana has not heard yet. But the baby was born pre-mature. And it’s turned out that she is not his. She’s somebody else’s.

The doctor then asks about the real legal guardian of the baby. Neither Gigi nor Schuyler know how to respond to that inquiry.

Adriana then asks Rex if he is not the father of Gigi’s sister’s baby, does that mean that he and Gigi are getting back together?

At the hospital, Viki tells Clint that she is afraid more so now than when Jessica was missing. She is not herself. She knows that Jessica is a whole other person. She is just like a teenager. She is clearly in love with Cristian. She has tried and failed to tell her daughter that Cristian is moving on and many years have passed in both of their lives. But she’s very worried that nothing is getting through to Jessica.

Cristian is back at the apartment informing Ford that Jessica believes that they are still together. But Ford seems completely insensitive and only wants to advise Cristian to “cover his tracks” so that Jessica does not know about Layla, for his own self interest.

Blair talks to Langston about her “mistake” to have slept with Ford. She knows she only loves Markko. Blair tells her that with guys like Ford, she is nothing more than another roll in the hay. And she’s sorry but the sooner Langston realizes that, the better off she will be. Langston affirms that Markko is a good guy who has been there for her and she can clearly see that Ford just doesn’t understand things like that. But right then, she gets a call from Ford.

Kevin Buchanan goes to find Kelly and tells her he wants to get back with her.

In Mitch’s jail cell, Brody tells Mitch that he’s glad that if nothing else, Jessica ha no memory of him (Mitch). And he’d rather have her never remember anything than have her remember anything about Mitch. Hearing that, Mitch is clearly very upset knowing that Jessica does not remember him and sees him as a stranger. Right then, Dorian comes by and tells Brody that she is terribly sorry about all that has happened to Jessica and to her family. He asks her why, if she is sorry, would she let a monster like Mitch Laurence free.

At the hospital, a doctor and nurse ask Schuyler and Gigi if either of them have insurance. Schuyler tells them that he will pay whatever is needed with or without insurance. Gigi does not need to worry about it.

At Rex’s apartment, Adriana tells him she told herself when the two of them broke up it was fate because if she believed that they were meant to be, then she’d feel like a loser. He tells her that she should never feel like a loser. She tell shim neither should he. And she kisses him.

At the hospital, Greg tells Schuyler that the hospital ethics committee is not going to forget what they know about him. They need answers about the oxytocin. So he better attend and provide the answers. It’s not optional. Overhearing that, Gigi asks what she just heard. She knows that Oxytocin is used to induce labor. What would he have to do with that? He replies that they thought he stole it. And they are right. He did. Right then, Kim overhears their conversation unseen while Schuyler admits to Gigi that he forged the signature of a doctor in Ob-Gyn. And that was for Stacy. Although he was not about to give her that drug, she and Kim would not take no for an answer and threatened to tell her (Gigi) that he slept with Stacy. And he knew that if he did not do it, they would have found another way to get it that would have put his baby in greater risk. Stacy and Kim were willing to stop at nothing. But Gigi tells him that it’s unacceptable and there is no excuse for what he did. All it took were some pathetic threats to make him endanger her sister and her unborn niece’s life. And if Sierra dies, then what will he do? But he protests to her that although he did steal the Oxytocin but did not give any to Stacy. That was where he drew the line.

Rex admits to Adriana that Gigi’s sister’s baby is in critical condition. And he’s been there with her. Some people would say that that does not make sense because it’s not his baby. But, Adriana tells him, she knows that he is a good person and won’t abandon those that he cares about.

While Gigi is even more furious with Schuyler after hearing that he was ready to endanger Stacy and her baby with the drug, he urges her to know that he was not about to use it on Stacy to induce labor. He knew it was wrong. And she must realize that.

Ford calls Langston and tells her that she’s gorgeous and he is always thinking about her., Blair is standing beside her overhearing. He tells her that Cristian will be leaving the apartment soon. She can come over and they will have the whole place to themselves. In response to that, she tells him that she doesn’t think that would be a good idea. She hangs up. But Ford believes that sooner or later she will be there. Yet Langston knows what Blair “expects” of her when she witnesses this. She tells Blair that she’s glad that she did that. She’s in love with Markko. She tells Blair’s she has to go and see Ford again to tell him they are over. But Blair knows that if she is really serious about ending it with him, then she can call him.

