OLTL Update Monday 3/1/10

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/1/10


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

In Mitch’s jail cell, it appears that a woman dressed like Roxy who is “working” for him appears and visits him. He smirks when he sees her.

At the same time, the real Roxy is at Buenos Dias drinking over the stressed caused from seeing Mitch when Brody finds her. He admits that he can see what she is doing and is tempted to do the same. She asks him if Jessica is getting better. He doesn’t know how to answer that.

After, Langston goes to see Ford again to confront him and tell him she does not want to see him again, he tells her that he knows better. She talks about her mother, her boyfriend and her “rules.” But wouldn’t’ she like to explore her fun side?

Back at Dorian’s Reverend Andrew Carpenter comes to tell Dorian that he’s afraid he has some bad news. He does not look encouraged. Hearing that, Dorian cries and appears horrified and afraid that something has happened to Cassie. It must be Mitch Laurence who has done something to her. Dorian is hysterical. Blair, Starr and Kelly attempt to calm her down. Then, Cassie appears and looks to be alive and well. Dorian cries and hugs her daughter, completely freaked out.

Cole’s school project partner comes to see him to “work” on the project while Starr is out. We hear baby Hope cry. The girl then asks if that is a baby.

Langston tells Ford that she may have been interested in him for a short time, but she has no feelings for him. She loves her boyfriend. He asks her if she believes she has found the person who she will be with for the rest of her life. That is a fairy tale. He tells her that she has cut herself off from a whole world of experience and needs more in her life.

When Cristian goes to see Jessica in her hospital room, she remembers having her relationship with him in high school and desires him. She reaches out to kiss him. He tells her that things have changed and many years have passed. She explains to him that that this “creepy man” (Mitch) apparently gave her some shock treatment. Then this guy, this cop, (Brody) came to save her. He tells her that they used to be together. She doesn’t remember anything about Brody. All she remembers is loving Cristian.

The woman who is dressed to look just like Roxy talks to Mitch revealing that she is his “first” and his very best messenger. She smiles at him confirming that she has good news.

After Dorian completely freaks , afraid that something has happened to one of her girls, but sees that Cassie is okay, Cassie tells her mom that she must tell her there is some really bad news, however. There has been a death. Hearing that, Dorian appears shocked.

Mitch tells his follower, who’s dressed just like Roxy, that he could use some good news. He asks about his daughter. She reports that Jessica appears to be okay. He asks if his daughter has regained her memory. This woman appears to be Allison Perkins. She tells Mitch that Jessica has no memory of him. She has some “good news” to tell him. A Cramer woman is dead.

As soon as Cassie admits to Dorian that there is a death and she observes that everybody in her family is present and accounted for, Dorian again cries hysterically and asks if it’s Langston.

Ford asks Langston if she really wants to spend the rest of her life with the ball and chain relationship she is already having with Markko. They already appear like an old married couple. He sees a free spirit inside of her that can’t accept that way of life. She tells him that she wants nothing to do with him and is going to stay with Markko. He then concludes to her that maybe she should have a funeral instead of her 18th birthday party.

Cassie and Andrew tell Dorian that her (Dorian’s) “sister” is the one who has passed away. Hearing that, she is horrified.

Ford asks Langston what her situation was with her parents. Hearing that, she becomes defensive and demands that he does not say anything about her deceased parents. She admits that her parents encouraged her to be free and independent. When she was secretly staying in their home after they passed, and she kept her secret from everybody, she was just handling the household and was all alone. She called up the soup kitchen to take everything one day. After that, she just ordered take out after school every day. Everything was empty. That may be one reason why she loves Dorian’s kitchen because it’s always busy. Her house is always full of people. She almost fell through the cracks and would have if Dorian had not been there for her and she does not know what she would have done without Dorian.

Cole’s school project partner looks really hot. She seems surprised to find out that he and Starr have a baby. They are not married. Starr is still in high school. He doesn’t have a lot of time to socialize or hang out at the student union or watch games like almost all others do. She asks if he feels like he is missing out.

Cristian asks Jessica if she feels lonely. She only remembers high school and studying and looking for a date. She notices that Cristian appears “old.” He asks if she sees herself. She replies that Brody brought a video but she does not look the same. He tells her she is a beautiful woman. She tells him she believes her parents look the same. But her grandfather died. She didn’t get to go to his funeral. He tells her that she must know that Asa loved her and knew that she loved him. She asks Cristian if he still loves her.

Finding out that Jessica has lost her memory, Roxy tells Brody that she is envious of Jessica for forgetting Mitch Laurence. She sure wishes that she could forget about that monster. She realizes that it’s not good that Jessica does not remember him (Brody). She encourages him to fight to get his girl back.

Cristian tells Jessica he remembers that they really loved each other years ago. But many things have changed. He asks her if her parents have not told her about the changes. She tells him that her mother has apparently remarried a man named Charlie and they tell her that she has a boyfriend--that Brody guy. She then asks how the two of them broke up. Cristian replies that she cheated on him. Hearing that and not remembering it, she feels terrible and is afraid that Cristain must hate her. But he tells her absolutely not. They have always remained friends. She then asks if he is still single. He tells her no. He has a girlfriend. She asks if it’s the same girl he was seeing after he broke up with her. He replies no.

After Langston tells Ford about her parents’ death and how she hid all that happened, he seems receptive to want to listen. He tells her that he understands how it is that she had a reason to be Dorian’s daughter and Markko’s girlfriend. It gave her safety and stability. Maybe things need to change and she needs more in her life now. That is why she came there. She then replies that she came to his apartment to tell him to back off. But he clarifies to her that if she was merely going to do that, she could have simply called him and told him that. He knows she came to see him for a reason. She wants him, and she wants a different life than what she has.