Kevin has some flowers to give to Kelly for her mom’s memorial service. He goes off and she asks him to say hi to everyone for her.

Outside Mitch’s cell, Brody asks Dorian if that is how she operates. She sprung Mitch because he threatened her family. Well what about all of the families that she obviously doesn’t give a damn about? She asks him what she could have done. He replies she could have called the police. John and himself could have protected her family from Mitch. But she tells him he must know that nobody and nothing stops Mitch. Even when he’s in there. Hearing that, Brody asks what she is talking about. She replies that she put Mitch away and fired his buddy Lowell. And the next thing she knows, her sister Melinda is dead. She then goes to see Mitch. He greets her with his smugness and offers his “condolences” about Melinda.

Langston asks Blair why she is so suspicious of what could happen if Langston goes to Ford’s home. Blair tells her the reason is nobody has been tempted by the bad guys like she has. She tells Langston that they may be pretty. But Langston must trust her that they will break one’s heart every time. Langston replies she does not think that Ford is “that bad”. Blair tells her that she does. And she reveals to Langston that she did her “own personal experiment” with him. She kissed him once and he wanted more. Langston does not believe her. But Blair tells her they will do another “little experiment”. She then asks for Langston’s phone and calls Ford. Hearing that Blair is calling him on Langston’s phone, at first he’s afraid she wants to get him in trouble. But she tells him that maybe he can come over and “give her what she wants” because she’s hot for him.

Schuyler tells Gigi that she loved him. She admits that yes she was. But it was all based on lies. He tells her that Sierra’s premature birth had nothing to do with him. He did not give Stacy the drug. She must believe him. But she tells him she doesn’t know anything anymore. She then goes in to tend to the baby again. Right then, Schuyler notices Kim lurking in the hallway not far away. He tells her that she is despicable to even consider that he would use the oxytocin. If she cares about Stacy and her baby, she must see what it’s like to be hooked up to all those tubes in the incubator. He tells Kim thank God that nobody gave her the drug or else you could only imagine what could happen. And Kim is the only person who knows and who can affirm to Gigi that he did not give Stacy the drug to induce labor and cause the premature birth.

Viki and Clint take Kevin to see Jessica. She greets her older brother but only remembers him from when she was a senior in high school. She is very surprised to hear that he lives in London with his wife and baby and that Kelly is no longer seeing their other brother, Joey. Right then, a doctor takes Jessica to have some tests done. She acts just like a teenager. Alone, Kevin admits to his parents that he does not know what to say or do to see his sister like this. Viki appears more worried than he is. And right then, when Jessica is alone, she goes up to the mirror and primps and looks like she is planning an escape.

Kelly sits alone at Dorian’s table and cries over the loss of her mother.

Dorian confronts Mitch about what happened to Melinda. But of course he denies it.

Cristian gets a knock on the door. Ford is gone. Jessica is at the door unexpected. He is not comfortable to have her (in the teenage state of mind) noticing him with just a towel wrapped around him.

After Blair calls Ford and invites him over, Langston is not certain that he will come over. But right then, the doorbell rings. Blair tells her she’s sorry she will have to “learn the hard way”. But she assures Langston that she will take care of this for her so Langston need never worry about a low life like Ford again.

Dorian asks Mitch if they are “even” since he blames her for what happened to Jessica and has retaliated by taking her sister’s life. Will he leave her girls alone now? He taunts her by refusing to answer with a yes or no.

Clint takes Kevin to the coffee shop. Kevin asks his dad to tell him about the stripper he met who’s young enough to be his daughter.

Alone at the old apartment, Kim cries alone and asks Stacy what she’s going to do now.

At the ICU, Gigi tells Rex that she has made a promise to baby Sierra that she will never let Schuyler Joplin near her again.

Kim cries and tells Stacy she wishes she was there right now. And right then, Stacy appears right in front of her eyes.

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