Cole’s lady friend asks how it was that he and Starr had an accidental pregnancy. Didn’t they consider adoption or other options?

Cassie and Andrew confirm that nothing happened to Addie. She is alive and well. Kelly’s mom died in a car accident.

Ford asks Langston if she walks out the door right now, is she not going to wonder what could happen if she had more in her life. Wouldn’t she like to know? Doesn’t she want to “live”? At that point, he kisses her passionately. She does not stop him.

Cole’s friend asks him if he is not living the dream. He replies that he wants to take care of a toddler and obviously has some constraints in his life. He doesn’t believe that that can’t be “living the dream.” She talks about her life in transitioning from high school to college and about breaking up with her high school boyfriend. He then admits to her that he and Starr almost broke up also but got back together.

Andrew wants to make funeral arrangements for Kelly’s mom, Melinda. She has apparently had a coronary. Dorian is alone crying with Adriana sitting by her. She knows that it’s not true what they say happened to Melinda. She did not have a heart condition. She has gotten medical reports every day and knew that her sister Melinda was always in perfect health. Something else must have happened.

Allison Perkins confirms to Mitch that Melinda was killed by “natural causes.” Mitch confirms that it will teach Dorian not to cross him. He tells Allison that he has another task for his angel.

Cristian tells Jessica that Layla is his girlfriend. She’s fun, sweet, smart, funny and beautiful. She’s the person he wants to be with. Hearing that, Jessica tells him that she is disappointed; although, she is happy for him. She tells him that she is mad at herself for cheating on him. She ruined it. She ruined them. He tells her that they were kids and it was bound to happen. She asks if she had not cheated on him, would they still be together?

Layla goes to Buenos Dias assuming that Cristian will be there. She runs into Brody who knows that Cristian has gone to see Jessica.

Cristian replies to Jessica that when they were together, they were so young and he never really thought about whether they would have been together forever. The “first love” usually never lasts.

Langston is going at it with Ford and it looks like they are going to have sex.

Cristian tells Jessica that he has to get back to work. She remembers his only job as working for his mom at her diner.

Brody tells Layla, for the first time, that Jessica’s memory is erased so she does not remember anything beyond high school.

Cristian then tells Jessica that he is starting a new job teaching art at the high school. Hearing that, she is fascinated and tells him she thinks it’s awesome that he has gone this far with his art. She is elated to see that he has apparently never given up on his dream.

Brody admits to Layla that the new Jessica does not seem to remember him or like him very much. Layla tells him that even if that woman who is Jessica at this point doesn’t remember him, she believes that Jessica will fall in love with him all over again.

Cristian kisses Jessica goodbye on the cheek and encourages her to be happy for the life she has now. She has her family. She has Brody. She has her baby girl. He knows she will find her way back to them.

Langston and Ford are done with their “encounter” and lying in his bed together. Her phone rings. She is afraid that it could be Markko.

It appears to be Starr who is calling her but only getting her voice mail. She asks her mom what she thinks could be up with Langston. She’s been so secretive lately.

Kelly talks to Adriana, Cassie and Dorian about her mom. She feels terrible about not being there for her mom. Dorian tells her niece that she knows that Melinda loved her daughter, Kelly. But Kelly feels something is very incomplete. Dorian hugs her.

Langston notices that she got a text about Dorian’s sister dying. She should have been there. Ford tells her it’s okay and she need not feel guilty. When she leaves, he appears very cocky.

Cole’s female friend talks about how when she was with her high school boyfriend, she wasn’t growing or learning or accomplishing what she wanted. She observes him with his baby daughter.

It appears that Mitch and Allison are up to no good.

Cristian returns to Layla at Buenos Dias and admits that he just had the “strangest hour ever.” Jessica just called him and wanted to see him. She admits that Brody told her. He informs Layla that as far as she remembers the two of them (he and Jessica) are still a couple. He told her that things have changed, and he now has a girlfriend who means a lot to him. He assures Layla that things have changed, and he no longer has feelings for Jessica.

Brody goes to the hospital to see that Jessica is asleep and not noticing him. He also notices that she wrote in a notebook (as a high school girl would) the Jessica plus Cristian Vega with hearts and she confirms in her writing that she loves Cristian.

When Cole is with his female classmate, he talks to Starr on the phone, and she confirms that she loves him. While they are attempting to do their project, Hope cries and interrupts them. The female classmate then tells him that maybe the next time they work together, they should maybe instead meet at her dorm. She goes out the door.

Langston returns. Starr and Dorian are both freaked to see that she is okay when they were afraid that she might not be. She cries and tells Dorian she’s so sorry she was not there for her when Dorian’s sister died.

Ford goes to Buenos Dias and appears very cocky when he sees Markko working and bussing tables. He orders Markko to serve him. He talks to him about the “work out” that he just did and how it was so incredible and so “beyond” anything Markko could ever know. Markko looks at him suspiciously and appears worried or threatened.

Langston cries to find out about Dorian’s sister and tells her that she knows all too well what it’s like to lose someone you love.

Blair tells Kelly she must know that her mother always loved her.

Dorian then tells Andrew that she knows for a fact that Melinda did not die of natural causes. Mitch must be behind it. She tells him they must all be on their guard.

At that moment, Mitch tells Llanview that he is not through with all of them. 

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